Sylas: The Unshackled | Champion Trailer - League of Legends

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
  • Power is so easily taken. Watch me break a kingdom with it.
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  • Nine B
    Nine B 22 hours ago

    This has to be the best teaser ever, still gives me shivers

  • Sage Sheridan
    Sage Sheridan 2 days ago

    What happens when a sylas steals a sylases ult

  • Jors Manel
    Jors Manel 4 days ago

    Sylas: The unshackled abs.. gad dem.. mmm

  • Katarina
    Katarina 5 days ago

    They made a champion that steal your looks, now a champion that steal your ult. What’s next?

  • Nate Lazer
    Nate Lazer 8 days ago +1

    New champion idea Q: steals enemy q W: steals enemy w E: steals enemy e Passive:Steals enemy passive R: steals enemy Gf

  • Sylas Henson
    Sylas Henson 11 days ago

    My name is sylas

  • Ian Taylor
    Ian Taylor 11 days ago

    Gamers rise up

  • Hanzo Akuma Ninja
    Hanzo Akuma Ninja 11 days ago


  • roy mustang
    roy mustang 18 days ago

    i watch this video everyday xdd

  • Mom's Spaghetti
    Mom's Spaghetti 24 days ago

    Slyas is a commie

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 29 days ago

    This is what europe needs right now

  • Enrique Zuñiga
    Enrique Zuñiga Month ago

    Sylas is me on my socialist phase during college

  • Yap KY
    Yap KY Month ago

    Lin beifong

  • Jeff Bobson
    Jeff Bobson Month ago

    yea communism

  • Lyle Galon
    Lyle Galon Month ago

    So hes thinking about communism......

  • ferre feys
    ferre feys Month ago

    The 3.5k dislikes are from traditional demancians

  • Kid Kynx
    Kid Kynx Month ago

    Sylas vs terizla

  • Tactical Toast
    Tactical Toast Month ago

    Sounds like communist propaganda but ok

    • Tactical Toast
      Tactical Toast 4 days ago

      @Alan Gonzalez Dude the whole idea of communism which Stalin and Lenin pushed for was for a world revolution where the working class brought down the upper echelons of society, so it definitely fits under communism. Moreover, for it to be an anarchist ideology, it has to reject the state as an institution in and of itself and replace it with rule by the people. Moreover, it cant be anarcho-monarchism (which btw is only a thought experiment since no political party is supporting the idea) since he sylas wants to remove the monarchy, so it woldn's make sense to want to institute another form of it

    • Alan Gonzalez
      Alan Gonzalez 4 days ago

      Technically it would be Anarcho-Monarchism but the non-meme version would just be anarchism. Might want to read up on your political theories a bit more buddy. No ones seizing the means of production or abolishing private property. It's about bringing down the kingdom's hierarchy and making everyone "equal".

  • Feliz35
    Feliz35 Month ago +29

    This speech legit makes him my favourite champ forever.

  • Gumi StockBot
    Gumi StockBot Month ago +1

    I'm late to the party but Sylas claims he sees a world without Lords or Peasants - where every Demacian is a king. Instantly contradicted himself.

    Good writing.

    • EvilRubberDucky
      EvilRubberDucky 28 days ago

      Gumi StockBot syndrome said it best “when everyone’s one will be”

    • YohAmida
      YohAmida Month ago

      As a sociopathic buddy says: when everyone is a king, no one will be.

  • Stg Ahri
    Stg Ahri Month ago

    WAIT THIS DOSENT WORK IN the comic it stays he was in prison 11 years this right now says hes in prison 15 years WUT!"?

    • D3vilish1mp
      D3vilish1mp Month ago

      Stg Ahri, it's called "Retconning".

  • Hydra X9K
    Hydra X9K Month ago

    More like Sylas, the Unbalancable

  • Temonation Playz
    Temonation Playz Month ago

    when a guy from demacia wears jeans

  • Stop watching this
    Stop watching this Month ago

    99K likes make it 100k pls :))

  • Off Road
    Off Road Month ago

    Tylas 15 years
    Terizla 10 years

  • famgar
    famgar Month ago

    ruh roh looks like we have the magneto of league of legends

  • Cristopher Kun
    Cristopher Kun Month ago

    Sylas : Hi
    Riot : Yes

  • არაშNდა Production

    ye now we need to champ that steals our passive

  • SnapIntoASlimJimYeah
    SnapIntoASlimJimYeah Month ago +45

    Demacia, no need to worry. He has finally been shackled. By nerfs, that is.

    • Kerem Yur
      Kerem Yur 12 days ago

      @Athan i love sylas but i think most of the champions are better than him right now.

