Why Women Are Quitting Their Side Hustle: Leaving LuLaRoe

  • Published on May 22, 2019
  • LuLaRoe, a multi-billion dollar company that skyrocketed to success by attracting an army of women to sell their colorful patterned clothes is now facing numerous lawsuits calling the company a “pyramid scheme.”
    Thousands of women who have bought into the LuLaRoe legging empire in hopes of getting rich quick has since left. We talk to three women about their experiences as LuLaRoe consultants and why they decided to leave the controversial MLM behind.
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Comments • 16 967

  • pennylane36
    pennylane36 11 hours ago

    So the founder of lularoe has a daughter, Nichole, who is the founder of dot dot smile. A kids clothing line made of the same material as lularoe but with cuter prints.
    It's the same concept mlm company. Cough cough pyramid scheme
    Idk how they keep getting away with this

  • bekemeh Airewele
    bekemeh Airewele 13 hours ago

    What’s horrible is these woman obviously have such natural business instinct I wish they were put into a situation that could have honestly done well i just want to give them a hug

  • Afryka Unyque
    Afryka Unyque 13 hours ago

    I'm with Senegence, so far I only sale. Signed up on a special so no money lost there. My upline never pushes me to order if I don't sale, coming up on two years.

  • DearChloe
    DearChloe 15 hours ago

    I watched this doc at least a year ago. WHY does TVclip continue to put it in my sidebar EVERY single chance it gets????

  • Francisco Contreras
    Francisco Contreras 16 hours ago

    ho that hell gets fool too easy

  • LadyOrion2012
    LadyOrion2012 18 hours ago

    Here's the thing...you are not on your way to becoming a millionaire if--
    #1 you make $50K a month and have to spend $20-30K in inventory per month or every other month.
    #2 You spend, spend,spend $$$in order to show a "lavish lifestyle".
    #3 Your product is a fad that can quickly blow over within a few short years leaving u with inventory no one wants.
    #4 your product is awful in quality(cheap made in China) & aesthetics.... lularoe is a tacky looking fad that turned into a craze.
    #5 you failed to report your income to the IRS (which I suspect many lularoe reps did) at which point they can tack on huge fines$$$ to what you already owe.

  • LadyOrion2012
    LadyOrion2012 18 hours ago

    Yep I saw this lularoe craze and passed on it.
    (Been seeing other MLM and Pyramid Schemes since the 80's...fell for one- fortunately I broke even quickly and got out)

  • Alex Benavidez
    Alex Benavidez 18 hours ago

    Even if I did have the chance to genuinely profit inside an MLM, like if I got the coveted top ranks of making money from hundreds of recruits beneath me
    I don't know how I could even live with myself, knowing at that point, having experienced to that position, that all my profits are a direct result of scamming others below me, and pretending to be their friend and rope in others to keep the scam going
    You know you're putting people in debt, lying to them, and ruining finances
    But if you don't do it, and if you don't do it wirh a smile and as enthusiastically as possible, then it's your bank that gets destroyed.
    A MLM is truly a profit that can only be achieved through exploitation, manipulation and deception
    And the people who realise this, but don't pull out when they can, are deserving of that moment the exploitation catches up to them
    The expenditure is within the pyramid. If you don't pull people into it, you can't stay at the top and you'll end up be the one paying the salaries of those above you
    The disgusting part of the scheme really is the cult mentality and the preying on disempowered stay at home mums
    Abusing every single insecurity they have, along with their trust for profit
    Fuck the founders, but also fuck the rest of the top. When you're high enough to profit, you're well aware the profit is coming out of the pockets of those who looked up to you to help them

  • Andrew Le
    Andrew Le 19 hours ago

    Is this just selling clothes? That woman thought she'd be a millionaire? Even if it was quality clothes, you'd have to sell millions of dollars worth of clothing to make a million profit.

  • MA Matters
    MA Matters 20 hours ago

    I wonder if the FBI is investigating this probable pyramid scheme?

