Rewind with Ben Askren: ONE Championship, NCAA wrestling, MMA debut, more | ESPN MMA

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • UFC welterweight Ben Askren sits down to turn back the clock on some old footage, including the NCAA wrestling championship, promoting his MMA debut in a hotel and more. He also discusses his hopes to earn a title shot in the UFC.
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Comments • 204

  • Daniel
    Daniel 16 days ago

    Ten years ago Brian Ortega was given a choice.

  • ZeeS x
    ZeeS x 20 days ago +1

    I love Ben but he’s didn’t beat Robbie

    • Omgitsjoetime T
      Omgitsjoetime T 15 days ago

      Oh come on. Robbie would have been out cold within ten seconds if they didn’t stop it. Dude already fell asleep once

  • B H
    B H 21 day ago

    Did he just say “usman”? Beyond shocked he didn’t say Marty lol

  • Donte Mac
    Donte Mac 22 days ago +1

    hope this guy really shakes up the UFC....i didnt think he would get past Robbie,but here we are :)

  • x carraski
    x carraski 23 days ago

    What's the style hair that Ben askren has what's it called

  • Jaye Fletcher
    Jaye Fletcher 23 days ago

    Breath of fresh air in the ufc 💯 He’s doing what fighter should be doing But are more interested in Moaning about Ben wtf Learn from him idiots

  • ObieJPM
    ObieJPM 23 days ago

    he was 125lb, I was 170lb, yeah thats fair fella, you certainly the best a beating people lighter than you. oh yeah , never forget that Robbie Mauled you proper, welcome to UFC

    • Rukh
      Rukh 23 days ago

      Shinya is 155

  • pauly shore
    pauly shore 24 days ago

    His career is ass, who fucking cares ?

  • Charles Charlemagne
    Charles Charlemagne 24 days ago

    double legs his brother after the win lol

  • Lukas Belinski
    Lukas Belinski 24 days ago

    right on ben

  • S S
    S S 24 days ago

    Wow this is a great video, I'm surprised it doesn't have more views

  • Nick Quenville
    Nick Quenville 25 days ago +1

    Shout out to New York Ric

  • w4rl0ck 7h3 gh057
    w4rl0ck 7h3 gh057 25 days ago

    1 get rocked and stuffed with my Afr0puff !

  • Dread Man
    Dread Man 25 days ago

    Ben Askren has thee worst UFC debut ever, its hilarious. In fact, since he is considered as one of the greats, you can even say it's the worst UFC debut of all time......BOOM! Roasted

    • Dread Man
      Dread Man 16 days ago

      @S S that's what you were saying when Askren was getting his ass beat in the first few seconds of the fight........."NOOOO. JUST NOOOOO, OH GOD PLEASE NOOOOOO". and that's what you will be saying when Masvidal fucks him up. Ben is getting that 3 piece and a soda thats for sure. In fact Ben is most likely getting served a whole buffet of punches. All you can eat fist to the face, fist to the mouth special.

    • S S
      S S 16 days ago

      @Dread Man Yeah... Still no. Just no.

    • Dread Man
      Dread Man 24 days ago

      @S S or does your initials stand for Stupid Sissy. To stupid to realize that Ben just doesn't have what it takes, or to much of a Sissy to admit he doesn't have what it takes.

    • Dread Man
      Dread Man 24 days ago +1

      @S S weather you agree or not, the fact still remains that Ben Askren has thee Worst UFC debut ever especially with all the hype that came with Ben from being Undefeated in other promotions, but even if you strip away Bens fighting credentials and viewed his debut with fresh eyes, its still the worst UFC debut of all time. You got to admit his UFC debut is brutally hilarious! I can admit it and I'm a fan of funky Ben askren

    • S S
      S S 24 days ago +1

      Yeah.... no.

  • Graham Barth
    Graham Barth 25 days ago +8

    ONE Championship has the best ring girls.
    Prove me wrong.

  • Thomas Villavicencio
    Thomas Villavicencio 25 days ago

    Go for masvidal's leg and hold on for dear life. Hope you survive again.

  • Matthew Bayley
    Matthew Bayley 25 days ago

    Check a WELTERWEIGHT trivia quiz in 30mins on Instagram @themmapursuit !

  • Marcos Garcia
    Marcos Garcia 25 days ago +1

    He doubled his brother, lol!!

