How Far The Big Bang Theory Cast Really Got In School

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • From middle school dropouts to an actual PhD, the cast of The Big Bang Theory has a wide range of real life educational experience. Though they're not all super geniuses, they've certainly all done well for themselves. Here's how far some of TV's top earners got in school.
    Kaley Cuoco is no dumb blonde. She never went to college, as she was a little too busy being a sitcom star to venture into the world of higher education. Instead, she got high school out of the way early and then graduated to Forbes' list of highest paid TV actresses.
    In a 2012 interview with Parade, Cuoco admitted that her budding career, which started with a Barbie commercial, made her an outcast at school. Her fellow classmates thought she believed she was cooler than them, so she decided to withdraw and start homeschooling in fifth grade, a decision she was ultimately happy with. By the time she was 16 years old, she had her high school diploma.
    With high school out of the way, Cuoco had time to focus on her breakout role on the ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules. Though she never attended a traditional high school, she did get a small piece of the typical high school experience when Ashley Tisdale invited her to prom, although it didn't go down how she had hoped. As she told Parade,
    "I wore something plain to be understated. But these horribly mean girls said, 'Oh, you think you're going to the Academy Awards in your classy black dress?' Honestly, it just made me happy to know I wasn't in that school."
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    Watch the video for more about how far the Big Bang Theory cast really got in school!
    Kaley Cuoco | 0:17
    Johnny Galecki | 1:25
    Jim Parsons | 2:27
    Mayim Bialik | 3:34
    Simon Helberg | 4:46
    ​Kunal Nayyar | 5:43
    ​Melissa Rauch | 6:34
    Kevin Sussman | 7:42
    John Ross Bowie | 8:30
    Rati Gupta | 9:31
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  • Nicki Swift
    Nicki Swift  Month ago +79

    Which Big Bang Theory cast member has the brightest future ahead of them?

    • Lars Steffensen
      Lars Steffensen 6 days ago +1

      @MTGDog, I agree but it seems like you havent seen anything else they did before BBT?

    • MTGDog
      MTGDog 8 days ago +2

      Cuoco and Bialik. No question.
      Parsons is a one-trick pony, while Galecki, Helberg, Nayyar, and Rauch just aren't quite good enough to be anything other than supporting actors on television.

    • Riverdale tales
      Riverdale tales 18 days ago +9

      Education doesn't equal intelligence and success , so anyone of the Big bang cast can have a bright future .

    • MixMasterMadge
      MixMasterMadge Month ago +1

      Nicki Swift Kaley

  • James West
    James West Day ago

    me and johnny galecki have something in

  • John Kean
    John Kean Day ago

    Only intetested in the gay one Sheldon, the funny one, all the rest were boring.

  • Jack
    Jack Day ago

    What about Denise

  • Rene Low
    Rene Low Day ago +3

    3 ads just for a short video... WTF

  • Bryan
    Bryan 2 days ago +6

    Jim parsons grew up like 10 minutes away from were I live

  • 10RexTheWolf01
    10RexTheWolf01 2 days ago +8

    4:45 So it really is MISSSSTER Wolowitz

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord 4 days ago

    They all worship Satan,period.

  • Bart Brannigan
    Bart Brannigan 5 days ago

    Big Bang Theory is dumb people's jokes at smart people.

  • Peter Leiza
    Peter Leiza 5 days ago

    This show is not as great as they make it out to be nor is the cast. About the only one who likes it is the millennials. Not to mention the producer who introduces politics into all of his shows. NOBODY ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT YOUR SHOW OR THE POLITICS THAT YOU BELIEVE IN.

  • La Kay
    La Kay 6 days ago +1

    Look where all that PhD let them to

  • Matthew Newman
    Matthew Newman 6 days ago

    Temple (my alma mater) GO OWLS!!!!

  • Icey Cold
    Icey Cold 7 days ago +11

    Who else revised TBBT and still enjoy every scene like it was the first😉

  • Elensila2718
    Elensila2718 7 days ago +42

    Jesus, Johnny was living by himself at 14?! That’s insane!

    • Daniel Moreno
      Daniel Moreno 2 days ago

      I had a friend i knew since we were kids his family left to Mexico when he was 13, he stayed worked and lived my himself ever since.

    • Elensila2718
      Elensila2718 4 days ago

      Salmo Ali No idea! He might have gotten legally emancipated, but that normally doesn’t happen until the kid is 16 or so.

