The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie, According to Jacques Torres | Food Skills

  • Published on Oct 2, 2017
  • Chocolate chip cookies are hard to screw up. But when a French pastry master and chocolatier gets his hands on the treat, the result is an elevated take on an all-American classic. Made with cake flour and cocoa butter-packed chocolate, Jacques Torres' infamous cookies are a perfect blend of salty and sweet-crisp on the outside, and warm and gooey in the center. Inside Torres' Brooklyn factory, Food Skills gets behind-the-scenes look at Mr. Chocolate's world-famous recipe.
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  • Mohammed almehairbi

    cant stop watching this.....

  • Randall Pratt
    Randall Pratt Month ago

    Hmm no leveling agent??

  • Rae Smith
    Rae Smith 2 months ago

    Ok, lemme just marry this guy
    1) He's French
    2) He knows how to bake
    3) You get free chocolate
    4) He'd be great for a period

  • M Hatter
    M Hatter 2 months ago

    How do chocolatiers manage not eating everything?

  • orlybabe
    orlybabe 2 months ago

    I tried his recipe on the New York Times cooking site and the cookies turned out hard and... bready. Swapped the cake and bread flour for all purpose and they turned out amazing

    • orlybabe
      orlybabe 2 months ago +1

      Both. This is the recipe according to NY Times:
      2 cups minus 2 tablespoons (8 1/2 ounces) cake flour
      1 ⅔ cups (8 1/2 ounces) bread flour
      1 ¼ teaspoons baking soda
      1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
      1 ½ teaspoons coarse salt
      2 ½ sticks (1 1/4 cups) unsalted butter
      1 ¼ cups (10 ounces) light brown sugar
      1 cup plus 2 tablespoons (8 ounces) granulated sugar
      2 large eggs
      2 teaspoons natural vanilla extract
      1 ¼ pounds bittersweet chocolate disks or fèves, at least 60 percent cacao content (see note)
      Sea salt.

    • WildOlive 700
      WildOlive 700 2 months ago

      This recipe using b.soda/b.powder or not at all?

    • Brittany Johnson
      Brittany Johnson 2 months ago +1

      orlybabe thank you for this trick,bc where i live i don't this types kf flour,just ap one..

  • J
    J 4 months ago

    I made this recipe like 3 times... For some reason my cookies don't flatten the way his do. They stay together in a clump. They taste incredible, but visually disappointing. What ingredient makes all the difference when you want a large flat cookie? Anyone know?

  • Knuckles
    Knuckles 4 months ago +2

    A man that enjoys his creation is a
    man that enjoys perfecting it as well.

  • Knuckles
    Knuckles 4 months ago +1

    Extrodinary video, I love cookies 🍪

  • Springboob Squirepin
    Springboob Squirepin 4 months ago

    I don’t like chocolate.

  • spacecowboy
    spacecowboy 4 months ago

    Jack Torrance

  • Mille
    Mille 4 months ago

    I love sweets so much

  • Sarosh Sohail
    Sarosh Sohail 5 months ago


  • calvin yip
    calvin yip 5 months ago

    What's the recipe?

  • Ghost Killer
    Ghost Killer 5 months ago

    shitty music

  • Yasmin Roberts
    Yasmin Roberts 5 months ago

    3 please

  • Thunderkrux
    Thunderkrux 5 months ago

    If you haven't seen it you guys should check out "Nailed it", Jaques is a judge on that show and he's great!

  • R. V.
    R. V. 5 months ago

    Nice to see ol' Jacques again. I remember viewing the Chocolates program on the Food Network.

  • chelsea victoria
    chelsea victoria 5 months ago

    No leavenings??

  • Ma.Jo. Rubio
    Ma.Jo. Rubio 5 months ago

    I love this guy, i saw him on Netflix nailed it! And immediately like him, he's really cool

  • HelgeStrichen
    HelgeStrichen 5 months ago


  • brainiac642
    brainiac642 5 months ago

    These aren't even chocolate chip cookies. Goodbye.

  • Sydney Moore
    Sydney Moore 6 months ago

    i want a damn cookie.

  • DotDotDot
    DotDotDot 6 months ago

    My mom use to make this, they are the best thing ever.

  • fgsfdsmonkey
    fgsfdsmonkey 6 months ago

    The perfect chocolate chip cookie contains ingredients that are good.
    The perfect chocolate chip cookie is cooked correctly.
    Wow, this was very informative. Thank you, I can't wait to make the recipe.

  • dunekoon01
    dunekoon01 6 months ago

    you can really feel his passion and dedication to his craft. best of luck!