  • Dang on man boo
    Dang on man boo 25 days ago +17

    Ten years ago Brian Ortega had a choice.

  • Dash
    Dash 25 days ago

    The GOAT. Him vs Khabib, cmon Dana!

    • Adam A
      Adam A 15 days ago +1

      Don't think Ben can make it down to 155 and I don't think he really wants to. We need that 165 lbs weight class for Ben Vs Khabib. 165, C'mon Dana!

    • S S
      S S 24 days ago

      If he makes it past Jorge, then we know for sure he is legit.

  • Norwall Music
    Norwall Music 26 days ago

    I'm hyped to see what you do next. Very nice job on this one.

  • Elis 2308
    Elis 2308 26 days ago

    Yes my man New York Ric! Nice work

  • blitz thekraken
    blitz thekraken 26 days ago

    Why hasn't Head and Shoulders sponsored Ben?

  • GOAT McGregor
    GOAT McGregor 26 days ago

    Is that my rick.? Good to see the little munchkin spreading his Jewish wings

  • B randon
    B randon 26 days ago +11

    If Ben askren will wrestle Jordan Burroughs to promote wrestling can we get Ben askren and MKBHD to promote disc golf!!!!

    • Griff -
      Griff - 25 days ago

      Funky meets Mark Ass Brownlee

  • Steven Clark
    Steven Clark 26 days ago +4

    I’m really glad there was a shoutout to disc golf!

  • b00stedrust
    b00stedrust 26 days ago

    Preview of Jorge and Ben: just mentally put in ben over Colby body. xD:
    Btw colby was a weight class under Jorge here.

  • I'm here
    I'm here 26 days ago +2

    masvidal is about to serve him that famous 3 piece and a soda
    masvidal is about to knock out clean

    • I'm here
      I'm here 24 days ago

      @S S maia couldn't do anything to masvidal for 15 minutes

    • S S
      S S 24 days ago

      It could happen if Askren doesn't get a hold of him.

  • George Buchanan
    George Buchanan 26 days ago

    Everyone get this post to number one so I can ko or tap Dillion danis weak ass. After him I'll ko Connor mcbitch an so his wife what a real man is. I'm guessing she's tired of mcbitch little prick of a dick.

  • Shable
    Shable 26 days ago +4

    You tube tricking me after i watched this vid completely, stayed in my suggested vids again. So how many times do i have to watch this before it goes away is the question!

    • Shable
      Shable 15 days ago +1

      @Adam A its not just you, plus theres more repetitive ads than ever! Its like they have juiced up their algorithms to chase their tale and its running in circles, and YT are setting defualts after 3mths instead of year after watching a vid. So that you know youve seen ir before, they just use the 6 months recycle method and every update resets it to zero. Im using youtubr veiwers now to stop this. Its got bad

    • Adam A
      Adam A 15 days ago +2

      Every TVclip video I get recommended I've watched... I thought it was just a shitty broken system for everyone. I even remove them from suggestions constantly and put my reason as already watched and it changes nothing.

  • Tony Arenas
    Tony Arenas 26 days ago +5

    Hold uppppp, was that NY Rick?! Haa! It's been a looooong time coming ! Congrats ma boy

  • Combat Bananas
    Combat Bananas 26 days ago

    I got Ben Askren on steam, he's a douche.

  • Free Millennial
    Free Millennial 26 days ago +2

    Robbie was robbed..

  • Kyel Dancey
    Kyel Dancey 26 days ago +6

    Ben’s really just a nice guy who’s hard as nails.

  • Zak Laine
    Zak Laine 26 days ago

    Yes FINALLY! Cant wait for Ben to kick Jorges ass!

  • Percival Cael
    Percival Cael 26 days ago +2

    love da funk but cmon shinya is too small for him to be competitive...

    • Rukh
      Rukh 23 days ago

      It was 155 vs 170. We have guys like Khabib and Lee who are natural 170s who go down to Lightweight and have the same advantage that Ben did in that fight.

    • john uzumaki
      john uzumaki 26 days ago

      Shinya is one of asias best grappler so

  • Ginsung
    Ginsung 26 days ago

    Askren get lamer and lamer

  • kingsmeadow
    kingsmeadow 26 days ago +5

    Ben Askren the type of guy to play frisbee golf in between beating up professional fighters

    • Dread Man
      Dread Man 14 days ago

      @Omgitsjoetime T if it doesn't apply then let it fly. If it doesn't apply then don't reply. It's that Fucking simple.

