i bet you cant understand a word in this video.. YLYL #0047

  • Published on Jan 1, 2019
  • ylyl skratta du forlorar du mannen is back epic montage compilation funny moments memes

    Shook: tvclip.biz/channel/UCZF8rswpPhDhLDIFacEelHw
    Thats right jay: tvclip.biz/video/xxism5TlErQ/video.html
    Redlettermedia: tvclip.biz/user/RedLetterMedia
    Drumnfunmeme: tvclip.biz/video/QbPj5vfprIQ/video.html
    Girl on bus: tvclip.biz/video/sxeDDKTwxKQ/video.html
    Anyone have the girls stream link? I cant find it

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  • Pikachixatron
    Pikachixatron Day ago

    1:19 He is saying: Brat Wojciech (My Pl boi)

  • xXPro ZachXx
    xXPro ZachXx 2 days ago

    9:40 New character in smash Woman:Sreams in the opponent
    And also a new fnaf character TheScreamingWoman:SCARES THE $HIT OUT OF YOU

  • Sanyam TheBest
    Sanyam TheBest 2 days ago

    in video he had 79mil subs.. right now he has 97mil

  • CartoonBeast
    CartoonBeast 2 days ago

    We need a Jesus dlc for smash

  • Noah Eschenbach
    Noah Eschenbach 2 days ago

    when Felix doesn't notice that smashing like 2 takes a way the like

  • Project Teal
    Project Teal 2 days ago

    0:13 the DVD thing in the corner hit the corner!?!?!?!?!!??!

  • Tzielsky
    Tzielsky 3 days ago

    I dont understand the rule, he explained that on Swedish

  • Aj gacha evolved
    Aj gacha evolved 3 days ago

    That guy in the back at time 3.03

  • Darklanx
    Darklanx 4 days ago

    Why so many people aren't smashing like twice like what pewd asked, kinda disappointed.

  • Fodules 4life
    Fodules 4life 4 days ago

    lmao he had 79 million subs in this video and now he has 97... 17 million subs in 7 months

  • YeetsForWeeks
    YeetsForWeeks 4 days ago

    at the very beginning of the video, the dvd thing hit the corner of the screen

  • jordnajelA ozaR
    jordnajelA ozaR 6 days ago

    jesus, this looked so grey

  • Shadowninja 3160 the 2nd

    hay bru gimme mony ore i steel al yoor subskriders

  • Chris Jensen
    Chris Jensen 7 days ago

    2:57 That guy in the backround

  • Makka Pakka4599 - Brawl Stars

    0:06 and 0:18 The DVD symbol hits the corner

  • Daisy Romero
    Daisy Romero 7 days ago

    Yo anyone se that at the start of the vid the DVD screen made it to the corner imediatly

  • not all heroes wear capes

    Jesus joins smashbros confirmed?

  • The Master
    The Master 9 days ago +3

    God bless the beautiful person who setup the captions, you helped make the video funnier! xD

  • 10,000 subs with no videos

    I wonder if he cut his wrist because he always has a sweater

  • Bhargab Das
    Bhargab Das 10 days ago

    Jonathan is better than miljonr

  • baysgalan enkhee
    baysgalan enkhee 10 days ago

    whayne ai smush laik 2timez it stuppud thge laik whay whay felix ??

  • Thomas Hansmann
    Thomas Hansmann 11 days ago

    Got PewDiePie Ads Before a PewDiePie Video

  • Waterlily 5109
    Waterlily 5109 11 days ago

    are we just gonna ignore that in 0:23 the DVD thing hit the corner?

  • diarray moody
    diarray moody 11 days ago

    the quality is just


  • AreefGuswa
    AreefGuswa 14 days ago +1

    Welcome to wkwkland Felix.

  • Aidan McConnell
    Aidan McConnell 15 days ago +1

    dvd symbol. hit corner like 50 thousand times.