  • Rachel Elizabeth Lovegood

    I like how he says cookies and coco

  • Pedro Costa
    Pedro Costa 6 months ago

    I'm a brazilian watching a french speaking english wtff

  • Frozen Heart
    Frozen Heart 6 months ago

    I don't hate chocolate but i don't like it either. but i do like chocolate chip cookies. yea .. i don't understand why either.

  • AdiDoinStuff
    AdiDoinStuff 6 months ago

    I see the french flag on the collar- is he an MOF?

  • Samah Cioccolatina
    Samah Cioccolatina 6 months ago

    Thank you for this great video and detailed explication but please add the ingredients for home backers instead to try his recipe.

  • Byun Baekhyun
    Byun Baekhyun 6 months ago

    Does anyone know the recipe ,can u guys eye ball it?

  • the one from K
    the one from K 7 months ago

    chocolate button cookies*

  • Mary Delgado
    Mary Delgado 7 months ago

    His cookies and chocolates are the best ! ! !

  • Ellie Frato-Sweeney
    Ellie Frato-Sweeney 7 months ago

    1:09 "Zha fihrst ingredient zat we put in da bowl is da *Murican accent* BUDDER."

  • Leo
    Leo 7 months ago

    His accent ✨

  • Louella.y
    Louella.y 7 months ago

    It's crazy that this guy has been living and working in the US for so long and still have the biggest french accent. Man some people suck at languages 😂

  • Mariana
    Mariana 7 months ago

    when you're on a diet and watching this :/

  • Miss Pullip
    Miss Pullip 7 months ago

    French accent 😂😂😂

  • Boss Sauce
    Boss Sauce 7 months ago

    What are the amounts?

  • Pedro Costa
    Pedro Costa 7 months ago

    Where I find the recipe with the measurements?

  • potlovingchef14
    potlovingchef14 7 months ago +1

    The way he say butter n chocolate is very American quite strange normally French are unouchate with ge na cha qua

  • tomatojuice12
    tomatojuice12 8 months ago +1

    Anybody else notice that he didn't really cream the butter like Stella Parks says to do:

  • The Jew Crew
    The Jew Crew 8 months ago

    This guy a fucking genius

  • jaymar htx
    jaymar htx 9 months ago

    fuuuuuck im hard

  • D_Moye
    D_Moye 10 months ago

    These are so simple to prepare. You will make them for the rest of your life, they are divine

    • Pedro Costa
      Pedro Costa 6 months ago

      Byun Baekhyun i also need the recipe

    • Byun Baekhyun
      Byun Baekhyun 6 months ago +1

      D_Moye if u made them , can u tell me the recipe pls?

  • Caiden Merritt
    Caiden Merritt 10 months ago


  • mcgibs
    mcgibs 10 months ago

    Wonder what his bakery will be like once the Grandmapocalypse hits.

  • Harim Medina Mejía
    Harim Medina Mejía 10 months ago

    I want the recipe so bad

  • Cordelia Drew
    Cordelia Drew 10 months ago

    Can someone link me to the recipe for his cookies? Thanks!

  • NameNotFound
    NameNotFound 11 months ago +1

    So he doesn't use all purpose flour and mixes cake and bread flour, thus making all purpose flour. What is this stupidity by definition the difference is protein content, bread flour having the most protein thus better gluten formation in things like...bread, cake flour having the least amount and AP flour being smack in the middle. So when you mix bread and cake flour you get AP flour, just use the fucking all purpose flour and screw this pretentious french twat.

  • Dave Man
    Dave Man 11 months ago

    mad skillz!

  • Loch Ness
    Loch Ness 11 months ago

    can't wait to make cookies based on a recipe with no measurements included

  • Mycel
    Mycel 11 months ago

    I would buy 8000 cookies from that guy.

  • tabledeka
    tabledeka 11 months ago

    Wow nice

  • iron spider
    iron spider 11 months ago

    My cookies don't spread though

  • Michael Ward
    Michael Ward 11 months ago

    Bro this guy loves chocolate more then anybody ive ever seen lol

  • DankWilliamsJr
    DankWilliamsJr 11 months ago

    So, basically the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag?

  • Terry Crosshanger
    Terry Crosshanger 11 months ago

    Did he just give away trade secrets?

  • The Fuck You Looking At
    The Fuck You Looking At 11 months ago

    Damn he should give some of the credit to the little rat on his head smh.

  • Rodimus Prime
    Rodimus Prime 11 months ago

    he sure loves zeeuu chocolate

  • CosGaulo
    CosGaulo 11 months ago

    yeah, great, now i'm fucking hungry for cookies, goddamn you

  • Dankos Erotica
    Dankos Erotica 11 months ago

    How do I get here from turtle porn?

  • GAS
    GAS 11 months ago

    He's in love with chocolate. thats tight

  • Jet _
    Jet _ 11 months ago +1

    Damn, the fat kid from Charlie in the chocolate factory is all grown up now

  • Mitchellaneous
    Mitchellaneous 11 months ago

    OK who else salivated before the video started?

