Martial Art Tricks & Stunts #11

  • Published on Jun 29, 2019
  • Martial Art Tricks & Stunts #11
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  • Anony Anony
    Anony Anony 3 months ago

    Saying this out of respect for all martial artists.
    Look it up. Read the history.
    Koreans have no recorded history of martial arts besides archery/horse archery, also folk wrestling and folk boxing like everyone else.
    "Tae-kwon-do" is bullshido. After Japanese occupation Japanese taught Koreans watered down non authentic competition point karate known as "shotokan karate" which after the Korean war the Korean government nationalized "shotokan karate" into "Taekwondo" to make a new false history.
    "Hapkido"/"Kuk Sool Won"/"Hwa Rang Do"/"Taekyeon" are just Korean nationalized Japanese "judo" and "Jiu-jitsu" which are both watered down from whats left of traditional samurai jiu jitsu.
    Gum-do/Kum-do is just Japanese kendo.
    Karate is not Japanese. It is Okinawan. Who are a separate people just like Koreans.
    Also Japanese karate styles like shotokan karate, kyokushin, shito ryu, chito ryu, wado ryu, shorinji kempo, world oyama, enshin etc. are fake bullshido meant only for competition points.
    Avoid all so called Shaolin kung fu. The real Shaolin monks were never the best martial artists in China. They only did martial arts as a form of stand up meditation taught to them by retreating soldiers hiding. Also after the Shaolin temple was destroyed only 40 monks were left with the temple later becoming a copyrighted tourist trap scam.
    Wushu is just acrobatics. No real martial arts.
    Filipino martial arts like Kali, Eskrima, Arnis or kuntaw are just copied then nationalized karate or judo then claimed to be descended in a lineage. Styles similar to Pencak silat is what real Philippine martial arts that survived in the southern Philippines.

    American Kenpo Karate is fake. Ed Parker, it's founder was never a black belt. He was just a brown belt in karate who made money teaching the same martial arts while learning then adding other styles when he ran out of material.
    Greco-Roman wrestling is a scam. A Frenchman in the late 1800s looked at statues, paintings, and vases of naked Greeks/Romans then decides they wrestle with their upper body only.........
    Modern pankration is bullshit. The modern Greek founder in the 70s just copied Bruce Lee's drawings from his book claiming to have the ancient techniques preserved.
    Aikido/aiki jiu jitsu/budokan is a cult in Japan. It's just pretend samurai nonsense. It was never used in war or by police. Just mentally ill white neckbeard weeaboos pretending to be Japanese.
    If you're a true martial artist. Have enough respect for yourself and money to not get ripped off. Then take up boxing, freestyle wrestling, folk boxing, folk wrestling and learn real baguazhang, choi li fut, southern preying mantis kung fu, southern white crane kung fu, kilaripayattu, etc.

  • Samar Jain
    Samar Jain 4 months ago

    Can you make a DK YOO analysis

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 5 months ago this is a little off topic, but I have a couple questions that maybe a fighting expert like you can answer. I'm making a fight video between Mario and Bowser, and I'm seeking some logic applying to physical combat, size, and motion. One, I'm thinking about putting this in my video: Mario avoiding Bowser's fire breath by going around the reptile, and as the fire starts and Bowser turns around, Mario bounces off the wall behind him and Bowser and knocks his opponent into the fire behind him (with a kick, dive, or slam). Think this is likely to work, or that Bowser is too big and heavy to fall from the little plumber's attack? And two, if Mario kicked Bowser's face with the move from would it knock the lizard backwards? If Bowser fell on his shell, Mario could then jump on his stomach.
    For a size comparison of the two characters to help you with your answers, you can use the following links:
    And if you don't know what a wall jump is, go to 10:49 of and 1:23 of

  • Wajid Cr7
    Wajid Cr7 5 months ago

    Nice video bro make one video on kyokhushin please

  • Swadheen Kumar Samal
    Swadheen Kumar Samal 5 months ago +4

    Welcome back bro 😍
    How are you ?

  • Indramani Behera
    Indramani Behera 5 months ago +2

    I have to learn these

  • Shehryar Khan
    Shehryar Khan 5 months ago +3

    Bro tell me one thing i want to ask u . Is parkour a part of martial arts?? Because from the start am hearing thay martial arts includes each n every excersise.

  • Samar Jain
    Samar Jain 5 months ago +2

    Please make Analysis Videos. Make Analysis Videos of BRUCE LEE & DK YOO. 🙏🙏🙏👊👊👊💪💪💪🥊🥊🥊🥋🥋🥋

  • Sandhya Yadav
    Sandhya Yadav 5 months ago +4


  • Egi 1
    Egi 1 5 months ago +4

    Soo good 👌👌