Shootout with Ronaldinho at Nicky Jam World Cup Video Shoot


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  • Liliana Views
    Liliana Views 53 minutes ago

    alguien que hable español aqui :v

  • Siobhan McClendon
    Siobhan McClendon 2 hours ago

    Scaring Scotty?....#silverfox

  • Leo Almonte
    Leo Almonte 5 hours ago

    I will go back to college and pursue with life dream of becoming an airline pilot. And document my whole journey if Will actually response this comment!
    This guy is truly my role model, hands down!

  • Kajtár Bence
    Kajtár Bence 5 hours ago

    Location of the video: Budapest Hungary

  • Umbrella_CORP_07
    Umbrella_CORP_07 5 hours ago

    Caramba, não sabia que Smith cantava! Crl

  • Jadhiel Jimenez
    Jadhiel Jimenez 6 hours ago

    Will mi sueño es jugar con ronaldihno aria lo q sea solo por jugar con el.

  • Arman Febryan
    Arman Febryan 7 hours ago

    good video...
    salute for your editor
    Amazing team

  • heran abdwlla
    heran abdwlla 9 hours ago


  • K Family
    K Family 9 hours ago


  • Mundo das Ideias
    Mundo das Ideias 10 hours ago

    See Will Smith and Ronaldinho Gaucho together is beautiful, I'm Brazilian and I'm your fan Will Smith and Ronaldinho is one of the best football players of all time !!! And this official music video of Russia 2018 is the best music in the world! It was very nice to see Ronaldinho showing some of his football magic! A big hug Will Smith and Ronaldinho Gaucho Tamos Juntos !!! Brazil

  • Soybeniano Atododar
    Soybeniano Atododar 12 hours ago

    Will sos un maestro

  • Amy Curtis
    Amy Curtis 19 hours ago

    OMG, I love that you have dialogue from The Warriors memorized! I loved that film!

  • claudinho cornel
    claudinho cornel 20 hours ago



    Epic. Epic. Epic
    They will be showing this video to a new generation.

  • Biell Magriin
    Biell Magriin Day ago

    Cadê os Br?

  • Sebastian Hincapie Castaño

    joder como extraño al principe del rap

  • Richard Miranda
    Richard Miranda Day ago

    Remember at fresh prince of bel-air 1990

  • Алесандр Полевик

    Thank you for your contribution to the culture and prosperity of our country to Russia ! For the music, McDonald's, a Job, Internet !All the best and happy father's share ! Happy father's day !

  • Natalie La Porte

    That was beautiful.

  • Алесандр Полевик

    Thanks for the video !

  • Алесандр Полевик

    Чё то мало Русских ? Нам наверное всё равно ?

  • Aaron Banks
    Aaron Banks Day ago

    His personality is just out of this world 😮😬🤟🏾🤟🏾‼️

  • AequhOG
    AequhOG Day ago

    best five mins of my day

  • Andrea Juarez
    Andrea Juarez Day ago

    No se tanto ingles pero me encanto lo q canto

  • S OB
    S OB Day ago

    there are SOOO many cool things about this video, love the animated/visually augmented bits!

  • la borincana
    la borincana Day ago

    what. a treat. to see Ronaldinho again. I'love his great moves w/ Brasil. int team, but also w/ El Barza

  • Wilfredo Ortega
    Wilfredo Ortega Day ago

    The Goat of TVclip already lol

  • asldigga06
    asldigga06 Day ago

    I don't like these autotune-shitty songs like this one...

  • زعيم الزعيم

    تعال انيك امك ياهزيل

  • Ammar Al Anbri
    Ammar Al Anbri Day ago

    Whaaaaaaat!! 🙆🏾‍♂️ 3:21

  • Erick Eddu Music

    hahaha canción oficial hehe de mi huevo

  • Erick Eddu Music

    hahaha canción oficial hehe de mi huevo


    Jaja me rio jsjajjajsjshs te amo

  • Emilio Lopez
    Emilio Lopez 2 days ago

    hate to say this but .. Will perdió su magia :(

  • Gabriel Candido
    Gabriel Candido 2 days ago

    Capeta que produção do inferno é essa? Pqp o cara ja mandou na indústria do hip hop, a indústria do cinema e agora ta querendo mandar no TVclip

  • jaminson silgado guzman

    mis respetos a este gran actor que es will

  • Ana Farias
    Ana Farias 2 days ago

    Go Portugal!

  • Miguel123 Manresa
    Miguel123 Manresa 2 days ago

    Solo falta que fuera en español este canal , eres un crak will sigue así

  • Danja Vallejos
    Danja Vallejos 2 days ago

    Me encanto tu video !!!!! ❤

  • Lenext Owens
    Lenext Owens 2 days ago +1

    Once again thank you Will great video

  • OvercomingBeatmyself 1

    Robie Willians no merecía hacer la apertura. Lo mereció la canción Live it up.
    Robie Willians ni canción le saco al mundial !!!

  • Constructive not entertainment

    Will, What you really know about Ronaldinho?

  • Anatoli Gochkov
    Anatoli Gochkov 2 days ago

    Yo, you Americans ... it's call Football! read the lips

  • Frank Wekulo
    Frank Wekulo 2 days ago

    All that energy at 50

  • suga daddy
    suga daddy 2 days ago

    disclose ufo isles we know you knoww about the gravity of then ufo craft in the attmsfire

  • 2WavyJoe
    2WavyJoe 2 days ago

    I saw a Italy flag and they didn't even qualify

  • Phillip Roy
    Phillip Roy 2 days ago

    White horses this is racism. Red flags this is communism.