    • Omgitsjoetime T
      Omgitsjoetime T 14 days ago +1

      Dread Man In other news watch my talking cat videos In my channel. I’m sick of arguing over something that has no impact on my life

    • Dread Man
      Dread Man 15 days ago

      @Adam A no one's hating. The only one hater here is you. It's you hating on me for roasting Ben Askren. Ain't nobody above getting an ass whooping, and ain't nobody above ever being made fun of. The only difference is giving someone an ass kicking is something you should never try to do unless they really asking for it. As for making fun of someone, you could do that shit as much as you like. Yes it might lead up to you getting your ass kicked, but hey, like I said "ain't nobody above getting there ass kicked." And for all that shit Ben was saying about Masvidal, Ben is definitely getting his ass kicked.

    • Adam A
      Adam A 15 days ago +1

      @Dread Man lmfao every single fighter has brain damage. And people don't say not to make fun of Askren... Just get annoyed when people are obsessed with hating someone.

    • Dread Man
      Dread Man 15 days ago

      @Omgitsjoetime T you got to admit that Ben Askren got brain damage comment was funny.

  • Ends by Yo mom
    Ends by Yo mom 26 days ago +2

    More of this

  • If you laugh you sub!
    If you laugh you sub! 26 days ago

    Santos ragdolled him
    That wrestler rag dolled him
    Herb allowed a typical stoppage to continue which saved him from losing to lawler.
    Fuck boring Ben go to wwf kid

  • Usadaislegit
    Usadaislegit 26 days ago +26

    If you rearrange Artem, you get Marte from Nrbraska

    • D bro
      D bro 26 days ago

      U also get goat

  • Blake Morris
    Blake Morris 26 days ago +39

    I love this format. no shit talking, not loaded interview questions. just watching a fighter bs about his career.

  • Bill P
    Bill P 26 days ago

    *Ben Askren, the biggest cocksucker in MMA... Only rivaled by Tyron the bitch Woodley*

  • Jake Glasgow
    Jake Glasgow 26 days ago +1

    Funky feel the love

  • Bixler Zavala
    Bixler Zavala 26 days ago +1

    Jorge will destroy this guy LOL

    • steven b
      steven b 19 days ago

      Jorge is trash u fanboys funny what because he koed a brit bum haha

    • b00stedrust
      b00stedrust 26 days ago

      Colby Covington little kids Jorge wrestling... and Jorge was a weight class above him at the time.. Proof:

      And ben is a better wrestler....He's guna get taken down... and beaten up. Watch.

  • Dj Tumbao
    Dj Tumbao 26 days ago +1


  • Garden Organic
    Garden Organic 26 days ago

    Burroughs beats Askren in MMA

  • Brett Perry
    Brett Perry 26 days ago +3

    Not sure when this was filmed, but Woodley won't be fighting for the belt anytime soon now.
    Anything better than a split decision win over Masvidal, and Ben should be home free on that title shot.
    The only other option would be RDA, and we all know the UFC will pick the guy who can sell more ppvs.

    • ViaticalSquire Gaming Montages
      ViaticalSquire Gaming Montages 26 days ago

      Brett Perry Then again everyone ( non casuals ) would like to see a rematch a rematch is always spicy even more if the guy who lost is hungry!

  • SickKent
    SickKent 26 days ago

    I hate this fake cunt. I hope Gamebred tortures and kills him.

  • Lightbringer
    Lightbringer 26 days ago +1

    Askren is the worst fighter in the UFC

    MAJOR PAIN WAYNE 26 days ago +1

    Who da fook is Frisbee golf ?

    • Rukh
      Rukh 23 days ago

      It looks fun as fook tbh

  • Jonathan Ibanez
    Jonathan Ibanez 26 days ago +1


  • Crimson Blue
    Crimson Blue 26 days ago +7

    Its surreal hes in the UFC. Never thought it would happen.

    • Crimson Blue
      Crimson Blue 24 days ago

      @Dread Man He's a tough sob, but yeah Lawler put it too him bigtime in that fight, and it will not get easier like you said. cheers mate

    • Dread Man
      Dread Man 24 days ago +1

      Dana was just waiting for the right time to get Ben right where he wants him, and for all the shit talking in the past he gave Ben to Lawler. Dana says he doesn't hate Ben at all, which is probably true and after throwing Ben to Robbie like that, for his first debut, how can Dana even continue to hate him. Robbie fucked him up good. And it's going to get harder. I will be really impressed if Ben actually made it to UFC gold still defeated. Thoroughly impressed.

