Free Broken John Deere Tractor, Can We get The Plow Working?

  • Published on Aug 25, 2019
  • Hi, in this video we to start putting this 1987 john deere back together after doing valve repair on the engine, l want to use it for plowing snow this winter and purchased a power angle blade for it. lets see if we can get it installed and operational, or as close as we can anyways.
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  • XfireKeenmike
    XfireKeenmike 2 days ago

    at 8:09 I smell WD-40

  • Zombie Man
    Zombie Man 2 days ago

    These video's are better then watching Netflix movies

  • fbrew1
    fbrew1 6 days ago

    That frame is a lot heavier than the one on my old wrangler. I'm impressed.

  • Bill Zars
    Bill Zars 7 days ago

    I restored a 1955 Lyman boat including “improving” the steering my wife had the pleasure of steering it the wrong way on a busy lake. Because I had to drive our truck to the rental cabin. She wasn’t smiling for the picture driving back.

  • JonnyBMK
    JonnyBMK 9 days ago

    Turn the whole cylinder upside down?

  • Gary Fox
    Gary Fox 14 days ago

    The gas can spout hits home with me! On mine it popped apart and a long spring fell into the gas tank not to mention the half gallon of gas that spilled into the environment which I think these things were invented to prevent. probably another government mandate. Never spilled gas with the old vented cans. sorry about the rant.

  • George Mondschein
    George Mondschein 14 days ago

    that is not gas line

  • camarogs1
    camarogs1 14 days ago

    No No No not the heat on a spring.

  • camarogs1
    camarogs1 14 days ago

    Makes me cringe watching you put those rubber grommets and hoses on without proper lube.

  • John Clarke
    John Clarke 14 days ago

    I put a thin coat of Threebond 1184 on any grommet before i put it in a plastic tank, because I was tired of them leaking. I have never had one leak afterwards on my two cycle stuff.

  • Graham McNally
    Graham McNally 21 day ago

    This is the best thing on the internet. Pat that dog, and carry on good Sir.

  • larry b
    larry b 25 days ago

    I didnt understand the need for the jack when you were installing the plow. The stand the mower was on goes up and down doesn't it?

  • Derek Tippit
    Derek Tippit Month ago

    Hey Mustie1 just wanted to pass a tip to you from the automotive industry. They have fuel line at Napa and im sure other parts stores that is specifically designed to be submerged in gasoline. If you submerge regular fuel line it will gum up and fall apart..not a huge deal but seems a lot of that type of equipment may have this same setup so just wanted to pass it along. I found out about it on South main autos channel doing a older jeep Cherokee fuel pump. I was like ohhh wow never heard of it.. Have a good one and loving your videos.

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer Month ago

    Damn. I could really use your help on my D180 for sure

  • Chuck Simeonides
    Chuck Simeonides Month ago

    I find that some sputum in the inside of the hose would make it slip on easily to the fitting. That is the best lub. and does not deteriorate the rubber as oil my do.

  • mobilemover44
    mobilemover44 Month ago

    whats the red suv you have behind the shop?

  • Todd Jacobs
    Todd Jacobs Month ago

    Even the best have a right to screw up once in awhile, they make new fttings every day..

  • Inisfad
    Inisfad Month ago

    $9.00 a gallon. Hmm....almost European

  • ed hondo
    ed hondo Month ago

    i noticed it is more fun watching someone else do the work

  • Steve Knapp
    Steve Knapp Month ago

    Hi l like your videos, I was wondering how u made your traffic light alternate though the different lights. I have one just like it

  • PikeRiverW
    PikeRiverW Month ago

    This is a great series. I have a 318 with the loader (use it all the time), mowing deck and I picked up a tiller. The 318 has the rear PTO, but not the mechanical assembly with the pulley to drive the tiller. I need to tear the tiller down, restore it and paint it, but I am trying to find the manual and that pulley assembly. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Galaxie Services
    Galaxie Services 2 months ago

    Love your video

  • Hunter's Moon
    Hunter's Moon 2 months ago

    Oh wow that thunder at 32:40 was amazing.

  • Tom Headley
    Tom Headley 2 months ago

    A couple of packs of BB’s in the tank will clean it out.

  • Bluevanu
    Bluevanu 2 months ago

    Love the outtro

  • Steve Fink
    Steve Fink 2 months ago

    Is it all together and fully operational?

  • momobadilak
    momobadilak 2 months ago

    I laughed so hard when he said "yeah but the seat looks good" :) ohh Mustie.

  • Stan Burton
    Stan Burton 2 months ago

    Heating up a spring to bend it removes the temper.

  • Jamie Carter
    Jamie Carter 2 months ago

    It must be so annoying having to move the camera every time you change what you are fixing I was going to do videos many years ago but couldn't be bothered one reason being that I don't like anyone especially meat eaters and two I cannot be bothered to solicit TVclip and their adverts so I double triple respect you for your humbleness

  • Dennis Raymond
    Dennis Raymond 3 months ago

    Time to watch the other parts of the keew vids.