  • acortez1192
    acortez1192 21 hour ago

    There's a sucker born every minute...

  • Coco Poco
    Coco Poco Day ago

    It’s like cult... never be part of any ‘pyramid’

  • mysanalumina
    mysanalumina Day ago


  • nero
    nero Day ago

    empowering women through indentured servitude hell yeah

  • Emma Giering
    Emma Giering Day ago

    It's not a "tree," it's a pyramid scheme. And you're building it.

  • crazyemmainpink
    crazyemmainpink Day ago

    how do you feel pressured to get surgery? wheres your backbone

  • Aubergine Bellen
    Aubergine Bellen 2 days ago

    Imagine if LuLaRoe had made quality clothes. They had a pyramid scheme that could have actually made the women money.

    AMANDA TIJERINA 2 days ago

    What does these gastric sleeve have anything to do with Lularoe?

    • Karmillina
      Karmillina 2 days ago

      It was just another pyramid scheme they wanted to rope the women in. I wouldn't doubt for a hot second that Leanne was getting a juicy commission from taking these women.

    AMANDA TIJERINA 2 days ago

    They wouldn't want to hear from me. I would straight up tell the Ceo's that they have shitty clothes....straight up!

  • Grace Alexandra
    Grace Alexandra 2 days ago +2

    I wonder what the deal was with the 'Tijuana Skinnies' gastric sleeve? Was that lady getting commission to recruit people? Seems really suspicious...why was she pushing it?

  • Stephanie Davis
    Stephanie Davis 2 days ago +1

    I must have been under a rock, cause I’ve never heard of this company until today. Interesting video!

  • Kelly Kirkpatrick
    Kelly Kirkpatrick 2 days ago

    At the core of each and every one of these Consultants personality as well as the CEO founder owners is Extreme greed this is why you all found yourself taken advantage of because you did not see the signs of greed your own greed became so overpowering that you bought into the scheme and the scam you should have realized the minute you caught wind that it was more important to focus on onboarding more women then to sell merchandise that should have been your first clue that this was a scam and a pyramid screen scheme greed lust for money is what brought you down

    • Kelly Kirkpatrick
      Kelly Kirkpatrick 2 days ago

      No healing will be possible until you get this very very clear in your mind's in your heads in your heart greed and consumerism is your downfall own it recognize it and Val not to be that person anymore

  • Haydee Johnson
    Haydee Johnson 2 days ago


  • Sadiee
    Sadiee 2 days ago

    Cortney’s mom melted my heart at the end 😭

    AFRO LOVE 3 days ago

    LuLaRoe sounds like Primerica 🧐

  • carcar jinks
    carcar jinks 3 days ago

    this is why women shouldn't be allowed to handle money

  • A C
    A C 3 days ago +1

    So an entire business focused around frumpy middle aged housewives? Got it.

    • carcar jinks
      carcar jinks 3 days ago

      i feel bad for their husbands.
      it sucks working your ass off to earn a living, and seeing your wife blow it all on some frivolous expense

  • FeatheryBird
    FeatheryBird 3 days ago +1

    They focus on the "plus size" Mom market.The Luis Vitton is fake.

