The Best Movies of 2016


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  • Stephan Nolte
    Stephan Nolte 14 days ago

    1. Rogue one

  • LNB 10
    LNB 10 14 days ago

    Civil war was the best movie this year !;)

  • Spencer Phillips
    Spencer Phillips 17 days ago

    1. The Jungle Book
    2. Captain America Civil War
    3. Batman V Superman
    4. Hacksaw Ridge
    5. Patriot's Day
    6. DeepWater Horizon
    7. The Founder
    8. The Accountant
    9. Arrival
    10. Sully
    Honorable Mentions: Zootopia, Monana, Dr. Strange, Suicide Squad, Deadpool, The Magnificent 7, Central Intelligence, 10 Colverfield Lane

  • Frodo Baggins
    Frodo Baggins 19 days ago

    What about "The edge of seventeen"?

  • Charbel Elaro
    Charbel Elaro 21 day ago

    Watching this after Stuckmann's best of 2018 video makes me sad. Can someone please take me back to 2016. The movies were peaking.

  • Lonely Traveller
    Lonely Traveller 22 days ago

    Silence one of your best films of 2016?? Really? It's bloody boring film with quite a number of scenes with poor editing. I could barely get halfway through this two and a half hour snorefest whilst constantly thinking to myself 'Are they ever going to fucking travel to Nagasaki?' Only true believers bordering on insane would like this movie.

  • M.F
    M.F 23 days ago

    I gotta say I didn’t like nice guys although I loved la la land and Ryan Gosling in such films like drive and all good things and the note book but nice guys wasn’t as funny as the movie trailer made it out to be, to me nice guys could have been a lot better but maybe it ones of those movies that you have to watch it a couple of time before it sinks in

  • M.F
    M.F 23 days ago

    10 cloverfield lane was amazing such a good movie for psychological thrillers

  • Jake matthew
    Jake matthew Month ago

    Hell or High Water in MY opinion is top 5!

  • Carl Ginland
    Carl Ginland Month ago

    lots of A+ in 2016

  • JuryHat09
    JuryHat09 Month ago

    Was really glad to here he liked passion of the christ.

  • Jake Maddia
    Jake Maddia Month ago

    15. The Accountant
    14. The Jungle Book
    13. Lights Out
    12. Patriots Day
    11. 10 Cloverfield Lane
    10. Hidden Figures
    9. La La Land
    8. Arrival
    7. Manchester By the Sea
    6. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
    5. Midnight Special
    4. Deadpool
    3. Hacksaw Ridge
    2. Captain America: Civil War
    1. Captain Fantastic

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Month ago

    Only miss in the list the French-Belgian Horror movie Raw (better late then never)

  • Tiffani Davis
    Tiffani Davis Month ago

    Nice, Guys....

  • james botha
    james botha Month ago

    My favourite film of 2016 was Everybody Wants Some !!

  • khalooosh
    khalooosh Month ago +1

    i agree 100% with everything on that list except Manchester by the sea that shit was a borefest for me

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss Month ago

    Arrival imo is Denis’s weakest film

  • Hampus Andersson
    Hampus Andersson 2 months ago

    This my best movie list of 2016 so please do not hate this list or please dont do a negative comment please but anyways it is very short list😊👍🏻
    1. The Huntsman Winter’s War
    2. The Shallows
    3. Central Intelligence
    4. Alice Through The Looking Glass
    5. The Jungle Book

  • BattousaiGaming
    BattousaiGaming 2 months ago

    was fantastic beasts not considered?

  • Juan-Diego Lara
    Juan-Diego Lara 2 months ago

    No fences FUCK YOU

  • Scott Mallon
    Scott Mallon 2 months ago

    Your number one both shocked me and gave me hope for humanity. It was easily my favorite movie of the year and was never on anyone's radar. It's that movie that you make everyone watch when they come over.

  • Simo Simo
    Simo Simo 2 months ago

    My top 5:
    1. The Nice Guys
    2. Hacksaw Ridge
    3.Don't Breathe
    4. Deadpool
    5. Fantastic Beasts & Where to find them

  • Saiodias Paladín
    Saiodias Paladín 2 months ago

    Arrival is SOOOOO Fuckiing good

  • Jake Doss
    Jake Doss 3 months ago

    The nice guys was so great... I'm glad a theatre near me actually had it... was totally worth a theatre experience... fucking loved it

  • philmagroin56ish
    philmagroin56ish 3 months ago

    the nice guys sucked ass wtf

  • Alex Talking
    Alex Talking 3 months ago

    Where's BVS?

