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  • TrinaDuhra
    TrinaDuhra  Month ago +5

    What did you think of the new products?!
    Which foundation should I try next?

    • Eri L.A.
      Eri L.A. Month ago +1

      What about the new one from Estee Lauder? ✌️😛 Great to have u back here!!

    • Jezhira Makeup
      Jezhira Makeup Month ago

      Dior undercover please...

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago +2

      Thanks for the foundation ideas! I’m going to check them out!! ❤️

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago +1

      Ohhhh thanks for the foundation ideas! I’ll check them out! ❤️

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago

      Happy to be back! ☺️❤️

  • Amanda Dalton
    Amanda Dalton 3 days ago

    Ok you’ve convinced me to try Fenty Beauty!!

  • shazia thanvi
    shazia thanvi 9 days ago

    240 in foundation suits u more 235 is too orange

  • Susan Chavíra
    Susan Chavíra 25 days ago

    I am so glad someone with a platform is sharing how orange the shade range is/: I had the exact problem and thought 235 would work for me but it didn’t ! WHERE ARE THE YELLOW UNDERTONES RIRI!!!!

  • Nora E.
    Nora E. 29 days ago

    New to this Chanel and I’m liking your tutorials . I’m learning to blend , highlight and the whole make up gig .... I’m older so I find some techniques hard to handle but I’ll keep watching you to see what I can apply .... thank you 🙏

  • Taylormakeupp
    Taylormakeupp Month ago

    Your skin looks great, I need to hurry and pick up the concealer

  • Marnelly Simmons
    Marnelly Simmons Month ago

    Yasssss ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Bonn S
    Bonn S Month ago

    I'm glad you reviewed this! My skin type is like yours and you actually bought your products. There has been a flood of Fenty reviews since launch but so many partnered with Fenty. I value your reviews and in future when you're doing any comparisons, you've used it and you know how it works for you (and in Canadian weather, no less which is important to me). ☺️

  • Kitchen With Hina
    Kitchen With Hina Month ago

    I loved fenty products

  • Jazzy To Min
    Jazzy To Min Month ago

    I was so excited for this! I waited a day after the release to get it. Haven’t had time to try it out until today. The lady employee recommended the Butter instead of Banana in the powder. Can’t wait to see how the concealer last for me. Great review.

  • Penny Wolff
    Penny Wolff Month ago

    Great review! I think I'm going to pass on Fenty. When I got samples in the past the only way to get my right shade was to mix with something else. The undertones are too orange or too yellow. :( Can you do a review on the Jouer concealer?

  • Danelle Nyczai
    Danelle Nyczai Month ago

    Yay! I’m so glad you are back! I’d love to see your thoughts on the new Laura Mercier radiant foundation! Love you Trina! 💖
    Try the Essence banana brighten up powder for under your eye :) It’s mildly yellow and so brightening!! It’s very good and crazy affordable!
    I’d love to see more product reviews and laid back GRWM style content :)

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago +1

      Thank you soo much for commenting! First of all, I really appreciate the support you have for my channel! ❤️
      Second, I gotta check this essence powder out!!! Thanks for letting me know about it! And I’m so glad you’re into laid back videos. I want to do more of those for 2019! 🙌🏼

  • Bianca Gorospe
    Bianca Gorospe Month ago

    Trina - I love your videos! You do such great reviews and always look so flawless. Keep it up :)

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago

      Thank you so much!! This just made my morning! ❤️❤️

  • Anshu Gupta
    Anshu Gupta Month ago

    Wowwww ❤️ beautiful you ❤️ #notificationsquad #instafam 💋 💋 missed you here 💋

    • Anshu Gupta
      Anshu Gupta Month ago

      +TrinaDuhra yes ❤️ it's exactly a month to from today 😇

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago

      Hey gurl! So good to be back! ❤️
      February’s coming up reallll soon! ✨

  • Rhorho John
    Rhorho John Month ago

    OMG I’m the same shade 240. But for me it is too peachy tone for me.. and I’m a yellow tone. And your the total opposite. How strange.

  • Arpita Mitra
    Arpita Mitra Month ago

    Glad you r back Trina.. was missing your videos... and happy that you r feeling better now... Wishing you and ur family a very happy new year ... btw.. regarding today’s video.. I thought that you looked very naturally perfect with only concealing the right side of ur face..the foundation colour still looks a bit yellow and the powders... no way would I buy those. The concealer is a super hit btw... loved the video .. tk care and thank you for the review

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago

      Thank you so much! ❤️ I hope the new year is treating you good!
      Thanks for the input on the products as well! Ahhh the struggle of shade matching lol!

  • Ms. Bugg
    Ms. Bugg Month ago

    Happy new year to you and Andy!

  • Elenitsa Antos
    Elenitsa Antos Month ago

    The concealers are very off. I couldnt find my exact match either. They were either too light or way too warm. The powders were dark for me as well. I dont think they did a good job at matching their concealers,powders and foundations together lol. I also think the 235 on camera looks a little too warm on u and a bit darker then ur neck.. my opinion😘

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago

      The struggle of finding a perfect match right! Lol

  • Lusus Sebek
    Lusus Sebek Month ago +3

    Welcome back! Slay queen with that 235 Fenty foundation

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago

      Yesss!!! 🙌🏼☺️ So good to be back! Xo

  • Sandy G.
    Sandy G. Month ago

    Yay!!! Happy New Year!
    It’s so good to see you Trina!
    I’m so glad that you’re feeling better.
    Your skin and makeup look flawless to me!
    I hope you find your ideal shade in the Foundation, Concealer and Powder.
    You know that I love both of your channels.
    Whatever you want to share I will watch.
    Take good care.

