"MODELS FOR ARTISTS" - Body Kun/Chan - What's the Deal??...

  • Published on Feb 1, 2019
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  • Vulpinetide Cute Times

    I prefer using magic poser app on my Ipad. Sure, sliding your fingers on the screen can be a "drag". but the models won't break either, and there are options to make the perspective look more or less exaggerated, you can change the model scaling, change lighting easily, you won't lose pieces, etc. Ah, I love digital

  • stuart mcgrory
    stuart mcgrory 2 days ago

    Iv'e had one of these for a couple of years and i use it pretty regularly. The shoulder joints can just go slack in certain positions which will slowly drive you to a murderous rage, but iv'e discovered that gumming them up with a little plasticine soon fixes the problem. They're far from perfect but still pretty useful

  • Raptor draws
    Raptor draws 3 days ago

    Jazza no >~< you got the RIP off ones.
    A good way to tell is the shoulder and knee/elbow joints. Much lower quality in plastic, breakable joints and flimsy joints as a whole >~<
    Although for using the shitty ones it came out well

  • AkioTheArsonist
    AkioTheArsonist 3 days ago

    Why is it that when I look at these things I only think of Jojo stands?

  • Almighty Shippo
    Almighty Shippo 3 days ago

    I came across them on eBay for like $30AUD for two, the male and female (normally $20 each). I'd never seen the before and thought I'd give them a go. They arrived, I played with them for 10 minutes and realised how hard it was to get them into the pose you want and how poorly made they were. I've had them a few months now, and haven't actually used them for anything. I should though, I have trouble sometimes with angles and proportions (especially proportions are unconventional angles, sheesh).

    I guess one thing people could also do with them is to take a photo and put it in a semi-transparent layer in Photoshop, and use that as a base shape to draw over. You could turn even the worst artists into semi-okay artists that way, lol. ^_^

  • Gabba Gandalf
    Gabba Gandalf 3 days ago

    maybe they’ve improved in production, but the one i got, half the joints are locked at some point. I’d recommend just learning DAZ studio or get ref in ur 3d programm of choice

  • xRiss13
    xRiss13 3 days ago

    Id buy them if they were just bigger like the wooden ones so its easier to move them

  • Flowers Of The Field

    Could we use these to animate?

  • Dj Pulliam
    Dj Pulliam 6 days ago

    Yeah that’s Japanese

  • Dj Pulliam
    Dj Pulliam 6 days ago

    I bought them for reference for animation

  • мариэль волков

    Please make a video where you turn these knockoffs into Mr. and Mrs. Jazza! That would be hilarious in my mind, Jazza yelling at the inanimate people one moment, and the next being some cheeky remark about them.

  • Michael Ryan
    Michael Ryan 7 days ago

    I feel like, if nothing else, these could be really useful as a reference for shading in particular.

  • Alain Pierre Alcantara

    I do preffer DesignDoll application.

  • Gacha News
    Gacha News 9 days ago

    Its like I'm in a science class

  • Aubrey Woodson
    Aubrey Woodson 10 days ago

    In my opinion it's better to use a 3d program with models and adjust your pose or light source accordingly.

  • Naomi Clark
    Naomi Clark 12 days ago

    the females are a bit less durable just in general, but it's worse because yours are the rip off versions. still way better than the wooden models, but yea.

  • Hilal Şahin
    Hilal Şahin 13 days ago

    I ordered my order yesterday but it will take 2 months to arrive

  • Averlin BC
    Averlin BC 13 days ago


  • TheDonsketch
    TheDonsketch 14 days ago

    I actually started using posing softwares like Daz Studio for reference images. Just works so much better.

  • brossetti
    brossetti 15 days ago

    please for the love of model kits! dont just brake them out. get something that can snip them out like wear cutters or something.

  • TuiCatNZ
    TuiCatNZ 15 days ago

    Yeah, looks like you got a counterfeit female and baby copy.

