Most Popular Baby Names - Top 100 names in the World! (2018-2019)

  • Published on Apr 20, 2015
  • Most popular baby names - The top 100 baby names - from around the world. We've researched and compiled this list of the most popular baby names, including baby girl names and baby boy names, trendy, with a taste of traditional just for you. Our list consist of names from all over the globe including: Irish baby names, Canadian, Swedish, Latin and English baby names, Scottish baby names, Russian Baby names, Australian Baby names, European and African baby names, and Asian Japanese and Korean names. This just may be the hottest list of popular baby names around.
    This video should help you find that perfect blend of popular and unique name, while being in trend with what others are doing. On this video you'll find some top Italian baby names as well as Scottish names too. Only the top 100 baby names on this list.
    The rankings of these names follow certain trends due to their location. But these are the top baby boy names & top baby girl names around. I hope that you use our findings as a stepping stone to finding the baby name of your dreams. If I must say so, these are some pretty cool names. And a lot of Celebrity baby names on here too.

    These newborn names are found using a baby name finder, but just in this case, it’s in video form. Baby names that are awesome, interesting, and cool names that cover the globe. Top 100 baby names Australia, African names, Irish Baby Names, Greek, Dutch, Scottish names and the list goes on. Oh did I forget to mention that there’s even some Armenian boy & girls names here too. Enjoy!
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    Top baby names 2014, popular baby name 2015, best girl baby names, good baby names, baby boy names 2015, 2015 baby name trends, Canadian, European, names And as any cute baby would say,"googoo gaga yaya boba". Translation: Catch you next time.
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  • Cute Baby Names
    Cute Baby Names  4 years ago +2

    This video takes you around the world and brings you the top 100 names from around the globe. #pregnant #havingababy #babygirls #babyshower #babynames #foreignnames #pregnancytips #boynames #girlnames

  • Sampad Barik
    Sampad Barik Month ago

    So Ontario has more relevance than whole Africa? Wow. such a biased video. I think its meant for US audience?
    Don't worry. your kids will face the same when African countries like togo will put up videos and depict entire europe with a small country like say djibouti. Too much pride will take you down.

    • Cute Baby Names
      Cute Baby Names  26 days ago

      Wow Sampad sorry that you read so much into this video. We're just talking about names here jot relevence. But if I was to base the amount of names given to the populous it may seem like the Asian names got the short end of the stick.

      There are about 37 million people in all Canada yet I gave them about 30 names. Yet Africa with a population of about 1.2 billion I only provided 10 names. Just like I did for Asia that has a population 4.5 billion. They should be upset too. Im Not biased just making videos. Sorry that you insecurities have gotten the best of you today. It's all good. And I'll make sure to give Africa a little more love neXT time.

  • Sampad Barik
    Sampad Barik Month ago

    So Ontario has more relevance than whole Africa? Wow. such a biased video. I think its meant for US audience?
    Don't worry. your kids will face the same when African countries like togo will put up videos and depict entire europe with a small country like say djibouti. Too much pride will take you down.

  • Priya Basera
    Priya Basera 5 months ago

    Mam plzzz baby boy name uncommon name btao g se

  • Matthew Tube
    Matthew Tube 8 months ago +1

    😡😡😡😡😡😡Where's my name

  • mhamd xds2
    mhamd xds2 Year ago

    Half a billion Arab people where they went or is a few is not necessary list lol

  • mhamd xds2
    mhamd xds2 Year ago

    wtf middle east have many countries Israel is the smallest country in the Middle East and has a culture different from our culture

    • Cute Baby Names
      Cute Baby Names  6 months ago

      Mhamd I dont understand your comment. My question to you would be is Israel in the middle east?

      You already answered in your comment. And second does this video title say anything a bout middle east cultural names?

      It doesn't, so I not sure why you would be upset. But I will surely cover some more of the middle east names in the future. Thanks for commenting

  • ajburgdorf
    ajburgdorf Year ago

    I have seen 20 baby name videos and still not seen my name

  • WeirdGamer X
    WeirdGamer X Year ago

    Dude my name should be in the top 5 for Scotland I live there and my fucking name is jamie

    • Cute Baby Names
      Cute Baby Names  Year ago +1

      Well what's you're regular name when you're not doin' the nasty?

  • Moon Pilot
    Moon Pilot Year ago

    I'm Dutch and my name is Fleur, it's pretty common here in the Netherlands, i thought it would be on the list

  • Henrieta Hylander


  • Doink the PBS Kid

    My name is first for america in girls! Fourth for alberta!

  • أَحْمَد
    أَحْمَد Year ago +2

    Most of these are just are just European countries or countries with European origins. :/

    • Sampad Barik
      Sampad Barik Month ago

      @Cute Baby Names Don't worry we will flood youtbe with non european videos. one day you'd be asking the same question. Karma will bite.