  • justin etters
    justin etters 26 days ago +1


  • Alana Corbella
    Alana Corbella 26 days ago

  • Eric Pratt
    Eric Pratt 26 days ago +99

    Ben '' the greek god with a dad bod" askren

    • Dread Man
      Dread Man 15 days ago

      @Omgitsjoetime T maybe, if there wasn't that controversial stoppage. But since there is a controversial stoppage the best thing to do is to run it back. I mean for a fighter that's hungry for UFC gold and being that its a UFC debit you would think he would definitely want to run it back to make it a solid win. The fact that Askren rather just take the win as is, barely skimming through, it just disappointed me as his fan. And the way he declined in the post fight press conference just made it the worst UFC debut of all time. A simple NO would of been fine but he on to say "I didn't even want to fight Robbie to begin with, but you guys made me so I did, but I didn't want to". Jeeeeezus Ben I can't believe you went out like that.

    • Omgitsjoetime T
      Omgitsjoetime T 15 days ago +1

      Dread Man worst debut by showing he can take a beating from the best strikers and come back and win?

    • Linst654
      Linst654 20 days ago +1

      @Dread Man lmao my brain hurts trying to comprehend what the fuck your saying, please read your shit again

    • Dread Man
      Dread Man 20 days ago

      @Linst654 too early in the morning, but you understand, right sissy? Or am I not embracing the cringe enough? Like I said I never get that cringe feeling about anything nor do I know if and when I'm being cringy. When people say that word it's usually describing how they feel, which is something I cannot relate to, so therefore I really don't give a fuck about.

    • Linst654
      Linst654 20 days ago +1

      @Dread Man lol what, want to try again bud

  • Paul Weiner
    Paul Weiner 26 days ago +25

    Is this NY Rick?! HELL YEAH

  • Hernán Montero
    Hernán Montero 26 days ago +4

    Looks impressive and still the UFC debut was not good . Let’s see what happens next.

    • S S
      S S 24 days ago

      @Martial Villager I think it will happen some day, but that division is just packed with talent, and Askren and Lawler are getting up there in age. I think they want to fight a variety, and I as a spectator do also. What do you think?

    • Martial Villager
      Martial Villager 25 days ago

      Askren took more damage against Lawler than all of his other fights combined, Askren was almost knocked at a one point. It's impressive that he was able to come back and win, but I would love to see the rematch with Lawler. We need to know it wasn't a fluke...

    • BudduredToast
      BudduredToast 26 days ago +5

      I thought he was great. Like when Lawler threw him on his head, I literally thought he was dead. Then he went on to win.

  • Recency Bias Radio
    Recency Bias Radio 27 days ago +10

    This video too funky for TVclip 💪

  • nic niczo
    nic niczo 27 days ago +10

    Congratulations Ric
    I wonder if it´s a boy or a girl.

  • ryan
    ryan 27 days ago +5

    New York ric from Downtown

  • Yunus Emre Gündoğan
    Yunus Emre Gündoğan 27 days ago +4

    Masvidal gonna beat him up.

    • King Slinky
      King Slinky 24 days ago

      Conald Deronne watch masvidal knock this fucker out, defend the take towns and counter strike.

    • Jordan Pritchard
      Jordan Pritchard 26 days ago

      I hope he gets beat but masvidal hasn't got a chance

    • Paul-E G'z
      Paul-E G'z 27 days ago +1

      Boy-Georgie got no chance, he'll learn the HARD WAY

    • Conald Deronne
      Conald Deronne 27 days ago +1

      Shut up u filthy rat

  • Onyx KingMe
    Onyx KingMe 27 days ago

    Overrated as fuck. Cant beat an amateur wrestler, can't beat Robbie. Masvidal will shut him down

  • Eduardo Flores
    Eduardo Flores 27 days ago +4

    If he beats Jorge he should call out Usman

    • Omgitsjoetime T
      Omgitsjoetime T 15 days ago

      Dread Man that was probably the best ufc debut...

