• Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • It's time to move on.
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  • RaccoonEggs
    RaccoonEggs  Month ago +56089

    Thank you for 2 million subscribers. As much as I would've liked this video to be as positive as the others, everything from 4:37 onwards needed to be said. I wanted to be honest rather than spend another month trying to squeeze out a whole 10 minutes of forced content that I didn't enjoy making. Most of my older videos took a couple weeks to a month to finish, but with the state of CS:GO surf and being recognized and followed everywhere I go, it ended up taking months just to scrape together 4 minutes of actual content. The work to reward ratio isn't worth it anymore, and if my only option is making generic matchmaking videos then I'd rather just leave CS:GO behind for now. You'll probably see me play other games like Rust and R6 a lot more, get back into streaming on Twitch, and maybe even do some more old-school commentary videos. I don't know what the future will hold, but hopefully you stick around for the next era of this fucked up channel. Thank you for being here, I appreciate you all more than you know.

    • Ya Boy Vuk
      Ya Boy Vuk 3 days ago

      Understandable, only commenting to get the reply count to 500

    • Vq_x
      Vq_x 13 days ago

      Please play r6

    • PaintedWater
      PaintedWater 25 days ago

      RaccoonEggs good luck with everything

    • ButtMuffin
      ButtMuffin 27 days ago

      It’s ok man, if you ever need to figure life out, just tell everyone on Twitter, we understand. You be you.

    • Lexinator !
      Lexinator ! Month ago

      RaccoonEggs as long as you are doing anything its all good

  • ninja pro59
    ninja pro59 4 hours ago

    Who else cryed when rac said his story

  • Joseph Beecroft
    Joseph Beecroft 8 hours ago

    You have no idea how much you have affected the way that I view the world. Your channel means a lot to me. Thank you

  • Stealth Ninja
    Stealth Ninja 8 hours ago +1

    4:50 9:34 that was really good speech RaccoonEggs glad you’re back enjoyed seeing one of you’re best videos yet once again😌👍🏽

  • Stealth Ninja
    Stealth Ninja 9 hours ago +1

    2:02 I fucking died😂🤣

  • Asvp Luis
    Asvp Luis 9 hours ago

    Make anything you want rac your still gonna be my favorite youtuber💯

  • whatecho
    whatecho 10 hours ago

    Bye Racc. Thanks for making me happy. :)

  • Mann. Co
    Mann. Co 12 hours ago

    I came to this channel for the Csgo. I respect this but I’m sorry I have no reason to give af about this channel anymore

  • Deranged Honkler
    Deranged Honkler 23 hours ago

    This is the end,
    My only friend, the end...

  • Ghost Recon
    Ghost Recon Day ago

    😭NOOOO! Not csgo

  • Esko
    Esko Day ago

    Through your story what the fuck is the gameplay

  • Oxbowzz
    Oxbowzz Day ago

    That guy at the end is a fucking asshole

  • MELLO 1.0
    MELLO 1.0 Day ago +1

    I think I played casual with you today

  • Cody Sims
    Cody Sims Day ago

    I think I played some casual with you today

  • That Random Gamer

    My name's IF too! Jesus Christ

  • Sampp3
    Sampp3 Day ago

    all i can say is wow.

  • OliviaMaquelle
    OliviaMaquelle Day ago

    my comment on this will be short and sweet: thank you. for both your honesty and ability to make me laugh.

  • IlluminationdreamsX

    You see my TVclip channel I started back in 2012 and been working on it for 7 years it's really shitty now but give it 2 months it'll be up better

  • moo zo
    moo zo 2 days ago

    papa racc is literally perfect.

  • I_am_Blaziken
    I_am_Blaziken 2 days ago

    Was anyone else starting to tear up?😢

  • WolfLover058
    WolfLover058 2 days ago

    Aye man I’ve watched your videos for a long time and you’ve give me plenty of laughs

  • Duel Fire
    Duel Fire 2 days ago

    Your funny and cool no matter what so just have fun making your videos ok?

  • Brynn Dennehy
    Brynn Dennehy 2 days ago

    Damn if only I could relate

  • Da poop Band
    Da poop Band 2 days ago

    This video just made me respect racc even more for just being a good person

  • Marvin Badermann
    Marvin Badermann 2 days ago

    "Tame the P U S S Y"

  • Berzerk Leetoad
    Berzerk Leetoad 3 days ago

    Everybody keeps pushing for him to make more videos of r6 and rust and sure those might be entertaining but we all have to come to the conclusion that and some point he's gonna stop completely cause the same thing is gonna happen and he doesn't want it to be forced and at some point we are all going to have to except it and not hope for him to constantly be uploading. It is his choice on what he does and even if it's hard for us to stop focusing on the entertainment factor he should do what he wants to wether or not that means completely changing the concept of his channel or just completely stoping TVclip. We should always be supportive of our favorite content creators sure I might be late to this video but we need to understand he is having a hard time.

  • Erik Todd
    Erik Todd 3 days ago

    It was kind of poetic that once he got that all off his chest he completed the surf. Nice

  • HangedKnuckle YT
    HangedKnuckle YT 3 days ago

    Nigga u have 2 mil subs wheres da celebration
    Edit: nvm

  • CarlDaLord
    CarlDaLord 3 days ago


  • scoot these are just random clips i choose to post

    lmao i don’t care what game you play, no matter how stupid the game is you never seem to make me laugh more than anyone else

  • Dylancal91
    Dylancal91 4 days ago

    What kind of Swagger Souls r u?