  • Icesquee Ice
    Icesquee Ice 15 days ago


  • Jayne Samuel
    Jayne Samuel 16 days ago

    How do you have so much subdcribers

  • Gabrielflor
    Gabrielflor 17 days ago

    “ I already died I don’t care what the hell is on there”
    - Pewdiepie

  • EvilGamer123415
    EvilGamer123415 17 days ago

    79 MIL NOW 97 MIL

  • Indie Gamer
    Indie Gamer 17 days ago

    What was the link in the last part of the video

  • Matthew Gotta go
    Matthew Gotta go 18 days ago

    It hit the corner

  • Caleb Rodriguez-Tamayo
    Caleb Rodriguez-Tamayo 19 days ago +2

    DVD Player touched the corner...

  • Haziq Mubashir
    Haziq Mubashir 20 days ago

    Skrrate dü florradadou

  • Kaija Bax
    Kaija Bax 20 days ago


  • my name is jeff
    my name is jeff 21 day ago

    9:55 indo mana suaranya.....

  • Vikram D
    Vikram D 22 days ago +1

    You laugh you lemon

  • Shōn Adong
    Shōn Adong 24 days ago +1

    Looks like you found my comment
    Here you deserve a 🍪

  • Tea Sis
    Tea Sis 24 days ago

    *4:24** is that, is th-that, Tormund?* 😂

  • Something Sedona
    Something Sedona 24 days ago

    I looked up what skratta du forlorar du mannen means in english and I got "Laugh you lose you man"

  • HhEroO
    HhEroO 25 days ago +4

    Jokes on you felix I did understand something in the video, I think it was *sggfeaAbdjdidbJD I IDNSJSIDNDJDJDIDJJDODJD28383BDJDUGS*

    Also, don't watch my videos

  • sai htut
    sai htut 26 days ago

    I want pewds to react to the whole story for that ad at 5:49

  • Bejoo Blast
    Bejoo Blast 26 days ago

    Last meme is police officer, doing something on they freetime

  • WhiteMatterLynx
    WhiteMatterLynx 27 days ago

    Tv in the background Is the best tv ever

  • John Pialoglou
    John Pialoglou 27 days ago

    He said 76milion

  • Classical LoL
    Classical LoL 29 days ago

    10:01 is from indonesia

    REDRISEN 29 days ago

    I think i lost a couple of brain cells in the start of the video

    MR. BEASTMODE Month ago +3

    PewDiePie- “I’m shaking”
    Does jazz hands

  • Cillian Bourdin
    Cillian Bourdin Month ago

    I understand ever word

  • Ilma Irfani
    Ilma Irfani Month ago

    9:54 where to find that meme please i need to know!!

  • HillBird
    HillBird Month ago

    9:54 Indonesian meme everyone

  • Gaming For A Day
    Gaming For A Day Month ago +1

    9:54 that's a normal meme in Southeast Asia

  • Dying Everyday
    Dying Everyday Month ago +1

    9:54 that's from Indonesia 🤣🤣🤣

  • createjm
    createjm Month ago

    jokes on you i’m meme cultured loser

  • Steven Brian Dumaguit

    Is Jojo in Cococaine if she is now I know why she is to positive.🙁🤕

    BRAVE_ RUBYZ Month ago

    3:45 what??

  • Random Dude In Youtube Making Videos

    0:37 I went to this vid and turned on captions

    Welp I guess it’s not usable anymore

  • King Akimoto
    King Akimoto Month ago

    What's that drumming game called?

  • Viola Sciolette
    Viola Sciolette Month ago

    What was that thing he didn’t understand?

  • Kayla Ojeda
    Kayla Ojeda Month ago

    I’m high and fully expected to not understand a single word you said this video.
    I’m glad I can tho bc I just couldn’t handle that

  • superbadgerdoom
    superbadgerdoom Month ago

    I'd really like to make fun of Zelda girl. But, I've done plenty crap like that.
    I played Surviving Mars three months before I realized that some you could cycle presets on buildings.

