We Try the HOTTEST Weight Loss Products! - Ten Minute Power Hour

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • New Year. New You!
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    Edited by Matt Watson/Tucker ►twitter.com/matthwatson
    Game Grumps are:
    Arin ► tvclip.biz/user/Egoraptor
    Danny ► tvclip.biz/user/NinjaSexParty
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Comments • 5 481

  • Herpiderp Vlogs!
    Herpiderp Vlogs! 5 hours ago

    Welcome to the 13 minute power hour

  • Sea Turtle
    Sea Turtle 12 hours ago

    i feel like the ab thing is actually just a period cramp simulator

    • Sea Turtle
      Sea Turtle 12 hours ago

      also yall should make pinch pots

  • Alyssa Lawler
    Alyssa Lawler 17 hours ago

    Pottery wheel!!!

  • llama sniper11
    llama sniper11 18 hours ago

    1:52 Love watching the thigh master using the thigh master

  • Jude Miller
    Jude Miller Day ago +1

    The six pack ems almost made me black out with laughter

  • Stale Artist
    Stale Artist Day ago

    i M t H e W o R k O u T b O i

  • Kovalt
    Kovalt Day ago +1

    Wonder if that shelf has Hypertension

  • Grandma Hayden
    Grandma Hayden Day ago

    Aron looks like he just walked out of a mental institution

  • TheMatrix00665
    TheMatrix00665 Day ago

    i havent laughed that hard in so long

  • Trey Blevins
    Trey Blevins Day ago

    WOO I B R O K E M Y P A N T S

  • Raspberry Raven
    Raspberry Raven Day ago

    I had a friend once who took a dog's shock collar and put it on, then ramped up the power on it for no reason other than he was curious, he screamed just like that lol

  • Samantha Rumak
    Samantha Rumak Day ago

    You guys need to do the Charcoal mask lol.

  • Young library
    Young library Day ago

    I wear the same underwear as dan
    so proud

  • ScottyJDog
    ScottyJDog Day ago

    my mom has one of those neckline things and she keeps trying to get me to use it

  • Ave_Muse_Mage
    Ave_Muse_Mage Day ago

    Try mode 3!

  • Zoe Nightshade
    Zoe Nightshade Day ago

    I died of laughter when Arin was screaming, and I’m sick so it just turned into a cough and now I’m actually dying so... good video!!

  • danner253
    danner253 Day ago

    Wait, they were kneeling the whole time???

  • Bunker Squirrel
    Bunker Squirrel Day ago

    Dude, you two are hilarious!
    You should so some let's plays! That would be killer

  • Brett Scrumf
    Brett Scrumf Day ago

    We Try The HOTTEST Suicide Methods! - 10 Minute Power Hour

  • Gunguy
    Gunguy Day ago

    I got an ab workout just watching this

  • hem
    hem Day ago


  • Steuts
    Steuts Day ago

    The four foot long strands of saliva killed me.

  • TheDoomer80
    TheDoomer80 Day ago

    Dan with his nose plugged sounds like Charlie Day

  • Emily Frakes
    Emily Frakes Day ago

    Man, I need a compilation video of that (3:08) voice.

  • Procrastus J
    Procrastus J 2 days ago

    Can we get a part two to this? I'd like to see the others in the office try out the Six Packems!!

  • I Didn't Do It And I Will Never Do It Again

    What, really? Just "We Try the Hottest Weight Loss Products" no clickbait at the end like "And nearly die"? Step up your game boys.

  • SweetIvory 1203
    SweetIvory 1203 2 days ago

    Danny with the nose thing sounds just like big bird

  • Rainfall Studios
    Rainfall Studios 2 days ago

    Okay but can we just talk about how Dan with the nose thing on sounds like Kevin McDonald

  • AmZ Crafted
    AmZ Crafted 2 days ago

    Could you guys do a laser tag power hour

  • Halfdan Andersen
    Halfdan Andersen 2 days ago

    when i watch this i always laugh but it also makes my food taste bad.

  • Noah Bardwell
    Noah Bardwell 2 days ago

    At 5:07 if you balance on one foot and wobble the band it is a good core/balance work.

