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  • Published on Aug 30, 2015
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    Hi loves! In today's lifestyle video we are going to be organizing my pantry! I am sharing my favorite things and ways of keeping my pantry clutter free and neatly organized. Please give this video a THUMBS UP for more organize with me videos :D
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    ❤ All of the pantry organization items are listed in this blog post that I did last year :)

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  • LadyL31786
    LadyL31786 Day ago

    You should come by my house and organize my cabinet!!!

  • lisa gordon
    lisa gordon 27 days ago

    Whoa! Inspirational. xxx

  • Lesley O
    Lesley O Month ago +1

    Molcajete* not guacamole thing 🤭

  • Nutella Is Life
    Nutella Is Life Month ago

    Every time I try to organize my pantry my husband and kids mess it up🙄

  • SimpLee Beth
    SimpLee Beth Month ago


  • Kimberlyn Hughes
    Kimberlyn Hughes Month ago

    Those little spinning things are called: Lazy Susans! Lol

  • Cristina Pena
    Cristina Pena Month ago

    El Jibarito!

  • Priya Nachimuthu
    Priya Nachimuthu 2 months ago

    This s nice organisation...I liked it...the containers are glass?? We're u bought it...

  • zuhal akçakaya
    zuhal akçakaya 2 months ago

    Very very speak

  • Nancy Peteja
    Nancy Peteja 2 months ago +1

    Pantry looks awesome! 😉👍💖

  • Vicki Vaeth
    Vicki Vaeth 3 months ago

    Never store onions and potatoes together

  • Liyani Bernier
    Liyani Bernier 3 months ago

    Wow you made this 2 years ago! I’m taking notes I’m going organise my Pantry! This weekend liz your just amazing in the work you do 💕🌸💕🌸

  • Kimberly Davis
    Kimberly Davis 4 months ago

    No onions and potatoes together. They affect one another

  • Jemimah Pinili
    Jemimah Pinili 4 months ago

    Her pantry was good because she already bought air tight jars
    But i think she is just lazy to unbox it and refill😂😂

  • litty show
    litty show 5 months ago

    the spinners are lazy susans

  • asma khanam
    asma khanam 5 months ago

    I really like them

  • asma khanam
    asma khanam 5 months ago

    Hi there,can you tell me, where did you get from all the basket

  • Wanda Barr
    Wanda Barr 5 months ago

    Love it

  • P Ssp
    P Ssp 6 months ago +1

    Pls. can u share the URL from where we can purchase the plastic storage containers, the brown baskets? Thanq

  • ClutterBug
    ClutterBug 6 months ago

    So beautiful! I love the box you made!

  • Dunja Bakic
    Dunja Bakic 7 months ago

    all I can see is bunch of unhealthy BAGS of so called food and snacks...but organisation hacks....nice :)

  • Tina Grady
    Tina Grady 7 months ago +1

    Great organization tips!

  • sophie grace
    sophie grace 7 months ago

    I love these videos but can't believe how expensive pantry / cupboard storage solutions are. I think I'll do what you did and pimp some shoe boxes :D

  • Michelle Bell
    Michelle Bell 7 months ago

    I appreciate these videos on organization. Thank you for sharing your creative ideas. I will put them to use. Awesome!!!!

  • Barbara
    Barbara 7 months ago


  • Salwa Shami
    Salwa Shami 8 months ago

    Wooow.. that is a very neat and well organized pantry.. Well done! 👍👍👍👍

  • slej slej
    slej slej 8 months ago

    You...are very beautiful..God bless

  • Michelle La
    Michelle La 8 months ago

    Where can I get the air tight containers and the lazy Susan

  • Anthea Hirschi
    Anthea Hirschi 8 months ago

    Xlnt job 100% love xx

  • Daniela Nastuta
    Daniela Nastuta 8 months ago

    The spiny things are called a lazy Suzan

  • Hang Nguyen
    Hang Nguyen 8 months ago

    can someone please tell me where the lazy susan and the staggered shelves were from? Her link in the bio doesn't work :( :(

  • Ms. Coeli
    Ms. Coeli 8 months ago

    What are black labels and erasable ink?

  • Aan Nurhayati
    Aan Nurhayati 8 months ago

    I liked 😍😍👍👍

  • Debbie Gillie
    Debbie Gillie 9 months ago

    New suscriber here from the uk love your video :)

  • Luis Castellanos
    Luis Castellanos 9 months ago

    Nothing matches :( lame

  • jennifer ngai
    jennifer ngai 9 months ago

    Like your voice and explanation. Of course also like your ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  • All Gamers
    All Gamers 9 months ago

    I like this one better than the other one.

