My Mom Came to School and Embarrassed Me... | Roblox Royale High Roleplay


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  • slimeloverchloexxx I love slime

    Im.A huge fan please notice me inquisitor master xx

  • Pizza Loldollz
    Pizza Loldollz 2 days ago

    Get some dark fairy friends and then your mom will believe you👍🏻

  • razel alegre
    razel alegre 2 days ago

    Alex I saw u in Royale High! Its me Princess Chloe

  • Farrel Mike Entana
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  • Mikky Sanchez
    Mikky Sanchez 3 days ago


  • Mikky Sanchez
    Mikky Sanchez 3 days ago


  • Suzanne Gonzales
    Suzanne Gonzales 4 days ago

    I like Zach

  • Janette Kenny
    Janette Kenny 5 days ago

    Zachary was watching you when you were talking to your mom

  • Natalia Zdrojewska
    Natalia Zdrojewska 6 days ago

    66ggcghcjytcjycyjxwqdwqqjytwdanaeejyucgtyjwyjgcjryawg/€(=@,@€$^",^^#@$"_,$"×@^×$@"^£€_£÷@@*&^("' - £(&# $@

  • Tamara Forester-Richards

    Alex come to my country Jamaica

  • Melissa Martinsen
    Melissa Martinsen 7 days ago

    I don't wanna be Angel or dark fairy I wanna be half Angel half dark fairy!

  • Milika Siua
    Milika Siua 10 days ago +1

    I saw zachary's name tag.

  • Joe Acevedo
    Joe Acevedo 12 days ago

    Omg Alex your soo pretty

  • MicroJosue 567-2
    MicroJosue 567-2 16 days ago



    once in a while are dark fairys good. sometimes and sometimes not.

  • Erin Hamill
    Erin Hamill 16 days ago

    The last episode was on your channel Alex

  • Monica Ramirez
    Monica Ramirez 17 days ago

    U should of take ur wings off

  • _-*  Banana_Milk_Games *-_

    If that was me:
    *my mom arrives*
    Me: *starts crying*

  • Truc Bui
    Truc Bui 20 days ago

    Then just don’t where them

  • Sian & Lian Tan Alzola

    Alex I've follow you at tik tok

  • Honey Lawman
    Honey Lawman 23 days ago

    I want r obux so I can have unicorn clothes
    Plees my cowt

  • jun chongko
    jun chongko 23 days ago

    I do really care about it

  • Camille’s World: A Place for Kids and Unicorns!!!

    I love you vids keep up the good work🍩😀

  • Gbtbtbt Baby g
    Gbtbtbt Baby g 24 days ago

    I love you sooo much Alex

  • Covarrubias Fam
    Covarrubias Fam 25 days ago

    3:t9 Zach is in his room...
    Btw love you Alex 💜

  • Covarrubias Fam
    Covarrubias Fam 25 days ago

    Hey why does Dove’s mom coming if her mom own’s the school?

  • jorelen maangue
    jorelen maangue 26 days ago

    hi alex ♥♥♥

  • Joenel Cruz
    Joenel Cruz 26 days ago

    You should have cganged and removed your name🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Sara Mohamed
    Sara Mohamed 27 days ago

    Hey Alex why don't you just tell him that you are a dark fairy, he figure it out later

  • MairaIsHere
    MairaIsHere 27 days ago

    you are wearing a elsa outfit?

  • Ruby Chan
    Ruby Chan 27 days ago

    I see Zach in his dorm

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    I think Dove likes Zach if you agree press the like button😙

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    If we can get this to 1000 likes or up that means you LOVE ALEX'S VIDS

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    luna the hedgehog Month ago

    Can i have a backpack

  • Arvy Calvo
    Arvy Calvo Month ago

    Hi!im arvy im your big fan i love royale high too like yoy

  • sister vs. sister extreme

    I love your mom

  • Neo Abby Kim
    Neo Abby Kim Month ago

    Accept Me Alex Please Im Your Beggist Fan
    Accept This:Felicia_langrabb

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    adriana rosales Month ago

    Inqusitiormaster you are the best my name la jasmin

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    unicorn world Month ago

    i am a fan

  • Chloe Roblox
    Chloe Roblox Month ago

    Ur moms kinder than zachs RIGHT?

  • Elaine McMath
    Elaine McMath Month ago

    I love your videos ❤️

    NICHOLA SCOTT Month ago

    hi if u made this sunday in jauary 2019 and met a giarl called annie it was me i did not get time to send u that friend quest sorry alex so bye

  • Yo Boy787
    Yo Boy787 Month ago

    I saw Zacks name

  • Desteny Moran
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  • Brien Blue
    Brien Blue Month ago

    0:16 oh there they are...

  • Brien Blue
    Brien Blue Month ago

    0:04 where are her wings?!?!?

