CORO CORO LUGIA LEAKS! New Pokemon Movie News!


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  • John uchiha Andrews
    John uchiha Andrews 10 months ago

    So Lugia will get a exclusive z move 😀

  • nickoli singh
    nickoli singh 10 months ago

    a new lugia form thats more offensive would be nice since its already bulky af!

  • Klaxz _
    Klaxz _ 10 months ago

    What if it's a dragon eevee? Dragons fly? Wind festivals ?hmmm fairy/dragon

  • Josh Castic Show
    Josh Castic Show 10 months ago

    Lugia being in movie is the worst part of movie.

  • Balistic
    Balistic 10 months ago +1

    Show me your eeveelution speculation name, I’m guessing gusteon! I’d love a flying eevee type

  • Snip-Snip Tear
    Snip-Snip Tear 10 months ago

    If anything, you can get Ho-oh and Lugia with their Hidden Abilities in Gold/Silver/Crystal

  • Snip-Snip Tear
    Snip-Snip Tear 10 months ago

    I already received Lugia with its Hidden Ability in USUM via Link Trade.
    Not looking forward for the free MON but it would be nice to have to my collection of mon events

  • RocketTwurpSLR
    RocketTwurpSLR 10 months ago

    Yay lugia coro coro hype, i think that was to be expected, and it makes sence theyre would be a distribution of lugia.
    If it's the wind festival then if would make sence that if the eevee evolves, good chance itll be a flying type.
    Yh i realy think we could have pokemon XD shenanigans
    With shadow lugia, just the thought of a new lugia form makes me feel think of shadow lugia, and I think that was a cool concept in pokemon. Would be nice if they brought that back. Im just getting XD vibes for some reason.
    Shadow lugia in the movie would be epic AF tho.
    Yh it is silly people say they arnt real leaks, when thier are lol verlis knows what his doing, he aint gonna fall for a 4 chan fake :)
    i feel like thier gonna drop some big news next month, since the toy leaks are then annd of course corocoro leaks. Should be exciting time.

  • Sean Marshall
    Sean Marshall 10 months ago

    What if the reason that they've kept this new eeveelution is because the new game is converting to the new switch and they're still developing it and want to give a big trailer for it the way they did it for brawl?

  • 96miffy
    96miffy 10 months ago +2

    Calling it a Flying type Eeveevaltion.

  • Dusty Raby
    Dusty Raby 10 months ago

    i feel like lugia is going to get another speacial event when the gen 8 pokemon game comes out on switch like theey did with torchic it will be lugia and he will come with a speacial item that lets him transform into his other form and he becomes a water/psychic type and he lands on the ground and his wings change into like fin type long paddles to help him move faster in the water

  • BallisticRiot
    BallisticRiot 10 months ago +3

    If the new eeveelution is in fact Flying Type like many expect (Because the movie focuses on the festival of wind), then I want a few things, because why not:
    1. I want it to be offensive (either attack of Sp Atk) because flying is such a good offensive typing.
    2. I want it's 110 and 130 stats (like all Eeveelutions have) to be in Attack/Sp Atk and speed...would prefer 130 speed, but either combo is fine
    3. Assuming it's special, I want a new Special Flying move that is better than Air Slash and that isnt an exclusive move (e.g. Aeroblast) or (3) If it's physical, I want a new physical flying move that is less powerful than Brave Bird, but more powerful than Drill Peck (e.g. 90 power) that this eeveelution gets
    4. If the above doesn't happen, or even if it does, I want some kind of cool new ability for the mon, because smacking on aerialate or gale wings would be kind of boring, but *aerialate would be kind of awesome.*

  • Yorick Abrego
    Yorick Abrego 10 months ago +1

    Lugia with hurricane...(flying move)...eevee evolution flying type hint?

  • Nicholus Williams
    Nicholus Williams 10 months ago

    Pokemon Zeraora New movies

  • Daniel Pruitt
    Daniel Pruitt 10 months ago

    I calling it new gen announced
    Thursday, March, 22nd
    9 Days left of Gen 7

    FORTNITE BOSS akaJESS 10 months ago

    Verlis if this Lucia gets hurricane will that become op? Oh nvm wrong channel your john

  • Matthew Geraci
    Matthew Geraci 10 months ago

    Shadow lugia confirmed??