  • Chip Fuse
    Chip Fuse Month ago

    Voy couage

  • N-word Surfer
    N-word Surfer Month ago

    Holy shit felix likes rlm

  • Naj Rekceah
    Naj Rekceah Month ago

    I died at the botw one

  • CatEater47
    CatEater47 Month ago

    No idea what he's saying 😐😕

  • Vance Biondo
    Vance Biondo Month ago

    Quit hitting me with it

  • Tyler Dickey
    Tyler Dickey Month ago

    I’m from 5 months in the future, Felix literally fucking gained 20 million subs in less than 5 months

  • Kunihiro’s Hood
    Kunihiro’s Hood Month ago

    that scream was scarier than every fnaf jumpscare ever

  • Harden Lake
    Harden Lake Month ago +1

    Before mary ham was discovered

  • tristan
    tristan Month ago

    that's richæ

    INSEIKYU01 Month ago

    Scrata RLM!!? 😆

  • Bri Marie
    Bri Marie Month ago

    At 2:20 what game is that

  • Bitch Lasagna
    Bitch Lasagna Month ago


  • Treana Harris
    Treana Harris Month ago

    Did I spell that right?

  • Shin Lancelot
    Shin Lancelot Month ago

    That japanese ad is really funny with plot twist at last...

  • Subjective Object
    Subjective Object Month ago

    Dam that means she beat 3/4 divine beasts without locking on or charge attacking

  • Laurence
    Laurence Month ago

    0:18 pewds is a stand user confirmed

  • Iva Alourda
    Iva Alourda Month ago

    video quality..... on point

  • Justin San.
    Justin San. Month ago

    That's Left *_JAY_*

  • M17
    M17 Month ago

    I live with out a AC.

  • Dwiki Alfian
    Dwiki Alfian Month ago

    9:54 Hanya direzim ini

  • Bardo boy515
    Bardo boy515 Month ago

    gugug gdfgsf ddsf dfffgyrt ttyfdfd ttrrtryry

    you get that?

  • Noah Shively-Blinn
    Noah Shively-Blinn Month ago

    Put the first video to 2× speed and thank me later.

  • The Monster
    The Monster Month ago

    Pews lose to Thanos jokes🤣

  • KawaiiKoala
    KawaiiKoala Month ago

    4:20. I don’t get it either ._.

  • ms bread
    ms bread Month ago

    what poods didnt know he wil get 90 mil subs in the future

  • Luca Ko
    Luca Ko Month ago +1

    Ich guck das Video aber verstehe nix und like trorzdem

  • Gabriel Calderon
    Gabriel Calderon Month ago +7

    "you'll know what it's like to lose"

  • Thomas Marshall
    Thomas Marshall Month ago +264

    Says its hot.
    Turns on AC
    Instead of taking off Jacket

  • Sara Paunovic
    Sara Paunovic Month ago +9

    Now while im rewatching these vids i can see how bad quality really is

  • lol ok
    lol ok Month ago

    the quality in this is the worst

  • beni
    beni Month ago +3

    4:23 and now his watch has ended

  • Warm Pond
    Warm Pond Month ago

    Did understand a word in that video? Maybe. Was I able to comprehend what she was talking about? No...not at all...

  • TheSkeleton900
    TheSkeleton900 Month ago +2

    Just speak Swedish

  • Bryan Ponga
    Bryan Ponga Month ago

    9:55 negara +62 lol

  • Truvi YT
    Truvi YT Month ago +1

    0:34 good job on writing the captions

  • frapikstuffsツ
    frapikstuffsツ Month ago

    That game is osu 2:20 pewd please bring bacc osu

  • Potato Cat60
    Potato Cat60 Month ago +1



  • Anna Tistrand
    Anna Tistrand Month ago

    You Maybe not Will win this Pewdiepie i’m sorry. Because i Wanted You to win. (Swedish. För du är också svensk lol men det är inte bara det). But IF You lose You can still be a very good youtube and You can still do youtube videos. 👍🏻👍🏻😊

  • T No
    T No Month ago

    I think the joke was that people were shaking the flag while they were holding it on purpose so it made it look like the people being filmed were jerking off...