Evolution of Fortnite 2011-2018

  • Published on Aug 1, 2018
  • Evolution of Fortnite 2011-2018
    Fortnite 2011 goo.gl/YwJ5HH
    Fortnite 2013 goo.gl/p8g7jo
    Fortnite 2014 goo.gl/BQjFZd
    Fortnite 2015 goo.gl/kbYtvZ
    Fortnite Save The World 2017 goo.gl/9j91r2
    Fortnite Survive the Storm 2017 goo.gl/Fbrdr2
    Fortnite Battle Royale 2017 goo.gl/iPG4kz
    Fortnite Horde Bash 2017 goo.gl/pcTqcN
    Fortnite - Fortnitemares 2017 goo.gl/5ECn4z
    Fortnite Battle Royale - 50v50 (2017) goo.gl/JEnoZh
    Fortnite Survive the Holidays 2017 goo.gl/FTMkx7
    Fortnite Season 2 (2017) goo.gl/zhHZrm
    Fortnite Battle Royale Map Update! 2018 goo.gl/e8GjHK
    Fortnite Season 3 (2018) goo.gl/HqrXCh
    Fortnite Battle Royale - Mobile 2018 goo.gl/JTF578
    Fortnite Season 4 (2018) goo.gl/zjNRwE
    Fortnite - Infinity Gauntlet 2018 goo.gl/wwNiwK
    Fortnite on Nintendo Switch 2018 goo.gl/gQoFYV
    Fortnite Season 5 (2018) goo.gl/b6c7TC
    Fortnite: High Stakes 2018 goo.gl/tPftV2
    Fortnite Season 6 (2018) goo.gl/Ldz4Uv
    Fortnite - Fortnitemares 2018 goo.gl/TphR8F
    Fortnite Season 7 (2018)
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  • Cussan
    Cussan  6 days ago +2

    Watch updated version of this video Here --> tvclip.biz/video/ksiuZp7BzRM/video.html

    • 1069
      1069 Day ago

      fort nite came out in 2017 not 2011 idiot - search it up

  • ツIcolibranPLAY
    ツIcolibranPLAY 19 hours ago

    Fake video bro, Fortnite is from 2017

  • MikePlayz Collins
    MikePlayz Collins 21 hour ago +1

    I Hate The New Theme

  • MikePlayz Collins
    MikePlayz Collins 21 hour ago +1

    Ah the old victory royale logo

    BANNANA FACE! Day ago

    I thought I heard the oof sound

  • Jacob Garfield
    Jacob Garfield Day ago

    in 2014, fortnite was in alpha, it was released in 2011 as the crappiest game ever so nobody knew about it, it wasn't released in 2017, it actually did release in 2011

  • GorgeX
    GorgeX Day ago

    This video is uploaded in my birthday lul

  • Da Gucci Kid
    Da Gucci Kid 2 days ago

    Then season 5 2018

  • Da Gucci Kid
    Da Gucci Kid 2 days ago

    Season 4 2017

  • Da Gucci Kid
    Da Gucci Kid 2 days ago

    6:57 season 3 was in 2017...

  • Audrey Wyatt Wyatt
    Audrey Wyatt Wyatt 2 days ago

    Ur stupid. Fortnite was not made in 2011 it only been out for an year

  • new games
    new games 2 days ago

    Nice Video 😍

  • TROLL_ 9978
    TROLL_ 9978 2 days ago

    2013 nooooooooooo the lag

  • Living life with Aaryn Wright

    I would have never played fortnite in 2011

  • Crippling Depression In a bottle

    Ahhhh..... the classic Fortnite theme. Never gets old.

  • OmarVelez May302006
    OmarVelez May302006 3 days ago +1

    Fortnite came out in 25 of july 2017 dum!!!

  • A-V-A C-A-D-O
    A-V-A C-A-D-O 3 days ago

    (Fortnite came out in 2017) dont tell them I said that

  • BG. vgt
    BG. vgt 3 days ago

    It's not possible ! (Don't skin)

