Beats Presents: Lil Yachty “Dream Prom”

  • Published on Jun 2, 2017
  • Beats By Dre connected with Lil Yachty to get his idea of a “Dream Prom”. In an exclusive animated video, Lil Yachty breaks down his night which includes an Instagram model for a date, pizza, a sick sports car, the after party of all after parties with burgers on deck and banging music from Beats Pill+ Speakers.
    Lil Yachty’s album “Teenage Emotions” available now. Listen on Apple Music:

    Beats by Dre:
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  • bigsid 2000
    bigsid 2000 Year ago +1

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah

  • Alexander Antoline
    Alexander Antoline Year ago +2


  • Carlos A. Aparicio
    Carlos A. Aparicio Year ago +3

    The song is "Bring It Back" by Lil Yachty

  • Shaya Maddex
    Shaya Maddex Year ago +1

    Sell out! But IRL, why does he need autotune just for this?

  • Ian Rivers
    Ian Rivers Year ago +7

    0:52 LMAO U hear dat autotune?

    • Elocyaz x
      Elocyaz x Year ago +1

      Ian Rivers oh god i heard

  • Shebefiyahh
    Shebefiyahh Year ago +5

    "Ight it's time to leave" 😂

  • 2live 1mind
    2live 1mind Year ago +10

    That's a great value "skrt"

  • Trizzy
    Trizzy Year ago +1

    LOL yachty this is funny af

  • noahkma
    noahkma Year ago +11

    "everyone would be blasting music on beats™ pills™ by beats™ by™ dre™"

  • Trailington, The Cape Rat

    Apple and Beats make a corporate slave making corperation

  • Steph Kerr
    Steph Kerr Year ago +7

    mine would end with getting laid.

  • 222
    222 Year ago +32

    0:51 he really just autotuned a conversation