CHARLOTTE & PIXIWOO LIVE! Makeup magic and skincare secrets holiday party | Charlotte Tilbury

  • Published on Nov 23, 2017
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    Charlotte has long been known for throwing fabulous, rock n’ kohl parties, and now you are invited to an incredible afternoon of revelry makeup magic, and goddess gifting!

    Charlotte creates two iconic party looks on the world-famous vlogging sister duo Pixiwoo that are guaranteed to make you all the belles of the ball this Holiday.
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  • Carly Welsh
    Carly Welsh Year ago +95

    I saw this was 1.5 hours and thought I’ll just watch a bit as that’s a bit long... got to the end in a flash! Loved it xx

    • garden heart
      garden heart Year ago

      IssyKew hahaha what a strange comment

    • Cindy Ting
      Cindy Ting Year ago +1


    • IssyKew
      IssyKew Year ago +5

      Winston Churchill understood the happiness of lipstick? Interesting comment Charlotte, please elaborate??

  • brunom72
    brunom72 9 days ago

    the product's performance is pretty gr8, thats for sure...on a pair of 20 something year olds. however, darling, have those same results on a 40 - 60 something year olds, then i will consider giving you my coins.

  • yeahauls
    yeahauls Month ago

  • Frances Rogers
    Frances Rogers Month ago

    Can barely hear you 🙁

  • Folded Laundry
    Folded Laundry 2 months ago


  • hippyheads
    hippyheads 2 months ago

    Pair of crawlers far to agreeable. The one nearest Charlotte is the worst. She is really getting on my wick.

  • hippyheads
    hippyheads 2 months ago

    Make up is not meant to be perfect. How is it. Meant to be ?..

  • donata laniyonu
    donata laniyonu 3 months ago

    I feelasleep with a video playing and woke up tothis lmao

  • Bluewren Reilly
    Bluewren Reilly 3 months ago

    Two very beautiful subjects if I may say so.

  • a. mcken
    a. mcken 3 months ago

    Is it 100% organic?

  • Drumcat Fano
    Drumcat Fano 4 months ago

    I break out if I put cream on my face every night.I wear foundation everyday.

  • Jennie Coco
    Jennie Coco 4 months ago

    How do people allow make up artists touch their faces with cleaning without cleaning their hands!
    I cringe!

  • Tonya Spears
    Tonya Spears 5 months ago

    Wish Charlotte would’ve outgrown that bloody lisp, already.

  • L L
    L L 5 months ago

    What even is the shade range for foundation? Guarantee Fenty Beauty isn't even the slightest bit shook. What even is the price?

  • e m
    e m 6 months ago

    i thought this was a comedy skit. like wtf haha. what is even happening.

  • raspberry
    raspberry 6 months ago

    Lady you talk too much. I would much like to heare sisters to talk also... You talk also when one of the pixis speaks, you start talking and shut her up. So rude!!!

  • Sabrina Wilson
    Sabrina Wilson 8 months ago

    WHY you don't Ship to the EAST Coast? (united states)

  • aburningpromise
    aburningpromise 8 months ago

    OMG! I want all this stuff! The make up looks beautiful and products are fine quality. CT is so bubbly and quirky lol. Typical Artistic personality...Thank God for her Brilliance. LOVE HER...Sam and Nic too xoxo

  • Sarah Christophers
    Sarah Christophers 9 months ago

    Them: OMG! Charlotte! You’re amazing!
    Her: No, YOU’RE amazing!
    Them: No, YOU!
    Her: No, YOU!
    Them: NO, YOU!
    Her: You!
    Them: You!

  • Katie Fulton
    Katie Fulton 9 months ago +1

    This is like...Makeup-pornography to me! 💋 adore all three of you- Charlotte, you’ve inspired my career & my life. Lots of love! ❤️

  • Chillmax
    Chillmax 9 months ago

    OMG, that's CT, I'm slightly surprised, not as expected, it appears from the mass of comments that she would benefit from charm or PR school, or just get someone else to do this stuff!! Re the 'best & finest powder ever', that goes to Lauders Lucidity my dear (sadly now discontinued), anti crease formula, light reflective & most importantly no talc, if yours was talc free I'd be impressed!

  • Kathy Fernandes
    Kathy Fernandes 9 months ago

    must be over half of an hour before she finished her eyes. Why Brits have to talk so fucking much? it's so annoying, l got so bored l quit watching

  • Melanie M White
    Melanie M White 9 months ago

    Charlette, the moment I was introduced to your line 2 years ago right before you you were widely known in the states I said to myself, " This woman's entire approach, products, and application techniques will ignite the women in the states shortly". Sure enough 3 months later Nordstrom started carrying you. and the rest is history like your beauty icons.
    I know Charolette you love making people feel better about themselves. There isn't a better purpose then this! wether its make-up, exercise, wardrobe etc... I know this well I am a small jewelry designer. Your passion is reminds me of me and I say this because we care so much for people and making women feel more confident and beautiful. Thanks Charolette for being you and sharing your fabulous talent! Melanie

  • Angelina. Gigi Williams
    Angelina. Gigi Williams 10 months ago

    Her things may look nice, but we all don't have hundreds of dollars for creams, makeup, etc......

  • JohnnyLipstick
    JohnnyLipstick 10 months ago

    I wonder if CT is an ADD kid like I am... Or anxious. She kind of does the same thing I do

  • Koffee Kat
    Koffee Kat 11 months ago

    I was an editorial mua for yrs, I eventually got fed up of divas and prima donnas, and being expected to fawn over name mua’s who expect you to carry their whole kit and clean everything afterwards, all unpaid of course. You get to say that you assisted blah blah, (and did all the dirty work) but really they are just using you. I wouldn’t go back there for any money now, so pretentious and back stabby. Nowhere near as glam as it looks, I promise you.

