Sarah Jessica Parker and Michelle Pfeiffer - Actors on Actors (Full Video)

  • Published on Jun 7, 2017
  • Sarah Jessica Parker ("Divorce") and Michelle Pfeiffer ("The Wizard of Lies") discuss their HBO series and revisit their past, reminiscing about Parker's "Sex and the City" and Pfeiffer's most recognizable roles: "Scarface" and "Catwoman."
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  • Theresa Zubia
    Theresa Zubia 6 days ago

    Michelle Pfeiffer is my favorite actress ever! Everyone always comments on how gorgeous she is, and yes, she definitely is a stunning woman, but her acting is astounding. She has incredible range. Watch "Love Field", "Dangerous Minds", "White Oleander", "Frankie and Johnny", "Married to the Mob". Basically just watch anything that Michelle is in. She's even great in "Grease 2". :)

  • jeanne1122334
    jeanne1122334 Month ago

    I love Michelle Pfeiffer and I never clicked or enjoyed watching SJP no fan of SATC..I was interested to discover her in a diferent setting and found her way of expressing herself so unpleasent. Can she just articulate a simple question in a clear manner? Thoese intertwined thoughts mixed with questions half makes it hard to really get her and what exactly she wants to know nd then there is Michelle just cool and calm posed and answers in clear thougfull way....the difference is offputting

  • Lucinda Lopez
    Lucinda Lopez 3 months ago

    SJP is 7 years younger than Michelle although Michelle looks 10 years younger than SJP. That’s pretty sad. I love em both though. But this was such a weird pairing to watch.

  • Happy Dance
    Happy Dance 3 months ago

    Ghost busters Cartoon. 80s. The evil team is allowed to cheat as much as they want.
    And the good team has to follow the rules.
    Remember them throwing 1 ball up and multiple balls fall down. ;)

  • Carlos Garcia Sanchez
    Carlos Garcia Sanchez 4 months ago

    Jessica looks so old, so bad looking, instead Michelle god! she's a beauty.

  • Happy Dance
    Happy Dance 4 months ago

    in fairness you can't say anything else can you.
    she shut you up.

  • Albert Corrales
    Albert Corrales 4 months ago

    Soon as that talking horse mentioned Scarface that old lady seemed to get angry....

  • 10521577A
    10521577A 4 months ago

    I think Michelle Pfeiffer is kind of over talking about herself and SJP is the complete opposite LOL

  • Taylor Delma
    Taylor Delma 5 months ago

    This is my first time watching a video from Variety and I just subscribed!

  • Ima Go Apesht
    Ima Go Apesht 5 months ago

    SJP’s hair is so pretty. I want those colors!!

  • john dean
    john dean 5 months ago

    White Oleander of course. And grease2

  • BGHse52
    BGHse52 6 months ago

    Just downloaded (Into the night 1985) ... Very nice movie, I liked! Oh my god Pfeiffer was so beautiful in that, plus the movie is very funny... The director is the same of (An American Werewolf in London 1983) and acted in the movie too... Thanks Sarah! lol

  • Langhorn Chimmens
    Langhorn Chimmens 7 months ago

    I personally feel it was distasteful to have a horse and a camel have a conversation with each other. That's just me though.

    ANDRE WARMSLEY 7 months ago

    sometimes actors are out of touch so rich and removed from the reg american so called "joe" she said "blockbuster"!!!!?!!?

  • RescueMe97
    RescueMe97 7 months ago

    SJP has to stop interrupting

  • Xcuze
    Xcuze 8 months ago

    Sorry this was boring and kinda awkward. I love Michelle so much but I always feel theres a resistance when she does public interviews. Its just not something she is comfortable doing. She holds back and you can feel it.

  • Ikbelle IB
    Ikbelle IB 9 months ago

    I would love to see Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock doing Actors on Actors

  • Mary Slagle
    Mary Slagle 10 months ago +1

    both of these women make the claim they do not want to watch their completed movies. actors not wanting to see their finished work makes me confused- a completed piece (like a painting) is to be viewed and enjoyed. that strikes me as ridiculous!