    • Salmo Ali
      Salmo Ali 4 days ago +1

      How is that legal in America lol

  • Knott Reel
    Knott Reel 7 days ago +13

    These people didn't need school. They intuitively know things about their craft that you couldn't teach.

  • Haméd The Avocado
    Haméd The Avocado 8 days ago +1

    Comments are like the dessert after the food

  • KPDWMSER shadowangel
    KPDWMSER shadowangel 8 days ago +1

    I started watching the Big Bang theory when this suddenly came up on my recommended..... apple’s listening 😂

  • Matthew Clark
    Matthew Clark 8 days ago

    Any minority. They dont care. ??

  • Paula
    Paula 8 days ago

    This is fake news!

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee 8 days ago

    This is good content

  • Michael Wallbrown
    Michael Wallbrown 8 days ago

    it's irrelevant it's what there bottom line is now

  • Golden Sparrow
    Golden Sparrow 9 days ago +28

    And here we are, studying over 20 years, getting titles and still struggling to survive. Life is so unfair. :(

    • Golden Sparrow
      Golden Sparrow 5 days ago

      @asmer192 Of course that I know it. Anything in life requires hard work and sacrifices. And I'm satisfied with my choices in life. I don't regret it that I chose to study that long. Even if I don't get paid as much as them, I'm appreciated and fulfilled in other ways.

    • asmer192
      asmer192 5 days ago +4

      its adorable that you think they are not struggling before they become famous...theres a difference between them and us, they willing to take a risk while we chose a safe path to avoid poverty

  • brezzainvernale
    brezzainvernale 10 days ago +6

    In our country it isn't easy if you "take a break" from school: You can do it for a year. If the break is longer, then you have to ask for a special permission to go back at school... But I am talking about schools after the obligatory time...

  • Sunny shah
    Sunny shah 10 days ago +12

    It's a shame,
    people who pretend to be scientists and physicists make more money than actual scientists and physicists.

    • Sunny shah
      Sunny shah 9 days ago

      @jeroen care to explain mr. genius?

    • jeroen
      jeroen 9 days ago +1

      You can't be that stupid, can you?

    CENTRA STUDIOS 10 days ago +4

    Rich people getting richer.

  • Brittany Butsch
    Brittany Butsch 10 days ago

    Can people drop out during middle school

  • bob rizzotti
    bob rizzotti 11 days ago +2


  • Micky MS
    Micky MS 11 days ago +2

    Is it me or does wolowitz actually look kinda a little bit attractive in this thumbnail?

  • Mark Cary
    Mark Cary 11 days ago +8

    I hope they don't get typed cast for there future in acting, but they always get paid for Big bang theory for reruns.

    • Zyxxz
      Zyxxz 8 days ago +2

      they're practically set for life because of the show

  • Endless
    Endless 12 days ago +11

    Important to know: School don't make people smart. School only teaches and test your ability to remember. People get successful in things they like and want to know about.

    • Endless
      Endless 3 hours ago

      @Bang Bang Well I think like einstein in that regard. "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb trees it will always believe that its dumb". I don't think that people are born mentally challanged but that they can't exell in what others want them to be.

    • Brittany Butsch
      Brittany Butsch 10 days ago

      @Bang Bang true dat

    • Bang Bang
      Bang Bang 11 days ago +2

      School does make you smart. What it doesn't do is get you intelligent

  • Jess Gent
    Jess Gent 12 days ago

    Why am I watching this? I didn’t even watch this shit show

  • Gaua Shxh
    Gaua Shxh 12 days ago

    I thought the thumbnail was an older version of Caleb Finn

  • Carla McCarthy
    Carla McCarthy 12 days ago +6

    Why not just go back to Tisch School of the Arts and finish now, Simon? I mean, you do have the money to finish. You should totally go for it!

  • Erik Žiak
    Erik Žiak 13 days ago +1

    The mirrored scencs were a pain to watch.

  • Bork PomPom
    Bork PomPom 14 days ago +34

    Mayim is one of the most admirable people ever.

  • David Folsom
    David Folsom 15 days ago +7

    8th grade is middle school, not high school

    • Hot dawg
      Hot dawg 2 days ago +1

      In Australia we have primary school and high school, high school is years 7 to 12

    • fredrika27
      fredrika27 12 days ago +1

      In some parts of the country it is considered high school! It depends in the school system!

