"MODELS FOR ARTISTS" - Body Kun/Chan - What's the Deal??...

  • Published on Feb 1, 2019
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Comments • 3 117

  • Jeremy Guthrie
    Jeremy Guthrie 11 hours ago

    I bought my BodyChan off of Wish about 2 years ago. Yes its a counterfeit one but I found that when I was using modeling clay in the joints it works great, prior to that I felt like I Was going to break it. Just a little bit of clay made the whole thing more stable.
    Again I dont mind the fact that its a counterfeit, it only cost me 10.00 compared to the official ones.
    I use mine for both drawing references. I have also wrapped it in foil to make a clay sculptures for casting figures.

    Edit: The ads you see on Facebook and instagram are all counterfeit ones. If you want one just go to Wish and get it for 10.00 ( its sketchy because Wish is hit or miss ). If you want a real one you need to get it from the official site or I have seen them for sale at Conventions the official ones will cost about 75.00 Each anything less than that is a fake.

  • travis1russ
    travis1russ 13 hours ago

    Thanks for the insight and frustration to get this well put display and review together!

  • Peetabunbungaming
    Peetabunbungaming 13 hours ago

    sad bootleg figures

  • discoreeper
    discoreeper 20 hours ago

    put some glue onto loose joints and connect them after the glue is dried. this way the joints will be thicker

  • Fluff Greybeard
    Fluff Greybeard 2 days ago

    Have you looked at "designdoll" by terawell

  • Dark Kronis
    Dark Kronis 5 days ago

    honestly i got a free 3d model version on my computer which is super easy to use no need to real physical fiquers

  • Shani Reilly
    Shani Reilly 5 days ago

    its a marvel ledgend

  • Video Blank
    Video Blank 6 days ago

    So basically these models couldn’t be bothered to put good effort in to the female but in the male they did put good effort so they are sexist

  • Kay wolf Lover
    Kay wolf Lover 6 days ago +1

    I don’t use anything I just take pictures of what I want to draw.... it usually doesn’t go so well lol 😂

  • Andi Jones
    Andi Jones 9 days ago

    Great way of shading reference. I wonder if there are better ones out there?

  • Evil Ash
    Evil Ash 11 days ago +1

    pose them and cover them in clay to sculpt them!

  • phoenix_b_ artistically

    I ended up getting these (reading the comments I feel like mine were possibly a knock off, which adds up with how GREAT some people's are) and mine were sooo crappy and flimsy I had to take the two males I have apart and make one working Frankenstein from them. They're so bad I ended up getting all my money back, bad.

  • SqualidsargeStudios
    SqualidsargeStudios 13 days ago

    Bandai it's posable drawing figs, you can also buy as a kit to build yourself.
    Such a shame that there are flimsy knockoffs.

  • J ateabug
    J ateabug 14 days ago

    Unintentional fat shaming by not having a Fat Kun/Chan.

  • sweat rainbow cookies dj

    And a pen✍✍✍

  • James Ellis
    James Ellis 16 days ago

    This would make so much more sense as like a computer program

  • Vinicius Maia
    Vinicius Maia 16 days ago

    is action figures for people who can afford one... like the Saint Seiya AF

  • Wam-mnebu
    Wam-mnebu 17 days ago +2

    honestly , this makes me realize i should use Garry's mod, source filmmaker to set up my poses.

  • JudeYT
    JudeYT 17 days ago


  • baybesimms14
    baybesimms14 21 day ago

    I have a similar pair that i use anytime I'm drawing poses, because i am absolutely horrible at poses, anatomy, and proportions. They really seem to help in the long run.

  • Christina Cybart
    Christina Cybart 21 day ago

    Make a jazz action figure out of the small figures.

  • Ninja626 Burgess
    Ninja626 Burgess 22 days ago

    This would also be good for shading.

  • Ola Söderlind
    Ola Söderlind 22 days ago

    you should have them in VR

  • Phoebe Johnson
    Phoebe Johnson 25 days ago

    Mine are very stiff...

  • BluuM
    BluuM 27 days ago

    I have that EXACT one.

  • frillability
    frillability 27 days ago

    Confirming everyone’s comments that these are counterfeit. It’s really a shame. Jazza, you usually do much better research. Would you redo this video with the real items by Bandai’s Figma line? They are extremely high quality, and I enjoy using mine for posing assistance, not to mention, she’s just really fun and cute! I have a special edition that’s dark slate and transparent with tattoos.
    They’re perfect when a reference just isn’t enough and you need to physically manipulate something in your hands. To make her hips even more flexible for certain poses, like sitting cross legged, you can remove the little shield bits that give her more curve so to speak.
    I often use an image and object at the same time. It helps to have the static pose and to turn something around, to people who say to just use an app or a photo. There’s no single resource that will do it for you. Take into your arsenal as many things as possible to get the full picture. More help never hurts.
    And to anyone interested in collecting figures just starting out-Figma is wonderful. They have a lot jointed figures just like Body Kun and Chan around that size that’s relatively “affordable” as figure collecting goes as least-think $100 and under.