    KONO DIO DA 4 days ago

    That life story about youtube got deep fast

  • ZanDoesGaming
    ZanDoesGaming 4 days ago +1

    Say Sike right now

  • Carley Summers-thornton

    Has anyone else noticed how calm he is while having to die and respawn, I have so many broken controllers and consoles cause my raging 💀

  • The Black One
    The Black One 4 days ago

    That speech has literally put me at a loss if words, I cant speak right, I have to communicate through writing/typing

  • the last scoundrel
    the last scoundrel 4 days ago

    tf2 conent? you can make communist jokes with heavy and homicide jokes with pyro

  • s1ayer65
    s1ayer65 4 days ago

    Raccoons obsession with doctor Phil is deep

  • ryaniscold101319
    ryaniscold101319 4 days ago

    That shit made me tear up no lie

  • Jimmy Perales
    Jimmy Perales 4 days ago

    The real talks my man.

  • Blockermemes
    Blockermemes 5 days ago

    Thanks dad

  • Lol mater79 79
    Lol mater79 79 5 days ago

    I cried while listening to this

  • Dizz2508
    Dizz2508 5 days ago

    I appreciate that there is at least one channel who isn't a sell out and is doing what they love. Thank you racc.

  • Slime bella Time Deshotel

    I literally don’t expect much from you, just tell your jokes and I’m content

  • Mr. Lemons
    Mr. Lemons 5 days ago

    This was to wholesome for me

  • Infernal K9
    Infernal K9 5 days ago +1

    I subscribed now where’s my more content

  • Frosty 725
    Frosty 725 5 days ago +1

    I did enjoy does anyone agree

  • Elijah Gosnell
    Elijah Gosnell 5 days ago

    Do for you, Racc. We gonna be cool anyways.

  • Manniboi_ Drache
    Manniboi_ Drache 6 days ago

    Your videos never failed to bring me laughter never stahp an keep going an I will follow

  • ReapSeck
    ReapSeck 6 days ago

    Rac are you okay ?

  • EleStorm
    EleStorm 6 days ago

    Yeah i dont care whether or not you make csgo videos i just want to watch these videos, i wish to be a comedy youtuber and this inspired me

    STAN-DEV 6 days ago +1

    Do a ted talk, write a book or become a priest because my maaan. Your words are healing. :)

  • InfuriousDucky X3
    InfuriousDucky X3 6 days ago

    7:43 Scrubby?

  • SirImDead
    SirImDead 6 days ago

    I'm noticing a trend in which pretty decently sized TVcliprs start realizing how overrated being popular is.

    We're still with ya Raccs

  • Toxic 1010
    Toxic 1010 6 days ago

    I watch this cuase racc inspired me to start a youtube channel and without him i probaly wouldnt hav made any new friends

  • pauleen
    pauleen 6 days ago

    there's minecraft
    i mean
    if you maybe wanna

  • midget king_13
    midget king_13 6 days ago

    you have to be bumpkin

  • Zeak Johnson
    Zeak Johnson 6 days ago

    The CS:GO videos were always my favorite

  • Almighty Doge
    Almighty Doge 7 days ago

    It's frustrating to realize that what got you here today is slowly fading in the past.


  • Mason L.
    Mason L. 7 days ago

    Raccooneggs I'd love to talk to you dude you're really interesting and I'd say honestly if I ever saw you in the lobby I think it would be awesome to befriend you because you seem like a cool guy and Goodluck with the future

  • Gameknight 995
    Gameknight 995 7 days ago

    Do a drunk Minecraft series with your friends

  • GhostKevin21
    GhostKevin21 7 days ago

    This is emotional damm😩

  • Mc Whiff
    Mc Whiff 7 days ago

    Play R6 with me sometime man

  • Time Traveler
    Time Traveler 7 days ago

    Anyone wanna play r6 with some good nontoxic friend's?

    TRXPXKILLA 7 days ago

    You exposed your number my dude

  • Mason Samjay
    Mason Samjay 7 days ago

    Bro... I love you raccooneggs!!! You have brought joy into my life and laughter as well! I’ll be here content or no content. Thank you for all the laughs you give me and the happiness you have brought to my life even if it’s just 4 minutes of time. You’re the best!

  • Taylor Maldonado
    Taylor Maldonado 7 days ago

    absolutely everyone liked this

  • Macey Emery
    Macey Emery 8 days ago

    We love you rac!

  • Adam Bigboy
    Adam Bigboy 8 days ago +4

    My mans over here being straight with the audience this👏 is👏 so👏 wholesome👏

  • Kelsea Speer
    Kelsea Speer 8 days ago

    Dude I cried when he said “ like I was being put on a pedestal and I was better than everyone else “

  • Mr.BuzzSton
    Mr.BuzzSton 8 days ago

    Damm that shit was deep

  • Midnight The Furry
    Midnight The Furry 8 days ago

    damn that hit me right here ♥️

  • Adorkable 7
    Adorkable 7 8 days ago

    I missed you loser😂😩😩

    • 88 Immortal
      88 Immortal 6 days ago

      Adorkable 7 tf u mean nigga with that gay shit

  • Bisexual Disaster
    Bisexual Disaster 8 days ago

    Racc is wholesome imma fucking cry

  • LeDerp Zod
    LeDerp Zod 8 days ago


  • Nicholas Wittner
    Nicholas Wittner 8 days ago

    If I met you I'd try to be a clown but tbh that's who I am