  • Teresa Green
    Teresa Green 3 days ago

    Wow...I am a part time/Discount BB “Coach”.... well I like to say influencer or any other title than “Coach”, as I am not licensed as a Coach nor do I hold any certifications in Nutrition. I was blown away by the video that Kiki Chanel posted about buying followers. I often wondered how some people had so many followers, or even labeled themselves “Public Figures” after maybe delivering a single public speech. I have twice been a BB Coach. Mostly for a discount on products. I DO enjoy shakeology and feel much better when drinking it. However, I do not believe in manifesting friends or getting anyone to join something they don’t want to. People will do things for themselves when they feel ready. I also felt like the most successful Coaches were ones in their 20’s to mid to late 30’s. That still holds true. My personal Coach is 64, and works as a part time Coach, and she has been pretty successful as a part time Coach. She has earned success club trips and free swag. I do not have immediate family surviving, I don’t work anymore b/c I am on disability so I don’t have the contact with a lot of people like some of these other girls have. I have had many people follow me on Instagram, to find out a few days later, they quit following me. I paid them the courtesy of following them back...but once I knew what they were up to, I unfollowed them, as well. I am registered to attend my second summit this year. It is fun to attend live workouts and meet up with people you have been friends with on FB. But my husband is coming this year, and we are going for a week, as a 14 year anniversary/summit trip. I believe in the same values as you, and I don’t like pushing myself on people. My first Coach was great, but I feel like she wasn’t Coached properly on some issues, and then she and my upline went to another MLM all together. I just do my thing, I do post workouts, and my Shakeology, but I really don’t push it. If someone is interested, I feel like they will ask if they are interested. Ultimately, I would absolutely love to help others learn how to eat better and start exercising...and have given some free things (printed materials, containing meal plans and portion control containers) to people just to maybe help them get started on healthier eating and did not ask for anything. It’s not all about the money with me. There are several people I do know that I would love to help...but it’s as I said before, people will ask for help if and when they want it!

  • Sarah Neil
    Sarah Neil 3 days ago +2

    Considering less than 1% of people in an MLM make a livable wage, I have very little sympathy for the people who rose to the top on the backs of the 99% in their down line. Sure you lost it all, but what about those who never made any money in the first place?

  • Ahstia Summers
    Ahstia Summers 3 days ago

    I suppose I'm lucky that I never encountered someone who hounded me to join a business cult aka mlm. At least, not yet

  • Morgan Thorpe
    Morgan Thorpe 3 days ago +5

    FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS?!?!?! If you have to pay for a job... you don’t want that job!

  • Daniel Carrasco
    Daniel Carrasco 4 days ago +3

    Rule number 1 in business, they are no friends in business

  • Alice Wolf
    Alice Wolf 4 days ago

    When you have someone close stuck in this kind of pyramid scheme, it’s hard to take them out because the money in front of them cover the horrible future ahead.

    And it affects a lot of people in their life in a very bad way intentionally or not.

    MsRESPECT90 4 days ago +2

    It's hard for me to feel bad for the lady that had to sell her house because she knew that she was scamming people all along, what goes around comes right back around sis.

    MsRESPECT90 4 days ago

    The clothes ugly as hell!!!!

    MsRESPECT90 4 days ago +1

    Traci Lynn Jewelry is the same but with predominately black women.

  • Carrie Casagram
    Carrie Casagram 4 days ago +23

    Wow, too bad she didn’t manage her money. She could have paid off her home making such big checks!!

    • Emily P.
      Emily P. 11 hours ago

      They require you to pay so much for inventory and the "lifestyle" though. I can't imagine she had that much disposable income left when all was said and done.

  • TheFoxTailPalm
    TheFoxTailPalm 4 days ago +5

    19:47 - YOU worked hard for that Louis Vuitton bag? What about all the people you got to scam to receive a percentage of their sales? I think they worked pretty hard for that bag.
    24:20 She's tragically talking about how she used to make $50-$70k a month and now she has to make that STRETCH for a year >> Lady, many hard working people that don't fall for scams need to make $20k last a year.

  • G T
    G T 4 days ago +1

    Sounds like a lot of egos, lonliness, low self esteem, and title worshippers. They were looking for meaning and self worth through others/things, when it's an inside issue. I am sorry that this happened to so many people.

  • jharrisusmc
    jharrisusmc 5 days ago +16

    Bunch of gullible women wearing tacky clothes and calling each other babes.

  • Miss Michelle
    Miss Michelle 5 days ago

    It's sad but I don't feel that sorry for people who mismanaged their finances. The woman they focused on the at the most in this doc was making ridiculous amounts of money - up to $30,000 dollars a month! She even said that there was no emphasis on selling the products. Wouldn't that tell you it's not legit and you should save some money? She had such a good income high in the pyramid.

