I'm An American Girl Doll?!

  • Published on Jun 22, 2019
  • I can't believe they made me into a doll!
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    -2 cups flour
    -4 teaspoons baking powder
    -2 tablespoons sugar
    -1/2 teaspoon salt
    -1/2 cup shortening
    -3/4 cup milk
    -1/2 cup jelly or jam
    I had so much fun #Baking these delicious jelly #Cookies! They are super fun and #Easy to make.
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Comments • 3 267

  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino  25 days ago +3191

    Hi everyone! I cant believe they sent me a custom American Girl doll that looks just like me! What are you doing this weekend? 😊💕

    • Ximena Duran
      Ximena Duran 14 hours ago

      Rosanna Pansino on Friday I’m spending the day with my dad and my cousins and on Saturday I’m going to my great grandmas birthday and I don’t know about Sunday how about you btw i love you so much I would watch nerdie nummies when I was like 3and up

    • Rocio Roberts
      Rocio Roberts 16 hours ago

      I’m going to New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, yknow I’m just gonna be up there this weekend. ☺️

    • Mary LeMier
      Mary LeMier 22 hours ago

      Rosanna Pansino I am about to leave back from. Myrtle beach

    • gacha's and others
      gacha's and others Day ago

      hi! im a subscriber!!

    • Cheryl Traboulsieh
      Cheryl Traboulsieh Day ago

      Collab with lurdiy

  • weronika Lewandowska

    Omg u were sooo happy which made me happy

  • Paul McNeilly
    Paul McNeilly 2 hours ago

    For a sec you looked like clone

  • bluemoon
    bluemoon 2 hours ago

    *i think i know more about american girl doll that you do genius*

  • stitch Animations
    stitch Animations 2 hours ago

    I have one her name is nenea

  • Vena Yuki
    Vena Yuki 3 hours ago


  • Pastel Ashlyn
    Pastel Ashlyn 3 hours ago

    I have that doll too

  • Alexis Hatfield
    Alexis Hatfield 3 hours ago

    Wait that's kinda creepy. The hair looks EXACTLY the same.

  • amaria rhodes
    amaria rhodes 4 hours ago

    Why are all the dolls teeth like that?

  • Vicki Krause
    Vicki Krause 7 hours ago

    2:12 re s shook no nvm the whole vvid she shook

  • Vicki Krause
    Vicki Krause 7 hours ago +1

    Awwww my grandma has Samantha and she lets us play with it when we want

  • Lillianna Friday
    Lillianna Friday 7 hours ago

    My worst nightmare I don’t like dolls mostly America girl dolls😫

  • Samantha Schenk
    Samantha Schenk 7 hours ago

    My name Samantha I’m getting her for my birthday wich is August5th

  • panda_ edits '-'
    panda_ edits '-' 7 hours ago +1

    I want that American girl doll in stores because I'm going there soon and I would totally buy her!

  • Lex Priester
    Lex Priester 7 hours ago

    Never watched her before, but she seems so happy and sweet. Keep up the good work!

  • Gacha _Lmao
    Gacha _Lmao 8 hours ago

    Omg I have 4 of them

  • More Bellazeunicorn
    More Bellazeunicorn 9 hours ago

    Ro’s reaction to the doll was so cute it made me happy she’s so sweet and adorable I love her so much she makes me so happy everyday ❤️❤️❤️

  • The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con

    ...I want her so bad I don't care if I am 20 years old

  • souley sy
    souley sy 11 hours ago

    I promise you if your doll is out I will buy it

  • delfina Love
    delfina Love 12 hours ago +2

    I've been watching you since I was four now I'm ten

  • random person
    random person 12 hours ago

    Im not a girly girl and i dont really like dolls but i want the Ro

  • random person
    random person 12 hours ago

    Imagine a doll made in the time that the evil clown thing was going on

  • The Not Sane Goldilocks

    Bruh I got hit with a wave of nostalgia when I saw Samantha! American girl was my entire childhood, I would read all of their books over and over again 😭😭❤️

  • KamstersWorld
    KamstersWorld 14 hours ago +1

    What nationality are you? Also I think you should do a baking video,but with you answering QUESTIONS

  • Ximena Duran
    Ximena Duran 14 hours ago

    Who was thinking of the “ I think I , I think I know more about American Girl Dolls than you GENIUS “✋🤟

  • Samantha Rivera
    Samantha Rivera 14 hours ago

    My name is Samantha too

  • dont search me please
    dont search me please 15 hours ago

    Mo ur clothes are so cute and attitude is so amazing

  • Alex Vs Gamezz
    Alex Vs Gamezz 15 hours ago

    My name is samantha irl

  • William Lee
    William Lee 15 hours ago

    I kinda wish AG was really like this

  • Geraldine Vasquez
    Geraldine Vasquez 16 hours ago

    I bet all the people that put a dislike didn’t know how to make this

  • Sereen Alamir
    Sereen Alamir 17 hours ago

    I have the same American girl doll that is named Samantha

  • water melon
    water melon 17 hours ago

    I have samantha!!!

