10 Most Controversial Video Games

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  • Bart Fransen
    Bart Fransen Day ago


  • Lucas Moss
    Lucas Moss 7 days ago +1

    Does anyone know that on mass Effect trilogy you don't have to enter a romantic relationship with the crew members

  • Micheal Myers
    Micheal Myers 10 days ago


  • Boy DG
    Boy DG 19 days ago


  • AntheranIndustries
    AntheranIndustries 24 days ago

    LMFAO whi snitched that the girl was only 17

  • GUD Tube
    GUD Tube 25 days ago


  • Lil Johnny
    Lil Johnny 29 days ago

    Grand theft can be corny sometimes

  • Mr Bubble
    Mr Bubble Month ago

    - Duke Nukem 3D
    - Omikron the Nomad Soul
    - God of War
    - The Sims

  • Jevon Jackson
    Jevon Jackson Month ago +1

    To the people that are ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿผ over video games really video games? What's next gta5 gave some people nightmares. Come on man get ovet it and enjoy life. Video games help people deal with stress. So please use common sense or wear a shirt that said i am the poster boy for ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿผ anonymous plus I'm scared of my own shadow just saying.

  • Diana Lizcano
    Diana Lizcano Month ago

    Me gusta pero no puedo descargarlas

  • raian free
    raian free Month ago

    you forget to put on your top narcos adult game : check a short video here (tvclip.biz/video/L7J-bztYgsI/video.html)

  • stormking989
    stormking989 Month ago

    Girl's tongue in video of 10 things people can't do with their body. That's weird.

    ULGMX Month ago +1

    Government should not ban just make it more difficult to watch or play. We're allowing these government to commit crime. Bring em Down

  • DismalProd
    DismalProd Month ago

    What about hatred??

  • Rick FlyFish
    Rick FlyFish Month ago

    This is basically christian nut bags trying to screw people over again

  • cristian baer
    cristian baer Month ago


  • Ace Miller
    Ace Miller Month ago

    I'd love to know why people get so butt hurt over a game... Are you that insecure about everything or just a douchebag? One of the big points of gaming, is that it allows you to take action in a virtual reality of things that you could NEVER do in the real world! So doesn't it make sense to make some games as messed up as your mind can comprehend if there's a big enough client base for whatever is being done in the game?

  • Hanzla Rajput
    Hanzla Rajput Month ago


  • Good Game Well Yas
    Good Game Well Yas Month ago


  • Izaak Fewton
    Izaak Fewton Month ago

    Custer was a coward...

  • Jason Lurf
    Jason Lurf Month ago

    I'm surprised Fallout didn't make the cut.

  • Shek King
    Shek King Month ago

    anyone missed god of war ?

  • Hanzo Low
    Hanzo Low Month ago

    ouch. TC Ghost Recon : FPS ? ouch ouch ouch

  • Erin A.
    Erin A. Month ago

    I HATE RapeLay, I HATE Custer's Revenge, and I HATE The Guy Game!!

  • James Deslongchamps

    That's El Paso, not Juarez at 2:30.

  • Allen Nnaji
    Allen Nnaji Month ago

    Gonna go play GTA 5 now...

  • Jonathan Hall
    Jonathan Hall Month ago

    Mexico's governor? WTF? Countries doesn't have a governors. Where did you learn geography?

  • Beer Bryan
    Beer Bryan Month ago

    Assasin of kings*

  • Tulsatom Bob
    Tulsatom Bob 2 months ago

    No mention of Postal2???

  • maxsKi Moose
    maxsKi Moose 2 months ago

    "First person??"

  • Seneo Pernille Letang
    Seneo Pernille Letang 2 months ago

    Are you crazy you'll never stop me from playing GTA

  • theflashgamer 85
    theflashgamer 85 2 months ago

    Gta5 released in 2013
    The man killed the taxi driver in 2008.

  • jublywubly
    jublywubly 2 months ago

    Some people are overly sensitive. Command & Conquer Generals is a war game. Destroying other countries is what the game is about. That's what happens in war.

  • Siso Chawa
    Siso Chawa 2 months ago

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  • Ayan Rudra
    Ayan Rudra 2 months ago

    i have played ghost recon and of course gta 5

  • dedan douglas
    dedan douglas 2 months ago

    Who would make these ignorant game's

  • Raquel Perez
    Raquel Perez 3 months ago

    Grand theft auto is the best Vedo gaem and the best way to spend time.

  • Anguirus86
    Anguirus86 3 months ago

    Everybody who us offended by all these games with the exception of rapeplay are pussies flat out

  • H2O Delirious
    H2O Delirious 3 months ago +1

    I new gta5 had to show up somewhere

    Also is Trevor gay

  • Michele Ferro
    Michele Ferro 3 months ago

    Videogames induce violent in mentally hill subjects

  • Erick Estrella
    Erick Estrella 3 months ago

    What about call of duty mw2

  • They Don't Reply Back
    They Don't Reply Back 4 months ago

    Yes mass effect 3 was totally a controversy for the lesbian

  • Sky Saming
    Sky Saming 6 months ago

    Using XIBTER v22lv headset will perfect for playing thus game

  • MrStonecold69
    MrStonecold69 7 months ago

    AMAZED TETRIS is not on this list.....

  • Ranjit Kumar
    Ranjit Kumar 7 months ago

    Westchester x xxjvdjucj

  • Spej Gamer
    Spej Gamer 8 months ago

    Nice video!

  • n1nt3n d0
    n1nt3n d0 9 months ago

    I BOUGHT GTA 5 ON THAILAND (did they unban it?)