  • Seadweller451D
    Seadweller451D 17 days ago

    Können Sie empfehlen Medikamente für Furz und Durchfall? Ich Furz wie eine große Trompete. Vollen Klang, wie ein Kaiser Furz. Mein Durchfall fließt wie ein Fluss.

  • Raphael Schostok
    Raphael Schostok 18 days ago +11

    america, where level of education equals intelligence and success in life.
    Here's a secret: it doesn't at all LUL

  • n3r0wolfe
    n3r0wolfe 18 days ago +4

    8th grade is not high school

  • momo
    momo 19 days ago


  • Angel Mcfadden
    Angel Mcfadden 19 days ago +10

    I loathed Big Bang but love Young Sheldon.Perhaps it’s the stupid audience laughter?

  • Arachni-Notion
    Arachni-Notion 19 days ago +4

    Your title needs work

    • bun chhor
      bun chhor 16 days ago

      Agreed I had to re-read it twice

  • Not-so-smart aleck
    Not-so-smart aleck 20 days ago

    I couldn't care less how far the actors got in school. Since I was no longer college age or younger, this show had zero appeal to me--watching a show about a bunch of geeks, how lame!! Why Kaley Cuoco's character would ever hang out with those weirdos, in a rational world, is beyond me.... When it comes to Johnny Galecki, I'd much rather see him in the old Roseanne episodes where he played Darlene's boyfriend. BTW why on Earth is this vid being narrated by someone with a British accent? Were there any British actors in it, or any episodes filmed in London, or something? That seems weird, too.

  • Silenttuber PJ24
    Silenttuber PJ24 20 days ago +402

    You don't need to be smart to act smart.

    • slayer. point
      slayer. point 3 hours ago

      That's why we call it "ACTING".. which means having to take note than three shots jus to say a dialogue

    • Federico Olivares
      Federico Olivares Day ago

      @Universe well, he is seen as smart by many. Not my view though, after all, he did say Venezuela was a strong socialist country that proved socialism work.... a statement that hasnt aged well

    • Universe
      Universe Day ago

      @Federico Olivares Sanders?

    • Rich Hard
      Rich Hard 2 days ago +1

      Lol that's true, Scrubs is one of the best shows ever, and Zach Braff just memorized the medical terms, no idea what they really meant!

    • Harriet Helberg
      Harriet Helberg 4 days ago

      That's something a stupid person thinks!

  • Andrew
    Andrew 20 days ago

    Blonde-5th grade then "homeschool"
    Tall Autistic guy- masters in art uggg
    Ugle girl-phd
    Indian- college dropout
    Short blond- "acting college"
    Comic shop guy- art school
    Art school is shit and homeschool is a joke... have a teacher who went to college for that do it not you...

  • Derisive Badger
    Derisive Badger 21 day ago

    no one cares

  • TheRenaissanceman65
    TheRenaissanceman65 21 day ago +20

    Always good to have another string to your bow. Actually being able to play the piano had to have been a bonus for Simon Helberg in the role of Cosme McMoon, in "Florence Foster Jenkins". It wouldn't have looked so convincing otherwise.

  • Michael Cox
    Michael Cox 22 days ago +9

    If any of the characters really existed, they'd hate the show too.

  • Mike Hart
    Mike Hart 23 days ago

    Interesting bu tthe ads every few minutes got really annoying.

  • Adam Augustus
    Adam Augustus 25 days ago +1

    dumb people playing smart people for dumb people

  • Stewart Aitchison
    Stewart Aitchison 28 days ago +5

    I like Jim parsons who took action at classic theatre at the University of San Diego

  • Hamilton Abel dos Santos Massinga

    Cool topic. Since they are super geniuses in the small screen

  • Stella none of your buisness

    3:02, the girl next to Jim Parsons mother. Wtf?

  • Anthony Kelly
    Anthony Kelly Month ago

    Glen fray

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson Month ago

    I don't know why videos just don't getto the point

  • Jiren
    Jiren Month ago +5

    No school follow your guts and heart but let the feeling be true and kind and good and now i know how to be a success

  • Rydwan Fee
    Rydwan Fee Month ago +1

    I expected more from Sheldon.

  • kpop and chill
    kpop and chill Month ago +4

    Well they did a great job making me feel stupid

  • Colette Warren
    Colette Warren Month ago


  • Kodi Schitter
    Kodi Schitter Month ago +2

    BBT is show stupid people watch to pretend they are smart.

