Sean Evans Samples America's Best Barbecue | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Jun 27, 2017
  • The term "barbecue" means something different depending on where you are and who you ask. From Texas and Tennessee, to North Carolina and Alabama, every region has its own way of doing things. Like all red-blooded Americans, Sean Evans loves his pulled pork, baby back ribs, and brisket. But as a New Yorker, he can't always pack up his bags and head down south for dinner. Luckily, the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party brings some of the nation's best pitmasters to NYC every year. Will Sean fall in love with Shane Griffith's burnt ends, or hold out for Chris Lilly's award-winning pulled pork? Watch this meat-tastic episode of SITW and find out.
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  • Hirohiko Nishikawa
    Hirohiko Nishikawa 15 hours ago

    I am a 58 year old Japanese Businessman I travelled arround in the world. And whenever I hear "celebrated" or all this anticipations you can be sure the food will be shit.It was some of the small places that surprised me all those high valued guys are in many cases plain terrible.

  • Blake Kenley
    Blake Kenley 4 days ago +1

    The best bbq I've had was in peoples back yards. Youcannot replace the beers, the laughs, and the love that went into a cut of meat.

  • Minty Fresh
    Minty Fresh 7 days ago

    I wish we had bbq like this in Australia 🤤🤤

  • Sweswio
    Sweswio 7 days ago +1

    Alabama hell yeah

  • Pao Lee
    Pao Lee 9 days ago

    Those smashed shoulders though

  • Red Warden 19
    Red Warden 19 16 days ago +1

    PETA and all those Vegan cunts would be pissed

  • Doge
    Doge 17 days ago

    I gotta stop making myself watch these lmao

  • Tyler Southard
    Tyler Southard 17 days ago +2

    Memphis BBQ is the best! And big bob gibson is only an hour away from me so I go there often as well. TN & AL have the best bbq

  • oscarann
    oscarann 19 days ago

    seans the best

  • KB3 yourmom
    KB3 yourmom 20 days ago

    Texas baby!!

  • Charlie Wade
    Charlie Wade 23 days ago

    Sean looks a weird bald kid in skinny jeans next to Big John

  • riiCkY_bObBy _90
    riiCkY_bObBy _90 28 days ago

    Damn it i want to try american bbq once before I die.

  • Mikael Risberg
    Mikael Risberg 28 days ago


  • Phil E
    Phil E Month ago

    "Sean Evans Samples America's Best BBQ"
    ME : "Oooh. I wonder what he ate from KC."

  • Steven McCoil
    Steven McCoil Month ago

    Really didn’t have kc bbq on the show. Y’all suck

  • Shawn Younkin
    Shawn Younkin Month ago

    Yeah. You can turn off the video at 2:45

  • Ian Sunjhoreea
    Ian Sunjhoreea Month ago

    Drunk plus hungry and watching this, almost ate my hand :(

  • Raymond Firnges
    Raymond Firnges Month ago

    Sean really? Talkin best barbeque w/out Franklin's?

  • Adam 9822
    Adam 9822 Month ago

    I’m glad to live in the bbq capital of Texas 🤪

  • Michael Scalese
    Michael Scalese Month ago

    What is the deal with Plain white bread in BBQ, why dont you guys toast it, or use a sourdough, white bread is so plain. I guess it's good for BBQ sammies, but like, theres only ever one slice served.

  • Missu Katten
    Missu Katten Month ago

    Why are they so damn red???

  • Sam Longmire
    Sam Longmire Month ago

    KC, Texas and Memphis BBQ are the only ones who matter. Absolute blasphemy not to mention KC

  • Larduk_ 1UK
    Larduk_ 1UK 2 months ago

    319 vegans disliked this video

  • GoldPaper
    GoldPaper 2 months ago

    Cargo shorts... Cargo shorts everywhere

  • Jerzmade
    Jerzmade 2 months ago

    Mighty Quinn’s has the best beans ... the brontosaurus rib is banging too

  • glenn estrada
    glenn estrada 3 months ago

    Where's the mcribb

  • KC Guy 88
    KC Guy 88 4 months ago

    If it ain't Kansas City BBQ, it's not where it's at 👎

  • Deandra Owens
    Deandra Owens 4 months ago

    They need to change the title of this video cause if you ain't inculde MY HOME TOWN KC YOU CANT JUDGE SHIZNT!!!! KC IS CALLED THE HOME OF BBQ!!! Where you think the MAJORITY of the cows pigs and chickens they bbqn comes from we get it FRESH OFF THE FARM HERE!!!

