This is Your Childbirth in 2 Minutes | Glamour

  • Published on Aug 28, 2019
  • Learn about the science behind vaginal childbirths. From how to handle early labor and contractions to the hormones that help you and your baby get through it all, you'll learn what is actually happening in your body during-in two minutes.
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    This is Your Childbirth in 2 Minutes | Glamour
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  • 09Gacha Kitty12
    09Gacha Kitty12 5 hours ago +1

    65 percent of people watching this are children..

  • jiji Chaabi
    jiji Chaabi 14 hours ago


  • domonique soliz
    domonique soliz 15 hours ago

    Just found out I’m pregnant & already terrifying myself with these videos 😂

  • Dontay and Kenetra Tv

    I’m scared to get a epidural

  • Mean Girl Coming Yo Way Idiots!

    Can we just say how well her acting is?

    K.K. KIND KARMA 2 days ago +1

    The movie: 0:05
    When your parents walk in: 1:25

  • Amy Chen
    Amy Chen 2 days ago

    I'll just adopt a child, no thanks

  • 2602 Britton
    2602 Britton 3 days ago

    I’m a fu**ing 11 year old boi why am I watching this

  • Muhamad wildan
    Muhamad wildan 3 days ago


  • Muhamad wildan
    Muhamad wildan 3 days ago


  • Mintria Mintria
    Mintria Mintria 4 days ago

    Ehh I'm scared now

  • zHatami_ Chanz
    zHatami_ Chanz 4 days ago

    I'm so young... It makes me Not wanna have a Child When I'm older

  • ilyxoreo Love
    ilyxoreo Love 5 days ago

    Yes I think I’m just going to adopt

  • Samantha Vargas
    Samantha Vargas 6 days ago

    I do want a baby I just don’t want to go three that

  • Barbara Stella
    Barbara Stella 7 days ago +1

    Mom: Baby's coming in the due date!
    Baby: Hold my umbilical cordon

  • Grace 88
    Grace 88 8 days ago

    Thanks. This was informative and fun. Now I really need to think about whether or not I want to give birth. I want kids, but pushing them out of me isn't the only way 🤔

  • Roberta Baiasu
    Roberta Baiasu 9 days ago


  • Yogita gaba
    Yogita gaba 11 days ago +1

    Well drama created😀 kash delivery etna e easy hota

  • Elena Fridman
    Elena Fridman 11 days ago

    This is so annoying why do you have to run the texts so fast? So that no one can actually read and you can fit in 2 minutes frame?

  • queen wonder
    queen wonder 12 days ago

    Birth part it the most hardest

  • Anna Bennett
    Anna Bennett 12 days ago

    Episiotomy is no longer standard practice because the opposite of what the video says is true. Natural tears are proven to heal faster.

  • Hue Nguyen
    Hue Nguyen 13 days ago

    ( hay that ay)

  • jamaica
    jamaica 13 days ago

    kids😳yea i’m good

  • soim sari
    soim sari 14 days ago

    we bosok ojo tayang

  • Thairys Tang Durán
    Thairys Tang Durán 15 days ago

    destoestoiablandodiles a maspersonasqueaganmasbideosquesetratendesto

  • Sophie Kay
    Sophie Kay 15 days ago

    1:31 that looked like the moon

  • Maria Hangaard Hansen
    Maria Hangaard Hansen 15 days ago


  • Atika Humayra
    Atika Humayra 16 days ago

    1:30 this is horrible... OMG

  • Doug Piranha
    Doug Piranha 16 days ago

    Dinsdale was born in February 1929, and again two weeks later.