  • Elif Ciledag
    Elif Ciledag Month ago

    I love your vidos soo much

  • Tilley Kaye
    Tilley Kaye Month ago

    You never say "dad want to meat him

  • SISvsSIS Videos
    SISvsSIS Videos Month ago

    I can see zackery's name in his room so he's in his room

  • Shashowti Chowdhury

    Zach. is a Prince

  • Dani Gutierrez
    Dani Gutierrez Month ago

    hi I Love your volos

  • Austin Metcalfe
    Austin Metcalfe Month ago

    Someone came in the library and it wasn’t a dark fairy

  • Carrot Guitar
    Carrot Guitar Month ago +1

    You should just tell Zach your a dark fairy!

  • Aryn Xaviera Villalobos

    even me hehe☺im a fan

  • Aryn Xaviera Villalobos

    alex ive played royale high a bunch of times and people keep copying your look and even dove's and zach

  • *FuN* to *DraW* with *SaM*

    Hi I love you
    I m an artist
    (Wait i m not a guy)
    I love art.

  • DJ - Dalania Joyce
    DJ - Dalania Joyce Month ago

    1 like equals a heart for both Alex and Zach

  • zevaehs life
    zevaehs life Month ago

    Guys even if someone says something bad about you always remember you and love it

  • Rebecca Needham
    Rebecca Needham Month ago

    I. Have watched U and dove and Zach's videos by the way can U guys be my friend on roblex sam199991

  • Kim Jisoo BTS
    Kim Jisoo BTS Month ago

    Huh?? I thought Zachary was a girl

    Edit: Lol I'm so dumb

  • Ani King
    Ani King Month ago +1

    I love this but it is so sad a bit waaaaaa

  • Lizbeths Channel
    Lizbeths Channel Month ago +1

    I don't have enough diamonds and cant have a dorm

  • Kyra Vaughn
    Kyra Vaughn Month ago

    So just go to your dorm really fast when your mom's not around and paint your wings and then go to the school if your mom is some where else and then go back to your dorm and paint your wings black

  • Karen Honeycutt
    Karen Honeycutt Month ago

    I love you to Alex I love your video is amazing and this video needs 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 like

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    Hey Alex you are the best think you for all the video 🐱

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    why didn't you take off yr wings

  • Margalie Eloi-Alfred

    One slap for dove

  • Sophia Siow
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  • The Le Epic Destroyer

    Who has noticed Zachary has a shark with cat ears but Alex has a cat with a shark eating it

  • Princess ninimae gamer

    That girl that a dark fairy is not Alex friend

  • Water Ninja
    Water Ninja Month ago +1

    Zach x
    Zach x A
    Zach x Al
    Zach x Ale
    Zach x Alex
    Zach x Ale
    Zach x Al
    Zach x A
    Zach x

  • Carla Estevez
    Carla Estevez Month ago

    I. Love you 😍😍😍😍😍

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    Don't lie !!!!!!

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    Naila Diaz Month ago

    I didn’t find the next episode with Zach

  • Yolanda Fallen
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  • Jenna Presnell
    Jenna Presnell Month ago

    Dove is being very specific: My angle mom would love to meet your angle mom

  • Richard de Vera
    Richard de Vera Month ago

    Alex please continue it please i want to continue it cause i want to see the meet up please alex

  • Jamie Harty
    Jamie Harty Month ago

    OH MY GOD That’s IT FOR THE VIDEO wow but I still like your videos

  • S Orant
    S Orant Month ago

    The title of this video is the story of my life XD

  • NahNah McCoy
    NahNah McCoy Month ago

    I am going to un srcrble to you

  • Olivia Evans
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  • The amazing Family of fun

    Zachary is in his dorm when Alex and Alexa mom where talking lol 😂

  • queen Elizabeth
    queen Elizabeth Month ago

    oh gosh

  • Ryanne Francine Padernal

    Wait she lied

  • Mircea Grancea
    Mircea Grancea Month ago

    I meet dove

  • Mircea Grancea
    Mircea Grancea Month ago

    Inquisitor master, I'm the biggest fan(ps:I'm a girl

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  • Eve Alysha
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  • aalia 10x
    aalia 10x 2 months ago

    in 9:57 it was 🤣

  • Dinora Amaya
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  • Jiji Essam
    Jiji Essam 2 months ago

    Get your mum away from your school she’s mean

  • Katie&amber K&A
    Katie&amber K&A 2 months ago

    U remind me of Ariana Grade

  • Anas Arshad
    Anas Arshad 2 months ago +3

    4:14 zach name was showing on the wall could you see it was he spying?🤔😨😱😱😱😱

  • Noor Bibi
    Noor Bibi 2 months ago

    Tell him now that you are a evli

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    since I find out about this video,I was obsessed with this video and I really want to tell my friends but unfortunately it's school holiday but to be honest I really wanted to tell my friends about this video and subscribe and give a thumbs up to all your video!im so excited to tell and show my friends!

  • Jackie Monroy
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    I can t believe Alex had to wear her dark fairy wings!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Angele Torres
    Angele Torres 2 months ago

    That’s what my mom do when it’s the first day of school I got embarrassed