  • The Crafting Corner
    The Crafting Corner 18 hours ago

    American a Girl: how many “I’m an American Girl”?

    Ro: yes

  • Baneen Baneen
    Baneen Baneen 19 hours ago


  • V XD
    V XD 20 hours ago

    Anone else here an og fan???

  • Candy Queen
    Candy Queen 20 hours ago

    Ro: were gonna have tea!

    Bring people: * salute *

  • Lindsay Moss
    Lindsay Moss 21 hour ago

    This was my childhood!!

  • Catherine Lamont
    Catherine Lamont 21 hour ago

    2:11 Ro is so shook, its adorable! Love You Rosanna! 💗

  • Siena _thegirl
    Siena _thegirl 21 hour ago

    Aw i love how happy ro is

  • olivia chae
    olivia chae 22 hours ago

    Are you an American Girl doll that you can buy or?

  • Loveygscha 244
    Loveygscha 244 Day ago

    Ro In the beginning had a freak out lol but ya know I’d probably act the same

  • Theprorobloxgamer Xx

    Why do I feel like everyone from Britain was like OMG JAMMY DODGERS

  • Confused Cracker
    Confused Cracker Day ago +1

    How many times did she say *IM AN AMERICAN GIRLS DOLL*

  • Julia Floirendo
    Julia Floirendo Day ago

    Is it in stock????

  • Caitlyn Boylan
    Caitlyn Boylan Day ago

    1919 was a very big year! And so is 2019 for Ro! She’s in escape the night, she got a new dog, and she’s an American Girl Doll!

  • Stinky pinky Tv
    Stinky pinky Tv Day ago

    I love you ro

  • Icantfindausername


    Aw I’m so happy for our little muffin

  • Jodie Lytton Robert

    Rosanna thank you for inspiring GIRLS? ..............BOYS CAN GET INSPIRED TOO

  • Cheryl Traboulsieh

    Collab with lurdiy

  • Toki sister
    Toki sister Day ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaaah I love american girl!!! That doll is so amazing just like you! Btw I love you cloths, they have so much character and color! Keep being amazing!!!

  • XxGalixy19xX YT
    XxGalixy19xX YT Day ago

    If the doll get possessed it’s gonna start baking cakes!😂

  • Annie Towns
    Annie Towns Day ago +1

    you should make something only using American girl doll equipment

    • Annie Towns
      Annie Towns Day ago

      im saying she could buy more stuff

    • Abirami Gajendran
      Abirami Gajendran Day ago

      That’s not possible, just bc it came with a spatula and mixing bowl doesn’t mean that she can make something, only can she mix with them

  • IzzyBear589
    IzzyBear589 Day ago

    WHY woULd SO ManY PEOple DIslIKE suCh a whOleSOME vIDeo

  • redpandarox gacha

    I was never able to have one because my parents couldn't afford it....but I'm glad I didn't get any because dolls creep me out....

  • luna x moon
    luna x moon Day ago

    1:44 " Oh my gosh,Im an american girl!" Cracked me up! Btw congrats on becoming an american girl doll!

  • Soapy ASMR
    Soapy ASMR Day ago +1

    I have the Samantha ag doll!! ( btw for 95% of people ag means American girl)

    • Alyssa Arlert
      Alyssa Arlert 3 hours ago

      I have the discontinued Molly ag doll

    • Soapy ASMR
      Soapy ASMR 13 hours ago +1

      Gatcha_gryfindor Forever lol I have like two 😂

    • Gatcha_gryfindor Forever
      Gatcha_gryfindor Forever 13 hours ago +2

      Soapy ASMR I tHiNk I kNoW mOrE aBoUt AmErIcAn GiRl DoLlS tHeN yOu GeNiUs! (Sry I love that vine)

  • Sol Bueno
    Sol Bueno Day ago

    Any one remember nerdy nummies or the burger cake

  • mariana Fajardo
    mariana Fajardo Day ago

    I have a best friend named Samanda

  • galacticity
    galacticity Day ago

    ‘inspiring girls’
    I’m a boi..

  • Baby Wombat
    Baby Wombat Day ago

    where did you get your outfit in this vid

  • Olivia Egan
    Olivia Egan Day ago

    I have Samantha too

  • Elizabeth Hernandez

    I wish your dog was on sale and you could buy that would be so cool and I love your vid’s❤️

  • Copycat Billie Eilish

    Why is this in the cooking section tf

  • LpsJolieTv
    LpsJolieTv Day ago

    She’s gorgeous! ❤️✨

  • Sydex Xen
    Sydex Xen Day ago

    Awe man I wish I could get the American Girl doll thats you!
    But it’s too expensive! Agh!

  • Flipping Potatoes

    I died at “Samantha, stay here!”🤣🤣🤣

  • Bobby Oakes
    Bobby Oakes Day ago

    OmG 😃

  • Autumn Nikole
    Autumn Nikole Day ago

    I have Samatha

  • Foxy Plays
    Foxy Plays Day ago +1

    I have Samantha!

  • Slime Time123
    Slime Time123 Day ago

    Rosanna is so shook