    • Dread Man
      Dread Man 25 days ago

      That's a BIG "IF". I'm not to excited about Ben Askren as I thought I would be. It's not cause how he performed against Lawler, its that he accepted that controversial win without wanting to run it back. And the way he declined in the post fight press conference was just embarassing for me as his fan cause i spoke very highly of Ben. When he declined and then said "i didn't even want to fight Lawler to begin with but you guys made me so I did, but I didn't want to." WTF? Seriously Ben? Your going out like that? Jeeeeezus! A simple NO would of have been enough but to say all that like if your whining like a little bitch about it was just embarassing. It showed me that Ben just doesn't have what it takes to hang in the UFC. The Hype of Ben Askren fizzled away in that post fight press conference. Sad but true.

    • Dread Man
      Dread Man 25 days ago

      @Brett Perry calm down, Ben hasn't even proven that he could even hang in the UFC. All his past accomplishments don't mean shit once you're in the UFC. Once you are in the UFC only the UFC fights us what matters, and so far Ben Askren has thee worst UFC debut ever, its hilarious. In fact, since he is considered as one of the greats, you can even say it's the worst UFC debut of all time......BOOM! Roasted

    • Brett Perry
      Brett Perry 26 days ago +1

      He will. Although.... if Dana wasn't being such a bitch about it, I'd much rather see him fight Khabib to crown a champ at 165.
      Not sure why he's being so damn stubborn about it. They've already had to cancel one PPV this year because they couldn't find a champ to put on the card. Seems to me they could use a couple new divisions.

  • Edgar Gg
    Edgar Gg 27 days ago +2


  • Blown
    Blown 27 days ago +1

    He's been relatively quiet these passed few weeks. I wonder whats up.

    • steven b
      steven b 19 days ago

      @S S get a job

    • S S
      S S 24 days ago

      Well, it first started when he bent over to clean up some grape juice his kids spilled in the kitchen. He ended up pulling a muscle in his back, but I don't think it was serious. It has set his training back though. He had to rest 2 weeks before any activity. He apparently is working on conditioning now, but not striking or wrestling. He will be soon though. I made all of that up, I always wanted to do that. Sorry.

    • ER1CxF
      ER1CxF 26 days ago +2

      Only so much bullshit you can spew out of your mouth. At the end of the day he isn't a fighter, he is a wrestler.

  • HenrollisJ
    HenrollisJ 27 days ago +5

    I like Ben, but his UFC debut was not impressive. A Lawler rematch is absolutely necessary!

    • Slugga k1
      Slugga k1 26 days ago

      @bod smith a bitch as hold that the ref determined thats why it wasent impressive dumb bitch

    • World Wolf
      World Wolf 26 days ago

      Lawler wants Woodley.

    • bod smith
      bod smith 27 days ago

      If that wasn't impressive then what the fuck is? Lmao fuckin salty faggot

  • Patrick
    Patrick 27 days ago +1

    Ben hasn't proved anything in MMA.
    Come back to me when he beats RDA, Woodley, Usman, Maia, Wonderboy, Robbie, GSP or Khabib.
    Beating C level Masvidal proves nothing. That's like getting excited after beating Al Iaquinta.

  • Charismatic Lemon
    Charismatic Lemon 27 days ago +3

    Lol overrated Asskren got saved by the ref and embarrassed by Jordan 😄

    • Dick Buttkiss
      Dick Buttkiss 26 days ago +1

      To be fair everybody, including askren knew he was going to get killed by Jordan. He just did it for the money he never had a real chance vs Jordan just like any UFC fighter now near that weight

  • Ryan R
    Ryan R 27 days ago +5

    Ben Askren is over rated

    • Ryan R
      Ryan R 26 days ago +2

      @Paul-E G'z He can't punch and has no BJJ talent. He will not have another win in UFC.

    • Paul-E G'z
      Paul-E G'z 27 days ago +4

      He's undefeated, took the best Lawler ever gave anyone, got up, then ripped his head off his neck.. how's he overrated??

  • HondaMan Vtec
    HondaMan Vtec 27 days ago +40

    Tyson Fury got Robbed
    And Ben Is cool
    Win or lose
    More people should be like him

    • Adam A
      Adam A 15 days ago +2

      @HondaMan Vtec Some people are just unfortunately like that, no drugs needed, but they may help.

    • Sübügätäi
      Sübügätäi 22 days ago +1

      Charismatic Lemon most professional boxers gave the fight to Fury. He won 9 rounds.