  • Dennis Raymond
    Dennis Raymond 3 months ago

    Good vid I have a John deere 425 and I went through the same thing but the h fluid sprayed into my lower leg man did that hurt all over the driveway man Muskie 1. That was a two day ordeal it was a bad 45 degree coupler now all I working. One side note my neighbor seen what happened they said i moved like grease lightning now that they know what really happened they feel bad for not helping me. That H fluid actually broke the skin. Thank the good old lord I has insurance. All better now. Lol.

  • Benripley123 Ripley
    Benripley123 Ripley 3 months ago

    Hi poopy

  • Mick Roush
    Mick Roush 3 months ago

    A little 2 cycle oil works good for lubrication on fuel lines and tank fittings. As long as your line is good with fuel it's fine with the 2 cycle oil.

  • R. Ger.
    R. Ger. 3 months ago

    Wow you got a lot done on the 310, wow if the person was paying hourly they'd have to go get a new tractor. Unless you work for nothing just the joy of fixing all sorts of equipment, Tractors, lawn mowers chainsaws, motor bikes you name it if it has a motor you can fix it. Like your videos very informative.

  • mtcman42
    mtcman42 3 months ago

    Love your videos, especially this "series" on the free, non running, John Deere lawn tractor. One suggestion though. Could you go back and put numbers on each one so that they are easier to sequence. I tried to send them to a friend that works on riding lawn equipment, and had a hard time putting them in order for him. I'm not really sure that I even got them all. Thanks.

    • Mustie1
      Mustie1  3 months ago

      its on a playlist on my channel and should play in order,

  • David Zirn
    David Zirn 3 months ago

    Your very impressing ! I have never seen a pair of pliers like you used to turn that eazy out out.where did you get them?

  • jason crigger
    jason crigger 3 months ago

    Doggy is not impressed 1:00:10 lol

  • jason crigger
    jason crigger 3 months ago

    What's the bike in the background at 47:30 ?????

  • Rob
    Rob 3 months ago +1

    "SOFT" wire wheel. Oxymoronic

  • Erick Gregory
    Erick Gregory 3 months ago

    I thank you for how we are included.

  • Lexion Combine
    Lexion Combine 3 months ago

    After-market parts = no bueno.

  • Rick8665
    Rick8665 3 months ago

    Great video

  • mi haj
    mi haj 3 months ago

    Mate, you are so lucky when you get to those problems. And the hydraulic screw at the end, what luck. Yes, enjoyed the journey.

  • Alfred Morency
    Alfred Morency 3 months ago

    @1:08:25 I don't know what you're crowing about, you're the one who broke it.

  • shcbac9914
    shcbac9914 3 months ago

    Thanks brother. Great vid. Great wrenching stuff. Btw that tractor looks tough as nails. I'm thinking they don't build them like that anymore.

  • Boondocker
    Boondocker 3 months ago

    Get Lilly some ice cream!

  • homie789
    homie789 3 months ago

    I am late to the party but you are installing the cylinders backwards. The chrome is supposed to face the tractor

  • lsjonson
    lsjonson 3 months ago

    Tighten the fitting until it horizontal then it should clear

  • August Schmirler
    August Schmirler 3 months ago

    it might have been wrong when you found it but i think they just got switched
    i think the ram you had on the side to side should be the raise and lower

  • Kyler Outman
    Kyler Outman 3 months ago

    I had a verry similar experience when I cleaned out the rust in my 1967 f250 gas tank becouse when I shook some nuts around inside to nock loose the rust I heard a large clatter and when I was getting the nuts out there was one of those steel flex lines from those old school gas cans that someone must have broken off in there.

  • E J
    E J 3 months ago +2

    Make sure you used the fuel line that is made to be submerged! Great video BTW!

  • Josh Fuerth
    Josh Fuerth 3 months ago

    replace that 90degree fitting with a new one, but when you install it make it point away from the angle cylinder instead of up. that should fix your clearance issue

  • TrailSlug
    TrailSlug 3 months ago

    Looking forward to the finished product. Thanks for the enjoyable videos.

  • michael jeffries
    michael jeffries 3 months ago


  • John Bruland
    John Bruland 3 months ago

    So. It's called an Easyout over there? Here it's called a left threaded pig dick... :D ;)

  • Joey Novak
    Joey Novak 3 months ago

    The gas can spout in the tank was hilarious, I was laughing with you :)

  • Merescat
    Merescat 3 months ago

    pic of the hydraulic lines on this plow shows the one that broke going to the side and not up toward the frame. hope it will work for this one Love seeing all the work and bringing stuff bake to life!

  • Nat
    Nat 3 months ago

    Easy outs are a last ditch effort lol, center punch and hammer usually work better for me, I think easy outs wedge the metal out making it tighter typically

  • Billy Kitchens
    Billy Kitchens 3 months ago

    What if you just put the cylinder on the other way?

  • sosco22
    sosco22 3 months ago

    Put a little spit on the metal to help slide into the rubber tube.