AUGUST FAVIES ♡ Lush, Too Faced, Jelly Shoes, & More!

  • Published on Sep 2, 2017
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Comments • 511

  • Starlight Raven Sky
    Starlight Raven Sky 11 days ago

    I love your hair and earrings.

  • sera
    sera 5 months ago

    You get your info on where to buy cute things from the what community?

  • Sugar*Bunny
    Sugar*Bunny 8 months ago

    Tokyo Mew Mew Review plz!!!

  • sassy matters
    sassy matters 8 months ago

    if you need lush. imurgirl 🍭🍦✨💕🦄🍭🍬💖

  • Mykeal Rose
    Mykeal Rose 10 months ago

    I’m your biggest fan I love you 😘 girl

  • day IRL
    day IRL 11 months ago

    that lush cream is dead now

  • Miki's Bored
    Miki's Bored 11 months ago

    Take a shot every time she says “but”

  • MACSMovies
    MACSMovies Year ago

    Love it.

  • Sarah Perry
    Sarah Perry Year ago +1

    OMG PIXIE IS MY AGE😭💖 that makes me so happy not gonna lie

    • adriana bónoli
      adriana bónoli Year ago

      I know the feel, I mean, it's not really the big deal but it's so exciting to feel like we are all contemporary lol 😅

  • Siobhan Phoenix
    Siobhan Phoenix Year ago

    I really miss the Creme Anglaise by Lush. It had the best smell! It was expensive because of it's ingredients but it made the skin on my legs so soft and bright like nothing else!

  • Siobhan Phoenix
    Siobhan Phoenix Year ago

    I love your sonic bright colored sweaters!

  • Alaïa Avakîñ
    Alaïa Avakîñ Year ago

    ı ʟȏṿє һєя һѧïя ċȏʟȏȗя

  • Sam Russell
    Sam Russell Year ago

    You were born in 98?? I thought you said at one point you were 25??

    • Sam Russell
      Sam Russell Year ago

      Pixielocks haha sorry! Happy early birthday!!

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  Year ago +1

      Hahaha oh my gosh no I turn 20 this week!

  • Duchesse de Berne

    Wow, I did not know the K cosmetics cost that much 😅 For that much one can - among other brands - get Chanel make up...

  • Duchesse de Berne

    "Bob's your uncle" xD

  • Pichu_ Stat
    Pichu_ Stat Year ago +1

    I'm sick and didn't get to go to school:(

  • Warner
    Warner Year ago

    Whenever I see an ad in Pixie's video, I don't skip it.

  • Notice Me Genki
    Notice Me Genki Year ago +3

    Not a fan of lush, they used to be all about the all natural and organic ingredients but now they've kinda just thrown that out the window.

  • aketsuna draws
    aketsuna draws Year ago

    On your swetter i found pecko from precure

  • Mindy Naseef
    Mindy Naseef Year ago

    I love when you dye your hair have mahou shoujo toys and kira kira precure all a mode

  • marcie frey
    marcie frey Year ago

    I am confused, why do you still support too faced?

  • Amanda Grant
    Amanda Grant Year ago +1

    Big cozy sweaters are life

  • Sheepyblr
    Sheepyblr Year ago

    What are those dolls in the background called??!

  • Greenleafing
    Greenleafing Year ago

    The jelly shoes match the colours in your hair perfectly, like magic o ___ o

  • Sieren Tokiio
    Sieren Tokiio Year ago

    I want it thats the name of a Queen song and feel it all is a Tokio Hotel song

  • Keisha Parker
    Keisha Parker Year ago

    Ur only 18 ???same here

  • LizzyLovesSatan
    LizzyLovesSatan Year ago

    "I was born in '98, fight me" - girl I was born in '91 and ppl give me shit about my 90's nostalgia sometimes don't let people get you down ;P