  • Sigun Skjelstad
    Sigun Skjelstad Year ago

    K,,,k,,, ,k",,,,, , ,m, , m m

  • The High Priestess - Connecting the realms

    Charlotte we get it, you're excited but pleeeease let your guests finish what they're saying, maybe you like hearing yourself speak but please consider that talking over the top of people is just downright rude. On the flip side, l love your cosmetics and really appreciate your tips.

  • Pax Venus
    Pax Venus Year ago

    These three women have the most beautiful array of eye colours I've ever seen

  • Eve Harlowe
    Eve Harlowe Year ago

    I love Sam’s dress but I didn’t catch the name of where she got it. Does anyone know?

  • Steven R. Olsen
    Steven R. Olsen Year ago

    Great results, but could you talk AND do the makeup magic simultaneously? Could have done hair, nails, a full cardio workout in this time frame. X) Lol

  • lily does stuff
    lily does stuff Year ago

    I feel asleep watching turns I watched an hour of this

  • Cy Cy
    Cy Cy Year ago


  • Nathaniel Craig
    Nathaniel Craig Year ago +7

    Why are people on about Charlotte "name dropping" celebrities? She's literally a celebrity makeup artist, of course she's going to talk about the celebrities she's worked with, don't try to tell me you wouldn't do the same.

  • Elsa-Lee Treasure

    Wow I LOVED THIS!!! And I’m watching it Sept 2018:) what beautiful ladies!!!! Features to die for!!!! Xoxoxo

  • Calamity Jane
    Calamity Jane Year ago +1

    No colours for darker or black skin Miss Tilbury is missing out!

    • Imahotie
      Imahotie Year ago

      Calamity Jane well imagine that blush (she keeps calling it a blusher ) on a Spanish girl like me, you can't even see any color at all as she applied it right in front of our eyes. She claimed was some sort of peach tone and the model had fair skin and still wasn't pigmented unless it was the magic translucent blush, just like her magic cream lol

  • Karina Guerra
    Karina Guerra Year ago +2


  • Lilly Rathburn
    Lilly Rathburn Year ago +1


  • Happy
    Happy Year ago +3

    What is wrong with Charlotte's tongue ? She keeps smacking it against the front of her lips while she talks.....really weird

  • 7777bren
    7777bren Year ago

    Sam looks just so beautiful!

  • Ms Rana
    Ms Rana Year ago

    Why some people want to know her as a person? are you and her getting married? I don't understand people like this, she sells products so focus in the quality of the products and move on.

  • Ms Rana
    Ms Rana Year ago

    Anyone knows what rockandkholl eye pencil shade she used?

  • Moníca Gray Rodríguez

    Would love to see how your products work on women of colour

    • Imahotie
      Imahotie Year ago

      Moníca Gray Rodríguez they don't! I'm Hispanic and light for my race and her products are magic alright, you seem in the bottle but not on your skin. Look at the blush she used on the girl, it's invisible!! Lol

  • Ade O
    Ade O Year ago

    Your contours won't work on very black people! Please start considering us when you make products

  • hannah roebem
    hannah roebem Year ago

    That hollywood wand highlighter and contour is absolutely stunning!!

  • Anna Paulhamus
    Anna Paulhamus Year ago

    How did I get from Tati glam life guru to here? In one step! Autoplay. I’m cool with it.

  • Christine Lee
    Christine Lee Year ago +1

    is too too long

  • d sipe
    d sipe Year ago

    OMG!!!!! YAP, YAP, YAP

  • kandigma F
    kandigma F Year ago +1

    She spent OVER 30 mins on just Sam's eyes

  • MyFairSkinLatina
    MyFairSkinLatina Year ago +3

    Nic reminds me of a 90s supermodel!

  • Jessica Ramirez
    Jessica Ramirez Year ago

    I got a sample of her cream when I bought her foundation (which is amazing btw). I LOVED it! OMG! But it’s like $100 😫😫😫

  • Ruth Platt
    Ruth Platt Year ago

    Please do a video for 40 year olds, how should we change our look as we get little lines?

  • Spectacular Scenes

    love the look of the products !! I'll be sure to check them out. Great video too X

  • Marre Falken
    Marre Falken Year ago +2

    This video looks like its from the 70s or something

  • TheUlli1964
    TheUlli1964 Year ago

    Sorry to say.I expected a lot and there is noting i purchased that impressed me at all.For example the Rock n Roll Eyliner.It did not last more than 2 hours,plus not easy to aplay even its sharpened and i found a very cheap waterproof crayon cost 1,50 Euro that was much better to aplay and did last much longer.I was looking for the ingredients of the magic cream and i couldnt found any magic inside.The blush and bronzer set was ok,but thats all.
    And....if purchased once and open to try the product,there is now way for return.thats not a fair business.

  • Lori Dunton
    Lori Dunton Year ago +12

    Charlotte is so manic; exhausting to listen to her babble incessantly. Enjoy the makeup application. The sisters are beauties.

  • Audrey Bain
    Audrey Bain Year ago

    I'm sure this was so informative but the audio was poor especially with Charlotte. She does talk too fast, always!!

  • Pam Thao
    Pam Thao Year ago

    Please do another live with pixiwoo!

  • Daphne Ho
    Daphne Ho Year ago +4

    I always thought Pixiwoo is one person, are they twin? Charlotte didn’t need any water and talked for that long?? Legend!!!!

  • Tammy Williams
    Tammy Williams Year ago

    This is terrible!! The red headed one should not do videos ever!!