  • H. Art
    H. Art 9 months ago

    LOL Witcher?

  • rDk2048
    rDk2048 9 months ago

    Wtf is "OurMine"? Is it a joke or they are really hacking YouTube channels?

  • RedPivot / Road to 0.2k subs

    Rapeplay ? WTF JAPAN?!

  • soumyabha chakraborty
    soumyabha chakraborty 9 months ago

    They forgot postal series

  • carlos emmANUEL
    carlos emmANUEL 9 months ago

    I play gta5

  • Typical White Girl Amy x

    Ive played GTA

  • Abdulah Ali
    Abdulah Ali 9 months ago

    Gta is banned in ksa in bahrain and lot of middle east countries

  • cOOli9 Plays
    cOOli9 Plays 9 months ago +1

    And I have medal of honour

  • cOOli9 Plays
    cOOli9 Plays 9 months ago +1

    lol I have command and conquer generals

  • Hobbo Hobson
    Hobbo Hobson 9 months ago

    I play gta and I am 10

  • marco ng
    marco ng 9 months ago

    Ban this video

  • TheNotRestartedAsusPhone

    my father bought grand theft auto when I was 6. HE ALLOWED ME AND MY BROTHER TO PLAY IT

  • Phantom Pain
    Phantom Pain 9 months ago


  • Naif black Cops gamer
    Naif black Cops gamer 9 months ago


  • bluesybubble 514
    bluesybubble 514 9 months ago

    i am 9 yrs old i am playing gta is that ok?

  • mr.kool-aid the kool aid

    oh in thinland ok

  • mr.kool-aid the kool aid


  • /\/
    /\/ 9 months ago

    That was the only game I was waiting for. LOL

  • CaptainBones
    CaptainBones 9 months ago

    None of my favorite video games are on this list.

  • Michael Chantry
    Michael Chantry 9 months ago


  • The Nerd Jacob Taylor
    The Nerd Jacob Taylor 9 months ago

    it's 2017 who cares

  • Johan Marxh Bardos
    Johan Marxh Bardos 9 months ago

    How is it a gameโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆif you should not play it!?!?

  • Jesus Lovely creations
    Jesus Lovely creations 9 months ago

    7m sub's already gosh that was quick

  • ุงู†ุฏุฑูˆูŠุฏ ุณุงู…

    gameeees in chenel

  • Legue of Legends videos

    lol what about god of war

  • Iansepticeye
    Iansepticeye 9 months ago


  • awesome4983
    awesome4983 9 months ago

    I'm a gamer I love world of tanks, world of warships and warthunder

  • earthhelll
    earthhelll 9 months ago

    Was the starting gta5??? Looks way to different. Or mixture of different gta

  • kodomo 98
    kodomo 98 9 months ago

    .......asari aren't really female

  • Alex Crighton
    Alex Crighton 9 months ago

    this made me get a boner

  • Slammer 4life
    Slammer 4life 9 months ago


  • Nico Joseph Paguia
    Nico Joseph Paguia 9 months ago

    Can surgeon simulator make you a surgeon? No,can fifa make you a better soccer/football player? No,then how can gta and manhunt make you a killer?

  • carlz15 Gaming
    carlz15 Gaming 9 months ago

    C&C GENERALS IS MY FAV. GAME WHY! oh NVM just saw it banned in China only :P

  • Daryl Serain
    Daryl Serain 9 months ago

    aeon Explorer

  • uknowitsthegamer
    uknowitsthegamer 9 months ago

    my mom is thai

  • John The Awesome creeper

    We're is phamtom forces from roblox it has guns and dead body's and blood

  • Astronymous
    Astronymous 9 months ago

    Im in thailand, and im playing gta v

  • Maddie Bolton
    Maddie Bolton 9 months ago +1

    Fuck I play gta

  • Steven Meade
    Steven Meade 9 months ago

    hmm mexico a puppet state anyone wonder why they had problems.

  • Gauge Nichols
    Gauge Nichols 9 months ago

    I was playing GTA while wathing

  • barbara banas
    barbara banas 9 months ago

    I can play gta5 if I want to

  • Amy Carter
    Amy Carter 9 months ago

    Why the ESRB will never touch my games. I implement my own filter system, and if anyone has a problem, then that's too bad because I won't allow any sort of bans on my games without consequences in place.

  • Kaleeb Newsome
    Kaleeb Newsome 9 months ago

    just got mass effect

  • bawad01
    bawad01 9 months ago

    Generals wasn't released in 2006, it was released in 2003.

  • BubbleGumGaming 101
    BubbleGumGaming 101 9 months ago

    I have the first one GTA and I'm 9

  • Skylar Weinstein
    Skylar Weinstein 9 months ago

    why would you ban these?

  • Deon Wentzel
    Deon Wentzel 9 months ago

    + the games are awsome

  • Deon Wentzel
    Deon Wentzel 9 months ago

    the Riches a can play gta if a want to so piep off and stop making dum videos everyone go watch jacksepticeye and vannos gaming and h20 delirious

  • Steve Perry
    Steve Perry 9 months ago

    I am into playing games. But I think its good these games redistricted.

  • bubblebrains25 ,
    bubblebrains25 , 9 months ago

    I played ghost recon warfare

  • Laughing Jill
    Laughing Jill 9 months ago

    I play GTA

  • Epic Gamer101
    Epic Gamer101 9 months ago

    9 i am nine an I play GTA 5

  • SquirtleBe Trollin
    SquirtleBe Trollin 9 months ago

    This is fucking bullshit, I can play whatever fucking game I want.