Steve Harvey FINALLY Responds To Getting Fired TWICE | Was This Karma For Shading Monique?

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • Steve Harvey can definitely say he has had a hard year. Earlier last week there were rumors swirling that he and his wife were getting a divorce, then came news that his talk show Steve was being replaced by the Kelly Clarkson show and now news that he is being replaced by Melissa McCartney as a host on Little Big Shots. Steve has taken this news the best way possible by saying that he is starting another chapter in life but one can only imagine, could this possibly be his karma for his fallout with Monique?
    What are your thoughts?
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  • WealthTrader Investments

    Yeah he right, "Rich people don't sleep 8 hours", that's because "Rich" people go broke, "Wealthy" people sleep all damn day if they want to!! Wealth lasts generations, Riches only lasts a few vacations!! Remember that my people!

  • Itachi Hyuga
    Itachi Hyuga 4 hours ago

    Steve wring, the money game is the white mans game. So Monique is totally right.

  • Dathen Holley
    Dathen Holley 9 hours ago

    Both white women!!!

  • Malinda Jones
    Malinda Jones 9 hours ago


  • Jacob Davis
    Jacob Davis 10 hours ago

    Mccarthy idiot. Before making a whole video do some fuckin research

  • DaMara Mc Elrath
    DaMara Mc Elrath 16 hours ago

    I meant NBC

  • DaMara Mc Elrath
    DaMara Mc Elrath 16 hours ago

    Ms. Chronicle Speaks, I am trying not to offend, but you are also tossing shade on Steve Harvey. By your very title of this video. I had already been made aware of Steve Harvey losing his shows, and No. I do not think this is about karma, but simply that CBS was being their normal selves, and replacing a man for the females they believe they can control. CBS had buyer's remorse, because they thought if they gave Steve what he asked for. They would finally have a leash on him, but no. This was not karma, but just life mixing with bs.

  • M Miller
    M Miller 17 hours ago

    8itch please; adapt , adjust & overcome < period > .
    Monique told yo 4ss yet you ignored her knowledge < period >.
    All your 4sses acting brand new.

  • T. Rene
    T. Rene 17 hours ago

    Integrity comes first. I’mma need Steve to write a paper about integrity cause he doesn’t have a clue 🧐

  • Poetic Soldier
    Poetic Soldier 18 hours ago +3

    He ain’t going nowhere. Dude got more money than he know what to do with

  • Manyder Faudoas
    Manyder Faudoas 18 hours ago

    I think you need to shut your bitch ass up

  • Queen Prayer Warrior
    Queen Prayer Warrior 22 hours ago

    They will

  • Roy English
    Roy English 23 hours ago

    Ourfarther God has Steve Covered.

  • Audie Murphy
    Audie Murphy Day ago +5

    Can I scream!!!??? I'ma just put it out there and I HOPE Steve, John Legend, Jada, and Wendy Williams are listening.
    Can y'all please call Bounce TV!!!???
    The Steve Harvey show will be Bomb on Bounce!
    Season 3 of Underground will Blow Up on Bounce!!
    Wendy have your BombShell interview on Bounce with Jada as the interviewer so Jada can
    Spring Board her show on the Bounce Network!!!
    Bounce can be the new BET on non cable TV!!!
    Oh and Bounce? Can y'all please run all the reruns of the Parker's, Martin, and In Living Color???
    Come on now!!!
    Ok... (Catches breath) Vent Over

    • Lupin3rd22 X
      Lupin3rd22 X 9 hours ago

      Audie Murphy unfortunately bounce
      Is not gonna have the money to afford all these people what bounce should do is give young up and coming black people a chance these legends need their money bounce can’t afford them right now

  • Pamela Hayes
    Pamela Hayes Day ago

    Melissa McCarthy

  • Carl Graham
    Carl Graham Day ago

    I think that you explain the segments just in case there is someone who has never heard of the subject matter that you mention. But the vast majority of us have already been following the topics that we click on. I would prefer that you get str8 to the meat of the topic right away. It's already bad enough that TVclip puts all of these ads in the middle of videos. But I do love the channel.

  • steve mitchell
    steve mitchell Day ago +3

    Steve is still the man though

  • steve mitchell
    steve mitchell Day ago

    Steve gave up too much game I think karma is a bitch the game is to be sold not told

  • imaworkinprogresst00

    The videos are so cringey...