  • Gabrielle Kremer
    Gabrielle Kremer Year ago

    Where do you get your info on where to get cute things?!? I can't make it out and I must know! Lol I just want to say you make me super duper happy and I kinda am totally obsessed with you lately, since in my everyday life I've been feeling really blue. Ok, awesome, cool, hopefully you get back to me! 🌟✌🏻😊💘

  • Aimee Schneider
    Aimee Schneider Year ago

    They have elbow grease now which is for tattoos

  • Tamz S
    Tamz S Year ago +1

    Hell yes I had those scrunchie like hair ties in the 90s

  • Pendleton Paracosm
    Pendleton Paracosm Year ago +1

    you need to start putting a "what I am wearing" in your faq thing

    • glov.toni.
      glov.toni. Year ago


  • Keith McClain
    Keith McClain Year ago +1

    Omg YOU LOVE DREW TOO YESSSSSSSS sorry I just got rlly excited I love you both so much ✨✨❤️

  • Candice
    Candice Year ago

    I grew up with Tokyo Mew Mew, so for me it's very nostalgic, but I can still see many flaws with it, I'd love to hear your thoughts as well! xD Maaaany things could've been done better, especially animation-wise(?), I read the manga when I was a wee teen, and it's adorably drawn, but the anime was... meh xD

  • The Not So Wicked Witch

    I'd love to hear your opinion on Tokyo Mew Mew, I haven't watched it myself but I've been considering it.

  • Maggie L.
    Maggie L. Year ago


  • lamibon xD
    lamibon xD Year ago

    me: //frantically looks for where to buy the two dolls in the bg

  • Captain Batbrain
    Captain Batbrain Year ago

    I really want that tokyo mew mew review!! Lol

  • Csenge Gál
    Csenge Gál Year ago

    Your my idol and I love you♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Csenge Gál
    Csenge Gál Year ago

    Can you do an updated room tour please?

  • Darcy Connolly
    Darcy Connolly Year ago

    I would reaaallly love to see a massive pre cure video of all your things, cosplays (sneak peaks please) and talking about just how much you really love the show because your face lights up so much when you talk about it and that makes me very happy! 💖💖

  • 4 Bacons Channel
    4 Bacons Channel Year ago +2

    I'm probably the only one wearing headphones

  • Anastasia
    Anastasia Year ago

    Does anyone know where her earrings are from?

  • Salome's Studio
    Salome's Studio Year ago

    Definitely recommend you check out the Great British Sewing Bee, it's the best, so cute and you actually learn about sewing!

  • sofie adelstein
    sofie adelstein Year ago

    hi im sofie and like your channel yor my fav channel on youtube. i hope i loook like you when im your age too. i wish i cold see you at halcon this year but i wont bethere but i wish i cold go too.

  • Liz Reid
    Liz Reid Year ago

    Tokyo Mew Mew was pretty okay, buuut I would never watch it all the way through again, cause well. It drags. A lot. ^^;

  • Krissy Louise
    Krissy Louise Year ago

    The rainbow brite in the back makes me so damn happy!

  • Meta Pod
    Meta Pod Year ago

    Are you familiar with a store named 'Smiggle'? You'd like it, go find them online!!!!!

  • Jen McBrine
    Jen McBrine Year ago

    The Tokyo Mew Mew Manga was much better than the anime. :)

  • Candy Graffiti
    Candy Graffiti Year ago

    Jelly shoes! I had a pair of clear glitter ones back in the day. Also had a ton of butterfly clips. This video took me back to the sixth grade.

  • Human Trash
    Human Trash Year ago +1

    "Why did I buy two? I dunno, I just got excited"
    Pixie, you are so relatable girl

  • Elle Svensson
    Elle Svensson Year ago

    You can order Lush online.

  • Sofia Mehlitz
    Sofia Mehlitz Year ago

    I WANT IT ALL HSM YES PIXIE!!!!!!!!! ( i heard u humming that tune.... hehe)

  • Sofia Mehlitz
    Sofia Mehlitz Year ago

    DREW YES OH MY! i absolutely love drew and shane and rylan and wow.

