McDonald’s Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce TASTE TEST! (Cheat Day)

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  • Born Hater
    Born Hater 3 days ago

    Szechuan sauce is a Chinese sauce. Szechuan is a place in China.

  • Princess Diy
    Princess Diy 6 days ago

    My best friend got her hands on some and she sold it a my school for $300.
    # PrivateSchool

  • just for comments
    just for comments 6 days ago

    I’m sorry but you don’t need a 10 minute video on 1 guys talk too much

  • tony flamingo
    tony flamingo 6 days ago

    just bring the sauce back its not hard

  • Junfeng Peng
    Junfeng Peng 7 days ago


  • xCryoDred
    xCryoDred 7 days ago +1

    Is it weird that I' e never watched Rick and Morty?

  • Jose Margo
    Jose Margo 9 days ago

    Wabba Lubba Dub Dub

  • Mr Smiley
    Mr Smiley 13 days ago

    Jokes on you someone stuck a dirty crack needle in the sauce welcome to the world of aids

  • A Charles
    A Charles 13 days ago

    The dumbing down of America continues.

  • teresa fuentes
    teresa fuentes 13 days ago

    These girls are too much. Not in a natural way.

  • ChrisWellejus
    ChrisWellejus 14 days ago

    This is straight up cancer.

  • Save No Hoe
    Save No Hoe 15 days ago

    Lmao wtf

  • Thelegend27
    Thelegend27 15 days ago

    Im suppose to believe these two watch rick and morty

  • Hauajahah Jwjsbsh
    Hauajahah Jwjsbsh 15 days ago

    cringy ratchet white bitches

  • Emma Robbie Us
    Emma Robbie Us 15 days ago

    When does the freakin video start?

  • 杨天
    杨天 16 days ago

    Just Szechuan sauce ,we have plenty

  • Gh0st G0D
    Gh0st G0D 16 days ago


    OJ COOJO 17 days ago

    fakest group of females ever i hurts

  • Summer Pope
    Summer Pope 23 days ago

    I stood in line at walmart from 2 in the afternoon until 12 in the morning for twilight eclipse lol

  • PatisauR
    PatisauR 26 days ago

    can i try your sauce please? i will do anything you say, ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew Is Simple
    Andrew Is Simple 26 days ago

    I take it that it's cheat day eberyday with you guys since you use a plate to mince

  • Kalle Piotrowski
    Kalle Piotrowski 28 days ago

    these girls would never watch Rick and Morty on thier own . i hate mainstream media. pls stick to taylor swift and miley cyrus.

  • Adira Harahap
    Adira Harahap 29 days ago

    try indonesian foods next!!!

  • Rubi ms
    Rubi ms Month ago

    I feel like, if Joslyn were the one instead of Erin making the sauce, it would've been very messy, and maybe not so good 😁😁

  • LPSLivia
    LPSLivia Month ago

    Omg the Harry Potter scarf as a blindfold?! I am offended...

  • Ricky Dicky
    Ricky Dicky Month ago

    Are you guys suffering from a mental illness?

  • Diana45251
    Diana45251 Month ago

    I want one tbh

  • Giovanni castro
    Giovanni castro Month ago


  • Aloha_ Tyquan
    Aloha_ Tyquan Month ago

    I got a nation wide ad

  • Angeli Lachica
    Angeli Lachica Month ago

    I love how the girl explained how she knew which one was McDonald's

  • Beast Asmodae
    Beast Asmodae Month ago


  • Katy Zhou
    Katy Zhou Month ago

    Sichuan sauce is chinese real Sichuan sauce dose not have ketchup

  • Marie Garrett
    Marie Garrett Month ago

    They never stopped selling it in the Chinese McDonald's

  • Mɪᴄʜᴀᴇʟ Kɪʟʟᴇʏ

    New Zealand should release this sauce!

  • 裆中痒毛遮洞
    裆中痒毛遮洞 Month ago

    it's only 2dollars in sichuan

  • NeonEchoes
    NeonEchoes Month ago

    sushawan sauce not sesewan sauce

  • ilovefood
    ilovefood Month ago

    i watched rick and morty, although its good, its overrated and blown up too much. i prefer Bojack Horseman. anyone else?