  • littlestone333
    littlestone333 10 months ago +3

    Michelle is such an elegant beauty. Elegant voice and so poise..

  • Alexandra Rieloff
    Alexandra Rieloff 10 months ago

    I completely agree with Sarah Jessica Parker about the term 'empowering'.

  • kikimils13
    kikimils13 10 months ago

    Catwoman and Carrie Bradshaw cool

  • Siddhant Pandey
    Siddhant Pandey 10 months ago

    06:07 Was that... a queef?

  • DreamWeaver Productions
    DreamWeaver Productions 10 months ago

    I saw Sarah's eyes when Michelle said she wants to do television, I could see the wheels turn in her head. I expect to see these ladies on screen together soon.

    LOTUS 10 months ago

    michelle pfeiffer that white gold

  • Tory Johnson
    Tory Johnson 11 months ago

    uhmm... uhm...uhhhm...

  • dan jones
    dan jones 11 months ago

    Imagine if you had to work in a a full time job earning 20000 a year?? I will say blue if you say blue

  • shanzfendi
    shanzfendi 11 months ago +3

    So I thought that this was really a wonderful interview. SJP is very bright, open, articulate and clearly very passionate whilst MP is very calm and composed. I read through some of the comments but I didn't see this 'apparent dislike for each other' that others saw...I thought that they were both lovely towards each other.

  • Rick Casey
    Rick Casey 11 months ago

    They actually don't compliment each other and step on each others thoughts before they can get them out. Not great.

  • Justiceforall
    Justiceforall Year ago

    Stutter, repeat and beat around the bush way to much, the both of them. Both faking interest in the most boring of topics and conversation. Extremely awkward and hard to watch.

  • Michael Mallory
    Michael Mallory Year ago

    S.J.P has a horse face.

  • Daniel Caceres
    Daniel Caceres Year ago

    and Michelle, she really does look like a cat, her cheekbones, her lips, and yeah, she is white gold

  • Daniel Caceres
    Daniel Caceres Year ago

    SJP has got to be one of the brightest actors out there. She is so graceful and engaging it is impossible not to smile

  • Eohll
    Eohll Year ago +1

    Sarah Sanderson meets Selina Kyle. Is it Halloween, already?

  • Nicolás Candamil Merchán

    I love you Michelle, you´re the most beautiful and brilliant woman!

  • Mebrice Depace
    Mebrice Depace Year ago

    SJP talks too much. Let Michelle talk fehchrissakes. MP is so much more articulate...'Divorce' sounds like SJP is talking about her own marriage! LOL.

  • pam0626
    pam0626 Year ago +1

    I wish SJP would stop talking. She’s so over-exposed. I would love to hear more of Michelle’s insights.

  • Ahmad Hesam
    Ahmad Hesam Year ago

    i, love to you, tank you mam

  • BGreenan
    BGreenan Year ago

    Hate the annoying shutterstock ad - unsubscribed

  • tkdrgnon
    tkdrgnon Year ago

    I love both these women but Jessica has so many things going on in her head that she has a hard time spitting out what she wants to say. Adam Sandler had the same problem in his interview with Jennifer Lawrence

  • jslasher1
    jslasher1 Year ago +2

    When I first saw Pfeiffer in "Grease 2" I thought this actor won't last. How wrong I was. Pfeiffer was brilliant in "Russia House" & "Age of Innocence".

  • Boba T
    Boba T Year ago

    SJP did say "was or was not".

  • anjasy
    anjasy Year ago

    I still see Carrie haha and Michelle is just brilliant, there is such a charisma and kind of calmness and honesty of heart you feel from her. :)

  • stephanie petty
    stephanie petty Year ago

    I could be wrong but wasn't Michelle's movie Gangster's Paradise based on actual events? So this would be the second time she played someone based on a real person.

  • T Wilson
    T Wilson Year ago

    fuch you

  • Mark Yuhas
    Mark Yuhas Year ago

    Sarah made me laugh when talking about Into the night she mentioned it was about to be sold out at blockbuster.'s 2017....good luck finding a blockbuster video lol

  • Baby Doll
    Baby Doll Year ago

    Michelle Pfeiffer should play the new Samantha Jones

  • Kristopher R
    Kristopher R Year ago

    SJP is correct - "Into the Night" is great. Plus Michelle's sister Dedee is in it!