    • Kodi Schitter
      Kodi Schitter Month ago

      Daily Drama what are you referring to? Are you one of those people that's so used to correcting people spelling you're just on autopilot? Haha oh and a word of advice in the real world only children correct peoples spelling because adults understand that this might not be my native language American haha.

    • Daily Drama
      Daily Drama Month ago

      And you need to spell before you call a show or someone else stupid. Kind of makes you look like the pot calling the kettle black here.....just saying.

  • lockstam
    lockstam Month ago +7

    Kids can be very cruel when they’re jealous.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Did people really ask for this or is this just Nicki Swift being nosy?

    RADD's RANDOM GAMING Month ago +5

    I think it’s inspiring to see that anyone can do anything

  • Deborah L
    Deborah L Month ago +2

    Soo....people who studied acting for a long time and were dedicated made it in acting...? Wow. Terrible.

  • M A R D O O
    M A R D O O Month ago +6

    Lol bernadette reminds me of my gf i love it

  • FPL Updates&Tips Show With David

    For one time Stuard was not ignored! Good job on that

  • Robert James
    Robert James Month ago +2

    So, Rati Gupta is the affirmative action "actress" who is given roles because of her race even though she lacks the talent to actually earn the role. I wish I was brown and could get so many privileges.

  • Miranda McCoy
    Miranda McCoy Month ago +3

    This show is unfunny and misogynistic

    • Nat
      Nat 9 days ago +1

      I've seen every episode. No misogyny. Even in the very last episode, Amy gave a speech about getting girls into the sciences. Even though most of us girls actually prefer easier jobs. Just a fact. You seem like one of those people who are offended by EVERYTHING. My God, just have fun and enjoy life!!!!

    • Liam Craddock
      Liam Craddock 12 days ago +2


    • Riverdale tales
      Riverdale tales 12 days ago +2

      Good thing comedy is subjective

    • Miranda McCoy
      Miranda McCoy 16 days ago

      @TheRenaissanceman65 i guess there are funny parts. the mysogyny just bothers me mostly because its so covert

    • Miranda McCoy
      Miranda McCoy 16 days ago

      @TheRenaissanceman65 lmaooooo!!

  • PhootPhetishPhilip !
    PhootPhetishPhilip ! Month ago +9

    damn whos in that blue dress behind walowitz at 4:52 penny?

  • Digvijay Parmar
    Digvijay Parmar Month ago +1

    ALL IDIOTS 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Michael D
    Michael D Month ago +1

    I hate sitcoms like this.. The majority of sitcoms on TV really suck... The humor is terrible ..

  • Guru Sandirasegaram
    Guru Sandirasegaram Month ago +6

    Does not matter How immortal you’re?
    Immortal becomes mortal.
    In our time Three’s company or give me a break was very popular show.

  • Steve Robertson
    Steve Robertson Month ago +3

    Used to love Big Bang Theory, it was so funny in its first several seasons, especially Sheldon. But when i found out the disgusting amounts of money they were making i lost interest. Also, the show just didnt stay as funny as it went on anyway

    • Ain Shafee
      Ain Shafee 8 days ago

      Are you jealous?? You only watched their success, but you never see their hard work. You think it's easy huh.

    • TheRenaissanceman65
      TheRenaissanceman65 21 day ago

      @Steve Robertson Why does it have everything to do with it?

    • Dev Joshi
      Dev Joshi 22 days ago +1

      @Steve Robertson In that case, you should stop watching any succesful media product because they make "disgusting amounts of money".

    • Steve Robertson
      Steve Robertson 23 days ago

      @Dev Joshi has everything to do with it.

    • Dev Joshi
      Dev Joshi 23 days ago

      What does them making money have anything to do with how much you like the show?

  • Ropsana Khanom
    Ropsana Khanom Month ago +6

    I'm a bit disappointed because it means that most of the actors barely understood the science around this show and their lines.

    • Carleton Rutherford
      Carleton Rutherford Month ago +5

      LOL!! You must really be naive. They're just fucking actors. I guarantee you that 99% of actors don't care about, or have no knowledge of what the lines are they're parroting.

  • da96103
    da96103 Month ago +16

    Melissa Rauch from Marymount? Just been reading Andrew Rannells memoir, he is also from Marymount.

  • Simply Sw3G
    Simply Sw3G Month ago +9

    Ain’t it illegal to drop out of hs before hs?