  • thetek9
    thetek9 11 months ago

    Goddamnit I want one of this man's cookies

  • Cypeq
    Cypeq 11 months ago

    I don't believe you, I don't believe french.

  • rhinobotha1
    rhinobotha1 11 months ago

    I want you to say Ricky Bobby "I love chocolate cookies"

  • A Guitarist
    A Guitarist 11 months ago

    I need zat merde

  • Mike Van Der Vegt
    Mike Van Der Vegt 11 months ago


  • lucky Man
    lucky Man 11 months ago

    Accent slip on butter, Fake French dude

  • Elias Wagner
    Elias Wagner 11 months ago

    Not trolling, this cookie looks like garbage. I've never heard of using high gluten flour in cookie dough. Chewiness in cookies is supposed to come from the molasses in brown sugar, not from gluten. Plus, these cookies look mad dry. They don't tear, they break.

  • av
    av 11 months ago

    This gave me a half chub. I want some fucking cookies now.

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones 11 months ago

    I dont like chocolate or sweets candie ect whatsoever but i will get down on a subway chocolate chip cookie now and then

  • momokokochuchuchu
    momokokochuchuchu 11 months ago

    its cute how much he loves chocolate lol

  • Nabil Hakim
    Nabil Hakim 11 months ago

    soft cookies > hard cookies

  • Julian Fritz
    Julian Fritz 11 months ago

    What about baking soda??? He doesn't add baking soda????

  • iPooKaePoo
    iPooKaePoo 11 months ago

    Best cookies ive had is cookietime, big chunks of chocolate

  • ipissed
    ipissed 11 months ago +2

    French accent: check. Fancy chef outfit: check. Repeat "all purpose flour is good for everything but nothing" culinary school tag line: check. Now sprinkle some extra salt on it and you are the best.

  • TheJOBeffect
    TheJOBeffect 11 months ago


  • TJ Perette
    TJ Perette 11 months ago

    I'm one of those people that hate chocolate. No lie.

  • esklam der
    esklam der 11 months ago

    Wow that cookie looks reaaaaalll good

  • Tapiture
    Tapiture 11 months ago +4

    I made these chocolate chip cookies and damn they are good. My new go-to recipe. Here it is in word-form if anyone wants to make them.

  • Bolek989
    Bolek989 11 months ago

    Well this dude is definitely in the right business

  • ComicBook Chaos #27
    ComicBook Chaos #27 11 months ago

    it's scary that i was thinking it right when he said it's all about the three different textures, crispy chewy and gooey 🤤🤤🤤

  • Canebrake
    Canebrake 11 months ago

    Damn! I really want a chocolate chip cookie now

  • Aerochalklate
    Aerochalklate 11 months ago

    who else thinks chocolate chip cookies taste so good when made with melted butter.. and also i love it when the cookies are thin and crispy on the outside

  • Robert Christophet Calayan

    This only shows the procedure, where are the recipe for the cookies😊?

  • JKuda
    JKuda 11 months ago

    I make a better chocolate chip cookie.

  • MrTingles
    MrTingles 11 months ago

    verrr nice

  • RUBIXX301
    RUBIXX301 11 months ago

    I guees now i have to go to subway

  • Ashkore Whitemoon
    Ashkore Whitemoon 11 months ago +4

    When he said they need to be a little crispy on the outside, but softer on the inside...
    Did anyone else's pants get tighter, or was that just me?

  • candy sweet
    candy sweet 11 months ago

    Just that ???

  • Edgar Ruiz
    Edgar Ruiz 11 months ago

    Where miss info @?

  • Red Catchem
    Red Catchem 11 months ago +10

    Last time I saw this man was on TV and I spent hours watching say"Schawcolatttee " and "Coco Beaudear" it was mesmerizing ! and still is.

  • Jay Mata
    Jay Mata 11 months ago

    Microwaved chips ahoy . . .anyone?????

  • Chase Charron
    Chase Charron 11 months ago

    Fuck...i was gunna say how can they be so good, but just seeing the process......these must be amazing

  • ooofest
    ooofest 11 months ago

    I visited a Jacques Torres shop after work recently and brought some of their chocolate chip cookies home - my kids love chocolate chip cookies. These had lots of chocolate throughout, were pleasantly chewy without being rubbery or too soft, plus they had what I would describe as a butterscotch-like aftertaste with an almost nutty quality It was the aftertaste part which I found cool and my kids found "meh." Overall, I'd buy them again.

  • KAMI
    KAMI 11 months ago

    Damn I wish I wasn't in Keto right now.

  • A Good Person
    A Good Person 11 months ago

    Caution, arousal emminent !