Who Did It!? | Lele Pons

  • Published on Aug 26, 2017
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 10 545

  • Kylie Roblox
    Kylie Roblox Day ago

    Lolllllll help meeee i am dyingggg

  • Grace Faila
    Grace Faila 2 days ago

    It's peppa

  • ImpendingVirus2
    ImpendingVirus2 2 days ago

    Lele said I don't even go to this school! It was hilarious🤣🤣

  • Chickadee
    Chickadee 2 days ago

    technically it was the dude who shouted food fight ;-;

  • Christian Maximoff
    Christian Maximoff 3 days ago

    the pregnant one, lol

  • Nina Levan
    Nina Levan 4 days ago +1

    The French guy was awesome 👏 I’m French and approve he didn’t even have an accent

  • Redkidinthehoodhorchata

    Yo the bully scene!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Luisymar Aguirreche
    Luisymar Aguirreche 7 days ago

    So ur from Venezuela but ur blonde
    Excuse me I’m half Venezuelan and I’m also blonde

  • Amarican girl story
    Amarican girl story 8 days ago

    4:35 *pitch screams*

  • Gacha Master
    Gacha Master 8 days ago


  • Aqua PlayzPG3D
    Aqua PlayzPG3D 9 days ago

    I just watched hold on when the lad cut herself i felt pain but lele i watched ur vid you helped me alot

  • Funneh KatYT
    Funneh KatYT 11 days ago

    The person who stopped it... Started it .o. IT WAS A FRICKIN PRINCIPAL

  • It’s me Alma
    It’s me Alma 11 days ago

    egeug cgcrh,,,,,,,

  • [1A-02] Officer Brandon.


  • Mason Vlogz
    Mason Vlogz 12 days ago

    *drops phone on table and knockd of a utensil*
    We havent roasted anyone in a while!

  • Elk Gacha Fun
    Elk Gacha Fun 13 days ago

    " It was me.... "

    I feel you XD

  • •Bunny• White
    •Bunny• White 14 days ago

    Je suis française ! (I'm french!) 😝 J'ai bien aimé ! C'est trop cool 🥰❤️ ily so much lele 😊 tu pourras en faire un de français de scquetch ? 😋

  • desperito meat
    desperito meat 16 days ago

    1:24 hi sisters

  • Daffodil Dreams
    Daffodil Dreams 16 days ago

    maybe the principal let the girls go first cause he likes them....and what kinda principal tells the kids to shut up.. but anyway love you lele!

  • Gabriela Guillen
    Gabriela Guillen 18 days ago

    Poor “nerd”

  • Gacha World
    Gacha World 19 days ago

    Ohh le francais

  • Kiely Martinez vlogs
    Kiely Martinez vlogs 19 days ago

    4:35 her foundation tho

  • Matt Waley
    Matt Waley 19 days ago

    I put the apple there, it was me

  • Gokarna Gurung
    Gokarna Gurung 20 days ago

    *oH mY GoD, iT wAs mE!*

    BLACK STORM 21 day ago

    I dont even go to school:)

  • Ben Millard
    Ben Millard 21 day ago

    Happy 15 mill

  • Pastelo - Jello
    Pastelo - Jello 22 days ago +1

    *It Was Meee*

  • Kaitlynn Elaine Chaffee
    Kaitlynn Elaine Chaffee 22 days ago +1


  • Ka Thao
    Ka Thao 22 days ago


  • the clumsy girl
    the clumsy girl 22 days ago

    I laughed at this XD

  • Hollie Gillt
    Hollie Gillt 22 days ago +1

    It was me

  • elinor barash
    elinor barash 23 days ago

    Bully: since when did you become frentch?!
    Le frentch guy: *speaks some sh*t on frentch that none of us understand*
    Me: boi wat le fu11 i don't understand none of dis f@cking sh*t

  • Christian Shepherd
    Christian Shepherd 23 days ago

    When he slipped on the banana the nerd is sitting next to the reddish pink haired girl

  • Sprinkklii Starriix
    Sprinkklii Starriix 23 days ago

    Guy:Okay who started it?
    Guy:SHUT UP
    Also guy:Who started the fight?

  • Sun Strider
    Sun Strider 23 days ago

    The man acting like James charles

  • Scales JRツ
    Scales JRツ 23 days ago +1

    3:05 Lil Tay before he became famous

  • Barbarajean Kearney
    Barbarajean Kearney 23 days ago +1


  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside 23 days ago


  • Blcssom_ Angxls
    Blcssom_ Angxls 24 days ago

    3:44 wow lil tay....

  • mitrut turkey
    mitrut turkey 24 days ago

    ummmmm the guy with the blue hair just said lele pons wait sisters lets not be me to him?
    its her not him

  • Trey YUUR
    Trey YUUR 24 days ago

    Sad they roasting Lele pons you should slap them all


    1:17 look at lele ass thank me layer

  • Izzy Moonshine lights
    Izzy Moonshine lights 25 days ago

    This was made in August 26 2017
    And right now it’s August 26 2019

  • Decent
    Decent 26 days ago

    Lol she doesn't even have a doughnut on the first place but when Antonio pushed her she magically had a doughnut

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 26 days ago

    It was me 😂💔

  • Rose Gaye
    Rose Gaye 26 days ago


  • Pitite lu
    Pitite lu 28 days ago

    When you're finally gladly to be french 😂😂

  • X-Magneto
    X-Magneto 28 days ago

    Who started the food fight?!
    All of them actually pointed to Lele

  • Xx_Kitty Lord_xX
    Xx_Kitty Lord_xX 28 days ago +1

    Awwww the “Nerd” was so cuteee/ a Cinnamon Rollllllllll

    Not date cute but sweet

  • doge doge
    doge doge 28 days ago

    Elle pons came to my house

  • lil panda _studios
    lil panda _studios 28 days ago

    Was that actually James charles

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams 29 days ago +2

    Your bed is lava 54321

    Like if you didn’t care

  • Ashley Duverseau
    Ashley Duverseau 29 days ago +4

    I speak French let me translate he said"ate you crazy you better be careful "that's what he said thank you for the likes,l😀😀

  • Amy Romero
    Amy Romero 29 days ago

    She from Venezuela cuz I am to :)

  • Mili Zane
    Mili Zane 29 days ago

    Il y avait un gars qui parlait français wt

  • Ggirl yea GJ
    Ggirl yea GJ 29 days ago +1

    I like how they all got suspended it th teacher did it XD

  • Destiny's vlogs
    Destiny's vlogs 29 days ago +1

    That must have took skills

  • Aya Loubani
    Aya Loubani 29 days ago +1

    Quand le mec a commencé a parler en francais j'etais en mode "AHHH"😂

  • Finlay AR
    Finlay AR Month ago

    Lele be looking like Kim possible

  • Mystical_ Gacha
    Mystical_ Gacha Month ago

    I thought it was the nerd because the bully gave him a apple remember