  • Marshall Anthony
    Marshall Anthony 2 days ago

    You guys should play with legos

  • Foof of Death
    Foof of Death 2 days ago

    Dan was right, Arin IS fat ripped!

  • M KZ
    M KZ 2 days ago +1

    How could you not pre with all this hotness?

  • M KZ
    M KZ 2 days ago

    if I were to watch only one TVclip video for the rest of time... congrats Grumps, this would be it

  • M KZ
    M KZ 2 days ago +1

    12:16 Like a squirrel trying to punch a grizzly bear

  • Atzoova
    Atzoova 2 days ago

    I can't tell, is the electrocution thing supposed to hurt to tickle? I don't think pain that bad is supposed to make you laugh that hard

  • Gravity TV
    Gravity TV 2 days ago

    I lost 10 pounds just watching this video!

  • abby rose
    abby rose 2 days ago +1

    "It's not China, it's the fact that it came from some kind of factory- what kind of bondage..."

  • Penguin McSwaggn
    Penguin McSwaggn 2 days ago

    6:11 Bigbird??

  • Lance Drake
    Lance Drake 2 days ago

    Not only did this make me cry, but it also released every ounce of oxygen my body previously held up to this point. Only part that hurts about it is the fact that I'm sick lol

  • LittlePark InBigWorld
    LittlePark InBigWorld 3 days ago +3

    When you wonder why Dan knows what a dog shock collar feels like

  • Xiulicious
    Xiulicious 3 days ago

    *Legend says, he never finished those fifteen-hundred squats.*

  • Shyguygam3r
    Shyguygam3r 3 days ago

    *I'M tHe WoRKoUt bOy*

    TΛBBY 3 days ago +1

    Reported for self harm

  • catilina55
    catilina55 3 days ago

    It's a tens unit xD

  • Buttchicken1111
    Buttchicken1111 3 days ago

    "You gotta zip it up, PLeaSe!"

  • Lara Lehew
    Lara Lehew 3 days ago

    Dan and arin's voices with their nose pinched made me laugh so hard

  • dahcake1
    dahcake1 3 days ago

    3:08 I'm the workout boy, I'm the one who exercises

  • kay K.
    kay K. 3 days ago

    4:00 the only Japanese skills I have left... reading katakana of English words and feeling good about myself

  • Katsuya Esper
    Katsuya Esper 3 days ago +1

    Dan with the nose plug sounds like Pleakly

  • Chancey Kong
    Chancey Kong 4 days ago

    This was amazing, slobbery sloppy, and dang fun. 10MPH idea: Campfire story time.

  • gigglingCaduceus
    gigglingCaduceus 4 days ago

    nose pinched dan sounds like john mulaney

  • Gawain_Goat
    Gawain_Goat 4 days ago

    0:45 this sound reminded me of jackie

  • Tamsmit Sam
    Tamsmit Sam 4 days ago

    God I wish that were me

  • Sarah Studios
    Sarah Studios 4 days ago +1

    Sorry Arin, but I need these replay buttons, nothing personal

  • A Bit of Anime
    A Bit of Anime 4 days ago

    its hilarious because Dan's nipples went hard as soon as he tried the shock thingy. lol.

  • KraftyPants
    KraftyPants 4 days ago

    if they like the ab zapper they'd LOVE a medical grade TENS unit >:3c

  • Brayden Hill
    Brayden Hill 4 days ago

    Click ahhhhhh

  • Emalee Coutu
    Emalee Coutu 4 days ago

    idk about those weight lose products but whatever you're using for your hair 👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Doogert McKoog
    Doogert McKoog 4 days ago

    I love how they keep something from each power hour to add to the background, it makes fonding things a little game in itself

  • 360 rainbow
    360 rainbow 4 days ago

    Oh my God says Dan the jew

  • Daniel McFaden
    Daniel McFaden 4 days ago +1

    My stomach hurts from laughing so hard at them! "NOW YOURE FIT!" 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Poot Loops
    Poot Loops 4 days ago

    6:49 Arin just turned into Zach Hadel
    Edit: 6:45 not 6:49 I'm tired.

