Why Don't These Hanging Stones Fall?

  • Published on Feb 20, 2018
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    Our planet is a mysterious place, full of strange, mystical and simply incomprehensible things and sometimes even the smartest scientists cannot explain them. Some of those incredible phenomena are hanging stones. These huge rocks are not really able to float above the ground or to swing on some vines, but is still a complicated and interesting thing to watch. So, in today's video, we are gonna show you ten amazing hanging stones that challenge the laws of physics.

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  • MediaNews Stream
    MediaNews Stream Month ago +1

    My nuts are also levitating

  • Hitanshu Austin
    Hitanshu Austin Month ago

    There are some balancing rocks in Jabalapur, Madhya Pradesh,India as well😁

  • sunnywinters c
    sunnywinters c Month ago

    Good job Bill at the end. Mother nature doesnt understand what all the fuss is about, but thanks

  • Hatim Salim
    Hatim Salim Month ago

    I wish I was an expert (🤔is it in, on or of) montage, and had the resources, then I would definitely dazzle TVclip with my dreams, imaginations and work.

  • Stephen Boodoo
    Stephen Boodoo Month ago

    God's work

  • Pascal Omondi
    Pascal Omondi Month ago

    Kit mikai in Kenya.

  • Tasyeo
    Tasyeo Month ago

    Ha ha the picture that you use for the thumbnail is not the part of the contents. Coz that is hoax.

  • Charlie Harrison
    Charlie Harrison 2 months ago

    I think some of these stones are connected to each other

  • Ptyty
    Ptyty 2 months ago

    Why are these small rocks seems strange when the stars bigger than the earth hanging in space seems common?


    ನಿಮ್ಮ ವಿಡಿಯೊ ನಮಗೆ ತುಂಬಾ ಇಷ್ಟವಾಗಿದೆ

  • Arrycan Zin
    Arrycan Zin 2 months ago

    As it we can see in Nepal swaymbhunath

  • John Hamilton
    John Hamilton 2 months ago

    I was high up in the mountains of Alaska with my dog once. During a break from hiking I watched him run around, then the most bizarre thing happened. The further away my dog ran from me, the bigger he seemed to appear. When he ran back towards me, he appeared to physically shrink as he got closer. I stayed there for a while to make sure my eyes weren't just playing tricks on me momentarily. Sure enough, every time he ran off into the distance, he seemed to grow bigger, and the closer he got the more he seemed to shrink. To this day I still have no idea what was happening. My best guess is that it was just a trick of the sunlight that occurs at extremely high altitudes.

  • ilyas khan
    ilyas khan 2 months ago

    must be becuase the planet spins round so so so so fast?

  • wayne evans
    wayne evans 2 months ago

    his name is not Bill for no reason

  • Moz
    Moz 2 months ago

    10:20 If I didn't see the birds fell the stones, I wouldn't have believed it.

  • James Harmer
    James Harmer 2 months ago

    TVclip videos like this are the very reason people are retarded.

  • Hank Roedell
    Hank Roedell 2 months ago

    sloppy, goofy video. It's best viewed by 10 year olds.

  • 김혜령
    김혜령 2 months ago

    금은 창조주 가 소멸시킬수 있다

  • 김혜령
    김혜령 2 months ago

    쓰레기 로스트차일드 는 거인인간 과 티탄족 신을 무서워 한다

  • 김혜령
    김혜령 2 months ago

    크리슈나 나는 아메리카 대륙에 있었다

  • 김혜령
    김혜령 2 months ago

    크리슈나 나도 거인 티탄족

  • 김혜령
    김혜령 2 months ago

    크리슈나 바람둥이 부인이 많은 신이 돌을 들어 올린 유적 감동적이네요

  • Jackyblue67 Same
    Jackyblue67 Same 2 months ago

    Now how do these people know how much these big rocks way ?

  • Travis Richard
    Travis Richard 2 months ago

    No such thing as gravity

  • mesta
    mesta 2 months ago

    Last guy is simply an occultist.

  • Anthony Delfos
    Anthony Delfos 2 months ago

    We have these rond stones here on aruba as well

  • Thomas Roth
    Thomas Roth 2 months ago

    Ok so, its not "balancing" if its stuck between two things or carved from erosion. But alas, we really cant expect anything less than misinterpretation or blatant bs fron these videos anyway....

  • Abees Sharmarke
    Abees Sharmarke 2 months ago

    Go to British somaliland and you will find so many nurture things

  • Benaiah Benaiah
    Benaiah Benaiah 2 months ago

    ....Rock of Ages...cleft for me, Let me hide myself in Thee....

  • Subhash Badhe
    Subhash Badhe 2 months ago +2

    it's not hanging, only wel balanced

  • School For Society
    School For Society 2 months ago

    Animals also surprisingly watching us, how these humans are talking and laughing like that ? And who is behind them ?

  • Voyagers Vrs
    Voyagers Vrs 2 months ago +6

    You have not discussed about the the stone in the thumb nail. That stone is floating in air in Saudi arab

  • RogueFEDz
    RogueFEDz 2 months ago

    Check the rock of the dome of the rock mosque in jerusalem. It is flying steady, I went down that rock and did a prayer, in Quran, this rock was gifted to prophet Mohammed to fly from Mecca to Jerusalem and to heaven and back to earth.

  • Gaynor Van Der Westhuizen

    You should check out The Giant's Playground in Namibia

  • Jafar Alshalaa
    Jafar Alshalaa 2 months ago +1

    First of all, the thumbnail was misleading. (The content lost its credibility).
    Second, Too many people in the comments section arguing about the the thumbnail pic.
    There is no God miracle levitating the rock, for the picture photoshopped.
    The rock is in Saudi Arabia, in a village called (Al Qarah), nex to the Al Qarah mountain. Go Google it.
    Thank you for your attention.