    • Cute Baby Names
      Cute Baby Names  Year ago

      You got me there.

  • Mio Kuroki
    Mio Kuroki 2 years ago +1

    I need an advice from some holland folks. Is Lien an ok name for a girl or it's stupid/unusual?

  • Bull YT
    Bull YT 2 years ago

    My name is number 1 in Russia u spelled it wrong though it’s Artem

  • Sarah Hobbs
    Sarah Hobbs 2 years ago

    it says my name grace is from irland but its from italy bc me anf my fam are born in italy

  • Tara Watts
    Tara Watts 2 years ago

    Where is Brazil?

  • Charlotte Lindholm
    Charlotte Lindholm 2 years ago +1

    i,m Swedish and My make is Hugo!

  • Looney Tunes
    Looney Tunes 2 years ago

    yay Argentina is on this!! my name is Agustina

  • Diane Wood
    Diane Wood 2 years ago

    Yay I'm on there my name is Chloe i just use my mums youtube account lol

  • Emma Ford
    Emma Ford 2 years ago

    My name is really popular. (My name is Emma)

  • oliz6
    oliz6 2 years ago +3

    My name is on this sooooo many times😂

  • Alan Rodriguez
    Alan Rodriguez 2 years ago +1

    Alan is a good name

  • EM taras
    EM taras 2 years ago

    my name is EMILY there are literally 5 emily's in my year

  • Emma Hochstetler
    Emma Hochstetler 2 years ago +1


  • PeterFied FM
    PeterFied FM 2 years ago +1

    *Whoaa, for boys names really in America, what do we have a SINGLE MOTHER EPIDEMIC, they are not even masculine, what are they gender binary now, lol. I think feminism has retarded the female population in America, Canada, US and Australia, talk about lame. I am 100% DUDES HAD NO INPUT on those gender nonbinary male names. And people wonder why 4 out of 5 suicides are males. Because a bunch of twats got togather and decided biology was a social construct.* Who made this shit, i know it was all females, because females dont research or double check any kind of data, just present their emotionalism as fact. When you go from one country to another have you women noticed that your branden jayden pop star names dont translate? Do you know what does, there is a reason Michael is the most popular name for over 5 CENTURIES and it not because or crappy boy band pop stars,. Bible names translate and have a masculine tone, you know that thing females look for. This just sounds like horse shit to me, because i actually looked at charts and birth certificate names in the government system and names that END with EN are not there. That's from the warped minds of feminists who think biology is a social construct, masculinity is toxic and islam trucks in peace. Retarded absolutely 100% retarded.

  • 123 GOT TO PEE
    123 GOT TO PEE 3 years ago

    My name is Tegan and Sara hehe

    But it's Tegan...

  • Jade Shortt
    Jade Shortt 3 years ago

    Common boys names for england should beJackthomasmitchellbradelywilliam harrymahammedand others these should of been the top

  • Blake Bendele
    Blake Bendele 3 years ago +1

    My name is Blake. Why isn't it on this list? :-(

    • Cute Baby Names
      Cute Baby Names  3 years ago

      I like Blake. But out of the top 200 names sinse early 2000. Blake was number 81. But on this list I was doing only the top 10.

  • Corn
    Corn 3 years ago +1

    did you do this with powerpoint? I can't do what you did on anthing. ☺

    • Cute Baby Names
      Cute Baby Names  2 months ago

      I hope that you can make them now. With all of the software available.

    • Cute Baby Names
      Cute Baby Names  3 years ago

      No... I used a pretty cool software called videomakerfx. Check it out here.

  • Mayasa Skits // MS
    Mayasa Skits // MS 3 years ago +1

    No United Arab Emirates :(

  • Mayasa Skits // MS
    Mayasa Skits // MS 3 years ago

    Is this Audrey Radiojh theme song

  • Audrey
    Audrey 3 years ago

    Despite my prediction being premature I'll share it anyway. I predict that for the top baby names of 2016 among the U.S that we may see Elijah & Amelia on the top 10's (: and that Michael & Emily may leave.Ugh, I hate Harper but I know it will still be in the tops next year. Possible at #9

  • FoXTro
    FoXTro 3 years ago

    your welcome

  • Nick Hortz
    Nick Hortz 3 years ago +1

    Bruh my name is not on there

  • FoXTro
    FoXTro 3 years ago +1

    I sub u

  • FoXTro
    FoXTro 3 years ago

    oh my name is 4th wow

  • Christopher M. Vigil
    Christopher M. Vigil 3 years ago

    Our given names sublimate numeric value and energetic principles that are necessary to one day give rise to a particular character-type in each individual... an individual who would likely bring about important beneficial changes in not only themselves, but beneficial changes in family, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, etc. Unfortunately this is only a potential character-type... a type that has made many, many attempts at implementing these principles for the sake of influencing, awakening, or steering human perception toward an inward truth... a truth that trumps all of the bogus belief systems... the belief systems that are teaching us to focus our energy outside of the self for material gain and for a stake in territory. It's a survival-of-the-fittest mentality which is based in fear of death, but when we 'die' and our spirit is 'die'sected from this temple, that energetic principle survives as a thought-form... a thought-form that carries numeric value, energetic principles, and an intention... an intention to impart itself upon those with eyes to see, and ears to hear. Moms & Dads are simply responding to these impulses to create something beneficial to the whole because when we create something, our desire to name it expresses itself as a question... a question that we ask within, and the answer that is received from within is the thought-form imparting itself upon its creator.

