McDonald’s Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce TASTE TEST! (Cheat Day)


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  • iseeu1980
    iseeu1980 5 days ago

    Where in the USA do these girls come from? What is that accent.

  • Cyber Glitch
    Cyber Glitch Month ago

    I got into Rick and Morty this year (2018) and finished it. I just found out that they brought back the Szechuan sauce and got pissed because I had no clue that it happened.

  • Swapnil Fulmali
    Swapnil Fulmali Month ago

    ENTP Girls are sexy.

  • Aisha Ahmed
    Aisha Ahmed Month ago

    It came along in this KETCHUP PEASENTRYYY

  • Joey cox
    Joey cox 3 months ago

    Im re-watching this video and looking at the comments rn and damn... some people are just so hateful... first of all they did this video because it was a popular topic at the time and they are a channel thats based off of trends, second of all shut up about lilys makeup because its hard to be in front of a camera as part of your job and sometimes people have to get ready quick, her makeup
    Shouldnt bother you, third of all IF YOU DONT LIKE THEM OR THE SHOW IN GENERAL STOP FUCKING WATCHING IT... honestly nobody cares about your opinion of them, come on guys its crazy how much hate people feel the need to spread on a TVclip VIDEO. If you dont like it then simply dont watch but you dont have to make other feel bad just because you didnt like the video.

  • stellar star
    stellar star 3 months ago

    I remember when out came out in 98.

  • ana oniani
    ana oniani 3 months ago +1

    ბარო ხალხი. რავა ხართ

  • dadoody
    dadoody 4 months ago

    That shit wasn't good in the 90s, and it's not good now. The writers of that cartoon didn't even care for the sauce, they just wrote it into this cartoon, and the legion of autistics that follow it had to crave a shit sauce they've never had. You know what is good at McDonald with the nuggets? Hot Mustard. And Honey.

  • Lydi
    Lydi 4 months ago

    Since when did garlic come in bags??

  • Samarth Sethi
    Samarth Sethi 4 months ago

    You can get a 250 ml jar of shezwan sauce for 0.96 usd in India

  • Cassie White
    Cassie White 4 months ago

    1 inch knob of ginger, that would be off a whole ginger root.

  • Lorraine Carotenuto
    Lorraine Carotenuto 4 months ago

    Now it's available everywhere is mass quantity, lol

  • emilee gibson
    emilee gibson 5 months ago

    This is my favorite lily hair up to her extensions which are my all time fav

  • Faith And hope
    Faith And hope 5 months ago

    My McDonald's sauce was free and they had a whole bunch of it

  • Aws
    Aws 5 months ago

    Me: “hey mom, can I go get some szechuan sauce?
    Mom: okay sweetie ask how much it costs
    Me: excuse me how much does Szechuan sauce cost?
    Girl at counter: $127 :)
    Me:mom it cost $127
    Mom: shit . . .

  • Hagan Griffith
    Hagan Griffith 5 months ago

    I would stand in line to meet you that’s my biggest dream

  • MrSoundSeeker
    MrSoundSeeker 5 months ago

    Perfect wifes.

    LAO LCD 5 months ago

    That is *alot* of money for just *one* packet. O-O BUT SO WORTH IT FOR THE SZECHUAN SAUCE!!!

  • Shįkshak Gaming
    Shįkshak Gaming 5 months ago

    I got some Mulan szecuan dipping sauce for only 10$ in New York

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 5 months ago

    They now sell it normally at where I live,oklahoma

  • Vasu Patel
    Vasu Patel 5 months ago

    You guys should try Indian food

  • Turtle Guy
    Turtle Guy 5 months ago

    I would so stand in line for Taco Bell's Naked Chicken Chips/Chalupa...

  • lovely.sanaa •
    lovely.sanaa • 6 months ago +1

    It's free now

  • 6 months ago +1


  • Renad Algarni
    Renad Algarni 6 months ago

    Blend your foundation down your neck kids

  • Napalm Yoshi
    Napalm Yoshi 6 months ago

    I've tried it it tastes like teriyaki sauce

  • lena1699
    lena1699 6 months ago

    If im not mistaken, Szechuan sauce is Chinese BBQ sauce... Basically lol

  • Rosella
    Rosella 6 months ago

    Szechuan sauce looks like a mixture of bbq and teriyaki sauce.

  • Gilbert Mendez
    Gilbert Mendez 6 months ago

    I tried it and it tastes like soy sauce with barbecue sauce and I’m not a person who eats sweet food I eat spicy so I didn’t like it

  • Travaun Watson
    Travaun Watson 6 months ago

    Im fricking doneeeeeeeeeeeeee all for some dang Szechuan Sauce

  • Natty Features More
    Natty Features More 6 months ago

    you guys are stupid if you would have just waited lol mcdonalds brought it back like ligit just 50cents but it dosent have rick and morty on it so thats probably a rare collector item now

  • brin w
    brin w 6 months ago

    i got the sauce yesterday at mcdonalds for free??

  • Xemnin
    Xemnin 6 months ago

    It's basically soy sauce. I tried it. Meh.