  • dhogi dhiek
    dhogi dhiek 2 months ago +3

    where is THE KENYA CRYING ROCK.... Travel boy travel

  • Allistaire A
    Allistaire A 2 months ago

    Golden Rock: if you accidentally push it, you have to take its place.

  • Ismail for ever Md ali
    Ismail for ever Md ali 2 months ago +1

    Such rocks r in many parts of india
    My otherland

  • Ace Camtown
    Ace Camtown 2 months ago +1

    You have to somehow find a way to end up in Zimbabwe??? its not like its hard to get plane and get there dude...

    • Mmaeyen Pinkall
      Mmaeyen Pinkall Month ago

      And did you notice the crazy warlike gangs? Smh...

  • lesego
    lesego 2 months ago

    I thought you were gonna show floating rocks... no subscribe from me

  • ItzLinqz
    ItzLinqz 2 months ago +7

    Laws of physics: you can’t balance a rock like that
    Rock: hold my beer

  • Mikey Smith / Horizontally Appozed

    oh my god,,, do the research,, u are not millions of years old,,,,, gravity is only a theory ,,,, so how would u know how old rocks are,,,, stories stories,,,, bla bla

  • *Ruh Roh*
    *Ruh Roh* 2 months ago

    The power of photoshopping is too great for the stones to resist

  • pulaw esmail
    pulaw esmail 2 months ago

    where is the flying stone? okinana

  • kanda saravanan
    kanda saravanan 2 months ago +1

    mahabalipuram of tamil nadu india is there..❤😍😍💥💥💥

  • smc uk
    smc uk 2 months ago

    more shite

  • Mihajlo Pupin
    Mihajlo Pupin 2 months ago

    9:45 which movie is this

  • Slaying Tee
    Slaying Tee 2 months ago +1

    Also Tanzania has such rocks in place called Mwanza

    • Emmu1
      Emmu1 2 months ago

      So what

  • Emotionally Challenged Subordinate

    How did you get so much video footage of my rocksticles?

  • Philip Turner
    Philip Turner 2 months ago

    Well, if they didn't balance, they would have fallen like all the other ones that did, you idiot.

  • Tracey Tatum
    Tracey Tatum 2 months ago +3

    old dude in movie shooter was MAGNIFICENT!!!

  • Jean
    Jean 3 months ago

    Uluru rock in Alice springs Australia :) so pretty!

  • Shunyu Yao
    Shunyu Yao 3 months ago

    I wonder what would happen if some idiot pushes these rocks

  • Dany Boy Malik
    Dany Boy Malik 3 months ago

    Where is the floating rock hahaha u cannot reach there it was in Jerusalem ,name alasha

  • Gibbet Hoskins
    Gibbet Hoskins 3 months ago

    The fact that humans see a balancing rock and attribute it to some kind of god or higher power just shows how retarded religion is.


    Anyone thought that the rocks are connected to the rocks under them and its a illusion that it looks like its balancing

  • Abdu-Rahman Arrazaq
    Abdu-Rahman Arrazaq 3 months ago

    This is all done by the will of Allah

  • Deemu Thabah
    Deemu Thabah 3 months ago

    Please add Mawlynnong...

  • muwanga isaac
    muwanga isaac 3 months ago


  • P.V. Chandrasekharan
    P.V. Chandrasekharan 3 months ago +2

    What about the balanced rock in Arches National Park,Utah ?

  • CH KOKAL click it
    CH KOKAL click it 3 months ago +1

    Thes all made by hindus god 😃😃

  • Joe Mastercue
    Joe Mastercue 3 months ago

    Must be the marbles you are missing.

  • Lorenzo Tugman
    Lorenzo Tugman 3 months ago

    What makes Newton great?

  • Julie Favela
    Julie Favela 3 months ago

    Am I going crazy or do I see Marijuana in 8:34?

  • Noor ul-hassan
    Noor ul-hassan 3 months ago

    It is ALLAH who is controlling this world

    • Mancunian Red
      Mancunian Red 2 months ago

      Is this the same Allah that created everything "perfectly"? If that is so, please enlighten us as to what was created "perfectly", bearing in mind that I could cite one example of imperfection.

  • a7laktkota
    a7laktkota 3 months ago

    All 'Hanging/Floating Rock' Videos = Never Include Thumbnail (Including This One)

  • DontBlink
    DontBlink 3 months ago

    They Are Hanging

  • kelly nugent
    kelly nugent 3 months ago

    I fucking doubt it 😎🤔😛😒😑

  • Jocoiscool
    Jocoiscool 3 months ago +1

    That was Majin Boo sealed in stone at 2:46 😄

  • Evil Quien
    Evil Quien 3 months ago +3

    Why not include the hanging rock from mecca?

  • Mann Banks
    Mann Banks 3 months ago

    Lmao zoolander in the mines

  • Khulood Alhaddad
    Khulood Alhaddad 3 months ago

    This stone is in our religion and our God is holding it up and his name is allah and he has 99 names

  • lost Found
    lost Found 3 months ago

    Cause they supported really 🤔

    GOOGLETUBE 3 months ago

    Nova Scosher? Lol learn to speak

  • middleeast lady
    middleeast lady 3 months ago

    Maybe these rocks came from mars and other planets millions of yrs ago. I think they should find out how old these rocks n stones are.