  • Beazel Playz
    Beazel Playz 3 days ago

    I like 1:23

  • Flöufy
    Flöufy 3 days ago


  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 4 days ago


  • lol XxØŘÊÖXx
    lol XxØŘÊÖXx 4 days ago +1

    Bueno en el 2011 no estaba tan feo

  • Violet Playz
    Violet Playz 4 days ago

    I remember seeing a fortnite ad when I was a lot younger

  • Dark_ Reef
    Dark_ Reef 4 days ago

    Fort nite was released in 2017 like if you agree

  • Septh Daep
    Septh Daep 4 days ago

    Fortnite came first before pubg

  • Olivia Fanning
    Olivia Fanning 5 days ago


  • Meme 4000
    Meme 4000 5 days ago

    Forgot season 7

  • Bendy REMIX Pup
    Bendy REMIX Pup 5 days ago

    First is creepy

  • slickrick250
    slickrick250 6 days ago

    Who’s watching this in season 🙋‍♀️

  • nazmi terstena
    nazmi terstena 6 days ago

    Back when nobody rly built like they would want to prevent ligma

  • Pandicorn YT
    Pandicorn YT 6 days ago

    This is fake cause FORTNITE came up on 2017 or 2016 I don't remember but I like the vid nice job! 🙄☺

  • Dark Stalker
    Dark Stalker 6 days ago

    horrible this game.

  • Gciliaa_ TXS
    Gciliaa_ TXS 6 days ago

    like si lo ves en la temporada 7. Like this coment if you see it in the season 7

  • Cryogenic Sergal
    Cryogenic Sergal 6 days ago

    This makes me wonder: why did it spike in popularity now?
    Is it because it became a battle royale?

  • Rao Rajpoot
    Rao Rajpoot 6 days ago

    Good work

  • Green Chili
    Green Chili 6 days ago

    Literally everything before Battle Royale looks like a good game

  • PubgMobileChanl
    PubgMobileChanl 6 days ago

    This is so fake they're just copies

  • Fortnite Sucks
    Fortnite Sucks 6 days ago

    Pretty sure tilted wasn’t in season 2 may be wrong tho

  • Gaspar Mer
    Gaspar Mer 6 days ago +1

    Me acuerdo esos tiempos cuando éramos todos mancos

  • Darkskullpro 135
    Darkskullpro 135 6 days ago

    It came out in 2017 idiot

  • Maik Zapke
    Maik Zapke 6 days ago

    Fortnite the Personality Worf that stands for Aids .

  • MrSpooky Spare
    MrSpooky Spare 6 days ago

    More like evolution of cancer😂😂😂

  • John OuO
    John OuO 7 days ago

    Season 6? Season 7?

  • John OuO
    John OuO 7 days ago

    I started playing when fortnite mobile is out.

  • Gamer 4life.1K
    Gamer 4life.1K 7 days ago

    First of all fortnite was released in July 25, 2017...but idk since it wasn’t save the world just “fortnite” overall

  • Tài Khoản Giả
    Tài Khoản Giả 7 days ago +1

    this cancer game have evolution ???

  • :P :P
    :P :P 7 days ago

    I did not thing Fortnite was that old

  • Letian Cai
    Letian Cai 7 days ago

    The og music is back

  • Derlbs2441 Or Ramses derlbs

    I really enjoyed 2017 Christmas

  • Gamingpugizzy 14
    Gamingpugizzy 14 7 days ago

    I had no idea fortnite was bad in the year 2011 and 2013

  • Donut King
    Donut King 7 days ago

    huh i always thought this game came out in 2017

  • Bart jeff
    Bart jeff 7 days ago

    I have the game on switch i just dont like it

  • iSlayrr
    iSlayrr 7 days ago

    tilted was totally in season 2

  • Jacob Reeves
    Jacob Reeves 7 days ago

    Fortnite remindsme of what overwatch almost became
    A good game that was dragged through the mud because of its cancer of a fanbase, it's sad really


  • OrhanDaLegend ,
    OrhanDaLegend , 7 days ago

    7 years and they call the og fortnite beta??
    İ guess battle royale is the one that is a beta

  • Mert Can Kurtoğlu
    Mert Can Kurtoğlu 7 days ago

    2011 de fortnıte mı vardı amk malları

  • Nahuel Saliva
    Nahuel Saliva 7 days ago

    Season 2: there was not tilted towers

  • GumDrop
    GumDrop 7 days ago

    How many fucking mucinex ads are in this video

  • WarCat
    WarCat 7 days ago

    Tilted did not exist in 2017

  • ToxicBeast71
    ToxicBeast71 7 days ago

    Fortnite came out in 2017

  • Jake Yaklin
    Jake Yaklin 7 days ago

    I’m guessing you would have been copyrighted if u played the music from the golf cart

  • isidrosimental
    isidrosimental 7 days ago

    also are we even going to talk about that clip in 5:42 shows a person in tilted on 2017 and 6:08 has tilted IN 2018

  • isidrosimental
    isidrosimental 7 days ago

    fortnite was made in 2017

  • isoDK
    isoDK 7 days ago

    5:55 ITS SEASON 3!