  • Ella Badenoch
    Ella Badenoch 27 days ago

    Im speechless on what to say, not because im amazed, not at all, actually im very disappointed

  • Ruairi KELLY - 4
    Ruairi KELLY - 4 29 days ago

    Show you what they cum like

  • Sketchy ComicKid’s 2nd Channel

    *The pose of something interactive*
    Am I the only person thinking bad thing?

  • Kazeyo
    Kazeyo 29 days ago

    I think that is chinese...

  • ForeverKite42
    ForeverKite42 29 days ago

    i bought two of them on sale, and i am unable to change the left hand on either dolls. i can pop the hand off, yet i cannot put any of the left hands back on. Sadly i can't encourage people to buy it unless they live close enough or can speak Japanese to try and call the manufacture to get it either replaced or fixed.

  • GeeksandCrafts !
    GeeksandCrafts ! 29 days ago +4

    Your not meant to take pictures of them, just have them to look at as reference
    Also, the ones you have are bootlegs. The official ones are covered in anime artwork

  • Nathan Froese
    Nathan Froese Month ago

    Personally I'd rather just pose a 3d model in blendr or a similar program with allot of free assets. It's more precise, more customisable, you don't have to worry about stands or even gravity in general. Also in blendr's case specifically it's free. Though if you don't have a decently high end computer it Marty suck to work with, especially since you're gonna wanna render the model to get accurate shading which could take 10's of hours on budget hardware.

  • outside the box designs

    I really wanted to pick a set of em up, but then I came across design doll for PC. Same concept but you can edit shape and sizes of the doll models. Great piece of software

  • Emmanuel Videl
    Emmanuel Videl Month ago

    Shit video are you even trying

  • ThatGamer Christian

    Make a animation with these

  • roblox gamer
    roblox gamer Month ago

    not counterfeit the body kun is designed to be more stable


    Edit:ok maybe not

  • Emwi Viljoen
    Emwi Viljoen Month ago

    I have body-chan and use her a lot for difficult poses. My drawings of people were normally stiff and awkward and i feel like having a little model like this help people like me. I agree some of the poses are a bit out there in terms of angles but i believe the model should be a rough guideline not your finish piece. Best to he open minded when using them :)

  • that guy
    that guy Month ago

    9:17 this cant be bad

    9:19 oh god no.

  • SeptyDraws'
    SeptyDraws' Month ago

    I have the Body Chan figure, it is very solid and usefull in my opinion. It's very useful for a long term practice for anatomy and posing. I'm glad i could hear your opinion on them aswell ^^

  • Gloomy_Shadow :P
    Gloomy_Shadow :P Month ago

    Anime statues... I want them and I need them.. since i draw in an anime style...

  • Ashla NightShade
    Ashla NightShade Month ago

    I got one about a year a go and didn’t use it much at all after getting it because it was frustrating when attaching and detaching the hands.
    Later I started playing with it more (without stand) and have gotten much better insight on the structure of the body and began to use it well. But then I lost it in plain sight and a few months later I find it and now I’m using it to help me get the proportions right.
    It works quite well for me.
    (If your wondering which one I have, I have the Body Kun.)

  • Hec Rod
    Hec Rod Month ago

    These are great but you don’t need both hands the same just flip the photo or turn it around in a small mirror lol problem solved

  • ThatQuietKid
    ThatQuietKid Month ago

    Would you consider doing this again with the real versions of these? Like, Jackie, ( @NerdECrafter ) said, these seem to be the counterfeit version.

  • geekelly000
    geekelly000 Month ago

    How about a made to move Barbie, Jazza? There are different body types and they are more sturdy than Figma figures. Althoguh I have not seen a male version. And they are not as poseable as these. I’d love to see a project where you use the made to move Barbies. You did say you were partial to Barbie a bit 😉

  • Knight of Light
    Knight of Light Month ago

    I actually got my older brother one of those cheap wooden figures for Christmas. I didn’t even know these existed until I saw this video. If I had known about these figures, I would have gotten one of these for my brother instead.

  • Knight of Light
    Knight of Light Month ago

    6:20 I’m disappointed that there’s no 👌 hand.

  • marvel something
    marvel something Month ago

    Chibi one is made by a different company. That's why it's not as good quality.