  • rickest sanchez
    rickest sanchez 6 months ago

    The peak of consumerism ~

  • Anal Discharge
    Anal Discharge 6 months ago

    "Booze fixes everything." Well said.

  • Magen.D. Postema
    Magen.D. Postema 6 months ago

    Not even real szechuan...were are the szechuan pepper corns...where is the ground chili....thats basically soy BBQ sauce guys...look up real szechuan oil and it's really easy to make and tastes won't regret it.

  • idonotmakevidsyet
    idonotmakevidsyet 6 months ago

    There are way better chinese sauces than that szechuan sauce

  • alex ruso
    alex ruso 6 months ago

    i’m sitting here eating my szechuan sauce that i got with my meal for normal price ahaha

  • Richard / Ramheads
    Richard / Ramheads 6 months ago

    Lmao I work at McDonald’s and well... I get as much as I want moahahahaha

  • mArco pOlo
    mArco pOlo 6 months ago

    *little did they know McDonalds brought it back and made it free*

  • Francesca Skip
    Francesca Skip 6 months ago


  • Ci Fur
    Ci Fur 6 months ago

    Szechuan Sauce was way too hyped. Just tastes like a sauce you would put on chinese food. Sweet with a weird smell.

  • kronic33 D
    kronic33 D 6 months ago


  • Zoonie 24
    Zoonie 24 6 months ago

    Watching this now eating the sauce since McDonald’s brought it back

  • Sharon Waldrop
    Sharon Waldrop 6 months ago

    Lol who's watching after Feb 26 while eating Szechuan sauce

  • Gabby C.
    Gabby C. 6 months ago

    Joslyn’s face when Erin says it will expand!😂

  • aggieforlife13
    aggieforlife13 6 months ago

    you guys have gutter palettes. I just had some, and it has a great taste of ginger underneath the sweet soy. This would be great to dip potstickers, sushi, or panko shrimp.

  • Echo Marie
    Echo Marie 6 months ago

    where I live the McDonald's in Ohio they have a whole bunch of Szechuan sauce and we get it free.

  • Francisco Armenta
    Francisco Armenta 6 months ago

    Fire eating it rite now

  • Salt
    Salt 6 months ago

    rick and morty is for kids with autism

  • Troll Face
    Troll Face 6 months ago

    I got my own sauce today with my order of chicken tenders

  • goo goo bars
    goo goo bars 6 months ago

    I'm getting 5

  • Windy man
    Windy man 7 months ago

    You girls look like before this video, you did " Cocaine and marijuana TASTE TEST "

  • fav cocaboycola
    fav cocaboycola 7 months ago

    They trying to promote sauce I made sauce not even bueno

  • M4TT EXE
    M4TT EXE 7 months ago

    fuck wish i got to try it well they bring it back officially so aye *fandom wins!* right? also sliver hair is hmmm *mucho fuego*

  • Jay Ayle
    Jay Ayle 7 months ago

    In March, Szechuan sauce comes back.

  • NERD Incorporated
    NERD Incorporated 7 months ago

    I’m pickle RICK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sniperwolfno1 c:
    sniperwolfno1 c: 7 months ago

    That mulan sauce is worth like millions in 2018

  • Terrell Jones
    Terrell Jones 7 months ago

    The Sauce is Forever..

  • Mike van Leeuwen
    Mike van Leeuwen 7 months ago


  • PinkDiamond7777777
    PinkDiamond7777777 7 months ago

    What is said at the end? Don't understand.

  • Jason Esquibel
    Jason Esquibel 7 months ago

    Mincing garlic is not pushing it down then chopping it rinsing garlic just means you chop it very fine. The pushing down part comes along when you have a whole garlic or piece of garlic that's still wrapped. That's when you squish it with a knife or a spoon that way it's easier to unravel and get out.

  • Jennifer Brunson
    Jennifer Brunson 7 months ago

    Honestly the sauce from McDonald's was probably made differently in 98. It may have actually tasted better back then. There is also supposed to be honey in it, so they may have put too much honey in this newer batch, or either botched it so no one would want it over the home made stuff. I still want my damned Mulan sauce McDonald's. There wasn't a restaurant that wasn't four hours from me that had it :(

  • Houndoom
    Houndoom 7 months ago

    Now McDonalds needs is steph Curry’s hot Curry carry out sauce

  • Jessika Hendrix
    Jessika Hendrix 7 months ago

    Get a life

  • Jared Schultz
    Jared Schultz 8 months ago

    three egos with a TVclip channel

  • Jackie Botta
    Jackie Botta 8 months ago

    This is one of the most annoying cheat day eps I’ve seen

  • abycadaby _
    abycadaby _ 8 months ago

    Not sa-key

  • skadoocher123
    skadoocher123 8 months ago

    Try mcdonalds habanero ranch sauce. The end.

  • Daniel Strinko
    Daniel Strinko 8 months ago

    I used to work at McDonald's and I have 20 of the original sauce packets

  • Michael J
    Michael J 8 months ago

    Why does every episode sound like two lesbians yelling at me?

