• Published on Feb 3, 2018
  • Hey babes! How yew doooin?? Hope you enjoyed this video of a full face of makeup I'm throwing out!!! This was such a fun makeup tutorial to film I hope y'all like and make sure to subscribe
    As a disclaimer please watch the video before commenting... 99% of this makeup is either expired, or used and I don't feel comfortable donating.
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  • Ofcrobyn 101
    Ofcrobyn 101 6 months ago +1

    I’m stealing this idea but you should do a full face of foundation
    Oh and a trick is when ur mascara dries out just put one to two drops of water in the tube or hold the wand under water for 3/5 seconds🙃

  • Julie MJ
    Julie MJ 8 months ago

    Girl i love you to death but those nails thoooooo 🥶

  • Leah McCarthy
    Leah McCarthy 8 months ago

    The tea that was spilled in this video lol!!😂😂😂

  • Bryn Padgett
    Bryn Padgett 8 months ago

    she looks like Topanga

  • Vivi Kitty
    Vivi Kitty 9 months ago


  • Eliarne McCorkell
    Eliarne McCorkell 9 months ago

    The red lashes looked bomb on you and gave a spice to your look. They don’t look like they are comfy able to wear though
    Try the mars bronzer in shade seaside. It is my fav and it is so good

  • India Muir
    India Muir 10 months ago

    I hate that mascara too, I have long eyelashes and this mascara gets everywhere because the wand is huge x

  • Fart Face
    Fart Face 10 months ago +1

    Speaking of fallout... the new tarte pineapple eyeshadow palette had a few nice colors but THE FALLOUT IS INSAINE!

  • Zeinab Jbara
    Zeinab Jbara 10 months ago +1


  • Natalie
    Natalie 11 months ago

    She looks so beautiful in this video

  • Logan Gray
    Logan Gray Year ago

    Kat Von Doo

  • Piff O
    Piff O Year ago

    I enjoy your videos, you remind me of Britney Murphey soooo freaking much...your amazing and beautiful and funny keep doing the darn thing lol

  • Autumn Campbell
    Autumn Campbell Year ago +1

    I liked the video but GIRL those nails are awful

  • teabag central
    teabag central Year ago

    Omg her brows actually look great (if she tried more)


    Huda beauty was My fave


    Dang guuuuurl u sound Like cardi b

  • Slim Omais
    Slim Omais Year ago

    U are making it look bad

  • Juliss Alba
    Juliss Alba Year ago

    Instead of throwing makeup away, why you don't asked your subscriber if they wanted it? Even used makeup, we only need to put some alcohol on it. Keep that in mind next time. Put me on your list, I will take them.

  • Victoria Lee
    Victoria Lee Year ago

    This is so cool you actually do look bad and I didn't think that was possible because you are so beautiful!!!

  • crystal walborn
    crystal walborn Year ago

    How can you be so beautiful all the time?!?!!

  • Elea ChickLit
    Elea ChickLit Year ago

    I'm a new sub....just binging your vids and thought I'd say hey! You're hilarious! 😂

  • Rithu Arun
    Rithu Arun Year ago +1

    1:23 and 5:36 lol Joey Tribbiani vibes. 😂

  • Lilly’s Vlogs
    Lilly’s Vlogs Year ago

    I like big wands for mascara

  • Emma Martine Berg

    I ain´t that happy about the desert dusk palette either girl, probably the only eyeshadow palette that I ain´t happy with :/

  • Mora Plencovich
    Mora Plencovich Year ago

    when she says her makeup is a mess i get depressed because she looks better than i ever did in my life.

  • Fariya Hossain
    Fariya Hossain Year ago

    Bitch you just extra for no reason calm tf down

  • Lexi Scherzinger
    Lexi Scherzinger Year ago

    i just discovered nicol and now i'm about five days in to a binge.

  • Hanna Velez
    Hanna Velez Year ago

    I had the setting powder in a solid version and it broke as soon as I used it

  • Cassidy Fuentes
    Cassidy Fuentes Year ago

    noooo omg u should send it to me haha

  • Amber Bellinger
    Amber Bellinger Year ago

    Lol nicolllll I love you, and I actually thought you looked pretty with that final makeup look on. But then again you always pretty girl!