  • Blohckinq Doodles
    Blohckinq Doodles Month ago +1

    this is the exact recipe my mom makes for me 5 years ago...

  • Dan Mullaney
    Dan Mullaney Month ago

    Definitely wasted your money 😂😂

  • Shuheng Wu
    Shuheng Wu Month ago +1

    Awesome guys!Szechuan(Si Chuan in madarin pinyin)is actually a province in China and the hometown for pandas. There are quite a lot of saunce which could be used to represent the area and I would personally recommending 老干妈(Lao Gan Ma / Old Godmother)and 豆瓣酱(Dou Ban Jiang),both are usually available in a typical Chinese supermarket in whichever part of the world you are so if you mix either of these with dashes of soysauce and ketchup it will definitely give your taste buds a blow which you will be loving(^ ^)

  • Ride Hoe
    Ride Hoe Month ago

    at :11 I thought she said, "In honor of fricken Morty." 😂

  • Lauren Snow
    Lauren Snow Month ago

    They are suppose to bring the sauce back in December

  • Mario
    Mario Month ago

    honestly, who made a show with two dumb blondes?

  • amelia maye
    amelia maye Month ago +1

    You guys need to cook more often

  • Svobie
    Svobie Month ago

    they should have a cooking show!!

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine Month ago

    When no one is pronouncing Szechuan right and it seriously annoys you

  • ThatSpicyFoodMoron
    ThatSpicyFoodMoron Month ago

    I have a feeling the first guy did it as a joke/mock because he just did all the stereotype rick and morty/annoying internet person things and then ran (naruto ran) out

  • streety
    streety Month ago

    These girls don't even watch Rick and Morty.

    They don't deserve this

  • David Pinto
    David Pinto Month ago

    I would kill people for that sauce

  • Folken Hellfang
    Folken Hellfang Month ago

    Somebody teach these kids which camera to look in.

  • Ari W
    Ari W Month ago

    ya'll i'm chinese and legit szechuan sauce is a common sauce in china i'm pretty sure a simple google search could get you a recipe for this sauce or just visiting your closest chinese restaurant... but i mean if you want to spend $125 then you do you lmao

  • Cynthia Guillen
    Cynthia Guillen Month ago

    Someone traded in one of their cars for a Szechuan sauce packet. It was a 2000 VW Golf. McDonald's has said that they will be brining the sauce back in a couple of months. I remember it from when it first came it and it wasn't great lol.

  • katy lipa grande
    katy lipa grande Month ago

    Get riggity riggity wrecked

  • Tommy Boy
    Tommy Boy Month ago

    I got 5 of these things, not many people care about Rick and Morty in my are. But I do

  • Janice Gardner Bold

    Recipe??? Pls!!

  • chocoolatey
    chocoolatey Month ago

    Too many reversed cymbals.

    Made me uncontrollably excited.

  • Cactus Jack
    Cactus Jack Month ago

    the sauce sux assssssssss

  • long le
    long le Month ago

    2 girls, 1 dunk

  • nothing like you bitches


  • Falang English Dictionary By Shiva Neupane

    thanks for sharing this video.. I am researching culinary terms for my upcoming food dictionary.. All the love and support from Melbourne, Australia

  • Dziordan1
    Dziordan1 Month ago +1

    these hoes are cute they need to taste my sauce

  • mandie lombard
    mandie lombard Month ago

    lilly, your voice is really annoying.

  • Justin Dionicio
    Justin Dionicio Month ago

    is that a gryffindor scarf i see? 10 points for ClevverTV

  • Steven Hubbs
    Steven Hubbs Month ago

    I just feel bad for the person that traded their car for one packet of Szechuan sauce

  • Elijah the Millionaire

    It’s Mulan not rick and morty get it right

  • Jordan Hall
    Jordan Hall Month ago

    DON'T JUDGE. We are only doing this for YOU('re views and how we monetize them).
    What martyrs. That sauce will pay for itself in no time.

  • Lily Draws
    Lily Draws Month ago

    Who here Asian?

  • IR MadCow
    IR MadCow Month ago


  • xXCyber AngelXx
    xXCyber AngelXx Month ago

    Ok so there's wine in the sauce........