  • De Reefer
    De Reefer Day ago +1

    Steve is great talent he’ll be back doing something similar to the Steve show. Steve is very charismatic appealing to a vast majority of folks... where some people are only one directional attracting a certain type of viewer...everything has a season💪🏽

  • Dekota Campbell
    Dekota Campbell Day ago

    Foh Steve

  • Chase Rider
    Chase Rider Day ago +3

    Kelly Clarkson is very talented and funny. I am a black woman and I plan to watch her show. Anything is better than watching Steve the mean dweeb.

  • Dana Lightbourne

    Not a fan of either Steve or Monique... it’s hilarious how people trying to paint Monique as someone with integrity though... 🙄

  • Jacqueline Grant
    Jacqueline Grant Day ago +1

    They never believe until it happen to them, mmmmmmmmmm.

  • Ramon Wimbley
    Ramon Wimbley Day ago

    Yall act like yall happy for his down fall he still got more money than you broke niggas

  • manicoquita
    manicoquita 2 days ago

    😫replaced by the white lady

  • dee staples
    dee staples 2 days ago

    That was a house n!@@a talking. After they were done with him they got rid of him! He was to what they said to do and he did to keep his money coming! Period!!

  • Tanya Terry
    Tanya Terry 2 days ago

    It's rough out here Steve/ Call #45 for a job!

  • Kim West
    Kim West 2 days ago +5

    Steve will bounce back. I hope he grabs Monique when he does.

  • M Chan
    M Chan 2 days ago +6

    Steve still hosts family feud. And i bet he can get more game shows too

  • Chef Ju'von
    Chef Ju'von 3 days ago +1

    I can easily say, most of the colored viewers will be lost on both shows....

  • Sondra Allen
    Sondra Allen 3 days ago

    Monique is a has-been and she's burnt out she's nowhere in the league of Steve Harvey she doesn't have that much talent Steve Harvey will get another job do radio or something he's not a lazy man he hustles for his money this showbiz these come and things go that's why they spend their money wisely cuz they don't know what the next job will be

  • Deanna Estep
    Deanna Estep 3 days ago

    He's gone because he said money was more important than integrity. Give it time he'll be gone from the Family feud soon

  • LaVon Ware
    LaVon Ware 3 days ago

    I believe it was announced that Kelly would be taking his spot before he filmed the interview with Mo. I believe the reason why his talk show was taken off was that NBC doesn't own it and they wanted to air a show they had control over. And he spoke out and thats why he lost Little Big Shots.

  • Kathleen johnson
    Kathleen johnson 3 days ago

    I asked this under another of these posts. Why don't we have our own networks.... our Own shows.. teaching the way of t he Black man..... black "TRUE" knowledge, black entertainment. Monique left a very powerful message in a recent interview. No joking at the demise of our brothers and sisters.... live in love... have a plan for our race. we hav strategically been taught t hate each other, fight against each other... its time this stops. INTEGRITY OVER MONEY. they killed us out with slavery and small pox blankets... strategy at its best... they taught us to hate ourselves.. use demeaning words and phrases and created a false acceptance among ourselves.... we are so much more. this melanin is powerful, its royal and they know it. every attempt at success they silence and we fight against each other because of the decisions. Bill is a rapist as he is about to buy a major company.. Tupac is killed because he is awakened... Nipsey Hussle... the list is long... when do we recognize what is going on... what is our strategic plan to return us to our thrones. INTEGRITY OVER MONEY OR POPULARITY ANYDAY

  • Deborah Wheeler
    Deborah Wheeler 3 days ago

    Thats what Karma does to mfrs

  • Meggan Fears
    Meggan Fears 4 days ago

    They starting to take down these black celebrities... Instead of throwing that bs at Mo'Nique, they should've been rallying up with her in support...I can't stand when people over talk someone... Let her get her point out as well... One thing I can say as well is that he isn't going to let them have the satisfaction of seeing him struggle... Hell be alright... He not all the way down he just needed a slice of humble pie...

  • Mark Rodgers
    Mark Rodgers 4 days ago

    You cant kill or bring down Gods annoitted, he will win!