  • garth locklin
    garth locklin 5 days ago

    My ex wife and now my new g/f have the same problem many people have including men; Social media says we too can be a part of something great, if we join. These people go broke buying "instant gratification". Look at all those people flashing money on MCA Towing videos. Same thing, they just want to keep recruiting others and some even say in the video, "Thanks for the commish!" Those folks had no intention of becoming a mentor.

  • Benson 'Drongo' Hedges
    Benson 'Drongo' Hedges 5 days ago +1

    so empowering empowered power power poweer power power empower power power empower empower

  • cat park
    cat park 5 days ago

    Love her t-shirt lol

  • Samantha Stensrud
    Samantha Stensrud 5 days ago

    How do these people even tho that many people to sell 5,000 worth of stuff to even invest in it lol 😂 I don’t have that many friends into these ugly patterns lol but won’t lie I own a few pairs of leggings but all shotty quality

  • D God
    D God 5 days ago +1

    She’s a fool for thinking anyone associated with that shithole company are truly her friend

  • Jonathon Wooff
    Jonathon Wooff 5 days ago +1

    I have a hard time feeling sorry for these women...if they didn’t understand the risks and make hedges against said risks they have no one to blame but themselves.

  • Nini Zambrano
    Nini Zambrano 5 days ago

    The tag on lularoe leggings reads "95% polyester 5%spandex Machine wash cold Gentle cycle Do not Bleach Hang dry Do Not Iron OR YOULL BE SAD" 🙄

  • Spas Draws
    Spas Draws 5 days ago +1

    My aunt was apart of this for a few years and left the scheme but wouldn't disclose why even to us family members at the time of her quitting. After watching this I can understand why she left and why she was so secretive about the reason why. My heart goes out to all those women who were screwed over by that company.

  • Nikki S
    Nikki S 6 days ago +2

    Oof just like when Cutco tried to get me.

  • Maria Dias
    Maria Dias 6 days ago +8

    LulaRoe... seems the name of a childish game... but even kids wouldn’t like those clothes! Yaaack!

  • Yvonne Wilson
    Yvonne Wilson 6 days ago +1

    You know...I hate MLMs in general, but my hatred is extreme when it comes to Lularoe.
    How extreme, you ask?
    How about the fact that not only is there a special place for them in Hell, I would drop my salvation with Jesus Christ just so I could go to Hell and build Lularoe's prison MYSELF.
    That's right---I'd "Judas" Jesus to personally cart Lularoe's asses right into the lake of fire.

  • Ronin Blax Mushroom Cloud

    Wearing your shoes in the house is disgusting. You walk on sidewalks where dogs shit and piss then you bring it into your home and stomp it into your carpet.

    • Karmillina
      Karmillina 2 days ago

      I mean, you're not wrong, but in the west you kind of qualify as an outlier. Asian countries are likelier to drop that shit like hot potatoes as soon as they enter the house.

  • Ronin Blax Mushroom Cloud

    Cocaine swoooosh dopamine

  • Teri LaFaye Pistol Poet TM

    $5,000 start up? no,no,NO! 22:48

  • Tuesday
    Tuesday 6 days ago +1

    The lady who was a "mentor" only left because she wasn't getting 50k checks every month anymore. Not because the company was unethical and there were thousands of women below her that she was taking money from. I don't feel sorry for her.

  • Junie
    Junie 6 days ago

    Never heard of this drama queen company. Thank goodness cult!

  • vintage_bird
    vintage_bird 6 days ago +1

    I treat myself by going to Target..I love Target..I don't always go cause it's just..it has to stay special😂😂😂 to be honest with you all, and you don't have to agree...I feel bad for the woman who lost her house..you say where did she spend the money "we were told to live the lula lavish lifestyle" if they didn't they'd be attacked..they were being brainwashed....you have to keep in mind that these people thought this good money would never end...just like how we believe that the good life you possibly have right now will be forever.

  • orange70383
    orange70383 6 days ago

    wtf is a side hustle, you mean suckin D on the side for 10 bucks a pop.