  • ValorValdus
    ValorValdus 3 months ago +1

    Lion didn't even get an honorable mention?

  • Hye Dia
    Hye Dia 4 months ago

    Wasting my time

  • Fractured Films
    Fractured Films 4 months ago

    Moonlight is 1hr 51 mins, that’s short

  • Uru19861
    Uru19861 4 months ago

    And Lion?
    Sheesh man...

  • IchaL 01
    IchaL 01 4 months ago

    This guy actually never watch korean movie...

  • Nate DS
    Nate DS 4 months ago

    Lala land didnt even make the list!?

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 4 months ago

    1:Captain America Civil War
    2:Star Trek Beyond

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 4 months ago

    3:Docter Strange
    6:Suicide Squad
    7:Assassins Creed.
    8:The Accountant
    10:The Jungle Book
    12:Max Steel
    13:Star Wars:Rouge One

  • Dirkschneider
    Dirkschneider 4 months ago

    The Handmaiden is a masterpiece. Best film of 2016.

  • Kyle Luke
    Kyle Luke 4 months ago +1

    Arrival was booorrrrrriiiiinnnnnggggg

  • Julian Aguirre
    Julian Aguirre 4 months ago

    You thought Civil War was better than Manchester by the Sea

  • Nikkiboi Nanna
    Nikkiboi Nanna 4 months ago

    the nice guys is amazing

  • RundownOyster
    RundownOyster 5 months ago

    Included Zootopia but not Hunt for the Wilderpeople? I know it got an honorable mention but whathddfkjolafdksalfjdsalfjasl...

  • Herb Riverman
    Herb Riverman 5 months ago

    he sucks

  • Robert Kealiher
    Robert Kealiher 5 months ago

    Fuck la la land

  • Grant Paulsen
    Grant Paulsen 5 months ago

    My Personal List
    1. Silence
    2. The Nice Guys
    3. La La Land
    4. Arrival
    5. Moonlight
    6. Deadpool
    7. Captain America: Civil War
    8. Hacksaw Ridge
    9. Paterson
    10. Hell Or High Water

  • Isaiah Clark
    Isaiah Clark 5 months ago

    My top 5:
    1. Deadpool
    2. Lion
    3. Captain America civil war
    4. Hell or high water
    5. Hacksaw ridge

  • Barry Goodwin
    Barry Goodwin 5 months ago

    Civil War better than Arrival? I really don't get that, and I love Marvel movies

  • Riley Lallier
    Riley Lallier 6 months ago

    1. Civil War
    2. Hacksaw Ridge
    3. The Witch
    4. Deadpool
    5. Hidden Figures
    6. 13 Hours
    7. Rogue One
    8. Finding Dory
    9. Doctor Strange
    10. Arrival

  • Alexander Supertramp
    Alexander Supertramp 6 months ago

    The nice guys, probably the best movie I've ever re-watched, i cant believe i didn't realize how amazing it was the first time around, what a gripping movie full of action yet more hilarious that a comedy trying so hard to be funny. no wasted plot threads and every dialog comes back in hilarious fashion. Sadly it only barley made back it money costing 50m and making 62.8.
    what a shame, this really deserved a sequel. it kinda remind me of baby driver, but from a plot and directing stand point its even better.

  • Alexander Supertramp
    Alexander Supertramp 6 months ago

    so after 3 of your list i've decided ill be re watching the nice guys tonight.

  • J. Jhon Blues Opinions
    J. Jhon Blues Opinions 6 months ago

    My list even I'm late
    Hacksaw Ridge
    La la land
    Nice guys Captain America: Civil War
    Manchester By the Sea
    Hell or High Water
    Deep Water Horizon
    Magnificent 7
    Kubo and the 2 Strings
    10 cloverfield Lane
    Your Name

  • JAW 1975
    JAW 1975 6 months ago

    Wher are moana?

  • Farhan Marco
    Farhan Marco 6 months ago

    First half of 2016 filled with 6/10 or lower movies
    Second half of 2016 filled with many masterpieces.