  • macaroona tartie
    macaroona tartie 3 years ago +1

    you forgot the topVietnamese boy an girl name

    MUSIC IS LIFE 3 years ago +2

    where's joleen and winson ?

    • Cute Baby Names
      Cute Baby Names  3 years ago

      +Selena Taylor They must not be that popular. In none of the countries. better luck next time. Thanks for commenting.

  • MaggiesUniverse *ೃ༄

    There's no Philippines

    • Cute Baby Names
      Cute Baby Names  3 years ago

      +Maggie Alcuaz I will be making a new video soon. And the Philipines will be added. Thanks for commenting!

  • Ayanleh Ahmed
    Ayanleh Ahmed 3 years ago +8

    Muhammad is top 1 boys name in the world

  • Ayanleh Ahmed
    Ayanleh Ahmed 3 years ago +2

    African top 1 boys name is Mohammed

    • Raging4noreason
      Raging4noreason 3 years ago

      Well it's only used in Muslim African countries.I don't think it's used in places like Tanzania or Dr.Congo.Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    CAMERON LAW 4 years ago +1

    how about Asian name

    • Cute Baby Names
      Cute Baby Names  4 years ago

      +Cooper Rowe You're quite welcome.

      CAMERON LAW 4 years ago +1

      @Cute Baby Names thank ya

    • Cute Baby Names
      Cute Baby Names  4 years ago

      +Cooper Rowe There's some at the 9:50 mark watch here. or you can check my Asian baby names video here. Thanks for commenting. I will make more Asian baby names videos soon.

  • Go Away
    Go Away 4 years ago +2

    yay my names 2nd for Scotland also

    • Cute Baby Names
      Cute Baby Names  4 years ago

      +Emily Ballard you've done it twice. And you're just getting started.

  • Go Away
    Go Away 4 years ago

    yay for Irish my names 2nd

    • Cute Baby Names
      Cute Baby Names  4 years ago +1

      +Emily Ballard Yay for Emily! You made it! Thanks for commenting.

  • Safna Saifu
    Safna Saifu 4 years ago +1

    new musilm baby names 2015

    • Cute Baby Names
      Cute Baby Names  4 years ago

      +Safna Saifu that is one in the works. Coming soon! Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Jozael Ventura
    Jozael Ventura 4 years ago +1

    I think I am going to name my baby boy Ezra or Oliver and my baby girl Madison or Sarah

    • Cute Baby Names
      Cute Baby Names  4 years ago

      +Jozael Yap I think those are all good choices there. Can't go wrong. Thanks for commenting.

  • SafeNut
    SafeNut 4 years ago +1

    not gonna lie ive met almost all the amarican names

    • Cute Baby Names
      Cute Baby Names  4 years ago

      +Kyler Wolfe Meeting new people is fun. Thanks for the comment.

  • shit
    shit 4 years ago +1

    8(Why no Shay I have a Irish name8(

  • Salty sam
    Salty sam 4 years ago +1

    my name is Emily'

  • michael dojcak
    michael dojcak 4 years ago +1

    thanks sooo much man your the best

    DYLCRAFT THE HERO 4 years ago +1


  • شیر سرای خواجه

    hahahaha who the fuck made this video everyone knows that the most popular name in the middleast is mohammad why it is not at list?

    • Gaugau Sow
      Gaugau Sow 3 years ago

      +Eh Rasyah
      i b

    • Cute Baby Names
      Cute Baby Names  4 years ago

      @kier eucliffe I will do another 'a' name video soon and make sure that it has those type names. Check back in a week or 2.

    • Kier Eucliffe
      Kier Eucliffe 4 years ago

      @Cute Baby Names do you have any Aaliyah Adriana girl name.? the video you post have nice names, but Aaliyah Adriana is it also nice.? cause i like that name,....pls answer

    • Cute Baby Names
      Cute Baby Names  4 years ago

      @شیر سرای خواجه thanks for commenting. You're partially right, but you also know there are a lot of countries there. This video has Israel listed. And the top names in Israel are on this video. Now on my Top Baby Names video
      I have Muhammad (meaning praiseworthy) listed as a top name but not only in the Middle East, but a top name period. But I do appreciate the feedback.