My Mom Came to School and Embarrassed Me... | Roblox Royale High Roleplay


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  • Arianna Thompson

    Love you

  • Jelyn Digma
    Jelyn Digma Day ago

    Stop lying to your mom

  • Kelly Playz
    Kelly Playz 2 days ago +1

    i just had the parent teacher confrence. ;-;

  • Muna Abbas
    Muna Abbas 2 days ago

    Ummmmmmm is that your real mom

  • kylie marie ALABADO
    kylie marie ALABADO 2 days ago

    Your mom so mean she a domen

  • rocksta vids
    rocksta vids 2 days ago

    U and put on the notification bell

  • rocksta vids
    rocksta vids 2 days ago

    I have subscribed and joined the dark side of

  • Tulio Pedraza
    Tulio Pedraza 3 days ago


  • Pluto Plogue
    Pluto Plogue 3 days ago


  • Ruben Vasquez
    Ruben Vasquez 4 days ago

    I like alex

  • Ruben Vasquez
    Ruben Vasquez 4 days ago

    Did your parents die and we're you crying i feel bad for you

  • Heather Robertson
    Heather Robertson 4 days ago

    I love you

  • The Animal People
    The Animal People 4 days ago

    Ummmmm I wanted to see the meet up

  • ger murphy
    ger murphy 4 days ago +1

    Such a big fan I love this oh and I seen you in a game I drest up as you do you remember

  • Kristen Stewart
    Kristen Stewart 4 days ago

    *if i would be zach i would reveal my nature like “hey alex im a vampire” thats an example*

  • Morayma Angulo
    Morayma Angulo 5 days ago

    Zach was there

  • Sajida Bano
    Sajida Bano 5 days ago

    Wow nice?

  • Fatima Didar
    Fatima Didar 5 days ago

    Congrats u have soo many subs well done

  • Kristen Stewart
    Kristen Stewart 5 days ago


  • Kristen Stewart
    Kristen Stewart 5 days ago


  • Kristen Stewart
    Kristen Stewart 5 days ago

    alex shouldnt u tell zach ur a dark fairy? if so i might join u if u want user: GamingwithViktoria 😍

  • Winter Snow Magical Unicorn

    oh gosh noble.....what if he sees u😣😲

  • Gricelda Cortez
    Gricelda Cortez 6 days ago

    Project zorgo is always watching!!

  • StarShine Sade
    StarShine Sade 6 days ago

    Every hour makes you feel better miss ALEX!!!!! Love ya the kindness demon 😈

  • Liv’s ASMR
    Liv’s ASMR 6 days ago +1

    Not to be mean to Alex but did anybody notice that Zachary was in his room how did you not even notice that Alex is mom is there and seen what she was saying that’s kind of weird but I still love Alex

  • Zuzanna Pietrzak
    Zuzanna Pietrzak 6 days ago

    4:00 why is Zachary in his dorm🤣?

  • Prutha Pimpalgaonkar

    Alex's mom is the same person who helped her out of her locker.!!🤔🤔🤐

  • Fire_Puppy
    Fire_Puppy 6 days ago

    Why not tell the truth to her? Would she even care? ( for u to know I didn't watch that much so I don't know that much :P)

  • Reign TV
    Reign TV 6 days ago


  • layla pierre louis
    layla pierre louis 7 days ago

    That's your mom!! OMG!😮😲

  • tyrianna Ruffin
    tyrianna Ruffin 7 days ago

    You make so much of nobody knew he was a Prince

  • Maibeth Woods
    Maibeth Woods 7 days ago

    I saw you in rolblox

  • bartlomiej kropinski

    ♡¤♡ ◇▪◇ ◇0◇


    Why u always lieing

  • Shawna Scafide
    Shawna Scafide 8 days ago

    Hi Alex I was playing royal high and I saw DOVE and I look like u and dove said Weres Ur HALLO

  • jennifer martinez
    jennifer martinez 8 days ago

    ur a dark fairy alex ima tell zachary

  • Laura Karl
    Laura Karl 8 days ago

    Your gone!

  • Laura Karl
    Laura Karl 8 days ago

    She going to kill you!

  • Abigail Frazier
    Abigail Frazier 8 days ago

    I think 6ou should lie saying that your adopted so they won't think your real mom is a dark fairy

  • Curtis Mccoy
    Curtis Mccoy 8 days ago

    Aww then tell her to stop that

  • Curtis Mccoy
    Curtis Mccoy 8 days ago


  • Diamond29080 -
    Diamond29080 - 8 days ago

    Your mum seems like malificent

  • Eee_ ton
    Eee_ ton 9 days ago

    Wait you said *go over to Zachary's channel* But this is the second vid from you he didn't make a previous....I just got a little confused hehe

  • Tania Lopez
    Tania Lopez 9 days ago

    I see Zach in his room at 1:08

  • Joe Angela's YouTube

    nvm i was using the playlist, i guess its mixed up

  • Joe Angela's YouTube

    The last ep was in your channel tho

  • Lps Mya Boi
    Lps Mya Boi 9 days ago

    I love u soooo much I wish I could meet u

  • chezdavies3
    chezdavies3 9 days ago

    That must be embarrassing hehe

  • chezdavies3
    chezdavies3 9 days ago

    Luv you and he role plays

  • chezdavies3
    chezdavies3 9 days ago +1

    I’m bffs with Alex on BlockStar

  • Alya Youtube
    Alya Youtube 9 days ago

    Oh no!!!! Luv u
    X 💚💛💜💓💞

  • Andrew Nghiem
    Andrew Nghiem 9 days ago

    Roses are red violets are blue I like you because you’re so blue.