  • Clana1102
    Clana1102 10 months ago

    I love the chalkboard labels. Very clever. 😉👍

  • asdwhite1
    asdwhite1 10 months ago

    Please do a bathroom organization tour

  • Anna Ruth
    Anna Ruth 10 months ago

    Great tips ... thank you so much for sharing!! Your pantry looks amazing, and I am so inspired to clean out my pantry now!! :)

  • Melek Seyam
    Melek Seyam 10 months ago

    I know this video is old but the blog post you linked in the description is deleted ☹️

  • Nurul Dian
    Nurul Dian 10 months ago

    your voice are cute

  • Ashley Irizarry-Diaz
    Ashley Irizarry-Diaz 10 months ago

    Curious if your pantry is still like this? Can you do an updated one if it is different? This video was so helpful thank you!

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  • Elisa Maria
    Elisa Maria 11 months ago

    Lovely. Great tips and ideas! Thanks Liz!

  • Kelly Beechen
    Kelly Beechen 11 months ago

    The best ever pantry organizer video ever. Thank you so much. I have to do my pantry. I’m spoiled with a huge walk-in and I was totally clueless and now I feel better knowing what to do after seeing this video.

  • Neige Neige
    Neige Neige 11 months ago


  • Suagar Aand Spice
    Suagar Aand Spice 11 months ago

    New sub here. OBSESSED with your channel! Great content so I'm binge watching today 😍😂😁

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    Great organization inspiration! tfs

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    ddygku faeez 11 months ago

    Hi i come from malaysia .. Love you pantry😍

  • Tanisha Klein
    Tanisha Klein 11 months ago

    Do you keep plastic grocery bags? If you do, where would you suggest you put them? I just found your decluttering video and have been hooked on watching a lot of your videos lol they are such great tips and is definitely motivating me to organize my house, I have a 2 year old and a 1 month old so lately I haven’t had much motivation for organizing lol

  • Kelly Mills
    Kelly Mills Year ago

    Great Video... I shared it on my blog check it out.>>>>

  • Donna Norris
    Donna Norris Year ago

    “Guacamole thing” = is called a “mortar & pestle.”

  • Donna Norris
    Donna Norris Year ago

    “Spinning things” = they are called “Lazy Susan’s.”

  • Debbie altman
    Debbie altman Year ago

    You did a fantastic job.

  • Debbie altman
    Debbie altman Year ago

    Did you buy all orginizing containers from target? Love how you orginize every thing.

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    Rachida Malika Year ago

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    Siretha Buggs Year ago

    Awesome video; relaxing voice. Quick question: do your potatoes sprout really fast?

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    Aisha Ahmed Year ago

    Your pantry is huge, thanks for sharing. I love your basket idea.

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    Baskerville Bee Year ago

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    This is M&S ! Year ago

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  • Asna U
    Asna U Year ago


  • omid naderi
    omid naderi Year ago


  • Coach cleats
    Coach cleats Year ago

    Onions and potatoes should never be stored together, onions and potatoes can release moisture and gases that will cause the other to spoil faster.

  • Gosia Carriere
    Gosia Carriere Year ago +1


  • Georgie Stubbs
    Georgie Stubbs Year ago

    where are those cute chip clips from? they're adorable!

  • Cynthia Nevarez
    Cynthia Nevarez Year ago

    Super random! But that “guacamole thing” is called a Molcajete 🙏🏽 we use it in Mexico for all kinds of salsas and for raw spices :)

  • Moka Cooks
    Moka Cooks Year ago


  • The Can Stacker LLC

    Would you be willing to test a product if it was sent to you?

  • Uloaku Abazie
    Uloaku Abazie Year ago

    I love to watch you and NitraaB so much. You two have wonderful makeup and decor ideas.

  • chelle girl
    chelle girl Year ago

    I bought a 12PC airtight canister set from Costco today for $60. I absolutely love them. I love Costco, they only sell the best products 😆

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    bella manhaim Year ago

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    I saw an HEB label in there. Sending some Texas love

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  • Sophisticated Key

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  • Donna Norris
    Donna Norris Year ago

    "Guacamole thing" is called a "Mano & metate." (Pronounced "Mahn-o and may-TAH-t-eh.) It's a Spanish term.

  • Donna Norris
    Donna Norris Year ago

    "Spinny things" = PROPER term for that which GROWN-UPS call them is "Lazy Susan's."
    (Because THAT is the PROPER term for it!! That's what they are ACTUALLY called!)

  • Thomas Stewart
    Thomas Stewart Year ago

    Hi MLH! Of the few dozen kitchen organizer videos I wached on yt, yours was the best. Thank you for making and sharing :)

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