  • collegejus
    collegejus Year ago

    "Nothing exceeds like excess."........LEGEND!

  • Emily Gonzalez
    Emily Gonzalez Year ago

    She should play Samantha

  • mimi mimi
    mimi mimi Year ago

    The horse and the cat

  • StergioLiberis
    StergioLiberis Year ago

    We Want Michelle Pheiffer as Replacement of Samantha on Sex and the City New Movie!

  • Janette Henderson

    I don't like parker she so fake

  • Nancy Lynn
    Nancy Lynn Year ago

    Awesome ladies and actors...TFS!

  • N J.
    N J. Year ago +3

    Michelle Pfaiffer is as stunning as ever. And such grace and class.

  • Thornback
    Thornback Year ago +1

    Got a great gif out of Michelle's reaction at 15:30 gifs dot com/gif/i-mean-pfff-idk-W7BAqv

  • Just Me
    Just Me Year ago

    I ❤️ both of them. OBSESSED with both of them. They are two of my Absolute favorite of all times. Michelle Pfeiffer is LIFE!!!! Wolf is one of my favorite!!

  • Miércoles666 GOMEZ

    damn sarah Jessica Parker gets uglier by the second. Roadkill looks better than her face not sure why she was ever allowed on screen. Her acting like in sex and the city was so terrifying cause folks acted like she was a remodel from that shitty show.

  • Papaciiito
    Papaciiito Year ago

    A truly gorgeous woman and a horse-like thing who keeps being pushed to the masses as cute

  • Trish Thomas-Mink

    I would love Michelle on a show....Love both of these women.

  • godiskungen27
    godiskungen27 Year ago


  • godiskungen27
    godiskungen27 Year ago +1

    Heyy someone get the jockey

  • Claire Bearoness
    Claire Bearoness Year ago

    Into the Night is my favorite all time movie. I own it and watch it often. Best decentred movie ever made. I finally showed it to my mother the year before she died. She was 83 at the time. And I didn't tell her in advance that it was good or that it was my favorite. After the film was over, Mom turned toward me and said, "NOW that is GOOD film."

  • Tyson Wheeler
    Tyson Wheeler Year ago +43

    Pfeiffer is criminally underrated!!!

  • scotchette
    scotchette Year ago

    Frankie and Johnny?

  • Sarah Michaels
    Sarah Michaels Year ago

    Love Sarrah Jessica Parker!

  • Diane Last
    Diane Last Year ago +2

    These women looked like they are still in their 30s! Beautiful inside and out! I’m so happy they haven’t fallen into the plastic surgery pressure.

  • amy ness
    amy ness Year ago

    10 jumping jacks jessica! no worries! thats ok...u ditn know...not true not true not true not ture

  • F V
    F V Year ago

    SJP is soooo fangirl over Michelle

  • Netty D
    Netty D Year ago +4

    Michelle Pfeiffer, I respect you for being the parent that you choose to be.. Family first..

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith Year ago +2

    Am I the only one who noticed the tension between these two? They were about as subtle as a sledge hammer in their dislike for each other...I thought it was funny.
    Neither one is ageing well at all, but I do admit to liking Pfeiffer's movies more, and this is the only positive thing I've got to say about this interview, or these actresses.

  • E.Shelby House
    E.Shelby House Year ago

    "Into the Night" is my favorite too!

  • honky canuk
    honky canuk Year ago

    white Oleander is the first movie I saw of Michelles

  • ellitestar
    ellitestar Year ago +1

    I thought these two were going to be spattering names of who knows the best plastic surgeons in town.

    KUMVSI Year ago +2

    Only here for Michelle Pfeiffer.

  • Carl-Fredrik L
    Carl-Fredrik L Year ago


  • THE411
    THE411 Year ago +2

    They are both great, but I noticed SJP was kind of interrupting most of Michelle's answers.

