let's go back to school supplies shopping!

  • Published on Aug 26, 2019
  • ahh, back to school time. we love that for us!! sort of. I start online school soon so I decided to hop on the bandwagon and make some back to school videos bc I'm lowkey excited?? is that weird? probably. anyways, I hope you enjoy this mess of a video. xoxo MARS
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  • Emma May
    Emma May 8 hours ago

    R u a vsco girl sksksk and I opp

  • El Blog De DREW
    El Blog De DREW 15 hours ago +1

    Omg love it ! Thank you for shared

  • šhèép gãçhã

    12 is elementary school 6th grade u start when. Ur 11

  • zaynah clare
    zaynah clare 2 days ago

    also nobody:
    "i dont need calculator for math, thank you Jesus"

  • Diane Villegas
    Diane Villegas 2 days ago

    So..are u home schooled🤔🥰🤩

  • Bianca Ester
    Bianca Ester 6 days ago

    Não entendi nd ok,só tô aq pq ela é vsco

  • имя фамилия

    I don't speak english

  • Poppy Staniford
    Poppy Staniford 7 days ago

    haha lol I love how she just said "hi" at the start!

  • Vasumati Phegde8012
    Vasumati Phegde8012 7 days ago


  • bey was here
    bey was here 8 days ago

    i have to watch this vid for my english homework omg

  • Shreeya Shree
    Shreeya Shree 8 days ago +1

    Horn plz 😊
    Are those shell necklace from the Brooklyn and Bailey store??????😊
    Btw super cute😜

  • Jessica Dennehy
    Jessica Dennehy 10 days ago

    lol i have the same pencil case

  • Ani Dumbadze
    Ani Dumbadze 11 days ago +1

    You're so cute!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍

  • Carla Gonzalez
    Carla Gonzalez 11 days ago

    I like gong ho shopping the scholz materials 😁♥️♥️😘💙💚🧡💛💜❤💓💗💗💗💖

  • mohammed nadim
    mohammed nadim 12 days ago +1

    She is a vsco girl did anyone notice she had natural makeup on and has a bun also has a shell necklace on

  • Thỏ Kook
    Thỏ Kook 13 days ago


  • sheeny bee
    sheeny bee 14 days ago

    Wow your saying ewww to school

  • Sista Shook Tea
    Sista Shook Tea 15 days ago

    hey mars i’m from the live slurpeexlaverne on insta and lily.stans.zlp on tik tok 😂💗btw love the intro xxxxx

  • ITZ_ ME
    ITZ_ ME 15 days ago

    Ughh i forgot to take a thumb nail! I hate myself!!

    My fav line

  • eka kakashvili
    eka kakashvili 16 days ago

    i love you. how old are you?

  • Kayla Burch
    Kayla Burch 17 days ago

    Love this 💛🌍

  • Princess Angela Ventula

    Pls like to me Mars you're so pretty I like all you're things

  • Lalisa Manoban
    Lalisa Manoban 20 days ago

    Her intro js gave me the Kayla Kosuga vibe😂

  • Letícia D.
    Letícia D. 20 days ago

    omg how can you lift you leg like that inside the carrrrrr

  • Jasmine Rootovich
    Jasmine Rootovich 22 days ago


  • Anishka Khokhar
    Anishka Khokhar 22 days ago

    what is the name of song that played in the starting after saying hii

  • D and A
    D and A 23 days ago

    Who think she looks like emma chaimberland like if so

  • Salin Shakya
    Salin Shakya 24 days ago +1

    Your eyes are so cute

  • Addison Braun
    Addison Braun 24 days ago

    0:30 how did her leg do that😂

  • Lennox Dean
    Lennox Dean 25 days ago

    Scissors you need scissors

  • Rosie Mfum
    Rosie Mfum 26 days ago

    You mean tomorrow sep 27

  • I AM
    I AM 28 days ago

    This was in my recommended. I don't know why and I thought it was quite ridiculous, but... it was entertaining to watch and reminded me of my youth. Liked.

  • Mukhtar Shaikh
    Mukhtar Shaikh 29 days ago

    your so vsco

  • Айсана Акзамова

    Do you speak Russian?

  • Antonia Graf
    Antonia Graf Month ago

    Can we just talk about the fact that America has BEAUTIFUL school supplies and here in Germany they’re just UGLY •~•

  • Zaynab Hamade
    Zaynab Hamade Month ago

    make more videos like these pleasseee💗

  • Marek Piekarz
    Marek Piekarz Month ago

    No one like school bro I escape detension

  • Va,nessa O'Brien
    Va,nessa O'Brien Month ago

    u like a fake emma chamberlain

  • jiminsnooder _
    jiminsnooder _ Month ago

    Tbh in my school (in the Philippines) we dont use folders ( for exams only),planner,decomposition notebooks (bc we dont have it),etc., and next year im going to Canada and im nervous bc maybe ill use the thing that's not in the Philippines!!!!!!😥

  • Hazera Begum
    Hazera Begum Month ago

    You forgot a back pack

  • Arina A
    Arina A Month ago

    Басишь, противная какая-то

  • dxvil. girls
    dxvil. girls Month ago +1

    Who else saw her pencil case and straight away thought of lexi😂❤️

  • Alex Alba
    Alex Alba Month ago +1

    You have a shell neglis i have one

  • a louca da papelaria
    a louca da papelaria Month ago +1

    I loved the video, but you kept saying "whaterver" a lot during it and it pissed me off a bit

  • kayley alte
    kayley alte Month ago

    im in school already

  • Gacha Yuki UwU
    Gacha Yuki UwU Month ago


  • Chloe Belch
    Chloe Belch Month ago

    Why are you wearing your hotel over you shourt

  • Francesca Rizzo
    Francesca Rizzo Month ago

    You forgot scissors and glue

  • Kirti Malik
    Kirti Malik Month ago

    Me during school shopping :
    Buys everything and say who cares

  • Alice's Storytime
    Alice's Storytime Month ago

    Did you get erasers?

  • gws
    gws Month ago +1

    not me watching back to school videos at 12:07 in the morning 4 months into the school year

  • Linda Cute
    Linda Cute Month ago

    Vsco girl did y'all notice

  • dannielle stafford
    dannielle stafford Month ago

    i’m so late but hi mars ur my idol 😂💗

  • Nicole Boyd
    Nicole Boyd Month ago +1

    I always get gel pens and I got mine a week ago and now I only have a green one lol

  • Shivansh Tripathi
    Shivansh Tripathi Month ago

    Why do you not buy school bag

  • Dana Musabah
    Dana Musabah Month ago

    Are you a vsco girl

  • Eleanor suffle
    Eleanor suffle Month ago

    Omg I have the same purse

  • Phil Edwards
    Phil Edwards Month ago

    Not good enough for the world

  • gurleen k
    gurleen k Month ago

    Yeah I loved your video

  • Valerie Arteaga
    Valerie Arteaga Month ago

    I saw this i said oh emma oh wait oh well shes cute and funny