  • Mia Yuki
    Mia Yuki 4 days ago +5

    Dan punching Arin made my life

  • Odin Satanas
    Odin Satanas 4 days ago

    Haha I mean the garbage bag pants would be super trendy in girls fashion these days, having the waist high up practically to the neck, it's such a bizarre fad, like someone from the 70s influenced fashion even though it neeever looks good

  • ALxx Doom
    ALxx Doom 4 days ago

    The moment Dan looked at the screen all unimpressed after their high five I died a little XD

  • The Peanut Gallery
    The Peanut Gallery 4 days ago

    Try the Autoblow

  • Crill
    Crill 5 days ago

    Dan sounds like Pleckly from Lilo and stitch when he nose is pinched

  • MrAwesomeMatty
    MrAwesomeMatty 5 days ago +5

    12:17 I'm going to go on a limb and say that anyone who has watched Game Grumps and have waited for Dan to get revenge on anything that Arin has ever wronged him in found that moment satisfying when he punched him. XD

  • Nikolai Brandenhoff
    Nikolai Brandenhoff 5 days ago

    This show makes me giggle like a girl 🥰🥰

  • Deadbeat Productions

    boys will be boys

  • Peachy 323
    Peachy 323 5 days ago

    Why isn't anyone talking about how Dan and Arin nailed those poses at 1:50 and 2:00?

  • Spacewolfpack@Nach_Hause_Studios


  • Jayda Marie
    Jayda Marie 5 days ago

    8:53 I've been laughing for 20 minutes no joke this needs to stop I'm sick

  • Lord Exetior
    Lord Exetior 5 days ago

    The Six pacems is gonna be the new torture device

  • N Maple
    N Maple 5 days ago

    Easily saved the best for last. That was great!

  • thirteen squared
    thirteen squared 5 days ago

    I just love the fact that at 6:10 when Dan talks he just sounds like Pleakly from Lilo and Stitch

  • Drawing Guy Eh
    Drawing Guy Eh 5 days ago

    I actually tiered laughing watching this XD

  • Made_In_Murica
    Made_In_Murica 5 days ago

    *Rock Lee has entered the chat*

  • Heather Walker
    Heather Walker 5 days ago

    What did I do to deserve this much midriff? 🤤😍

  • Kayla Houvenagle
    Kayla Houvenagle 5 days ago

    try doing a different diet every day for a week

  • howler 231
    howler 231 5 days ago

    I think I just got fit laughing at this!

  • Weap0
    Weap0 5 days ago +3

    For crying out loud, the internet's not ready for the raw sexuality of a close up of Danny using a thigh master. 😳😳😳

  • Spunch Spunchly
    Spunch Spunchly 5 days ago

    7:14 is Arin special?

  • Philipp B.
    Philipp B. 5 days ago

    Dan:"you read japanese do you ?"
    Arin:"yeeah totaly it says slimuru moutho pieceu"

  • Johnny Light
    Johnny Light 5 days ago

    i thought Arin was working out. what's with the belly?

  • Razzberri
    Razzberri 5 days ago

    They should straight up just play strip poker. Everyone wants it.

  • Death Star 69
    Death Star 69 5 days ago

    0:43 dan is a frickin statue

  • Joe Grubb
    Joe Grubb 5 days ago

    I'm the workout boy! I'm the one who's fit!

  • ender10242 cool
    ender10242 cool 6 days ago

    Jaw not face

  • ender10242 cool
    ender10242 cool 6 days ago

    You look like you broke your nose and your entire face

  • drat s
    drat s 6 days ago

    My abs are working hard from laughing so much😂🤣

  • symbiote sully
    symbiote sully 6 days ago

    The fucking nose pinchers man hahaha im fucking dying

  • ghost- boi
    ghost- boi 6 days ago

    *all workouts available now from your sweaty uncle's attic*

  • Infamous Dino
    Infamous Dino 6 days ago

    11:00 I was waiting for Arin to have a Mike Wazowski shriek

  • Mikayla Mastellar _
    Mikayla Mastellar _ 6 days ago

    with all the shit on arins face it makes him just look like a fucking who😂

  • Leila Jones
    Leila Jones 6 days ago


  • Raven Moonstone1
    Raven Moonstone1 6 days ago

    Omg I laughed so hard

  • Creepy Freek
    Creepy Freek 6 days ago

    *I love the voices*