  • Andrew Nghiem
    Andrew Nghiem 9 days ago

    Why don’t you just tell your boyfriend that you’re a dark fairy

  • Andrew Nghiem
    Andrew Nghiem 9 days ago

    Hi you’re amazing

  • callan shufflebotham

    Tell uer the truth

  • lydia heryanto
    lydia heryanto 10 days ago

    Part two pls!

  • Staring into darkness - gamer girl

    At 3:35 your mom said who’s your roommate can I meet him but how does she know it’s a he?🤔🤔

  • It’s Lulu
    It’s Lulu 10 days ago

    When Alex’s mom and Alex was in the dorm look at Sachs dorm! He is in there!! O.O

  • Sharon Thompson
    Sharon Thompson 11 days ago

    I have plaed it

  • Capri Mawhinney
    Capri Mawhinney 11 days ago


  • Jersey Queen
    Jersey Queen 11 days ago

    But I still love u

  • Jersey Queen
    Jersey Queen 11 days ago

    U are getting f's in ur classes

  • Arriane Magracia
    Arriane Magracia 11 days ago

    i love u u r so prety

  • Mercy Paetau
    Mercy Paetau 11 days ago

    Alex u need to tell the truth because your mum will be mad at u

  • Anthony Yogore
    Anthony Yogore 12 days ago

    it look like a try not to laugh

  • arnie lacuata
    arnie lacuata 12 days ago

    You chage.your voice chage and face

  • Josefina Montoya
    Josefina Montoya 12 days ago

    hi alex i havent seen episode three i need help

  • Amara Zaman
    Amara Zaman 12 days ago

    Zack was there he knows your a dark fairy you should have been quite

  • Amber Deskin
    Amber Deskin 12 days ago

    O-O o no

  • Amber Deskin
    Amber Deskin 12 days ago

    Alex alex😐😠😑😒

  • Amber Deskin
    Amber Deskin 12 days ago

    Sorry alex sorry about your mom alex

  • Amber Deskin
    Amber Deskin 12 days ago

    OmG OMG

  • Amber Deskin
    Amber Deskin 12 days ago

    Dont lie to your mom

  • Amber Deskin
    Amber Deskin 12 days ago

    Boyfrinds and girlfrinds tell each evey thing

  • Linda Czachowski
    Linda Czachowski 12 days ago

    Alex i saw ace and see u in royale high and 8 saw doce so meet me

  • Wolfie Da Wolf
    Wolfie Da Wolf 12 days ago

    xD That girl Lele is just walking by like "Meh"

  • Gracie’s Lifestyle
    Gracie’s Lifestyle 12 days ago


  • Heidi Caine
    Heidi Caine 13 days ago

    Your mom is REALLY REALLY dark!!!!!

  • Dayanara Mendez
    Dayanara Mendez 13 days ago


  • Amy rodriguez
    Amy rodriguez 13 days ago

    Ur cool and pretty like if agree

  • girly gamer s
    girly gamer s 13 days ago

    Hey Alex I love you so much with all my 💓 I have been watching u all my life

  • Manokaran S
    Manokaran S 13 days ago

    You know that Zach is the Prince.
    And he is your boyfriend.
    So why don't you give up.

  • Gizel Rios
    Gizel Rios 13 days ago +1

    1-like if you love Alex and Zachary

  • Blake sebastian
    Blake sebastian 13 days ago +1

    why u only have 1M subscribers you have 9M now 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • LisaLoves AnimeXD
    LisaLoves AnimeXD 13 days ago

    I'm your new subscriber InquisitorMaster! I also subbed to Zach

  • rey tancinco
    rey tancinco 14 days ago

    nice. it. so. nice

  • Syders #1
    Syders #1 14 days ago

    I love you without your makeup

  • Tristen Saucier
    Tristen Saucier 14 days ago

    You should tell them that your black a dark angel

  • Taylor Mingus
    Taylor Mingus 14 days ago

    You should do a video where Alex’s mom comes to Royals High while the Halloween update is there

  • casey valenzuela
    casey valenzuela 14 days ago

    is ur mom rili good

  • Ayman Fathy
    Ayman Fathy 14 days ago

    Why don't you do more!!!?

  • Itz_Wolfy
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  • deity psyche
    deity psyche 14 days ago

    hiken itok toyou wid in da messenger pols

  • Samuel Boahene
    Samuel Boahene 15 days ago

    She is pranking you
    Alex mom it's not true she Angel believe me for real she has Angelfriends😒☹😒☹😒☹😒☹😒☹😒☹☹☹☹😒☹😒😒😒

  • Mackenzie tips 123
    Mackenzie tips 123 15 days ago

    I'm a dark fairy and I have a angle bf his mom likes me for me and my mom likes him for him. There's not that many dark fairies at school so I have out with angles and they don't seem to mind

  • Unicornsparklekitten❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🦄

    And we’re do you get the rings to

  • Rosskalie MSP
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  • sh00k_kyndall rblx
    sh00k_kyndall rblx 15 days ago

    Y is their no d@ds??

  • Jessica Arriesgado
    Jessica Arriesgado 15 days ago

    i see.zach name in het droom wen your talking to your mo

  • Abbigail Partridge
    Abbigail Partridge 15 days ago

    At 3:56 your lying has nice