  • cyanvlogs
    cyanvlogs Year ago

    I changed my hair to a spooktastic dark purple and I love this color!!

  • Moonlit Rose
    Moonlit Rose Year ago

    My sister collects magical girl things, and she found the PrettyCure Candy Cane wand! I plan on getting it for her for christmas.

  • Deeisnot_sleeping

    Do a mail video!

  • Madison
    Madison Year ago

    I almost bought that sweater over the weekend!

  • DynamikError
    DynamikError Year ago

    Please talk about Tokyo Mew Mew! I'm curious what you think about it

  • Taylor Link
    Taylor Link Year ago

    I really want the Kira kira precure haul! I know no one else has said much and I did vote for it on twitter but I love this season of precure so so much and I'd love to see the merch you got! (also did you see the cure whip figma revealed? she looks insanely amazing and cute)

  • LOVE bts & exo
    LOVE bts & exo Year ago +1

    😚😘😙😚😘😍😍 😎😎😎

  • nibblesxsips
    nibblesxsips Year ago

    You make me smile every time I watch your videos. You're too cute. :)

  • otakus forlife
    otakus forlife Year ago


  • Isobell Mahree
    Isobell Mahree Year ago

    I low key love your reaction to Tokyo Mew Mew. You should do iit.

  • amydasilva100
    amydasilva100 Year ago

    AHHHHHH!! Rainbow mom, I found this etsy store. It's so cuteee and pastelll AND their having a labor day sell until the 6th. I thought I'd just let you know because they have so much nice stuff that you might like.

  • Violet Quartz
    Violet Quartz Year ago

    OMIGOSH I turn 18 on Friday...

  • ashley
    ashley Year ago

    Omg you were born in 98?! I was born in 89! I can't believe I'm 9 entire years older than you! ... I loved the 90s... I thought i was Cher from clueless all through elementary school.

  • Max Taffert
    Max Taffert Year ago

    Please do a Cure Whip cosplay video!!!!! Also a Tokyo Mew Mew review would be interesting, I'd love to see it! My favourite this month has been my first ever Betsey Johnson purse which I found at Winners!! Also I bought that hot pink zebra wrapping paper that you love because I love it too 💕💕

  • May Loves Musicals

    pause at 9:02 you can see the cat hairs on the lid, haha :)

  • Simply Kamy
    Simply Kamy Year ago

    Those light up shoes are so cute!!!

  • ironically inferior

    yes drew monson!!!

  • Liz
    Liz Year ago

    Tokyo mew mew review please! i watched it growing up but i agree it isn't the best, so i would love to hear your opinion on it!

  • Lovisa K
    Lovisa K Year ago

    You are my sun of cheer and happiness and love and glitter

  • JekaClover
    JekaClover Year ago

    Loving all of it!!! You should totally do a review of Tokyo Mew Mew. That was like my first anime so I have fond memories, but also I know that 12-year-old me didn't have great taste, so I'd love to see your take on it lol

  • Amela Son
    Amela Son Year ago

    i'd love to see you and drew collab or something i love you both!!!

    • Amela Son
      Amela Son Year ago

      omg i hope it comes true!!

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  Year ago +1

      +Amela Son That would be my actual dying wish

  • Teshura Rose
    Teshura Rose Year ago


  • Clayton Windsor
    Clayton Windsor Year ago

    you noticed me. I've been waiting and dreaming for this to happen for so long. I've always wanted to get that notification and I finally did. I'm bummed that it wasn't one of the long inspirational supportive loving paragraphs I've written you but I don't even care you still noticed me xD

  • Swedi Candy
    Swedi Candy Year ago

    Saw the thumbnail "I want it all" and I though; Literally me every time I watch any of your videos lol

  • Spicy Water
    Spicy Water Year ago +1

    5:00 Heather Chandler, Heather Macnamera, and Veronica Sawyer

  • Nora .aCrazyCreative

    the colored elastics are of years 80! :)

  • B Verbeckmoes
    B Verbeckmoes Year ago

    Butterfly clips are hard to find now. They were super cheap and easy to break. I haven't seen them since 2001 tbh

  • Null Eins
    Null Eins Year ago

    my monthly favourite by far was the gamescom ☺️❤️
    also i got a reeeaally cute fluffy weasel plushy I LOVE MY BOY 😫😻

  • Martha Marie
    Martha Marie Year ago

    I would looooooooooove to see all of your pretty cure a la mode toys!!