  • TuiCatNZ
    TuiCatNZ 15 days ago

    People should be aware there are lots of cheap counterfeit fakes of these. Real ones aren't cheap and don't fall apart.

  • Derek Berry
    Derek Berry 15 days ago

    I know that it a little late but I do think that some people know how to tighten joint. But you can use other action figures like marvel legends or other typs to use in the same way. This seems that it can be useful to get a more fluid feel to flush out the idea.

  • darkisato
    darkisato 17 days ago

    lookup magic poser app. it a lot easier to deal with.

  • EverlastingLace
    EverlastingLace 17 days ago

    i bought the female one and i hate using it, the idea is great but it falls apart, the joints are very restrictive. i wouldn't have bought this if i knew how it would have been :/

  • nitemage1
    nitemage1 20 days ago

    i bought the female version.. it didnt come with a stand so you scored in that regard.. plus it was so much smaller than the original add indicated.. cost me nearly $70 au...

  • Ana Carolina Cardoso
    Ana Carolina Cardoso 23 days ago

    I don't have these, BUT I would like to have them. I have a REALLY hard time drawing realism and that includes the body porpotions. And since I am really patient and my hands are pretty small, I'd use these pretty often.

  • Paul Solo
    Paul Solo 23 days ago

    Why not use 3d models?

  • L1qu1d S1lenc3r
    L1qu1d S1lenc3r 24 days ago

    The point of these things are to be able to get the proportions perfect and fast so you have more time to design the clothing and apparel for the character as well as have more time to spend on detailing, coloring or painting the character.. it saves you loads of time not having to construct the character from scratch...

  • Sketch Warrior
    Sketch Warrior 24 days ago +14

    "That one looks like a smiley face!"
    Oh my goodness had me dying

  • CVerse
    CVerse 25 days ago

    How to save money from these: Buy a good LEGO Bionicle figure

  • Onelyrics pets TF
    Onelyrics pets TF 29 days ago +1

    I mean... you have more experience in other ways and like you said in the end it's good of you have1 patience.
    So your frusyration with posing was.... maainly your impatience, even in your newer videos like pancake art you admitted you hate waiting and patience is not something you usually do, so to others or peiple with patience this mannequin is... actually perfect. I own the male an female myself and have been able to get fairly great poses. Even as close to what I imagine, so if it's as close to what Pose Iwant, I can always modify it in sketch process.
    I really really do suggest the bodykun/chan to who are able to grab 1 for themselves, especially if you're new or just learning anatomy but don't feel comfortable googling images of people. :)
    The whole other thing bases only on how determined you are in drawing the pose and how patient you are posing the toy.

  • Professor Oak
    Professor Oak Month ago

    Jazza, sorry, but it IS the size of your hands... I can pose them with quite some ease.

  • Kevin Phillips
    Kevin Phillips Month ago

    Two words: *DAZ Studio.* FREE software, FREE figures which you can pose, light and foreshorten. Especially useful if you plan to take photos of models, put 'em in your computer and then trace them! LOL Talk about a no-brainer! Plus, the DAZ figures are FAR more anatomically correct and can provide you with accurate interactive cast shadows. The latest figure, Genesis 8, lets you morph figures by age, weight, physique, and even body part, as well as gender, of course. You can also purchase "canned" poses to use "as is", or as starting points for your own needs. For ANY artist, but especially digital artists, DAZ Studio is an amazing resource. By contrast, Body Kun figures are an incredible waste of money and time, but they DO look cool!

  • ShinKamaitachi
    ShinKamaitachi Month ago

    The site you got the figures from sells cheap bootlegs.

  • Salvo Ocello
    Salvo Ocello Month ago

    “These things suck. Just watch my videos and by the services I provide”

  • Austin Griffin
    Austin Griffin Month ago

    I thought they were for visualizing light effects

  • Eddie Moreno
    Eddie Moreno Month ago

    I bought one and I love it. Great for reference and getting those poses for reference.