  • Marcelo Cruz Salas
    Marcelo Cruz Salas 2 days ago

    Y Will smith cuando piensa envejecer?

  • Marcos Leandro
    Marcos Leandro 2 days ago

    Vai Brasil!

  • Abdullahi Lawal
    Abdullahi Lawal 3 days ago

    we will be waiting for guys
    nice pic u got there on ur dp

  • Blejo Man
    Blejo Man 3 days ago

    Esta durísimo una chimba, felicidades, buena música

  • Elina ITC
    Elina ITC 3 days ago

    we love you from Russia

  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki 3 days ago

    Will smith actor porno, cantante, comico y youtuber ste men es el men mas men del unimen

  • tupac Amaru Shakur
    tupac Amaru Shakur 3 days ago

    Fu*k Israel

  • Luciano DeSilva
    Luciano DeSilva 3 days ago

    The Warriors

  • MenudaMierda 27/81932

    Necesitamos subtitulos en tus vídeos Will. 🙏

  • hernan melgarejo
    hernan melgarejo 3 days ago

    7a 1

  • Claudio MC
    Claudio MC 3 days ago


    FLEXTHEKLEX 3 days ago

    9.81 m/s/s Mr. Smith

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel 3 days ago

    Grande Will

  • mark bruns
    mark bruns 3 days ago

    USA didn't make to the WC come here and laugh HAHAHA

  • Manuel Villanueva Villanueva

    I am is the peru
    you are my favorite actor

  • Buchausel Márk
    Buchausel Márk 3 days ago

    Hungary=suzuki :D

  • Новороссия


  • cavali77
    cavali77 3 days ago

    Who dares to come here and give his vídeos thumbs down???

  • Genta Spaho
    Genta Spaho 3 days ago

    Era Istrefi is from Albania a super little place Im from there to

  • Carlos Augusto Diaz Diaz

    Will Smith and Ronaldinho Gaucho my fucking dream is real

  • Beast Incarnate
    Beast Incarnate 3 days ago

    Lol, Trolling Ronaldo from 1:50 to 2:01 😂😂

  • Lado M Music
    Lado M Music 3 days ago


  • LovinglyStoned Productions

    Edit king!

  • Deiby Naj
    Deiby Naj 3 days ago

    nicky el mejor

  • Chanda Sohpdang
    Chanda Sohpdang 3 days ago

    I love world cup

  • koziole12
    koziole12 3 days ago +1

    Poland !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Yahya Alhasani
    Yahya Alhasani 3 days ago

    that crazy song starting at 0:35 ... can anybody help me find it ???

  • Circe Luna
    Circe Luna 3 days ago

    Te amo Will. 💖

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Clicked for Ronaldinho!!!

  • Glaucia Santos
    Glaucia Santos 3 days ago

    Oh my god ! Lovin Will smith

  • Ibolya Kiss
    Ibolya Kiss 3 days ago

    Will, Era and Nicky Jam! Greeting from Budapest! 🇭🇺😉😘

  • Alex Oik
    Alex Oik 3 days ago

    Will's Vlogs are actually Fire 🔥🔥

  • lac kiss
    lac kiss 3 days ago


  • Carlos Eduardo
    Carlos Eduardo 3 days ago

    sou seu fa voce e o e melhor de ator do mundo faz agente rir e chorar vem no brasil conhecer a colheita do cafe

  • Carlos Big
    Carlos Big 3 days ago

    buena rimas /// mr smith

  • RE
    RE 3 days ago +1

    Ну и чё американец тут делает? Ониж ваще не играют.

  • durchndurch
    durchndurch 3 days ago

    There is so much positivity in this!

  • Cian James
    Cian James 3 days ago

    I got depression when I saw u weren't in the opening ceremony

  • ajay sheoran
    ajay sheoran 3 days ago

    FIFA world cup Russia let's go live it up

  • Kimi Räikkönen
    Kimi Räikkönen 3 days ago

    Ronaldhino is gonna marry 2 women, the badass

  • Lalu T R
    Lalu T R 3 days ago

    Ronaldinho bst plyr evr walkd on earth

  • Funko
    Funko 3 days ago


  • Football Fan
    Football Fan 3 days ago

    Ok Will Smith I like u, really love ur work but it's "FOOTBALL" ya fuckin' American cunt. Ur fuckin' shitty country didn't even qualify so just STFU!
    P.S. Ur awesome.

  • calvarap
    calvarap 3 days ago

    Pan y circo

  • Rodrigo Venegas
    Rodrigo Venegas 3 days ago

    Tu maricon

  • Andre Oviedo
    Andre Oviedo 3 days ago

    👏👏👏buenisimooo 😉👍✌saludos desde uruguay 😘💙⚽🏃🏆✌

  • Hans Tulcan
    Hans Tulcan 3 days ago


  • Jatin Raut
    Jatin Raut 3 days ago

    FIFA World Cup official video song

  • Rakesh Ramsundar
    Rakesh Ramsundar 3 days ago

    Will Smith and Nicky Jam should do a song together

  • Anakin pompom
    Anakin pompom 3 days ago

    Quer namorar comigo? Entendedores entenderão

  • Luisa Ortiz
    Luisa Ortiz 3 days ago

    Puertos Nico 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😂😂😂

  • Tío Zuku
    Tío Zuku 3 days ago

    3:03 pobre nicky :'v