  • The Ultra Sceptile
    The Ultra Sceptile 10 months ago +2

    *when you finally get to see a video that has been uploaded a few hours ago, but never showed in sub box/notification box*

  • Denny Simpkins
    Denny Simpkins 10 months ago +1

    He'll yea I can't wait verlisify is the best go wolf pack

  • Robert Ovidiu Spinu
    Robert Ovidiu Spinu 10 months ago

    Maybe eevee well have a Lugia evolution beacuse well be coll .

  • Rodryke
    Rodryke 10 months ago

    Even has a trainer called Lisa,and Lisa actually means thin or soft , so the Eevee will be a flying type, cuz of, thin air, also the new eeveelution might have all the shiny colours of the rainbow, maybe all the eeveelutions will offer off their type power to Lisa, s Eevee and transform it into the fusion of all the eeveelutions to defeat shadow lugia and give it back its happy colours, or cure it from darkness. I mean if from rockruff to dusk form, it's the day between day and night, then the new eeveelution could be all the typings together and all the features, like sylveon has its ribbons, umbreon has the light, espeon has shiny eyes, etc, all the eeveelutions giving off power to a special Eevee which gets flying type but can use other moves too, also I think the new eeveelution should be permanent.

  • Mark Guyton
    Mark Guyton 10 months ago +6

    Why did you call the Lugia art sexy?
    It's awesome art of it using hurricane, but I don't think "sexy" was the best choice of words for the picture :)

    • Mark Guyton
      Mark Guyton 10 months ago

      I kinda figured that one out, I just like making chain comment and trying to end things with weird :7 's

    • lil
      lil 10 months ago

      Mark Guyton haha buddy I'm just trolling can't speak for the other guy though

    • Mark Guyton
      Mark Guyton 10 months ago

      I would, but people keep wanting me to respond to them with agreements that I should shut up :}

    • lil
      lil 10 months ago

      Mark Guyton KID SHUT THE FUCK UP! DAMN

    • Mark Guyton
      Mark Guyton 10 months ago

      Sure :)

  • R.Sigma
    R.Sigma 10 months ago

    This Lugia probably won't be seen in the west considering we never saw the Ho-oh from the last movie, nor did we see the various legends were released for the Hoopa movie, despite a couple of those being useful in the VGC meta back then.

  • pizza09009
    pizza09009 10 months ago

    I love Lugia. I got my first box of Pokemon cards on my 15th birthday because there were Lugia cards in it.I also shiny hunted Lugia and got it in my Ultra Moon game.

  • pizza09009
    pizza09009 10 months ago

    I hope this movie runs longer in theaters than Pokemon I Choose You.

  • TheMelonSlasher
    TheMelonSlasher 10 months ago

    I’m calling it right now.
    The new switch game will be involved with gen 2

  • Júlia
    Júlia 10 months ago

    for me flying type eevee doesn't make much sense, it could be dragon type eevee (I HOPE!)

  • Kéera the Kitsune
    Kéera the Kitsune 10 months ago

    I was hoping that we'll get 3 new eeveelutions Dragon to go with the miss chance with Sylveon. Steel Because it was the only new type to be an eeveelutions in gen 2 when dark and steel was revealed and but we only got umbreon. And flying because come on a Griffin based eevee would be awesome.
    So Drakeon Avieon( aviation ) Mercureon from mercury it can liquify like vaporeon

  • Jordan k
    Jordan k 10 months ago

    I choose you had ho oh this has Lugia ... Is lugia vs ho oh movie that's been talked about since 2010 finally happening ?

  • MegaPikachu 21
    MegaPikachu 21 10 months ago +1

    Awesome video verslify 😁

  • John Snyder
    John Snyder 10 months ago

    We only knew about Sylveon after we knew about X and Y. So it could lineup like this:
    Pokemon direct, covering switch games
    New eeveelution announced a few weeks later. (Sylveon was announced 14 Feb 13, a month after X and Y).

  • Deku- Izuku
    Deku- Izuku 10 months ago

    Oh yeah!

  • loomyboomyyoo
    loomyboomyyoo 10 months ago +2

    lugia MEGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...(that will probably never happen ) :(

  • loomyboomyyoo
    loomyboomyyoo 10 months ago +1

    and i am so exited because lugia is my favorite legendary pokemon

  • loomyboomyyoo
    loomyboomyyoo 10 months ago

    this game freaking CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shane Golden
    Shane Golden 10 months ago +2

    I'm convinced that you are a Pokemon genius. You are basically sherlock Holmes of the Pokemon world. Love your videos man keep up the unbelievable work!