  • UcantHide4eveR's Gaming Channel

    Those are the anime style ones. I got the western comic book style ones. I love it

  • Stargazer
    Stargazer Month ago

    I got both the 2nd edition Body Kun and Body Chan as well as the original Body Kun. I'm pretty sure they are all bootlegged versions based only on the fact that they were like 20 dollars each, and they have some small manufacturing defects that I have noticed which can sometimes inhibit the poses I try to make with them.
    With that said, I have had a lot of fun using these figures for drawing references. I've had them for a couple months now, I carry them around with me all the time in my art bag, and I use them almost constantly for my art. I just purchased the original Body Chan to complete the set and to have another female body type.

  • Veronicka Edralin
    Veronicka Edralin Month ago +1

    Lol an instagram ad literally used one of Jazza's footage posing the figures for the same product, under a different shop name: giravo... or something

  • Paula Harris
    Paula Harris Month ago +1

    I bet you could do some cool stop motion animation with these....

  • TurtleJen
    TurtleJen Month ago +2

    I swear that chibi one is a knock off obitsu 11cm body D:

  • Felhek Lehrian
    Felhek Lehrian Month ago

    What if you take pictures of yourself in different positions instead of buying these things??????!!

  • FantasyXHunter
    FantasyXHunter Month ago

    I have them, I agree that the female is hard to deal with, I don't use them frecuently, that is also true, They are to get some pose that I can't get right for some reason or is feeling off/wrong (Especially with using perspective) and can't find a reference that has the pose that I want in the angle that I need.
    There are also a new version that are more expensive: Bandai Tamashii Girls Body-chan Takarai Based on the style of the mangaka Yabuki Kentaro. these are better contructed (also with a more prettier design) and have more interesting pieces like crossed arms and a change of legs for the Seiza (Japanese traditional sitting style)
    I don't have this new version, it can be somehow heplful to get since it has a different arrange of accesories, but my wallet is not willing to let this happen soon.

  • Shamani Griffith
    Shamani Griffith Month ago

    The pencil

  • Kayla!
    Kayla! Month ago

    K stop telling me this is the wrong one and show me where i get the proper ones??

  • TinyPlebKatz
    TinyPlebKatz Month ago +2

    10:13 is the music
    "Dab on the haters" by roomieofficial without words?

  • deviantpersona
    deviantpersona Month ago

    that's because barbi comes with gi joe, she fakes it with Ken

  • The Flying Toaster
    The Flying Toaster Month ago

    I think you should change the title to indicate you got bootlegs. Fair as your review is, its a review of a bootleg with lots of QC issues. It will hurt the image of the original product which i personslly think is unfair

  • softscales
    softscales Month ago +1


  • Matsram Peter Koksi Sangma

    I want one

  • Silent-Active
    Silent-Active Month ago

    Mine took at least 6 weeks to ship.

  • Tigga
    Tigga Month ago

    I have both male and female. I've used them each once. However I only just realised that clip studio has an amazing 3D modeler that is way more useful than these. I think this is a much better investment for a similar price to all 3 models combined.

  • BabyNineTail
    BabyNineTail Month ago

    I bought the female figure and the same thing happened with her arm and shoulder!

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller Month ago

    No link to the product?

  • Raccon Builders
    Raccon Builders Month ago

    0:58 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Stijn Vth
    Stijn Vth Month ago

    have them for a few years now ... used them twice :-D

  • TheTriforceKid
    TheTriforceKid Month ago

    the issue with the hands not staying on the female model is a result of them using the SAME EXACT PLACEHOLDERS in the box as the male hands, despite the sockets for the hands being smaller. They literally had to cram the female hands on to the male hand sockets in the containers, which, as a result, stretched out the sockets so that the hands don't fit properly on the female mannequin. this is one of those times that the company cutting corners to save time and money was not a smart move.

  • Creepergirl Animations

    its true, i used this only for a 2 months and the ball that connected the hand to the wrist broke off and now i cant put on hands. =(