  • mimi mimi
    mimi mimi Year ago

    the horse and the cat . Sounds like a book.

  • SerenityReceiver
    SerenityReceiver Year ago

    Where would one find a Michelle Pfeiffer painting? Searches yield only paintings OF her, not BY her.

  • Stanlos
    Stanlos Year ago

    This series is a Godsend! I love seeing thesps talk shop

  • PC 3
    PC 3 Year ago

    I so enjoy watching theses without reading the comment, yeah,

  • Pedro Larroza
    Pedro Larroza Year ago +3

    I'd never imagine Sarah Jessica Parker to be so humble, thoughtful and kind. Not to mention the passion and commitment she conveys here about the acting craft. She's absolutely adorable! (obviously Michelle is great, but Sarah Jessica was who really surprised me here)

    • Lisa Cox
      Lisa Cox 10 months ago

      +Pedro Larroza...I have to admit I'm a fangirl of SJP. It started after she did an interview years ago and she talked about being obsessed with shopping at Target and buying in bulk. I realized then and there she is one of the most down to earth celebrities out there. I have since read or saw other interviews with her and seen the same type of person. i became friends with her on Instagram and responded to her. She responded back. I was too happy. I honestly think it has a lot to do with her upbringing. I know she is well-known for Sex In the City and people think of her as a NY girl. The reality is that she is a mid-western girl from Ohio. I think her family and mid-western upbrining have kept her grounded.

  • Hanky Moody
    Hanky Moody Year ago +8

    Michelle seems kind of off.,, like doesn’t really listen and keeps interrupting

  • ZapyDaFishy
    ZapyDaFishy Year ago +2

    I love that Sarah Jessica Parker has actual movement in her forehead, and whole face - how exquisite! But Michelle Pfeiffer is VERY lovely too. This was brilliant!!

  • Amanda Murphy
    Amanda Murphy Year ago

    michelle has a hairy tuppy

  • pauline hevia
    pauline hevia Year ago

    why does this feel like a giant promotion for hbo

  • Sir Tank
    Sir Tank Year ago +1

    "No, I asked you First" ... I Love Michelle, sublime power

  • Angel Sanchez
    Angel Sanchez Year ago

    can michelle be samanta jones. and make the third movie. allready

  • discardeddede
    discardeddede Year ago

    "Oh, I haven't considered it for me." Oh, pleeaase, give me a break. Who would ever believe that.
    SJP is trying too hard in this interview, kissing MP's ass and being so eager to please. MP is much more dignified, classy and mature.

  • Yasmine X
    Yasmine X Year ago +7

    Michelle feels cold next too warm Sarah Jessica

  • Julie Hoffman
    Julie Hoffman Year ago

    Love the series!

  • Surah Online
    Surah Online Year ago +1

    😘❤️ SARAH!!!!! Xxxxxxxxx💖💖❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😍💕

  • Tyler Judas
    Tyler Judas Year ago

    Me my mom and boyfriend are watching season 3 of sex and the city! Almost on season 4. Of course michelle is awesome actor!!

  • RadiantSilverlighter

    SJP called Scarface, “Scarred Face”. Lol

  • Jenny Fry
    Jenny Fry Year ago

    I love how normal these women are. They are moms and wives before anything just makes me love and want to support their work.

  • AgentM
    AgentM Year ago

    Blockbuster lol

  • Amanda C
    Amanda C Year ago

    Michelle Pfeiffer in Wolf with Jack Nicholson. definitely in my top 5. "meant to be" relationships

  • Manuel Bernet
    Manuel Bernet Year ago +1

    Interview is great. But i could'nt stop watching their legs for comparision. Michelle gems are quite something ;-)

  • Costa Rica 411
    Costa Rica 411 Year ago

    ask her what JFK jr. was like in the sack

  • Costa Rica 411
    Costa Rica 411 Year ago +1

    michelle is still and more beautiful than when she was younger. SJP is fumbling aand nervous

  • Abbie x
    Abbie x Year ago +1

    Omfg I love Michelle! Really loved Sarah Jessica Parker in hocus pocus and sex and the city x