  • Nicole Hui
    Nicole Hui 8 months ago +1


  • Francisco Montes
    Francisco Montes 8 months ago

    get it's not from rick and's from mulan...rick and morty just merely mentioned it

  • treina
    treina 8 months ago

    the best mcshit sauce is sweet n sour mixed with honey on the nuggets

  • Jaila Primm
    Jaila Primm 8 months ago

    This remind me so much of good burger at the end

  • Mateus Barbosa
    Mateus Barbosa 8 months ago

    Are they sisters

  • EvilWeAre
    EvilWeAre 8 months ago


  • James evanse Evans
    James evanse Evans 8 months ago +1

    Funny how you are doing the exact same thing as derik gerard so maybe you should credit him or take the video down

  • Ivy Girl
    Ivy Girl 8 months ago

    So just regular teriyaki sauce?

  • Corduroy Epps
    Corduroy Epps 8 months ago

    ok standing in line for sauce ? Hey nerds do nerdy shit.

  • Aida Montiel
    Aida Montiel 8 months ago +2


  • Sir Altitude
    Sir Altitude 8 months ago

    There has been no great contribution to the people of earth than the recipe for shechuan sauce

  • Liz d
    Liz d 8 months ago

    They are lame ... couldn’t keep watching

  • Equilia
    Equilia 8 months ago

    You can go to the store and buy some...

  • Hunter-Ann Stemple
    Hunter-Ann Stemple 8 months ago

    Ahh, not so fast Morty. You heard your mom, we’ve got adventures to go on Morty. Just you and me, and sometimes your sister, and sometimes your mom, but NEVER your dad! You wanna know why Morty? Because he CROSSED me. OK, take it easy, Rick! Th-that's dark. Oh it gets darker Morty... Welcome to the darkest year of our adventures. First thing that’s different, no more dad Morty. He threatened to turn me in to the government, so I made him and the government go away... Ohhh fuck... I repla-burp-ced them both as the defacto-patriarch of your family, AND your universe. Oh man... Your mom wouldn’t have accepted me if I came home without you and your sister. So now you know the REAL reason I rescued you. Ohhhh-woah... I JUST TOOK OVER THE FAMILY MORTY! Oh man. And if you tell your mom or sister I said any of this, I’ll DENY it. You'll deny it... And they’ll take my side, because I’m a hero, Morty. And now you’re gonna have to do whatever I say, Morty, FOREVER! A-and I-I’ll go out and find some more of that Mulan, Szechuan Teriyaki dipping sauce, Morty. Wh-what are you talking about? Because that’s, that's what this is all about Morty! Szechuan? Th-that’s my one arm man. I’m not driven by avenging my dead family Morty crawls away- Morty, that was FAKE! -and Morty gets pulled back. I-I’m driven by finding that, McNugget Sauce. Nuggets? I want that Mulan McNugget Sauce, Morty. Mulan? That’s my series arc Morty! What the Hell? If it takes 9 seasons, I WANT MY MCNUGGET DIPPING, What're you talking about Rick? SAUCE SZECHUAN SAUCE MORTY! What're you talking about? TH-THAT’S WHAT'S GONNA TAKE US, ALL THE WAY TO THE END MORTY! SEASON, 9 MORE SEASONS MORTY! Szechuan sauce?! 9 MORE SEASONS UNTIL I GET THAT DIPPING SZECHUAN SAUCE! What is that?! FOR 97 MORE YEARS MORTY! What are you talking about?! I WANT THAT MCNUGGET SAUCE MORTY!!!

  • Lily Leclercq
    Lily Leclercq 8 months ago

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  • ella Q
    ella Q 8 months ago

    Is it me or she looks like lili reinhart from riverdale

  • AntiMainstreamMusic
    AntiMainstreamMusic 8 months ago

    Rick and Morty is pure cancer.

  • Lil' Chigga
    Lil' Chigga 8 months ago +1

    U guys r super hot!!! 😍🤑💥😚😛😝😬😓

  • Jordan Coleman
    Jordan Coleman 8 months ago

    Binging with babish

  • Rebecca Tindall
    Rebecca Tindall 8 months ago

    You can by regular Szechuan sauce it on Amazon for 10 dollers

  • NOELLA122346
    NOELLA122346 9 months ago

    What shade is Erin’s hair die?

  • b.tunney
    b.tunney 9 months ago

    I just have a few cheat days, 364 days a year

  • Samurai Wilde5100
    Samurai Wilde5100 9 months ago

    The fucked us Morty it's not the real ( burp ) sauce Morty ..

  • Rodel Varca
    Rodel Varca 9 months ago

    gimme that sauce for 10$ lol

  • Born Hater
    Born Hater 9 months ago

    Szechuan sauce is a Chinese sauce. Szechuan is a place in China.

  • Princess Diy
    Princess Diy 9 months ago

    My best friend got her hands on some and she sold it a my school for $300.
    # PrivateSchool

  • just for comments
    just for comments 9 months ago

    I’m sorry but you don’t need a 10 minute video on 1 guys talk too much

  • tony flamingo
    tony flamingo 9 months ago

    just bring the sauce back its not hard

  • Junfeng Peng
    Junfeng Peng 9 months ago