  • Nick Miniature
    Nick Miniature 10 months ago +2

    Wind festival?
    Flying eevee!

  • ShinyHunter Playz
    ShinyHunter Playz 10 months ago

    Flying type eeveelution Aviaeon

  • Myo
    Myo 10 months ago +5

    Are you PokeSexual? You called Lugia sexy :'D

  • Gabriel Otal Paraiso
    Gabriel Otal Paraiso 10 months ago +1

    Nou deja de ser filtraleak, aunque sea ofitial, porque es revista japonesa y no sale de ay, ya...

  • Calin Game
    Calin Game 10 months ago +3

    gen 1 Vaporeon Flareon Jolteon
    gen 2 Umbreon Espeon.

  • Ultimate Tails Fan
    Ultimate Tails Fan 10 months ago +5

    Rip Zapdos, he never got hurricane

  • Mr. Oshawott
    Mr. Oshawott 10 months ago +8

    As a result of knowing Hurricane, Lugia will be at its most powerful while it's raining.

    • Mr. Oshawott
      Mr. Oshawott 10 months ago

      Normally 1/4096. If engaged in 31 battles, it slightly rises to 13/4096.

    • Mr. Oshawott
      Mr. Oshawott 10 months ago


    • Angel Mandujano
      Angel Mandujano 10 months ago +1

      Mr. Oshawott do u know what the chances of finding shiny Remoraid without shiny charm are?

    • Angel Mandujano
      Angel Mandujano 10 months ago +1

      Mr. Oshawott is it like Thunder which never misses when it's raining?

  • Hero Of The Wild
    Hero Of The Wild 10 months ago

    I stopped watching Pokémon movie from a long ago but this lugia's movie making me so excited personally I love the artstyle a lot it would be amazing if game freak able bring this artstyle to Pokémon Switch game
    hey i can dream alright 😊

  • Zombie Dj Old Video
    Zombie Dj Old Video 10 months ago +1



    Lugium Z 🤔(Prob not ;-;)

    • Stoppelbartwolf
      Stoppelbartwolf 10 months ago

      RAPHAEL SEAN TIARAS CHENG WEN QUAN would be cool tho

  • StrangeSpaghetti
    StrangeSpaghetti 10 months ago +7

    We want dragon Eevee!

  • Neevkl _7
    Neevkl _7 10 months ago +1

    Oooh Lugia distribution

    AKBAR KHAN 10 months ago +5

    My favorite poketuber is gonna have 400k subscribers.. congrats in advance buddy...
    Hope you'll always be uploading content no matter TF the haters do or say

  • MoonJumper5050
    MoonJumper5050 10 months ago

    Everyone knows Pokemon movies aren't cannon. Neither is the omega ruby anime.

  • Silvanor
    Silvanor 10 months ago +4

    If lugia gets a new form then Ho-oh will be left out with no new form alone with nothing new so I hope lugia won't get a new form :(

    • Snoi Med
      Snoi Med 10 months ago

      Death Manticore In "Ho-Oh's movie" he wasn't even in the main spotlight. Not a battle or anything.

    • BA Bot
      BA Bot 10 months ago

      To be honest, Lugia got a shadow form, and ho-on got a movie. But maybe it could be fair because well Maybe lugia stumbled open its true form and turned into that new form.

  • Rj Anderson
    Rj Anderson 10 months ago +26

    The new eevee has to be flying type to go hand in hand with the wind festival theme.

  • Henry Rubio-Ventura
    Henry Rubio-Ventura 10 months ago

    I really wish Lugia was introduced in a Spain region a.k.a generation 8 and not Johto. Eevee new evolution (s) are flying and rock.

  • Ben Allegue
    Ben Allegue 10 months ago +3

    Why is Lugia shown attacking buzzwole in the article?

  • The Cheap Microphone
    The Cheap Microphone 10 months ago

    Ugh is this the kind of hype we are settling for now

  • CT Steel
    CT Steel 10 months ago

    (Off topic question) im trying to masuda mathod lavitar its breeding with a gible i breed and the lavitar japan. Even though there not the same mon the masuda mathod can still take affect correct ?