    It s such a pleasure to watch your videos ; you re the best 😂👍🙌🏼❤️😘

  • Ela Golis
    Ela Golis Year ago

    no offense, but I think you should have used the crème base in the huda beauty highlighter palette before using the normal one. You said the powder highlighter wasn’t good, but you did not use it the way it was intended. You are entitled to your opinion about the huda beauty highlighter, but maybe it would work better if you used the crème base. No hate though❤️

  • Zachandstacy Dunn

    I think she looks so much like Brittany Murphy!

  • Frances Alvarado
    Frances Alvarado Year ago

    ....u still look bootiful tho...u look better than me without makeup....wtf is wrong with my face 😢😭😭😭

  • Kaylie Kaylie
    Kaylie Kaylie Year ago

    If you don’t like something girl you don’t like it

  • sofia wasson
    sofia wasson Year ago

    I’ve never seen myself look this bad with make up 😂😂😂

  • burning in hell rn

    Why throw them away?You can give to someone or sell it😘😊

  • Sydney Paige
    Sydney Paige Year ago

    actually it is “way more poppin” you just aren’t using it right “hunty”. you need a smaller brush first of all and maybe try using one colour?

  • Karen Karen
    Karen Karen Year ago

    Omg I used to have that foundation

  • Karen Karen
    Karen Karen Year ago

    Lol why do the lashes actually look good

  • Alexandria Pauline

    If you still have that blush palette or nars bronzer, I’d be more than happy to take them off your hands. I love collecting makeup but unfortunately I don’t have the money to do so a lot of the time. You can dm me on my instagram @palefairylex if you want to consider it. You’re lovely my dear.

  • 《 Lexie Latte 》

    Sometimes i like eyeliners and false eyelashes with a twist for a pop of colour and a unique touch

  • Lollipops and Polka Dots

    You still look sooo pretty

  • Laurie Veilleux-Vallée

    So cute girl!!!

  • wiecznajesien
    wiecznajesien Year ago

    and what about us? what about poor peolpe? ;_;

  • Carlee McClary
    Carlee McClary Year ago

    bruh you look flawless i don't even know what you're talking about

  • Beatris Jitariu
    Beatris Jitariu Year ago

    double wear doesn't make skin greasy... You're either doing something wrong or idk. I'm oily skin, and double wear works like wonders. And you kind of throw shade on Huda, cuz you said in previous videos you don't mind fallouts, not to mention you're fcking diging in those shadows. And you're not even trying to use the products, you could pick some AMAZING products and put them like that on your face and make them look like they don't work at all. Stupid af...

  • Celina Mathew
    Celina Mathew Year ago

    dude you look fine

  • biwyandjazzy chand

    The Huda beauty eyeshadow palette is better that your sad miserable life 😭😭😭😭

  • Kaylee Nickole
    Kaylee Nickole Year ago +1

    This video was literally so negative

  • Kelli Fox
    Kelli Fox Year ago

    Hello,how are you? You have a lovely channel

  • sage the body of water

    Kat Von what

  • prathyusha muvvala

    Unsubsribingggg! Too many negative vibes💔

  • nusaiba hridika
    nusaiba hridika Year ago

    Please make a full face makeup video w your most most mosttt favourite products. 😭

  • S.S. Cruise
    S.S. Cruise Year ago

    These types of videos are so hard to watch sometimes because they'll say like this looks so bad! And I'll be sitting there like…this looks better than my makeup has ever looked

  • Casual Potato Gamer!


  • Pacha251203
    Pacha251203 Year ago

    Your so cute and litle

  • Lindsey Holden
    Lindsey Holden Year ago

    I feel like you didn't even try to make these products work... It was really sloppily put on and you could've probably made a decent look if you actually tried. Seems like you tried to exaggerate everything to make the makeup look worse.

  • Monica prewett
    Monica prewett Year ago

    I want the taste blush thing 🙏🙏🙏

  • Monica prewett
    Monica prewett Year ago