    • HondaMan Vtec
      HondaMan Vtec 23 days ago

      @Charismatic Lemon 🤣 stop using drugs 🤣

    • Charismatic Lemon
      Charismatic Lemon 23 days ago

      @HondaMan Vtec Your bitch ass was racist in a previous comment. Commit suicide neckbeard 😃

    • Charismatic Lemon
      Charismatic Lemon 23 days ago

      @HondaMan Vtec Your mom 🤣

  • You Found Me
    You Found Me 27 days ago +4

    I don't mind the guy but we need a rematch with Robbie!!!

  • MrAjay408
    MrAjay408 27 days ago +2

    Early stoppage.

  • Mufasa Trt
    Mufasa Trt 27 days ago +3

    Trump 2020

  • Ahmad Abraham
    Ahmad Abraham 27 days ago +145

    Ben reminds me of a council member of the Roman Empire.

    • Koltred Anubus
      Koltred Anubus 25 days ago +2

      @World Wolf LOL perfect him in an orange toga

    • Matthew Wiley
      Matthew Wiley 26 days ago +2

      He reminds me of someone who would be suspect and get killed early on game of thrones

    • World Wolf
      World Wolf 26 days ago +3

      Little Caesars sponsorship.?

    • UndergroundRap subscribe
      UndergroundRap subscribe 27 days ago +2

      Now that will be stuck in my head for the rest of my life lol

    • Alexander Best
      Alexander Best 27 days ago +19

      looks like a young marcus aurelius

  • Jose R.
    Jose R. 27 days ago +10

    Thank you for the reupload ESPN I believe in you now

    LUPIN III 27 days ago +20

    Ben = goat

    • Sübügätäi
      Sübügätäi 22 days ago +1

      Four Twenty you didn’t say anything about facts in your initial statement. I just took it as you wrote it.
      Though I do agree.

    • IV XX
      IV XX 22 days ago

      @Sübügätäi not when it's backed by facts lol

    • Sübügätäi
      Sübügätäi 22 days ago +1

      Four Twenty every argument anyone makes is an opinion.

    • IV XX
      IV XX 26 days ago +2

      @LUPIN III you know what they say right? Opinions are the lowest form ot knowledge

    DANA FANBOY 27 days ago +4

    Guys an easy way to beat a wrestler is to wrap your arms and legs around him as he’s taking you down and hump him, rub on him softly, kiss him, and lick on him. He won’t wanna grapple with you anymore after that and he’ll run. Weird but it works.

      DANA FANBOY 27 days ago

      DANA FANBOY 27 days ago +1

      i bite bagels lol stripping naked actually works nobody wants to fight someone with their junk out flipping and flopping.

    • i bite bagels
      i bite bagels 27 days ago +3

      Lmao reminds me of this one show trailer park boys, this guy named Randy strips down to his underwear before a fight so nobody wants to touch him😂

  • A M
    A M 27 days ago +132

    Ben Askren the only guy in the world to look like a Greek statue and Dunkin' Doughnuts addict at the same time

    • Rukh
      Rukh 23 days ago +2

      @Deni exactly. He looks like a regular guy with a day job, who goes to the gym and works out but also eats junk food with his friends.

    • MultiDimwit
      MultiDimwit 23 days ago

      Hahahahaha agree!

    • Deni
      Deni 25 days ago +1

      he doesn't look in bad shape he just doesn't look like a professional athlete

    • Cats Meow
      Cats Meow 25 days ago

      A M, did you see the video of Ben when he was little kid wrestling? He was fat. He said he got beat all the time because the other kids had muscle to be at that weight, he had fat.

    • Sushi Uchiha
      Sushi Uchiha 26 days ago +6

      @Marky Mark *Johnny Hendrix has entered the chat*

  • Martí Montolio
    Martí Montolio 27 days ago

    Why reupload?

    • Adam A
      Adam A 15 days ago +1

      @Jose R. lmao good catch

    • Jose R.
      Jose R. 27 days ago +5

      ESPN confused Jorge Masvidal with GSP when Ben mispronounces his name at 2:05

    • A M
      A M 27 days ago

      Because Ben is shit

  • Alex from the duece
    Alex from the duece 27 days ago


  • Big Jon Cash
    Big Jon Cash 27 days ago +2


  • Aldon Isenberg II
    Aldon Isenberg II 27 days ago +1

    Hell ya