  • Alkis K
    Alkis K 10 months ago +11

    the new eeveelution is gonna be JIGGLYPUFFFF

    • Rodryke
      Rodryke 10 months ago

      Ur not funny

    • Verlisify
      Verlisify  10 months ago +5

      Jigglypuff seen from above confirmed

  • Harry Valentino
    Harry Valentino 10 months ago +11

    Another interesting part is they give the distribution lugia nickname, "wind lugia"(source : pokemon global news facebook page), I hope its like a teaser to new lugia form, not just the wind festival stuff.
    (Sorry for bad english)

  • seth shiro
    seth shiro 10 months ago +2

    I want to see your face. ;3

  • EricFeraligatr27 - TheBlueKirby

    This is gonna be good. Lugia will be even more useful on Rain Teams now with Hurricane.

  • Bad luck Gamma
    Bad luck Gamma 10 months ago +29

    TVclip is even more broken then normal..? I got a pop up on my phone, but not even a video in my sub box or my notification box... What the heck is going on?

    • KageNoKishi725
      KageNoKishi725 10 months ago

      It doesn't show up in the notification box until about a half hour later, whereas you'll get a notification on your phone almost immediately. It's been that way for a while, doubt TVclip will fix it any time soon

    • Luis Rodrigo Paniagua
      Luis Rodrigo Paniagua 10 months ago

      Bad luck Gamma the same happened to me

    • Bad luck Gamma
      Bad luck Gamma 10 months ago

      MyNameIsBrandon I’m not sure what opinion I had though XD

    • MyNameIsBrandon
      MyNameIsBrandon 10 months ago +3

      Bad luck Gamma It's called a "shadow ban" TVclip shadow bans people they don't like.
      So basically anyone who has a opinion of their own.

  • Kenneth Reyes
    Kenneth Reyes 10 months ago +1

    Like if you LOVE lugia.

  • Dylon Cain
    Dylon Cain 10 months ago +30

    I'm calling it now. The next eevee evolution is going to be a dragon evolution.

    • * Grimiean *
      * Grimiean * 10 months ago

      That WOULD be pretty nice

    • Kyle Eisenbarth
      Kyle Eisenbarth 10 months ago

      yet it can't learn fly... either way, just because they decided that it can fly, even though it clearly shouldn't, doesn't change a thing when not all dragons fly.

    • ethanclark100
      ethanclark100 10 months ago

      It can fly in the anime and dex entries

  • Gyan Plays
    Gyan Plays 10 months ago +1

    Okay great...........

  • Gabriel Otal Paraiso
    Gabriel Otal Paraiso 10 months ago +3

    Nou Leak, its a Ofittial

    • Mario Jumpman Mario
      Mario Jumpman Mario 10 months ago +2

      It's a leak of official info 🙃

    • DSpace
      DSpace 10 months ago +1

      Gabriel Otal Paraiso im going to assume you are trying to say its official.

    • Gabriel Otal Paraiso
      Gabriel Otal Paraiso 10 months ago +1

      Verlisify you inglis nou, its a leak, por ser japonés nou, yes for eso yess

    • Verlisify
      Verlisify  10 months ago +2

      Its not, Coro Coro is a leak

  • Braeden. Inc
    Braeden. Inc 10 months ago +92

    Guys when Verlisify is on his “new Pokémon” grind you KNOW something big is going down just look what happened with Dusk Lycanroc he was the first to predict that

    • KageNoKishi725
      KageNoKishi725 10 months ago +3

      ....This close to leak season, it's not hard to call new stuff. Since the switch Pokémon game was confirmed for this year, a teaser will likely drop within a month. Verlis has his moments, but this is kinda expected so far.

    • Russell Zeng
      Russell Zeng 10 months ago +9

      It’s true

    PES MOBILE VIDEOS 10 months ago +6

    Verlis you should speak in front of the camera bro it looks cooler

  • Tenny
    Tenny 10 months ago +5

    I really wish they went back to the ld design of lugia, i dont like hand wings

  • Dhruv Narayan
    Dhruv Narayan 10 months ago +1

    Notification squad

  • ユイチロYuichiro
    ユイチロYuichiro 10 months ago +14

    Lugia likes penis. XD

  • Hiro Akiba
    Hiro Akiba 10 months ago +1

    Notifications Squad

  • BlueTrainer12
    BlueTrainer12 10 months ago +1

    I'm still not in school