  • Abdirahman MH
    Abdirahman MH 17 days ago +1

    Wtf did i just watch hahahahah

  • PastelIzzi Nya
    PastelIzzi Nya 18 days ago

    Ok Soo who else is here because you are bored and know you will never experience this due to laziness with love

  • Krr Brr
    Krr Brr 20 days ago +1

    Guyz why dont you go with a c-section? In Turkey most people go with c section with no pain or suffering

  • LoveBerry Wolf
    LoveBerry Wolf 20 days ago

    Everything is fine besides the EPISIOTOMY LIKE O MAH GASH DIS IS SCARY! IM SO SCARED CUS I REALLY WANT 4 BABEHS hope I never experience “episiotomy”

  • 666% NOT Satan
    666% NOT Satan 23 days ago

    I still want kids. Ya'll can't stop me giving birth. XDDD

  • Alicia Fraser
    Alicia Fraser 24 days ago

    No no no no no no no. Episiotomies are NOT recommended and do NOT heal easier than natural tears. They are only recommended in emergency situations, and any doctor doing them routinely needs to be retrained.

  • deselise
    deselise 25 days ago

    yea i’m not doing this.

  • Unicorn Bookworm
    Unicorn Bookworm 25 days ago

    Actually it’s 2:40

  • I Like Cake And food
    I Like Cake And food 26 days ago

    It’s so fast

  • Liberated Birth Movement

    This is the WORST video of childbirth I've ever seen. This is NOT how birth IS or is supposed to be.
    I believe if this is how it's meant to go down we would not have 7.4 Billion people on this planet. Women know how to birth, they don't need doctors or hospitals or all these drugs and interventions to birth a healthy child.
    The opposite, we need calm, quiet, empowering support and the trust in our bodies that we are meant to do this. Pregnancy doesn't have to be uncomfortable and birth doesn't have to be disempowering and painful. It can be beautiful, ecstatic and very empowering!
    This is utter and complete BS and contributes to women not believing in their power and to continuously fear birth and therefor trust some doctor to tell her what to do!

  • My Sims Are Broken
    My Sims Are Broken 28 days ago

    Um.... no

  • Girl Girl
    Girl Girl Month ago

    she is good baby boy.❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏

  • mr money
    mr money Month ago


  • Nikki Gulayan
    Nikki Gulayan Month ago

    I want kids when I’m older but. This video made me hella uncomfortable XDDD

  • Emmi Collins
    Emmi Collins Month ago

    i thought i was a fast reader before i watched this

  • Summer Mei
    Summer Mei Month ago

    Thanks youtube, I think I don't want to pregnancy

  • Kamiah Nicole
    Kamiah Nicole Month ago

    yeah i dont want kids

  • Meg Hopes
    Meg Hopes Month ago


  • Starinq at The SUN
    Starinq at The SUN Month ago

    2:31 OoOoo I have the same narwhal plushie

  • Mia SoundBrooke
    Mia SoundBrooke Month ago +1

    1:31 No way that they are gonna cut my thing open 😮

  • Non sono cazzi tuoi

    My mom used to tell me that I was born in only 30mins

  • Leonardo Orosaj
    Leonardo Orosaj Month ago


  • Mikyah
    Mikyah Month ago

    1:31 oh no MAAM

  • Ms Paris
    Ms Paris Month ago

    No its not my mom was much fater. SHE WAS OFF BIRTH CONTROL!

  • Stefany D'Aoust
    Stefany D'Aoust Month ago +1

    Hahaha y'all know I ain't want kids anymore

    AVA'S ASMR Month ago +1

    You guys keep on saying now I don't want to have kids I just want to adopt because of this video. You people just don't understand it is worth it. My mom gave birth via c-section, and it is worse than pushing. When you adopt you don't feel any love towards that kid because your not their real mom, and when you adopt it takes up to actually 2 years just to receive the child. All I can say is I don't care if I am only 11 years old and I should be like I don't want to give birth. I still want to be a mom in the future, and I think that think video doesn't ruin it. If I adopted kids, it wouldn't feel right. All you do is go through pain and you add 1 to the world population everyone. Think twice before saying you want to adopt a child, because your mom went through this and so can you.

  • vasuki sowmya
    vasuki sowmya Month ago

    I can only wish that pregnancy and child birth were this happy and real.

  • Aishath Didi
    Aishath Didi Month ago

    That is a fake baby

  • Jadyn
    Jadyn Month ago

    Please. Guys NEED to watch this so they can get some sort of an idea of what woman go through