  • StupidDoesStuff Comedy/Gaming

    Epic forgot about the main component of the game, fortnite will suffer because of that.

  • Nusic
    Nusic 8 days ago

    Tilted was out in season 3 mate

  • G9LD Gaming
    G9LD Gaming 8 days ago

    Bruh where did it say Tfue got banned like what a ripoff

  • G9LD Gaming
    G9LD Gaming 8 days ago

    Fortnite was better in 2015 LOL

  • Darren Wang
    Darren Wang 8 days ago

    If my pick only does 53 dmg....

  • Instinct_Jedi_ ___
    Instinct_Jedi_ ___ 8 days ago

    Not gonna ask why it goes from 2011 to 2013 straight away

  • Donyo Lobsang
    Donyo Lobsang 8 days ago

    ah i see battle royale ruiined everything...never played this game haha.

  • My Booty Stank
    My Booty Stank 8 days ago

    Save the world in 2011 honestly looks more fun compared to 2018 and I'm level 95 on save the world currently

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  • A Berd
    A Berd 8 days ago

    I remember when Fortnite was a good game. Now we have flipping idiots who probably failed at life masturbating to Battle Royale.

  • Suhana Ana
    Suhana Ana 8 days ago

    Fortnite should be a zombie game

  • Furry Attack helicopter


  • Donnelle Raeburn
    Donnelle Raeburn 8 days ago


  • LK9ER324 Games
    LK9ER324 Games 8 days ago

    But Tilted came out with season 3

    • A Berd
      A Berd 8 days ago

      Commit toaster bath.

  • HenniZockt77_lp
    HenniZockt77_lp 8 days ago

    2010 was my favorite part of fortnite

  • J0YMAK3R
    J0YMAK3R 8 days ago

    when did yall start playin Fortnite i started s2

  • GamingLuck YT
    GamingLuck YT 8 days ago

    9:48 took that sound away cuz of copyright??

  • Sweapz
    Sweapz 8 days ago

    Tilted towers was season 3 not 2

  • Delight
    Delight 8 days ago

    Who would’ve thought that this trashy 2011 game would become the most popular game of 2017-18 and probably later on. I rememebr logging on back in season 1. games changed so much it’s crazy

    • A Berd
      A Berd 8 days ago

      The only trash is Battle Royale.

  • Daniel Manankichian
    Daniel Manankichian 8 days ago

    Welcome to season 7 fortniters

  • Tfue
    Tfue 8 days ago

    Dope dude

    • A Berd
      A Berd 8 days ago

      Sup wannabe.

  • Austin Edwards
    Austin Edwards 8 days ago

    Who remembers being hyped for this game after Gears of War 3 was released

  • random guy
    random guy 9 days ago

    The battle royale version is shit
    Agree or not

    • A Berd
      A Berd 8 days ago

      Finally, someone with more than one brain cell.

  • Elias Rammah
    Elias Rammah 9 days ago

    2011 fortnite reminds me of 2006-2009 roblox

    • A Berd
      A Berd 8 days ago

      And Battle Royale is cancerous like Roblox.

  • Vivace Cactus800
    Vivace Cactus800 9 days ago

    5:19 thats what I wanted 50v50 to be

  • Vivace Cactus800
    Vivace Cactus800 9 days ago

    1:41 the gold old days when they had good music

  • Monica Griesdorf
    Monica Griesdorf 9 days ago

    Old fortnite is weird

  • Felix
    Felix 9 days ago

    Why am i here? i didn't even play fortnite :/

  • Alex pro
    Alex pro 9 days ago +2

    Bruh you had to build with your pickaxe

  • Chaozsilence •
    Chaozsilence • 9 days ago

    We had tilted towers and 4 seasons in 2018. 2018 has been slow af

  • TheLittleGamingBro
    TheLittleGamingBro 9 days ago

    In the 50v50 wtf is the guy with a tac doing?

  • Fortnite Studios
    Fortnite Studios 9 days ago

    Why do people only have 1 gun

  • Szumixx. ツ
    Szumixx. ツ 9 days ago +1

    ok fortnite is a copy of 2013

  • ƒłαмє_ σѵєяSΛVΛGΣ

    Fortnite is quality

    Quality ASS

    • A Berd
      A Berd 8 days ago

      No u mother stitcher.

  • Jellynuggets10
    Jellynuggets10 9 days ago

    Map update was in 2017

  • Big boy Daddy 69
    Big boy Daddy 69 9 days ago

    I miss season 4