    • Big Boi Roi
      Big Boi Roi Month ago

      Athan And the winrates being below the majority in essentially every league

    • Athan
      Athan Month ago

      @Suto yes

    • Suto
      Suto Month ago

      @Athan So you're telling me his gutted passive is still busted?

    • Solar S
      Solar S Month ago

      @Athan Sylas is one of them champions with broken skillset. Its either OP, or dead corpse, killed by "numbers on the skill" nefrs

  • Early Gaming3061
    Early Gaming3061 Month ago

    sylas is communist confirmed

  • Acetheigloo
    Acetheigloo Month ago

    He’s like magneto lol

  • Felix3_D
    Felix3_D Month ago


  • Chr Lol
    Chr Lol Month ago

    Not my ULT... OUR ULT!!!

  • Voxel Rush
    Voxel Rush Month ago

    Sylas the communist

    LvL4MGTOW Month ago +2

    Sylas took the Red Pill.

  • Fischstäbchen Moluna


  • Valmen
    Valmen 2 months ago

    Not gonna lie. the best character trailer ever made by riot video game company

  • Scarlet Psycho Wolf
    Scarlet Psycho Wolf 2 months ago +1

    They should have Ekko guard him for whenever he tries to ult

  • Azothi JJ
    Azothi JJ 2 months ago +2

    And now this champ is a trash

  • what 2006
    what 2006 2 months ago +3

    Literally a freaking communist

  • Emir
    Emir 2 months ago

    still wacthing

  • Eugeo synthesis thirty two

    Why is everyone here starts talking about ml?

  • EnlightenedLotus
    EnlightenedLotus 2 months ago

    * Soviet Union Anthem *

  • Call me Panda
    Call me Panda 2 months ago

    no one:
    that guy plays ml:hey the introduction lools like tirezla introduction i bet i know who copy

  • kidimaus1
    kidimaus1 2 months ago


  • Dusk Sorrow
    Dusk Sorrow 2 months ago




  • GL!TCH
    GL!TCH 2 months ago +4

    Lol: **releases sylas trailer**
    Moonton: *pay attention everybody!!*

  • Itsme_Yap Stephen
    Itsme_Yap Stephen 2 months ago

    Every comment here is about moontoon copying from LoL.
    How sad you guys dont realise that LoL is a copy cat too.

    • Top Fan
      Top Fan 2 months ago

      @Itsme_Yap Stephen Then tell me. Kindly state everything you know die hard ml fan.

    • Itsme_Yap Stephen
      Itsme_Yap Stephen 2 months ago

      @Top Fan oh i know something alright;)

    • Top Fan
      Top Fan 2 months ago

      Ohhhohohohhhh. Make sure you know something before stating that kid :)

  • Spliting Stick
    Spliting Stick 2 months ago +3

    *NOw INsErt MObilE LegenDs*

  • Amarok
    Amarok 2 months ago +2

    Mobile Legends: "Ooooh yeaaaah, let's copy it"

  • xX N4ŦĤĄŊXx
    xX N4ŦĤĄŊXx 2 months ago

    Terizla 10 years
    Sylas 15 years

  • Euphraxia ツ
    Euphraxia ツ 2 months ago +10

    *Sylas Trailer just got stolen by a Mobile League Ripoff.. Lmao Even tho Sylas Ultimates Moontoon steals Ideas*

    • Suto
      Suto Month ago +1

      @Senpie It isn't? It's made by the original Warcraft DotA's co-developer iirc.

    • Fulano De Tal
      Fulano De Tal 2 months ago

      @Aiman Sa'ari rubick steals abilities and actives , sylas only steals ults

    • Aiman Sa'ari
      Aiman Sa'ari 2 months ago

      Rubick cough2...Ehm

    • Academia Boi
      Academia Boi 2 months ago

      可愛い子Senpie you sure?

    • Senpie
      Senpie 2 months ago

      Euphraxia ツ league of legends is an ripoff too..

  • ThreeForTwo c
    ThreeForTwo c 2 months ago

    Is it my idea or does Sylas sounds like a commie

  • KatieIsntReal
    KatieIsntReal 2 months ago +14

    Mobile Legends copied you guys againnn

    • Senpie
      Senpie 2 months ago

      Katie Playz yep

  • Meliodas Sama
    Meliodas Sama 2 months ago +15

    To clean my eyes after watching terizla trailer.

  • Kazu Ayudar
    Kazu Ayudar 2 months ago +11

    another victim of moonton's copying skills...what a sad day for gaming

  • M Matute
    M Matute 2 months ago

    The champion my communist self doesn't deserve but desperately needs.

