I Ordered Every Drink From STARBUCKS (Pinkity Drinkity)

  • Published on Apr 6, 2019
  • We ordered every drink from Starbucks. Let's see how they taste!
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Comments • 9 942

  • Kaylee Kautz
    Kaylee Kautz 8 hours ago

    0:1 LOL

  • Kaylee Kautz
    Kaylee Kautz 8 hours ago


  • Jean Henry
    Jean Henry 17 hours ago

    He's very punny🤣

  • ChelsieSmiles
    ChelsieSmiles 19 hours ago

    Nothing had hazelnut???? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • JAXKILL-_-
    JAXKILL-_- Day ago

    4:42 *Roi* "Woah ok this one tastes like a treasure chest*???? 🤣🤣😋

  • Ash's Animations
    Ash's Animations Day ago +1

    This video is all of the vsco girls nightmare XD
    I bet they are saying SaVe thE turtLeS! XD im sry 😆

  • junior washington

    ROY:this taste like candles
    ME:really you have tasted candles before 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Stephanie Garcia
    Stephanie Garcia Day ago +1

    i love u videos

  • Liv Rene
    Liv Rene Day ago

    The Violet Drink actually tastes like candles LOL

  • Kaiya Lafond
    Kaiya Lafond Day ago

    Tik Tok drink Starbucks

  • farzad ferozi
    farzad ferozi 2 days ago

    He know how candles taste

  • Aisling Mckenna
    Aisling Mckenna 2 days ago

    How can you not like the berry very hibiscus

  • Kidtactical
    Kidtactical 2 days ago +1

    When they said yes roy was like a 5 year old on Christmas

  • Katie !
    Katie ! 3 days ago +1

    This is how many turtles he killed with all the plastic

  • LìttlēBlüē
    LìttlēBlüē 4 days ago

    I really like Roi's Puns 🤣😂

  • Yellow Ivy
    Yellow Ivy 4 days ago +1

    Wut about the mocha cookie crumble and s’mores Frappuccino

  • Maxwell Sawa
    Maxwell Sawa 5 days ago

    Do some more 3 a.m. challenges

  • WasTe Antronixxツ
    WasTe Antronixxツ 5 days ago +1

    Pokemon white version

  • Ashley_ Playz
    Ashley_ Playz 5 days ago

    We have starbucks and ohhhhhh boy (btw our currency is different from the US currency) one Vanilla Cream small costed like 100+$ tbh

  • AJ Amiel Justin D. Cunanan Del rosario

    Wow that's sowe yummy

  • Heyyo_Its_Samimi !
    Heyyo_Its_Samimi ! 5 days ago +7

    Diabetes: u think i am joke?

    Olol there so many sugar

  • Genevieve Kertz
    Genevieve Kertz 5 days ago +1

    No the turtles he should of used metal straws 😭

  • Shark Tooth
    Shark Tooth 5 days ago +1

    Did you get a puppacheeno or something

  • El Galo
    El Galo 6 days ago +1

    My usual drink I always get is the carmal frap but I don't like the pumpkin spice😐😐

    JAMACASH 6 days ago

    I appreciate the reuse of straw !! :)))

  • JhonPlayz
    JhonPlayz 6 days ago

    0:00 He BEATS FLAMINGO!!

  • Nayi Gucci
    Nayi Gucci 6 days ago

    “This one taste like a treasure chest”
    UHMM HWAT? Lol okay 👌 definitely don’t know that taste or can’t even picture what that would taste.
    Wood with a lil bit gold?

  • Elizabeth Rios
    Elizabeth Rios 6 days ago

    You by fat

  • Mary
    Mary 7 days ago +1

    maybe one straw would have been enough..? 🙈 😔

  • Ena Ena
    Ena Ena 7 days ago

    I never tried starbucks😥i hope i will try them one day....(it doesn't have starbucks in my city .

  • Alicia Tan
    Alicia Tan 7 days ago

    This is how much suger in one drink (111100090000000000k )suger.

  • Zachax
    Zachax 8 days ago

    they should make a mixed frappe so you don’t have to buy all of them lol

  • Mia Marchant
    Mia Marchant 8 days ago

    'Pokemon White version'

  • Azora Lee
    Azora Lee 8 days ago

    Am I the only one jealous about the drink he got?
    No, just me? Okay.

  • iResipi Manager
    iResipi Manager 8 days ago

    5:22 ma favourite

  • Nayeong Cho
    Nayeong Cho 8 days ago

  • Nayeong Cho
    Nayeong Cho 8 days ago

    And very berry hibicus

  • Nayeong Cho
    Nayeong Cho 8 days ago

    I love mango dragonfruit

  • sofie Deleon
    sofie Deleon 8 days ago


  • Pureawesomeness8
    Pureawesomeness8 8 days ago

    Also go to 9:08 did you hear that referenc

  • Pureawesomeness8
    Pureawesomeness8 8 days ago

    Go to 7:00 yay I feel this one all right

  • DuckSweaterAchoo
    DuckSweaterAchoo 8 days ago +1

    Now I know what to order if I ever go to Starbucks

  • Toxic wolf DNA
    Toxic wolf DNA 8 days ago

    I love you btw

  • Toxic wolf DNA
    Toxic wolf DNA 8 days ago

    When you at grandmas house be like XD

  • Greatest _ Meme
    Greatest _ Meme 9 days ago +1

    0:01 earape;-;

  • Marjorie Mesa
    Marjorie Mesa 9 days ago

    I like the double chip caramel

  • chilloutjulie
    chilloutjulie 9 days ago

    just an fyi, the CRM on the drink code means creme as in creme based and not coffee based, not caramel. there is no caramel in a chai frappuccino or vanilla bean. CO means coconut milk, not chocolate. pls educate urself on the drinks before broadcasting false info to ur 14M subs
    sincerely, a sbux employee

  • Rachel Nemergut
    Rachel Nemergut 9 days ago

    Wow fricking save turtles 🐢

  • Sebio Hayao
    Sebio Hayao 10 days ago

    My favourite

  • Master Pigos
    Master Pigos 10 days ago +2

    This is how many "this is how many" comments there are:

  • Shibe Extra
    Shibe Extra 10 days ago

    *albert scream in the start*

  • Gaming dude 124
    Gaming dude 124 10 days ago

    White version

  • Connor Boe
    Connor Boe 10 days ago +1

    SaVe ThE TuRtLeS

  • Heygurl HEE HEE
    Heygurl HEE HEE 10 days ago

    Rip 🐢🐢🐢🐢

  • MyThicツ
    MyThicツ 10 days ago +1

    Pokemon White Version

  • Lauren 21
    Lauren 21 11 days ago

    All y’all VSCOs are probably dying over how many plastic straws he used

  • GrAsSy_PaTAt0 hi
    GrAsSy_PaTAt0 hi 11 days ago


  • SuperorSwag P
    SuperorSwag P 11 days ago

    Pokemon white

  • GrAsSy_PaTAt0 hi
    GrAsSy_PaTAt0 hi 11 days ago

    Jolly juice

  • A Certain Suicidal Muffin