    • Sandy G.
      Sandy G. Month ago

      TrinaDuhra ❤️

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago +1

      Happy New Year Sandy!
      It’s soo good to be back! I hope the new year is treating you well and I truly appreciate your support of my channel! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kara Denise
    Kara Denise Month ago

    I want to try this!

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago

      Let me know what you think of it if you do! Xo

  • Rocky Santiago
    Rocky Santiago Month ago +2

    I'd like to see if you find a Fenty Beauty concealer dupe.

  • Lisa G.
    Lisa G. Month ago

    Girl I have missed your videos so excited for your review could you possibly review the new L’Oréal foundation the stick one or the liquid one sending much love hope your have a wonderful weekend xo 😘💕

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago

      Thanks Lisa!!! ❤️ so glad to be back!
      I will definitely check those foundations out and get back to ya! Hope the new year is treating you well! Xo

  • Victoria Sault
    Victoria Sault Month ago +6

    Winter shade 240 and same issue I wanted to checked out the 235..would have been nice if you could have done a side by side of the two shades of foundation like you did with the concealers. Thanks for the review

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago +1

      I was soo tempted to do a side by side but I knew the video was going to be quite long with just talking about the new launches. Hope the review was helpful! Xo

  • J J
    J J Month ago

    I was waiting for this review. Can you please try the Lawless foundation?🙏🏼

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago

      Hope it was helpful! ❤️ I will definitely check that foundation out! Xo

  • Dennisse Marie Pérez Morales

    Welcome back!! I have missed your videos!

    • Dennisse Marie Pérez Morales
      Dennisse Marie Pérez Morales Month ago

      +TrinaDuhra Thank you love! I wish you all the best in this New Year!

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago +1

      Thanks girl! So glad to be back! Hope the new year is treating you well! Xo

  • Nina Nijjar
    Nina Nijjar Month ago

    So nice to see you back and hope your getting better. Have you tried Loreal freshwear? What shade are you in MAC? Xx

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago

      Thank you so much!! I haven’t tried that yet! Definitely on my must check out list!
      I haven’t worn a Mac foundation in so long so I’m not familiar with my shade unfortunately!

  • she2hadthedramathick
    she2hadthedramathick Month ago +1

    Ugh I was waiting for someone to review 235 because like you 240 was just off for me. You’ve convinced me I’m getting the foundation

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago

      Let me know what you think of that color on you! I tried it again and I think 235 isn’t bad if i use a light layer!

    • she2hadthedramathick
      she2hadthedramathick Month ago

      Also, the concealers aren’t the same shade, they’re meant to compliment the foundation shade 😁

  • Itxel Morales
    Itxel Morales Month ago +3

    Nice having you back! Can you please tell us if you find your perfect Fenty foundation match.

    • Itxel Morales
      Itxel Morales Month ago

      TrinaDuhra,240 was a little of for me as well,after this I’m going to be for sure trying 235,hope it works!Thanks for your help! ♥️

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago +1

      Thanks girl! ❤️ I think 235 is the best I’m going to be able to do! I tried it again today and if I wear a lighter layer of it ( which I should be doing anyways) it’s not bad! Much better then the 240! :)

  • Anisha Bakshi
    Anisha Bakshi Month ago

    Ahhhh! I was waiting for this review by you!!

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago

      Yayy! Hope you enjoyed the video! ❤️

  • Makeup with Maz
    Makeup with Maz Month ago +2

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I think Fenty has a powder in the shade butter, that’s a lighter version of a banana powder...

    • Elenitsa Antos
      Elenitsa Antos Month ago

      +TrinaDuhra I bought it it's very pale and pinky

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago

      You’re right! I checked out the color online, haven’t seen it in person yet but I’ll definitely be checking it out!

  • Cecilia Canul
    Cecilia Canul Month ago +1

    Welcome back! I missed you and your videos!
    Glad you’re feeling better☺️

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago

      Thanks Cecilia! ❤️ I’m so glad to be back too! Hope you’re doing well! I’m feeling muchhh better! ☺️

  • B. F.
    B. F. Month ago +11

    *Sigh* I’m so sick and tired of all these Fenty videos. Give me something new, please! Honestly, Fenty is overhyped and overpriced. $26 for a concealer brush? I think NO. Fenty only gets hype because a big celebrity is behind the brand. MAC and Lancôme had more than 30 shades in foundation before Rihanna came out with hers. I tried her foundation and it’s not even that great and I’m oily!

  • Stephanie B
    Stephanie B Month ago

    Missed you! Glad your back and feeling better.

    • TrinaDuhra
      TrinaDuhra  Month ago

      Thanks girl! So glad to be back! ❤️

  • Marina Lambiris
    Marina Lambiris Month ago

    Great video