Billie Eilish & Alicia Keys Perform Ocean Eyes

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • Late Late Show guest host Alicia Keys turns her interview area into a performance space, inviting her guest Billie Eilish to perform her hit song "Ocean Eyes" as a duet for the all-female Stage 56 audience.
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  • Emma Richards
    Emma Richards 6 minutes ago

    doctor: you have 3:46 seconds left to live
    me: pull it up!!!!!!!

  • Roxi Mon
    Roxi Mon 37 minutes ago

    omgoodness crying here....just beautiful.

  • Gio Bouzi
    Gio Bouzi 37 minutes ago

    Its going to be sad when she dies

  • Jayson W
    Jayson W 45 minutes ago

    Hahaha🤔🤫😘🎶🍾The two bond 007 song girls, together, yup

  • Samantha Jane
    Samantha Jane 51 minute ago

    I thought only Lana Del Rey could compete singing this. Let’s get her in on this

    PEDRO PEDROSO Hour ago

    Nobody can sing like Billie eilish

  • /// AMG
    /// AMG 2 hours ago

    Selena Gomez is so overrated compared to pure talent like these artists.

  • Money in the Bank
    Money in the Bank 3 hours ago +1

    Two people who can actually sing

  • Женя Ножов
    Женя Ножов 6 hours ago

    Ocean sleeping

  • Love you
    Love you 7 hours ago


  • Pete Guillaume
    Pete Guillaume 8 hours ago +1

    Dope. A. F.

  • It’s my Life
    It’s my Life 8 hours ago

    I can’t - her voice is so pretty it’s not fair

  • maurizzisilvia
    maurizzisilvia 9 hours ago

    Un duetto formidabile!!Brave 💖✌

  • Romance novels Hawaii
    Romance novels Hawaii 11 hours ago

    What a great that was.

  • jamie anomie
    jamie anomie 11 hours ago

    alicias voice is angelic she is so awesome.. and also duh billie is also good but come on alicia is the singer of girl on fire u see alicia's voice is more trained and she applied it more.. but all in all comeonnn alicia has a godamn strong voice and yeesss billie's voice is amazing and gives me a clam mind 💕💕

  • Dan Lindboomer
    Dan Lindboomer 14 hours ago

    Fan now

  • Alejandra Moreno
    Alejandra Moreno 14 hours ago

    🙌for girl (voice)power👊 , and women in powering each that was beautiful !!!

  • Dan Lindboomer
    Dan Lindboomer 14 hours ago


  • Dan Lindboomer
    Dan Lindboomer 14 hours ago


  • Dan Lindboomer
    Dan Lindboomer 14 hours ago

    Volume maxed, eyes closed, then listen then you will feel what I felt

  • Dan Lindboomer
    Dan Lindboomer 14 hours ago

    Damn... Billie translated emotions above alicia!!! Props.. not a fan but starting to fanboy.. Billie over alicia... damn.. damn... damn..

  • Alvaro Egas
    Alvaro Egas 17 hours ago

    This is superb

  • 지젤입니다
    지젤입니다 18 hours ago

    ㅠㅡㅠ ❤

  • Mr. Carey Collection
    Mr. Carey Collection 20 hours ago

    Alicia owned the song! She slayed better than that gurl.

  • Elli Wood
    Elli Wood 22 hours ago

    Omg she still sounds so good when she sings ocean eyes I mean wow☺

  • mrs jsmn
    mrs jsmn 22 hours ago


  • Leah Crafton
    Leah Crafton Day ago

    I'm just dying to hear Billie show off what she can do when singing full voice. She sounds beautiful in her breathy style, but I wanna hear her full ability.

  • Fernando Ramírez Guerra


  • Nestfield
    Nestfield Day ago

    Oh my god, I'm crying, that's amazing 😱😍

  • Shayne Kcp
    Shayne Kcp Day ago

    Best of all. Those notes held my heart on a thin invisible line ❤️😘🔥💯

  • elfenhüpfer 11
    elfenhüpfer 11 Day ago

    Wow... who thought that these two voices will sound sooooo good together... just blown away!!!

  • Teresa
    Teresa Day ago

    wow, this gives me chills. Billie is such an amazing singer♥ Alicia did a great job- not everyone can sing a duet with billie and sound that good. i love this

  • Roseane Pereira
    Roseane Pereira Day ago

    Lindas 😘 perfeitas

  • Gipcy Almeida Perez


  • M. AK
    M. AK Day ago

    У Алишы настолько мощный громкий голос, что она с трудом поет шепотом, а Билли даётся с легкостью. Она только так и может)

  • Ash Kh
    Ash Kh Day ago

    Amazing how someone as iconic as Alicia keys is struggling to reach that high and just about maintaining!!

  • Lua
    Lua Day ago

    Meu coração até sai do peito ❤️

  • B Wise
    B Wise Day ago

    A voice from heaven.

  • copstack
    copstack Day ago

    I'm sure Finneas loves this video.

  • What’s The Hype TV

    What can u really say after that like agahroshrownsishw HOLY SHIT BEAUTIFUL!! 😩😩❤️

  • It's Unicorn Queen
    It's Unicorn Queen Day ago +1

    They have similar voice

  • Fs0c1ety_BS
    Fs0c1ety_BS Day ago

    Billie's fans: um going to kill myself

  • okay luv
    okay luv Day ago

    No offense, but Alicia needs to leave the song to Billie 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • InspireKambria
    InspireKambria Day ago

    alicia is a really great singer but its not her music type so it doesnt sound great. like only billie can sing billie songs

  • •Luna gacha•

    Minute 1:46 ... ¡¡¿¿BILLIE FORGETS HER OWN LETTER SONG??!!

  • Michael Cain
    Michael Cain Day ago

    Alicia is right, that was amazing.

  • Alex Watts
    Alex Watts Day ago

    Absolute heaven. Even every flaw is perfection. The interaction is stunning. How fun for these two amazing musicians. With or without the cameras.

  • Thee_Legendary1
    Thee_Legendary1 Day ago

    I thought of Fire and Ice when I heard both of them Perform Together.

  • Adriana Mena
    Adriana Mena Day ago

    Quien en español 😭😭😅😅

  • Hana Saleem
    Hana Saleem Day ago +19

    The scariest thing is hearing Billie sing so beautifully and in such a high voice, when her voice is actually so deep when she’s talking

  • metong casapao
    metong casapao Day ago

    Top 10 duets

  • Helen Hall
    Helen Hall Day ago

    billie bodied that

  • N F
    N F Day ago

    Made me cry a little

  • Jean Carlos Uzcategui

    This is a great example on how Billie actually sounds just like in the record. She doesn't over produces her voice. I'm thrilled to see in time what other things she can do with her voice.

  • milla6ka *
    milla6ka * 2 days ago


  • Me Me
    Me Me 2 days ago +1

    Best performance of 2019 CLEARLY....BRAVO!

  • Nadine Hildebrand
    Nadine Hildebrand 2 days ago

    Voice present from god

  • Nannda Curiosa
    Nannda Curiosa 2 days ago

    isso me emocionou demais, love u BILLIE

  • Lidia Costa
    Lidia Costa 2 days ago

    I love song♥️ 2020 😍

  • Марина Иванова

    Я конечно все понимаю но пусть поет только Билли