  • Pan Cakes
    Pan Cakes 2 months ago +4

    I heard mobile legends came out with their own copy of this lmfao

    • Jayson Santiana
      Jayson Santiana 2 months ago

      Oh yeah completely forgot about that.sorry i only play ml cause i have no pc so i have no experience in lol sorry.

    • LeBlanc
      LeBlanc 2 months ago +1

      @Jayson Santiana Terizla s1 copied from Aatrox old W, s2 copied from Aatrox new Q and his Ult copied from Aatrox E

    • Jayson Santiana
      Jayson Santiana 2 months ago

      Well the introduction almost but the skills nah

    KASTUR SHACKS 2 months ago +8

    Moontoon copy sylas trailer RIOT PLS BAN MOONTOON A.K.A MOBILE LEGENDS

    • احمد حسين
      احمد حسين Month ago

      @Top Fan absolutely

    • Top Fan
      Top Fan 2 months ago

      @Jayson Santiana every champion in mobile legends has similarities with Lol and World of Warcraft.

    • John Mark Bago-od
      John Mark Bago-od 2 months ago

      @No U whut? It took me 1 and a half month to mythic, its not that i would say something without getting good at it

    • No U
      No U 2 months ago

      @John Mark Bago-od so how many days you've been grandmaster?

    • John Mark Bago-od
      John Mark Bago-od 2 months ago

      @No U whut? How is a LoL player be noob in a trash easy game

  • Miho Desu
    Miho Desu 2 months ago +1

    This is your father terizla

  • Frankiss Kilzkoy
    Frankiss Kilzkoy 2 months ago +8

    i came here because Mobile Legends is ripping your game again.

  • Yeet the Wheat
    Yeet the Wheat 2 months ago +1

    Sylas must hate Garen.

  • k i n g
    k i n g 2 months ago +12

    You do know that Moonton made an exact copy of this trailer, right?

  • Lil' Bitch
    Lil' Bitch 2 months ago

    And thus, the most cancerous league champion was born...

  • iSniff Teemo
    iSniff Teemo 2 months ago +5


    • Gamer Boy
      Gamer Boy 2 months ago +1

      Hindi ka maiintindihan hahaha

  • Meme Gaming
    Meme Gaming 2 months ago +143

    Sylas: *exists*
    Mobile Legends: Hey can I copy your hero again?

    • Suto
      Suto Month ago

      @John paul De guzman Cursed

    • Harith Galib
      Harith Galib 2 months ago +1

      Trailer of Terizla: Sylas trailer
      Skills of Terizla:Aatrox skills

    • John paul De guzman
      John paul De guzman 2 months ago +5

      Next yugi the magical dog

    • Hatsune Otonashi
      Hatsune Otonashi 2 months ago +3

      Congratulations, coz now your predictions come true

    • John Mark Bago-od
      John Mark Bago-od 2 months ago +6

      Lmao their new hero terizla is just frikkin ripped off
      Kit = aatrox
      Trailer = sylas

  • JJ Amigo
    JJ Amigo 2 months ago +5

    Moontoon: I'll remake this video

  • Brolythetics
    Brolythetics 2 months ago +19

    Anyone here after the trailer reveal of Terizla from Mobile Legends ? xD they copied Sylas..

    • βeélzebub
      βeélzebub 2 months ago

      Even the chains, they only changed its color. lol

    • k i n g
      k i n g 2 months ago


    • Yuki Shinoda
      Yuki Shinoda 2 months ago +1

      Yah. Came here when i saw terizla trailer. 15 years of imprisonment vs 10 years hahah

    • epicgamer 412
      epicgamer 412 2 months ago


    • Jack Frost
      Jack Frost 2 months ago

      Brolythetics hi

  • Cherry Kaguya
    Cherry Kaguya 2 months ago +3

    I just watched this again because the trailer of the new hero of mobile legends, Terizla, is almost the same, and there are frames that are the same with the trailer of Sylas. Omegalul

  • Jinxer Gamer
    Jinxer Gamer 2 months ago +1

    Wow mlbb has yet copied this trailer

  • Trickter 07
    Trickter 07 2 months ago

    what is terizla doing here in league of legends

  • 99eva
    99eva 2 months ago

    who else came here because of the new ml hero named Terizla?

  • S471D
    S471D 2 months ago

    Hi Terizla.. 🥺

  • I like Hentai
    I like Hentai 2 months ago +3

    Ml copied this trailer

    • MIQFIN
      MIQFIN 2 months ago

      Only couble things

  • Peter Perez
    Peter Perez 2 months ago

    So basically he wants to have a Democracy