  • Too Kool Entertainment

    Steve Harvey will never be broke he's a very likable funny person

  • teesha foster
    teesha foster 4 days ago


  • teesha foster
    teesha foster 4 days ago


  • teesha foster
    teesha foster 4 days ago

    b-bye felecia!!!!! good job melissa have a great show-fresh! ha ha-white $ shade- steve sucks!

  • LaTasha Ursin
    LaTasha Ursin 4 days ago

    In the meantime, I still got these bills to pay.

  • Deandre Jones
    Deandre Jones 4 days ago

    Monique warned him he's been white washed right on down the NBC drain.....

  • Tamarah H
    Tamarah H 4 days ago

    We can scream 'karma,' but this will backfire on NBC, not Steve! He will get a bigger contract, and a bigger stage. As far as Mo'Nique goes, she's always been difficult to work with. She's done her part to dig her own hole, and burn bridges, as Steve said on the show. Although that was a conversation they should have had privately, instead of on the show. However, look up what Sheryl Underwood said that Mo'Nique did to her during the Queens of Comedy run. I can assure you, this isn't the last of Steve.

  • Beautiful AsYouAre
    Beautiful AsYouAre 4 days ago

    Mr. Harvey is RICH sister. "Losing a job" is when you working by the hour. Can anyone in this comment section (including Yourself) speak on working by the 'millions'???

  • Braden Brand Reality TV

    No Kelly nor Melissa will not get my watch

  • Jabria Carson
    Jabria Carson 4 days ago

    Lol...they gone lose the black audience...we LOVE comedy, we LOVE to LAUGH and we LOVE STEVE!

  • Yoshiyahu Yisrael
    Yoshiyahu Yisrael 5 days ago +3

    Steve Harvey already said about year and half ago he was leaving TV and Kelly Clarkson was suppose to take over

  • Art Vein
    Art Vein 5 days ago +3

    Now let's talk the real issue:
    Tiffany Haddish on Kids Say the Darndest Things 😒

  • Julius Thompson
    Julius Thompson 5 days ago

    "A stay in to place, boy. You can't make as much money as us" type of move by NBC.

  • Denise Nunja
    Denise Nunja 5 days ago

    At some point Steve changed...he became so high and mighty that he would wipe his hands after he touched someone...I just started to dislike him after a while. Remember this good people "never treat people bad on your way up, you might need them on your way down".

  • Debilane23
    Debilane23 5 days ago

    They change host all the time. They change white Host too.. Kelley Clarkson appears to be a nice person but I don't think that'll last. Melissa is funny so her show will be good maybe. At the end of the day Steve will be rich and funny.

  • Tanya Horton
    Tanya Horton 5 days ago

    And this is what monique was trying to tell everyone (him).. but Steve actually dont have to ever work again.. I hope he calls monique and chop it up with her and they do something together. Just to make it right

  • Hsnry Henry
    Hsnry Henry 5 days ago

    Fuck steve harvey

  • Marlene Schultz
    Marlene Schultz 5 days ago

    Well NBC did him just like he did Monique. They put it in the public first. So why is he mad they didn’t tell him first. It’s a money game. I’m not watching Kelly or Melissa though.

  • Erriah’s❤️
    Erriah’s❤️ 5 days ago

    Not sure why Steve didn’t go to his Massa Trump for help. He had his head so far up that racist pig’s behind with that “Koolaid” smile..... “Mo tee sah ?!” “Wuz a matta bozz WE sick?!” Not sure why he’s remotely surprised.
    All that shucking, jiving, tapdancing and performing in that “circus” got him nowhere. Now he can stand by his own words: “ It’s all about the money”
    When you dance with the devil, you can’t pick your tune.

  • Jeremiah Paul
    Jeremiah Paul 5 days ago

    White western liberalism strikes again! White feminism always targets to replace Black people.

  • archangel035
    archangel035 5 days ago

    Ownership people. We've got to stop putting ourselves in positions where someone else can fire us.

  • D J
    D J 5 days ago +4

    Met with Trump, you're out the game. Use any smoke screen you want.

  • wyshica smith
    wyshica smith 5 days ago +1

    Steve is the executive producer of little big shot. So he still getting paid from that show.