  • Ramces Guillen
    Ramces Guillen 4 months ago

    Why isnt there any black pitmasters on this show. They actually do better then the rest i've tried. Im in Georgia i know a little about BBQ

  • gemser24
    gemser24 4 months ago

    Love bbq not many good places out my way I travel a hr and half just to go to one place

  • Svahn
    Svahn 5 months ago


  • mrjebsen0509
    mrjebsen0509 5 months ago

    None of these guys looks healthy, makes you think (except Sean)

  • John Blowjobin
    John Blowjobin 5 months ago


  • Carly
    Carly 5 months ago

    All of the KC love in the comments is making me very happy ❤️👌

  • Matthew Gratton
    Matthew Gratton 5 months ago

    Pretty disappointed that KC isn't represented.

  • Scrax
    Scrax 5 months ago

    Aaaaand I'm hungry.

  • Ronald James
    Ronald James 6 months ago

    I'm from Memphis and if you're a white BBQ champ...that everything else STOLEN from black folks down there...odds stole the style and technique from a legion of black BBQers and called it your own. Everyone knows the best BBQ on the planet is Memphis style and if challenged this Wheeler guy would admit to a ripoff of some kind.

  • fatfinger 101
    fatfinger 101 6 months ago

    Bbq is whole hog just saying the rest is grilled and smoked

  • not important
    not important 6 months ago

    how many of these guys are secret klan members?

  • Soul Mahajan
    Soul Mahajan 6 months ago

    Sean looks like a kid in front of John Wheeler

  • Underrated0men3376
    Underrated0men3376 6 months ago

    Franklin’s is restaurant bbq...all of these guys cook mostly competitive bbq...there’s a huge difference.

  • mr meme man
    mr meme man 6 months ago

    Funny how every single "pit master" looks like they're gonna die of heart disease in a couple of years

  • Wak Job
    Wak Job 7 months ago

    I'd take the 5 hr. ride down for this event...
    If I knew for sure Aaron Franklin was gonna be there.

  • snakevenom56
    snakevenom56 7 months ago

    I feel insulted the North Carolina BBQer wasn't directly shown

  • jaime villanueva
    jaime villanueva 7 months ago

    So if this is bbq royalty where the fuck is aron Franklin

  • J J
    J J 8 months ago

    Damn!!! That brush must be juicy af!!

  • Cristian Quezada Rojas
    Cristian Quezada Rojas 8 months ago +1

    This is so porn that it should be censored

  • Mario Proz
    Mario Proz 8 months ago

    I’ve never heard of Memphis idek where it is I just hear it a lot in barbecue

    • Anita Boddie
      Anita Boddie 8 months ago

      Mario Proz Its in western Tennessee and it's also where Elvis got his start. Memphis BBQ is awesome, but Oklahoma and Texas has the best.

  • Mario Proz
    Mario Proz 8 months ago

    Bruh so many Kansas City people complaining it ain’t there like bitch there’s a shit ton of cities they can’t fit your home town in there when they got everyone else

  • matthew ellazar
    matthew ellazar 9 months ago

    that's overwhelming to watch 😬😬😬

  • Josh Ray
    Josh Ray 9 months ago

    love this show and i love my bbq

    MEALSONWHEELS 9 months ago

    uncle John represent..

  • Tobias
    Tobias 9 months ago

    Some of these guys are pink, like a medium rare steak.

  • saigonbond
    saigonbond 9 months ago

    If some person says or writes "America's Best BBQ" without including the brisket from Franklin BBQ in Austin (best on Earth BTW), that person should never be taken seriously when it comes to BBQ. That same person probably thinks the McRib is great BBQ. Pffft...

  • Jayloyd23
    Jayloyd23 9 months ago

    All i see is carcinogens

  • ItsThatMilkshake
    ItsThatMilkshake 9 months ago

    Look at all the obese, unfit fat cunts congregating together to raise their risk of cancer.

  • bleach6bleach
    bleach6bleach 9 months ago

    Lol Sean looks kinda out of place with the southerners

  • Ilannguaq Jonathansen
    Ilannguaq Jonathansen 9 months ago +1

    Guys, you really need to incooperate Sean's full reaction to these dishes.. We get a good presentation, but we have no idea what it tastes like

  • Tim Myers
    Tim Myers 10 months ago

    The dude from Bama looks high as fuck.

  • Sam Chu
    Sam Chu 10 months ago

    Memphis is the capital of barbecue. Baby back ribs are the best. Fuck brisket. Live high on the hog. Memphis have the best restaurant for barbecue. Neely, Central and Rendezvous.

  • Aron Does Stuff
    Aron Does Stuff 10 months ago

    Did he try Klan Ribs?

