THE END OF CS:GO (for now)

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • It's time to move on.
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  • RaccoonEggs
    RaccoonEggs  6 months ago +59069

    Thank you for 2 million subscribers. As much as I would've liked this video to be as positive as the others, everything from 4:37 onwards needed to be said. I wanted to be honest rather than spend another month trying to squeeze out a whole 10 minutes of forced content that I didn't enjoy making. Most of my older videos took a couple weeks to a month to finish, but with the state of CS:GO surf and being recognized and followed everywhere I go, it ended up taking months just to scrape together 4 minutes of actual content. The work to reward ratio isn't worth it anymore, and if my only option is making generic matchmaking videos then I'd rather just leave CS:GO behind for now. You'll probably see me play other games like Rust and R6 a lot more, get back into streaming on Twitch, and maybe even do some more old-school commentary videos. I don't know what the future will hold, but hopefully you stick around for the next era of this fucked up channel. Thank you for being here, I appreciate you all more than you know.

    • Antonio Carlsen
      Antonio Carlsen 6 days ago

      Please come back

    • topvillan102
      topvillan102 3 months ago

      my mame is capo ddeherrera I go to prare middle school in auoura Co and please don't stop your videos you made most of my duprshin go a way. and I am serious your videos helps me. I have real bad inziut and my parents are going through a divorce and I can't see my mom for a month. but your videos help me get through this mess up stuff in my life. please make more videos.

    • Ya Boy Vuk
      Ya Boy Vuk 5 months ago

      Understandable, only commenting to get the reply count to 500

    • Vq_x
      Vq_x 5 months ago

      Please play r6

    • YeeYeeJuice
      YeeYeeJuice 6 months ago

      RaccoonEggs good luck with everything

    GARAFE KING 3 hours ago

    Your voice sounds like you hit puberty at age 4

    GARAFE KING 3 hours ago

    You should make a fun facts channel

  • hello_there
    hello_there 19 hours ago

    you’re my fav youtube by far, and whatever you do I’ll always support my dude. Watched this video kinda late tho whoops 😬

  • SimonH
    SimonH Day ago

    who would ever willingly eat marcos pizza that’s disgusting

  • Jean Carcamo
    Jean Carcamo Day ago

    I still miss him 2020

  • Your gay Lic my ass
    Your gay Lic my ass 2 days ago

    My nigga I criyd

  • Jomar
    Jomar 3 days ago

    Big F

  • Harvey Haycock
    Harvey Haycock 4 days ago

    Qualjus Magalgus

  • Darn I Suck
    Darn I Suck 4 days ago

    Hide your identity online

  • Angie De Sousa
    Angie De Sousa 6 days ago

    I subscribed for your personality and your humor I don’t even care what you upload ,your are just an amazing and wholesome TVclipr🥺and sorry u feel that way

  • Luke Lisac
    Luke Lisac 6 days ago +1

    nerve raccing

  • TheFrenchMafia
    TheFrenchMafia 6 days ago

    Imagine how funny raping a nun would be.

  • Sir Sorted Book4 the 1ST

    I like just seen Your channel and I can already tell you don’t need to work on just one game people will always love what you do

  • BlakeOwl426
    BlakeOwl426 8 days ago

    Yo who disliked, cuz theyre cunts

  • soldi3r ツ
    soldi3r ツ 8 days ago +1

    When he missed that jump 80 times I wanted to die

  • TALENT 39
    TALENT 39 10 days ago

    Just do what you like and the rest will follow

  • Hellboy666
    Hellboy666 10 days ago

    for real man you got such a strong seeing and thinking of things
    Im sorry for pushing you into this role
    Take your time even if you never make a video again

  • HisTitan
    HisTitan 11 days ago

    I kinda wish someone said "yo that's crazy but who asked"

  • nevin & the bros
    nevin & the bros 13 days ago

    Your story at the end helped me realize. Yeah I'm sad as fuck & I really do need help & I can't just keep running from it. I just need & will go & get help

  • Carl _
    Carl _ 13 days ago

    Im sad now because deep down. i know my favorite youtiber literally ever is just done. i witnessed the beginning, and the ending of an entire youtube channel. please comeback.