    • Riverdale tales
      Riverdale tales 12 days ago

      @Cathy Peterson not true it varies between country and then state and then county , in some countries you can drop out when your 16 but the state might over rule that in they say 18 or if the county funds them selves they can have a say and depict when they will allow you to drop out , in short most places allow you to drop out at the age of 16, 17, and 18

    • TheRenaissanceman65
      TheRenaissanceman65 20 days ago

      @Cathy Peterson So in fact we're bandying semantics.

    • Cathy Peterson
      Cathy Peterson 21 day ago

      @TheRenaissanceman65 its the same here, but drop out means no longer going to school in any shape form or fashion. If you stop going to public/private school and start going to home schooling the phrase would be converted to home schooling or stopped traditional schooling. Drop out means drop out.

    • TheRenaissanceman65
      TheRenaissanceman65 21 day ago

      No. I don't know about American law except that homeschooling is perfectly legal and many parents do it. Similarly here in the UK it is a legal requirement to be in full-time education until the age of 16, but the law doesn't specify how. It can be in school "or otherwise", hence the organisation for homeschooling parents called "Education Otherwise".

    • Cathy Peterson
      Cathy Peterson Month ago +1

      Not if you are 16 in the 8th grade. All you have to do is fail 2 grades and you are 16 in the 8th grade.

  • Tromp Entertainment
    Tromp Entertainment Month ago +40

    I absolutely love this show it’s taught me a lot about science and comic books

    • Brittany Butsch
      Brittany Butsch 10 days ago

      Same it's sad that it's now over

    • tvaholicsquidney
      tvaholicsquidney 29 days ago +2

      same I try to bring up Schrodinger's cat at every possibility because of the show lol I have learnt more than that but that's one of the things I learnt that sticks in my head

  • Umer The Clumsy Tube
    Umer The Clumsy Tube Month ago +76

    At least Stuart's on this video

  • Keir Thompson
    Keir Thompson Month ago +14

    She didn’t just say live alone at 14 in L.A

  • Blue Frost
    Blue Frost Month ago +2

    Sheldon is the only one with a PhD

    • tonysaure
      tonysaure Month ago +1

      Yeah along with Leonard, Raj, Bernadette, Amy etc.

  • Jennifer ODell
    Jennifer ODell Month ago +5

    Here's Nikki Swift being insulting AGAIN. I swear it's like an yt trainwreck, no matter how hard I try I can't stay away. Maybe I'm hoping they'll actually be focused for once. Wasn't Simon Helberg nominated for a Golden Globe, or an Oscar for the movie he was in that starred Meryl Streep that I can't think of the name of? Lol

    • TheRenaissanceman65
      TheRenaissanceman65 20 days ago

      @Jennifer ODell Congratulations. Now stop harassing me.

    • Jennifer ODell
      Jennifer ODell 20 days ago

      @TheRenaissanceman65 I've reported you for harassment.

    • TheRenaissanceman65
      TheRenaissanceman65 20 days ago

      @Jennifer ODell If you can't say anything without being rude, shut up.

    • Jennifer ODell
      Jennifer ODell 20 days ago

      @TheRenaissanceman65 Who cares if you are? First, this clown you're defending came at me saying this Nikki Swift channel doesn't exist to be insulting, and yes they pretty much do. Second, whatever country you're from, I've got a feeling freedom of speech is something you're allowed as well. Last, this kid came at me like an idiot trying to start something, now you're arguing with me and it's just dumb. We're gonna argue over a channel that's deplorable? Nah I have better things to do. As for being proud you're not American, I'm not proud that I am, our President is an absolute joke.

    • TheRenaissanceman65
      TheRenaissanceman65 20 days ago

      @Jennifer ODell If you can't say anything without being rude, shut up. First Amendment, sis. Which is nothing to do with me as I'm not American, thank goodness.

  • Joao Pereyra
    Joao Pereyra Month ago +11

    ha, funny that the one with a master degree as an actor is the one who just know how to play himself xD

  • Tamar Leah H.
    Tamar Leah H. Month ago +3

    It sounds like galecki really wanted attention...

  • jenny gore
    jenny gore Month ago +1

    I don't think they give two shits now

  • daynablaze8823
    daynablaze8823 Month ago +6

    I so love this show🤗💞💯

  • Rex Hunt
    Rex Hunt Month ago +3

    Why do I care how well they did or didn't do in school...

    • Rex Hunt
      Rex Hunt Month ago +3

      @Juiwei Yang I did not go to college but I will bet I have seen more and done more on this rock we call Earth than U have...