  • tanner ricky
    tanner ricky 10 months ago

    Kansas City has the best BBQ you fool

  • Lorenz Meyer
    Lorenz Meyer 10 months ago

    all the words u use are german... think about it how many germans went to the usa as imigrants so you get a feeling where the bbq comes from usually

  • Cautious510
    Cautious510 10 months ago

    Not enough reaction after tasting...I wanted to hear what they thought about it

  • Berserk Berserk
    Berserk Berserk 10 months ago

    Sean - i have a single question for you.
    ( im referring to the moment of truth when u sit on the throne and that sauce make your asshole scream in pain. )

  • Regina Perry
    Regina Perry 10 months ago

    can't wait got my ticket 2018 few more weeks big apple block party

  • Jay Chambers
    Jay Chambers 10 months ago

    is it weird that i creamed myself a little? especially at 4:46

  • Muhd Fauzie
    Muhd Fauzie 10 months ago

    i love meat

  • Matt G
    Matt G 10 months ago


    King KILLERKUSH 10 months ago

    Please Barbeque was invented by black folks sean .. how u gonna do a barbeque show with all white grill masters

  • alextheromanian
    alextheromanian 10 months ago

    everyone in this video looks like maybe they should visit their cardiologist more often damn.

  • ekill 13
    ekill 13 10 months ago

    I'm sorry, but I wouldn't trust BBQ in New York.

  • Bastiaan van het Hoff
    Bastiaan van het Hoff 10 months ago

    Automatic sir contest whereas bread relationship weird resident leave rise college unknown visual medal.

  • Heretic Nature
    Heretic Nature 10 months ago

    "Wood. Focus. Love"
    Good for a lot of things.

  • Emmanuel Perez
    Emmanuel Perez 10 months ago

    Wow that guy from the beginning is so pink. Looks like he is straight out from guardians of the galaxy.

  • kr eb
    kr eb 10 months ago

    Balkan bbq is still better
    Suck it america

  • Flying Translator
    Flying Translator 10 months ago

    Is there a such a thing as a slim BBQ chef?

  • javieralejandrx
    javieralejandrx 10 months ago


  • Linh
    Linh 10 months ago

    the way sean stands is rly cute lol

  • FrankieseshyFilms
    FrankieseshyFilms 11 months ago

    An absolute master class in how genuinely passionate foodies should do event coverage.
    First we Feast is absolutely changing the game and breathing new life into the food industry.

  • Hillsbury GroBoy
    Hillsbury GroBoy 11 months ago

    Anyone know what he is pouring on the pork at 4:03?

  • snilrach
    snilrach 11 months ago

    That brisket doesn't look done.

  • Willis Pautz
    Willis Pautz 11 months ago

    Wish Lewis BBQ from Charleston, SC was in this video... John Lewis is the former pit master at Franklin BBQ in Texas

  • jarvis thomas
    jarvis thomas 11 months ago

    *Texas BBQ is the BEST!!!* If you not talking brisket, then you not really talking bbq to me!

  • Alondra Ruiz
    Alondra Ruiz 11 months ago

    Sean just goes right in 😂

  • marijuana_memer420
    marijuana_memer420 11 months ago

    shouts out Pat Martin @ martins BBQ in nashville tn wish they got an interview with him but glad he got the small call out he did

  • Kebuin Kebuin
    Kebuin Kebuin 11 months ago

    fawk let me have some

  • KlohsCalls
    KlohsCalls 11 months ago

    gotta envy being sean here, getting to eat some of the greatest BBQ out there straight off the grill, hanging out with the cooks & talking about the process.

  • Mark Tiongco
    Mark Tiongco 11 months ago

    It’s weird not seeing Sean suffer when he’s eating.

  • VNV Girl
    VNV Girl 11 months ago

    Never watch this late at night... this made me hungry as fk and all i have are some pickles and some wheat bread... i really need to go shopping.

  • Gary S
    Gary S 11 months ago

    "Will Sean fall in love with Shane Griffith's burnt ends, or hold out for Chris Lilly's award-winning pulled pork?" - We never got to find this out! We're missing a rundown from Sean and his thoughts on each of the things he ate. On one clip, it cut away as soon as he started to eat. For sure, the time with the guests was limited, but some solo camera time would have been great anyway.

  • Samridh Kharbat
    Samridh Kharbat 11 months ago

    *holy shit that man is red as fuck*

  • Hayley Berry
    Hayley Berry 11 months ago

    so much overweight ppl damm

  • Southern Scythe
    Southern Scythe 11 months ago

    Vegans... HA

  • Jennifer G
    Jennifer G Year ago

    Memphis best bbq

  • j1ngles
    j1ngles Year ago

    Salt Lick? Please no, it's crap BBQ, so overrated, and tasteless. Visit La Barbeque and taste meat that is amazing.

  • Dr Waffles31
    Dr Waffles31 Year ago

    Best I have had was in memphis TN by far

  • Suyash Upadhyay
    Suyash Upadhyay Year ago

    Vegan nightmare hahah

  • Satan Christ
    Satan Christ Year ago

    Dear vegans... You missing so much !!

  • srikanth mitpellywar

    What ever the bbq meat will not be perfectly cooked..leads to serious infections..main cause of epilepsy..