  • Uber Cow
    Uber Cow 14 days ago

    Its been 5 months Racc, pls upload

  • Tripp WRLD
    Tripp WRLD 14 days ago

    Why you kill me : (

  • droiddoes58
    droiddoes58 14 days ago

    You can meet strangers there and have natural interactions
    Just dont use an obvious name like RaccoonEggs ;)
    Love you man hope your well

  • subscribe to pewdiepie

    Omg its bumpkin

  • unforgivable desires
    unforgivable desires 15 days ago

    Damn bro your the best kind of human being I've seen so far, don't stop being you that's the best thing anyone could ever ask for

  • Peanutbutter63
    Peanutbutter63 15 days ago

    I much enjoy

  • MirthTheOg087
    MirthTheOg087 15 days ago

    Sad raccoon noises

  • Carlthegamr
    Carlthegamr 16 days ago

    i love you rac what ever you do ill support

  • A B
    A B 17 days ago

    I’ve been an on and off viewer of your content but I get what you mean from this video. Hope you’re not as stressed as you were during the time you uploaded this racc, you’ve been a good form of positivity on me from what clips I have seen of you❤️❤️

  • shooterbass10
    shooterbass10 17 days ago +1

    haha nerve-RACCing 7:26

  • Tyler Avery
    Tyler Avery 18 days ago

    m8 we watch you because of you not what you do so just do what you enjoy and well enjoy it with you

  • Valkaerie
    Valkaerie 18 days ago

    Well, I cannot speak for anyone else, but i'm here because of the person, not the game. You as a person are why i'm here, and i'm certain a majority of your subs feel the same way.

  • Pigboy 17
    Pigboy 17 18 days ago

    You a legend and your personality is funny i think what ever comes out in the future its gonna be good

  • Ozman213
    Ozman213 18 days ago

    0:20 elmo 😂

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones 19 days ago

    I cried a little

  • augustwinters
    augustwinters 19 days ago

    nerve raccing

  • noah2460 noah2460
    noah2460 noah2460 20 days ago

    Racc come Bacc

  • Big pope Francis
    Big pope Francis 20 days ago

    Do a frickin Ted talk, you would change a lot of lives

  • Kill me soft Goodwin
    Kill me soft Goodwin 20 days ago

    You are a good person racc

  • Ian The Great
    Ian The Great 20 days ago +1

    who sat through his whole fucking life story? i know i did

  • Jace uwu
    Jace uwu 20 days ago


  • Sarcastic Rozell
    Sarcastic Rozell 22 days ago

    Only today have i found your channel, and ive come to really love it. Your videos are absolutely hilarious, and i cant stop binge watching your videos! I would really like to meet you.
    Are you going to vidcon or anything like that? 🖤

    • Zhand3r
      Zhand3r 20 days ago

      If you have only just founed him, i suggest looking at his twitch because thats the last place where his content is at, i do believe he is going to make a video soon because he is dropping a figurine on on friday, and he is hopefully going to announce it on youtube

  • xxDietPepsii
    xxDietPepsii 22 days ago +1


  • Kashema1
    Kashema1 23 days ago +1

    racc you are one of the funniest youtubers I've ever stumbled upon and honestly whatever you do ill still watch your content. my favorite bits are the raccoon does _____ and because that doesn't rely on your popularity it will still be easy to make, but it depends on your willingness. just keep doing what you do, man.

    :::GRIM REAPER::: ASA 23 days ago +1

    😢😢is General mad men extremely sad

  • Bluepeace990
    Bluepeace990 24 days ago

    I hate how people think racc isn’t serious and he just tells jokes all the time (NO) that’s not racc he’s also a person and he loves people and his fans and for the one time he tries to tell a story everyone just interrupts and treats him terrible

  • Kaiden Carey
    Kaiden Carey 24 days ago

    I love these deep racc talks

    MIKKELEK333 24 days ago

    why are we friends in csgo

  • Zqxy
    Zqxy 24 days ago

    wait so like can i have some of your skins cause Im not allowed to buy any

  • ZackFoster47
    ZackFoster47 25 days ago

    The amount of times people confuse RacoonEggs for Fitz. It hurts my soul.

  • Devin Cuadras
    Devin Cuadras 25 days ago

    Everyday. I eat food.

  • Joshua Chen
    Joshua Chen 26 days ago

    the fact that rac was messing up all of his surfs triggered my OCD

    • Sam Speaks
      Sam Speaks 22 days ago

      Joshua Chen shut the fuck up

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel 26 days ago +1

    When he was tellung the story he never made it to the end of the slide i would have raged cant understand how he was so calm.

  • Captain Squirrel
    Captain Squirrel 26 days ago

    Qwaljus Magalgus

  • SwampGoat
    SwampGoat 26 days ago

    You did a very good job racc and I appreciate the laughs you brought and I agree with your decision good luck in the future

  • yellow bird
    yellow bird 26 days ago


  • Mc Dilly
    Mc Dilly 26 days ago

    Racc could be a motivational speaker he spittin fax🗿
    Stay hopeful brother racc👴🏿

    NIKDM 26 days ago

    Who actually thinks this is funny?

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname 27 days ago

    I wrote a paper on raccooneggs for English about a year ago when he was still uploading constantly. Good times. We all love you racc