    • Rex Hunt
      Rex Hunt Month ago +3

      @Juiwei Yang I still don't care how well those asses did in school..I don't care how well u did in school...Why would I care..

    • Juiwei Yang
      Juiwei Yang Month ago +3

      Because today, everybody wants to be highly educated. I would have done my PhD if it isn't due to the majority of people that do their PhD didn't get to graduate from it. Its kinda like having a royal title in medival era. Today, a royal title mean nothing, but to have an educated title means a lot. During our parents' day people go to school to get a good job, our generation, goes to school wants going to college for status (I mean honestly, if we are just going to school to get a good job, a lot of people won't be bother going to college, there are way more college graduates then needed right now, except degrees such as medicine, it take some luck, to get a job a college graduated job, because there are so many new college graduates, every year! It is not like back in our parents day where a good education gaurentee a good job. I know so many guys, hold masters degrees in finance, marketing, journalism, science, engeineering etc working as a plumber, truck driver, my dad got this guy working for him, after getting his master in software design, he couldn't get a job in software design and instead started driving a texi and only used his software design qualification to make some online games, on the side. He didn't get a full time job as a software engineer, until he start working for my dad at the age of 40!)

  • anti social
    anti social Month ago +1 they pretended to spoiled entitled racist sex offenders both on tv and in real life....too much...

  • Grizzly Bear
    Grizzly Bear Month ago

    And Jim Parsons was very gay and was the bitch

  • MrAbletospeak
    MrAbletospeak Month ago +1

    Graduating from High School?

    • TheRenaissanceman65
      TheRenaissanceman65 21 day ago

      Yes, in the USA they call it that when you get your high school diploma. They even do a ceremony in gowns like universities do.

    • MrAbletospeak
      MrAbletospeak Month ago

      @Tamx Gold ?

    • Tamx Gold
      Tamx Gold Month ago +1

      MrAbletospeak don’t get prizes for likes. Don’t jump on the bandwagon.

  • Glynna Schmehl
    Glynna Schmehl Month ago +12

    The roll of Elon Musk will now be played by Matthew Brodderick

  • ObamaisnextLincoln
    ObamaisnextLincoln Month ago +23

    So what you're saying is that most have nothing in their heads? Makes sense.

    • ObamaisnextLincoln
      ObamaisnextLincoln Day ago

      @Valiant Pride ha you couldn't be farther from the truth. But please feel free to keep thinking that

    • Valiant Pride
      Valiant Pride 2 days ago +2

      @ObamaisnextLincoln and yet here you are commenting from your mother's basement instead of actually doing something with your life.

    • ObamaisnextLincoln
      ObamaisnextLincoln 10 days ago +1

      @Star Citizen 890J Masters degrees don't mean squat. It's like a 5th year of college.

    • Star Citizen 890J
      Star Citizen 890J 10 days ago +1

      1) One of them had a medical PhD and published a book.
      2) Two others have Masters Degrees.
      If you call that nothing then you are very mistaken.

    • Quick Strike914
      Quick Strike914 Month ago +3

      real heroes lmaoooo

  • Charles Inglin
    Charles Inglin Month ago +20

    A string of commercials occasionally interrupted by some content.

  • pas mas
    pas mas Month ago

    really?? no leonards mom?

  • Samir Daric
    Samir Daric Month ago +9

    FFS! How many commercials can you fit in an 10 min video.

    • Carleton Rutherford
      Carleton Rutherford Month ago +1

      Get Adblock Plus for Firefox or Chrome, whatever browser you're using. Problem solved. I use it for Firefox and don't see a single ad on TVclip.

    • Jim Spencer
      Jim Spencer Month ago

      @Samir Daric
      No problem, I always have time to help! :)
      [Edit] I prefer Captain Redundancy. . FYI.

    • Samir Daric
      Samir Daric Month ago

      @Jim Spencer thanks Captain Obvious 😁😆😅😂👍

    • Jim Spencer
      Jim Spencer Month ago +1

      4 by my count...

  • sam g
    sam g Month ago

    so glad this dog shit show is over

  • Amy Bork
    Amy Bork Month ago +7

    So, most of them are "privileged" brats.

    • TheRenaissanceman65
      TheRenaissanceman65 21 day ago

      How do you work that out?