  • Zach Dimes
    Zach Dimes Month ago

    Where do you get the recipe?

  • Harvey Napier
    Harvey Napier Month ago


  • Totah Sam
    Totah Sam Month ago

    A testament to the decline of American education....

    RRK RED Month ago

    why dont fking suace companies make Szechuan sauce? good fking marketing

  • Hannah Olson
    Hannah Olson Month ago

    I have never tried balsamic vinegar, because I almost throw up anytime I smell it.

  • Spinox
    Spinox Month ago

    Lise 😂🤩🔫

  • Luna Carey
    Luna Carey Month ago

    Is the sauce not available at Asian restaurants anymore or something?

  • Svsca
    Svsca Month ago

    Ahh nothing better than that white girl ignorance lmao 😂

    NZREPPING Month ago

    The hype for that sauce is dumb sigh

  • this one nerd
    this one nerd Month ago

    i get szechuan sauce with my chinese takeaway all the time lol just buy the nuggets and then order a tub of sauce :/

  • Tah Sin
    Tah Sin Month ago

    the hole is not big enough lol

  • Creative Name
    Creative Name Month ago

    I hate this for multiple reasons

  • CEREMONY 610
    CEREMONY 610 Month ago

    rick and morty is overrated

  • Logan Howlett
    Logan Howlett Month ago

    I seen one on Craigslist for $400

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  • Jennifer Farmer
    Jennifer Farmer Month ago +1

    just ironic you don't even watch the show lmao

  • Anastasija
    Anastasija Month ago

    I want to try that sauce.
    And i would stand in line to buy concert ticket for Marcus and Martinus concert

  • metalslug26
    metalslug26 Month ago

    Cringe ladies

  • R0ckstrmik3
    R0ckstrmik3 Month ago

    Dam rick and Morty

  • Peter Tran
    Peter Tran Month ago

    四川 (Szechuan) is a province in southern China, and is famous for their style of cooking. The kind of flavors they use in the food spans a pretty wide range and to boil it all down to a single sauce is pretty silly.... it's like making a sauce that encompasses all the flavors of Indian food, or American food and calling it the American sauce or the Indian sauce.... the sauce you made is typical Szechuan affair - garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and chili flakes - since most Szechuan dishes are pretty spicy, while most dishes sounds really silly when translated (one of which is called "ants climbing up a tree", which is ground meat cooked in a sauce - not unlike the Szechuan sauce you made - poured over noodles) the most famous would be Kung Pao Chicken. The more you know =)

  • M Aldi
    M Aldi Month ago


  • Ben K
    Ben K Month ago

    Massive wast of money. All the crazy stuff going on in the USA and u but what was free a McDonald's pack. Really. Sad

  • Tyra Olivia
    Tyra Olivia Month ago +1


  • Clay Brice
    Clay Brice Month ago

    This was such a fun episode.

  • Tech_girl04
    Tech_girl04 Month ago

    They do know that you can buy Szechuan sauce at the grocery store

  • E Nonyabis
    E Nonyabis Month ago

    Not a chance in hell would I pay for that. I have had a sauce that took 10+ hrs and I would have not only made it a meal I would have quit my job and opened a restaurant and made millions and very rarely would I have eaten anything but that ever again. Might have even found a way to inject it intravenously it was that good. Of course the chef couldn't remember the exact recipe but I do kind of get the hype. I can say without any reservation it was the best tasting edible I have ever ingested! Sorry about the wording but it kept sounding way way way wrong the normal way most would describe it! Lol

  • Sarah Thompson
    Sarah Thompson Month ago

    Sound guy: “that one is the one you made? Okay bye!” Lmao truuuee hahah

  • Richard Rojas
    Richard Rojas Month ago

    I work at McDonald's and when winter comes when they make more of this sauce ima grab a bunch of it.

  • Benjamin McCrink
    Benjamin McCrink Month ago

    red head is fire

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago

    they fucking named the guy "sauce" I CANNOT 💀

  • Unyt
    Unyt Month ago

    I tasted 2 Szechuan sauce packets.

    Man they tasted great till I fell off my bed.