  • Sharmilla Gumbs
    Sharmilla Gumbs 6 days ago

    Well, I agree with him, if he's not homeless am sure he will be a'right!

  • L. Rossi
    L. Rossi 6 days ago

    I don't think it was krama. It was mostly them white people being mad because they lost money. Steve straight.

  • Lipton T ,
    Lipton T , 6 days ago

    Don’t tell me he lost Family Feud. I love him on that.

  • Roosevelt Broome
    Roosevelt Broome 6 days ago

    I like your conversation and insight but the random videos of comedy bits hurts the commentary.

  • Dj Ish
    Dj Ish 6 days ago

    We want Steve 😩😩😩😩

  • Bobby Jenkins
    Bobby Jenkins 6 days ago

    This man admitted to being a sellout for the mighty $$$ you don't turn your back on your own people just to be the white mans puppet. He always sneak diss the poor and make little side jokes about blacks, carma is a motherf#%*&r!

  • Evelyn Thomas
    Evelyn Thomas 6 days ago

    why would Steve Harvey put her Monique on his and and say she burnt to minute Bridges and he can't help the poor , that's why he is fired now I understand off the shows but I'm not mad at him but he should have said what he said .

  • Aerkkyah Hatton
    Aerkkyah Hatton 6 days ago +38

    It's looking real white out here real quick. Damn shame PERIOD!

  • 1forevery
    1forevery 6 days ago +29

    That’s why you have to save ur money for a rainy day...cuz it’s ALWAYS gonna come!🔥

  • 1forevery
    1forevery 6 days ago

    He still got family feud and his radio show right?

  • Len Xiang
    Len Xiang 6 days ago +3

    Damn Mr. Hightower....
    1st the Fat Boys break up, now this

  • Daiyona Scott
    Daiyona Scott 6 days ago

    Sorry wrong page

  • Kimberly Solomon
    Kimberly Solomon 7 days ago +1

    Steve sounds like unc tom fr

  • Ajamu Omowale
    Ajamu Omowale 7 days ago

    Not the same. He was established within a platform. She was entry level.

  • tika nelson
    tika nelson 7 days ago

    man BYEEEE Monique bcuz shit still ain't changed for u juat a storyline in yah Life.... folk aint digging yah Monique go grasp daddy ughhhh

  • Abby Smith
    Abby Smith 7 days ago

    There’s the money game ... how’s that working out for you

  • Mortaza Sutherland
    Mortaza Sutherland 8 days ago

    Money is the root of all evil...Money will always change who you are supposed to be...... Sold his soul for a few million

  • Ball Magnetic
    Ball Magnetic 8 days ago

    This is the logical goal of white liberals....give everything that black folks gave blood sweat and a white woman...and later a gay person. This is why black ppl need to stop following the slave mentality the liberals want us to have.

  • Jalece Woodley
    Jalece Woodley 8 days ago

    Steve will rise because he's got God on his side. And no I'm not watching no Kelly Clarkston. First of all I work so she will NOT be taking up my DVR space! Second Mo u were blackballed because you got too black. And the richer black folk don't ride with the lower. They don't wanna say that. All those names including Steve grossing millions daily. And now the Mo show is over. And ain't nobody talking about her anymore. They really did her wrong but at the same time as Steve said.... I'm not going to jeopardize my future or my children's future acting stupid. Learn how to make and keep your money in this environment. Stay strong but stay successful!

  • Juhara Riley
    Juhara Riley 8 days ago

    Kelly Clarkson may do alright at first, but how can she sustain it over a period of time? Melissa McArthy is going to ruin, Little Big Shots, the racial diversity of the show will change!! Just wait and see. But Steve will be okay in any format he lands in!!!

    • kiddlelover43
      kiddlelover43 4 days ago

      They don't care if it fails they just wanted Steve's black behind out of there. Ellen's got the number one show and do you think they were going to give Kelly her time slot? Hell no, Ellen's not black. Steve was number 4. I think Dr. Phil is number 3. I don't know who is number 2, but I bet it isn't a black person. Steve's problem was, is he had the number 4 show in all of daytime and he never thought that they would fire him. Steve Harvey like Michael Jackson, at the end of the day you are still Black and no amount of money can change that. You see what the white man did to Michael, did you learn nothing from that? Oprah did. Oprah with all her billions still bows down to the white man.