    • Ashley S
      Ashley S Month ago

      Carleton Rutherford and where in my comments did you assume I am angry or resentful because they’re successful? I’m just curious. I’ve reread both comments and it looks like I’m happy for the actors. Wow you’re dense as hell

    • Ashley S
      Ashley S Month ago

      Carleton Rutherford I actually don’t like the Kardashian’s
      And I have a non sandy vag but thanks for being concerned about it. Appreciate it

    • Carleton Rutherford
      Carleton Rutherford Month ago +1

      @Ashley S Got some sand in your vag did ya, Ash? They were rich people afforded the ability to be an actor without having to worry about paying the rent. You take offense to that? That comment is your line in the sand? You probably get salty when people call the Kardashians a bunch of vain, vapid, wastes of air, don't ya?

    • Ashley S
      Ashley S Month ago +1

      So some people are better off than you? So what. Fucking try harder then. Put in the actual effort. Jealous ass

  • Glynna Schmehl
    Glynna Schmehl Month ago +5

    Now I don't feel bad about asking the world to put two and two together. And for those of you who passed the test, it was not because of P.I. pressure or the movie War Games. Chuck here, is a real superfreak.

  • Sassy Waffles
    Sassy Waffles Month ago +14

    I was not expecting that accent

  • Pio
    Pio Month ago +15

    Turns out Penny is smartest one lol

    • Trey
      Trey Month ago

      Hypixel uhc beginner tips

    • Juiwei Yang
      Juiwei Yang Month ago +2

      Finish high school at 16, not suprising. The problem with our schooling system is that every kid progress at different speed. Some kids ended up just waiting for other kids and for some kids it is going too fast and they get left behind. Skipping grade is not a good idea, because if you skip from 2nd~4th grade, you won't have the 3rd grade basic, so it is also no good.
      It remind me of ancient China. By 10th century China, China established a 6 level education system. You sit for an exam, to qualfiy for the diploma of each level and after passing the exam, you get your diploma and can sit for the exam for the higher level. Level 1 is equal to a modern primary school diploma, Level 2 is equal to a modern high school diploma, Level 3 exam is equal to a modern English University's Assicate Degree (completed up to 2nd year university) level 4 with equal to "Bahcelor Degree with Honor" in English university (between Bachelor Degree and Master Degree) and Bachelor Degree in Asia university (Asia university expect a standard a bit higher to get Bachelor Degree, as a result, in most Asian univesrity it require 4 years to get your degree. In English university, they don't expect a standard as high, so it only take 3 years for some degree and 4 years for other degrees, but afterwards you can take a further 1 year course to get Bachelor with honors, but in my opinion doing your honors is a waste of time, because you can go straight to doing your masters, without having your honors.) Level 5 is of a standard that is between a modern Master Degree and PhD. Level 6 is of a standard that is even higher then a modern PhD. Level 6 exam is an open book exam and require you to write a thiest (similar to a modern PhD theist) the catch is, while people doing their PhD today got 2~3 years to complete their paper and get to pick a topic of their own chosing, in ancient China, the theist exam question is set by the Imperial government and the exam taker need to complete the theist under 3 weeks, under exam condition, so, you really need to know your stuff to pass the exam. An uncovered exam paper of a person that pass the exam in 11th century, was unearthed, the over fifty thousand word thiests was so good, it was been republished in modern language and translated to many languages and is been used by some professors in teaching 21st century finance undergradates students! But my point is an interesting fact is, there are people who reached level 6 as far as 21 or 22 years old, while other take longer, same with other levels, for example, 17th century China human right lawyer 鄭成功 got his level 3 at the age of 13 and started practicing law by the time he was only 14 and won most cases, until he abandon law, to become a military officer at the age of 30. They did had school in ancient China, but not a stable 12 year education system, like today, instead for primary school and high school, each class progress at their own speed, the teacher teach the students according to the speed the students are progressing in (about 20 kids per class) and after completing the syllabus, send the kids to the exam. Universities are similar to modern university, but, the same is, you don't get your diploma from the university, you pick the subject from the university requre for you to pass the state exam (or some people self study at home and never went to university) and after you completed all your studies and felt ready, you go take the exam with the state and after passing the exam, you get your diploma. And with that, you see people really progress at different speed. Some get their diploma really fast, other much slower.

    • Trey
      Trey Month ago +9

      Amy is the smartest one

  • Glynna Schmehl
    Glynna Schmehl Month ago +11

    Who saw Elon Musk's performance and thought, I could be watching, " When a Stranger Calls " ?