  • Onelyrics pets TF
    Onelyrics pets TF Month ago

    When he bitches about the figures, yet being fully aware they worked perfectly for the art he drew.
    Anyway I have the male and female, however I can't find their stands (because I was doing something with them once and just lost them somewhere around me) so I can't really make any epic poses or make them stand together, cause I would have to put them on my window sill for the light source and natural shadow help, and I don't want them to fall out >.>
    but they def worked for me greatly holy crap.
    I swear if my friend find out I lost even a single or slightest piece of the body kun set male or female he's gonna kill me XD

  • lord hotdog
    lord hotdog Month ago

    11:30 anyone else think astroboy

  • Trent Spaller
    Trent Spaller Month ago

    Haha I have smaller hands cuz I'm still a child

  • Gabriel Divine
    Gabriel Divine Month ago +1

    9:54 .. that is really nice :)

  • Gabriel Divine
    Gabriel Divine Month ago

    the real problem with action figures is that they have very often very losen joints .. its kinda problem with more expensive pieces. I bought few, but claimed them .. got refunded or big discounts. It the item doesnt fill the purpose it supposed to, its kinda useless item. I have Square Enix, Hot Toys, play arts kai and more ..

  • Recomendo!!!
    Recomendo!!! Month ago

    I like clip studio, it has a sort of 3d version of this dolls, and the manipulation is more easy. Clip studio has a mangá's tipe pespective on the camera and it allows you to rasterise the layer and use to trace the draw, and the models are more anatomicly correct. The models are so good that make you a bit lazy over time to set references and draw it by eye. I sugest that you make a clip studio's review. For me its much more usable than this dolls. Although thhat this dolls are pretty cool.

  • Adam Jensen
    Adam Jensen Month ago

    Am I the only one who's gonna point out that looking at your self in the mirror and posing the way you want something drawn, really works well too? Because it works. And as a broke ass artist, (that has limited connection to the internet) posing an embarrassing pose for a good piece, is really worth it.

  • Heather Robles
    Heather Robles Month ago

    I have one but had literally no idea what it even was until watching this. I’ll see what I can do.

  • Leman Russ
    Leman Russ Month ago

    Jazza, these have been out of production for a while, think 2016. They were replaced with a Takarai Rihito version for the male and another female version.
    The official ones don't have hands pop out, but they do have their limitations in poseability due to hard plastic as you stated. My Takarai Rihito's (body kun version 2, the one out now) arm has a tendency of coming off, but the original male figure that looks similar to the one in your video that I own does not have any issues with limbs coming off. I prefer the original versions and am sad they are out of production and extremely rare to find. People who seek these figures will have an easier time finding the Takarai Rihito version.
    Just a note, bodykun.com and other similarly named websites are all counterfeits. The official models are made by bandai (look for a box with a shiny sticker that has a heart on it), and should only be bought from official toy distributor stores.

  • Zero D 零度人形

    Just saying .the kid one count as fake
    Original form is《Obitsu body 11》

  • Luna Thekittenwolf
    Luna Thekittenwolf Month ago

    I honestly think these would help me with general human structure, I can't get the structure of a human right for the life of me

  • Luna Thekittenwolf
    Luna Thekittenwolf Month ago

    How much are these

  • Josh Cims
    Josh Cims Month ago


  • Matshapiri Males forever

    should try a drawing tablet with clip studio

  • LagOps214
    LagOps214 Month ago

    I would buy these to pose as just an action figure and even maybe even paint

  • xXArabianNinjaXx
    xXArabianNinjaXx Month ago

    These figures are super neat, tho if you buy them, be aware that they can come with a LOT of small (and some bigger) flaws.
    For example this is a list of flaws/faulty parts on the Body-kun I bought:
    - one wrist joint keeps coming apart and has limited movement. Because of this, exchanging the hands is very hard and I am often afraid to do it at all because I feel like I might break something
    - one elbow joint was built in upside down which results in the elbow moving in the right direction but at the wrong point so the arm always looks disproportionate if bent. I tried fixing it but the joints are riveted, so there's nothing you can do about it
    - one knee is loose and won't stay in pose
    - one leg is longer than the other
    - one foot is nearly immoveable
    - the head keeps popping off at the slightest movement
    - I keep having to fasten the screws on the stand like every other day because the become loose immediately
    In day to day use, those things just add up and quickly become annoying to have to work around all the time. Tho I still like using the figure for hard to figure out poses. It's helped me a bunch of times, tho I gotta say I wouldn't buy the figure again. I'd honestly rather spend a bit more and get a more high-quality figure instead. (my figure is the original Bandai Body-kun, so not a cheap off brand thing)

  • fuck my life
    fuck my life Month ago

    Tomb Raider anyone

  • Nazia Kousar
    Nazia Kousar 2 months ago

    If i had wont I’d add on some stuff and paint it as the armoured Titan

  • Amelia Garcia
    Amelia Garcia 2 months ago

    10:07 I think i’m in love 😍

  • Brian Velez
    Brian Velez 2 months ago

    Every guy he’s drawn all look so much like Kira from part 4 jojo

  • Toby Green
    Toby Green 2 months ago +7

    I bought one of the cheap ones you mentioned, and since I have no idea how to pose it, I painted it to look like Spider-Man

  • P Kenna
    P Kenna 2 months ago

    My girl one came with a broken shoulder blade so one arm doesn’t work. I think mine hold poses better.