  • Debra Williams
    Debra Williams 9 days ago

    I'm definitely not feeling how Steve got booted off of both shows. That's some BS for sure, and they put the salt in the wound, by hiring WHITE women!!!!!!!! Really!!! Melissa!!! doing LBS better than Steve!!! Those kids and their parents don't want to see or sit next to no freaking MELISSA MC CARTNEY!!!!!!! Mom, who is she?!!!!! Smh.....You keep doing your thing Steve...And I'm at work during the talk show, so I'm not watching her anyway!!!!!!! These White ppl are Trifling!!!!!

  • Tiffany Banks
    Tiffany Banks 9 days ago

    Replaced by two white women......

  • penny red
    penny red 9 days ago

    😀😀😀😀😀 !! Good !! Karma is a Bitch !! .. I Never Like Steve. He's A Sell Out !! & Jim Grow Man !!

  • Leo_WAYNE Robinson
    Leo_WAYNE Robinson 9 days ago +2


  • Maleah's Diary
    Maleah's Diary 10 days ago +1

    THIS IS low key looking like a racist attack ijs. (Please don't click on my face. I'm a germaphobe.)

  • iola jarvies
    iola jarvies 10 days ago

    Im very pleased his show was canceled. This man irks me --I think hes stupid, not funny and definitely not a credit to his race! Hes an old throwback , the kind of black man that engenders dislike because hes a phony , materialistic, and needed to go a long time ago. I refuse to watch family feud with this moron as host. His mind is always IN THE GUTTER!

  • MyJW Lyfe
    MyJW Lyfe 10 days ago

    I saw this coming a mile away tho !!!!!

  • Diamond Ridgeway
    Diamond Ridgeway 10 days ago

    I think that they should give him his show back cuz they are being wild

  • Deanna Strother
    Deanna Strother 10 days ago

    Dang smh thats fucked up life goes on

  • classie terrell
    classie terrell 10 days ago

    When Steve spoke negatively about Donald Trump, he became a Bill Cosby victim/ Steve you are a VICTIM OF DONALD TRUMP.

  • Kematha Walton
    Kematha Walton 10 days ago

    I respect Monique' not clapping back at all the people she mentioned that did her wrong, especially in public. That takes a true woman to do that. I feel the same way that I do not want to be owned only by the Lord because physical slavery is over but we still are slaves mentally. As monique stated that what one n***a won't do another n***a will. Too many of my black people are selling their souls for that fame and do everything that is required and still end up getting replaced even without notice like Steve Harvey did now you tell me is it really worth it? I don't fault Steve for acting like he did on tv. so he did everything they told him and look what happened? Look what happened to Lee Daniels? Do they care about blacks in Hollywood? Until we realize who and what we are things won't ever change and we will still be in the New Slavery.

  • Iris Bradley
    Iris Bradley 10 days ago

    No one wants to watch annoying arse Kelly Clarkson

  • Okesa Lynch
    Okesa Lynch 10 days ago +14

    I agree with Monique but I don’t disagree with Steve said

  • Bi-PolarMusic 765
    Bi-PolarMusic 765 11 days ago

    Steve Harvey is a good guy. You just aren’t allowed to have an opinion anymore that’s all

  • Antoinette GG
    Antoinette GG 11 days ago +3

    Like Steve said it's a money game! He should have more control of his show. Now you know that they were not going to let a non-caucasian have and keep that much POWER so they figured out the only way to try and hurt him(in the pocket), but we all know that Uncle Steve is business savvy and will land on his feet! KEEP POUNDING!!!!!

  • Reuben Tufono
    Reuben Tufono 11 days ago

    somehow i bumped into this off my twitter page....not saying i believe the gossip...but if your perspective & gossip is true, i gotta admit thoroughly the gossip is not true, i gotta admit i enjoyed it, but not thoroughly....hehehe

  • 556m4
    556m4 11 days ago

    Karma came for Steve. Karma is a beautiful thing. It was only a matter of time before the universe made right.

  • Bonokuhle Masondo
    Bonokuhle Masondo 11 days ago

    They got Steve fucked up!

  • Elle Bailey
    Elle Bailey 11 days ago

    His show might end up on on own.