  • Amelia Huff
    Amelia Huff Year ago

    I would love to hear your thoughts on Tokyo Mew Mew! :D :D :D

  • I need friends
    I need friends Year ago

    Love your sweater ;) very aesthetic

  • Pet_tula Rhodes
    Pet_tula Rhodes Year ago

    Omg I’m sorry your kylie pallette was broken that highlighter was the best it was pink and sparkly

  • Jennysus
    Jennysus Year ago

    I rlly rlly love your videos pixi, u r soooooo cute 💕 and yes, the MV by Drew its amazing!!! Kisses from Colombia

  • Megumi Katsura
    Megumi Katsura Year ago

    I would love it if you did a review of Tokyo Mew Mew! I really like your anime reviews in general, and I also didn't like Tokyo Mew Mew very much so I'd love to hear someone else articulate why it wasn't that good XD (btw that sweater looks SO CUTE ON YOU and I LOVE all the buttons and things you've clipped onto it!!

  • Natalia
    Natalia Year ago +2

    Pixie, Kylie and her family are known racists, and that's why you shouldn't be buying her makeup.

  • Abigail Renfro
    Abigail Renfro Year ago

    hello, we should be friends :)

  • Lilianna Rose
    Lilianna Rose Year ago

    Like my comment.. plz?👏🏼

  • Lizzie F.
    Lizzie F. Year ago

    Dollarama also has a Shopkins bag. ^_^

  • DreamingElfling
    DreamingElfling Year ago

    Please do a review of Tokyo Mew Mew! I really liked the two other anime review videos that you did, and have been considering watching Tokyo Mew Mew so I'd love to hear what you thought of it. :)

  • Joy L
    Joy L Year ago

    I totally understand your excitement with a rotary cutter! I'm working on my Hal-Con costume (Setsuna from Fire Emblem Fates) and it has a bunch of pointy parts. I swear the only reason I'm getting through it is by watching Glitter Force! I'm surprised by how the show takes the magical girl anime style but somehow gives it an 80s vibe without all the censorship that ruins most anime dubs.

  • Bloom Looms
    Bloom Looms Year ago


  • Sienna Freyja
    Sienna Freyja Year ago

    omg you should check out the huda beauty rose gold palette! I think you'd love it so much. I bought it for my birthday but I haven't received it yet so idk how good it is but it has glitters and pinks and I'm so excited for it

  • Jess
    Jess Year ago

    Honestly the only videos you should make are those that you want to do! If you want to do a Spencer from iCarly and sit in front of the camera eating cereal for 6mins straight and upload it, go for it. What we think matters not, because I'm pretty sure that your viewers only care about your happiness, and it shines through when you make videos that you have the desire to create. There's many YTs out there who you can just tell that they don't like the content they're creating, but continue for the sake of their viewers. It's better to be happy with what you do than let others control your content❤

  • Minute Kanji
    Minute Kanji Year ago +1

    Love the sweater (´ヮ`) in some way it reminds me of "Mabel" from "Gravity falls"

  • abigaelle line
    abigaelle line Year ago

    plz talk about ojamajo doremi

  • Whinnie PCCOOL
    Whinnie PCCOOL Year ago

    I really admire your style and would like you to make a video recommending brands and online stores to buy fashion items "alternative"

  • Kassidi Strickland

    You are just amazing. You are always so happy and bubbly!!!