25 Marvel Fan Theories That Actually Came True!

  • Published on May 22, 2018
  • Marvel fans are a pretty perceptive bunch to come up with such accurate theories! Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
    Pop culture fans in general simply love coming up with theories about their favourite cinematic and television offerings - but arguably none more so than superhero fans.
    Whether it's theories about Marvel movies and TV shows, DC movies and TV shows, or otherwise, superhero fans are always discussing their thoughts online - and sometimes their ideas end up coming true.
    In this video, we'll take you through some of the most prominent Marvel fan theories that ended up becoming a reality.
    The theories in question include (in no particular order); that Stan Lee's characters in the MCU were all actually the same person, that the kid in the Iron Man mask in Iron Man 2 was actually Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man, that Professor X has transferred his consciousness into the body of his twin brother in the X-Men franchise, that Skye is actually Daisy Johnson AKA Quake in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., that Kilgrave would return in the second season of Jessica Jones, that Loki's sceptre in The Avengers actually had the Mind Stone in it, that Wolverine's death in Logan was foreshadowed in The Wolverine, that Planet Hulk would be adapted in some way in the MCU, that Nightcrawler had retired from superhero duties in the X-Men franchise, and that the Fantastic Four reboot would be absolutely garbage!
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  • The lowpro Guy
    The lowpro Guy Hour ago

    7 WOW! I didn't know that!

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    Neo Nedvall 2 hours ago +1

    Hi, Im from Sweden and rangnarrok means rangnarrök and that means the end of the world

  • A D Wilson
    A D Wilson 18 hours ago

    Also the quantum realms in endgame to

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    Appsro 44 Day ago

    Rip Stan lee

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    this was f@#!@#! awesome

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    Chantelle le Roux 2 days ago

    I love superheroes ❤

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    Marley Dixon 3 days ago

    RIP Stan Lee. You will never be forgotten. LOVE YOU BRO

  • Maria José Herrera
    Maria José Herrera 4 days ago +2

    Anyone 2019 after Endgame?

  • game center
    game center 4 days ago

    Who is noobmaster69 in endgame? Plz explain it


    Valkyrie or what ever her name is is she is not bi sexual, that's the dumbest thing ever, if the LGBT wet offended its not our problem

  • Crystal 07
    Crystal 07 9 days ago

    😭😭😭😭😔😔😔 who miss Stan Lee

    FLRICHARDSON33 10 days ago +2

    I have a theory: Stan Lee's character in the cinematic universe is the One Above All in disguise.

  • Matteo Xheka
    Matteo Xheka 12 days ago

    5 Makes no sence. In the original movies it says that peter's parents died when he was a baby thats why he doesent remember them. But on iron man the kid says that his dad won the lotery and never came back but his mom was on a restorant so his mom wasnt dead. Plz explain if i got something wrong

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    *_"Dormamu.... I came to bargain"_*

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    MÖRSSÄRI 09 15 days ago

    End game spoilers that kid is in endgame as adult when tony died

  • Jayden Bowman
    Jayden Bowman 16 days ago

    “Quake me Chloe!”

  • Skyler Cloudust Pony
    Skyler Cloudust Pony 19 days ago +3

    You know, my favourite pop in with Stan Lee was when he said: " Are you Tony Stank?" 😆😆😆😆😆😆 LOL

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    Hab 5 19 days ago +1

    Nigga them mid rolls

  • SpankytheHero
    SpankytheHero 19 days ago +1

    Some of these are not really "theories", but ehh still good.

  • Peculiar Lamp
    Peculiar Lamp 21 day ago

    Haha, David Tennants character would return. That line reminded me of the Doctor because of course he always returns/regenerate, ironically David Tennant played the 10th Doctor of the British television show "Doctor Who".😅

  • iClip
    iClip 21 day ago

    Fans told u their theories which was made and fullfilled during the movie ...

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    TwentyøneJøshler ! 23 days ago

    Who else loves Peter Parker...Spider-Man...Tom Holland!?!?♡♡♡♡

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    Tiffani Calico 23 days ago

    Scared of thanos

  • Tiffani Calico
    Tiffani Calico 23 days ago

    Hulk wasn't scared of thanks he was tired of being used as a weapon for Bruce bannaer

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    The power rangers Defeat thanos

    • warlakateng xx
      warlakateng xx 23 days ago

      @random channel Yup that's not true But the real one is Voltez 5 come's and said Volt in! But thanos Jump as high as their big robot and the robot was destroyed and the people died and then the ninja turtle's come Kill thanos.

    • random channel
      random channel 23 days ago

      Thats not trueeee 😒😒😒😑😑😑😤😤

  • redeye jedi
    redeye jedi 25 days ago +1

    If that little kid was supposed to be Peter Parker don't you think Peter Parker would have excitedly brought that up to Tony Stark when they met?

  • Sun Star
    Sun Star 25 days ago

    I didnt understand a thing because i dont watch superhero movies XD

  • karim khalaf
    karim khalaf 25 days ago +3

    My theory: they will make a new avengers Tony comes back captain America gets younger and the movie is called the return

  • Michael ward
    Michael ward 26 days ago +1

    Endgame spoiler

    So if avengers and xmen are in the same universe how is it that in endgame they go back in time and they change the time line but doesn't affect their timeline but in xmen days of future past they go back in time and change the time line and everything changed the humans didn't hate mutants as much. Can someone explain

    • beasty boy
      beasty boy 23 days ago +1

      because future past was made before the marvel fox deal and they were completly diffrent univirses and when x men joins the mcu they will all be recasted and all of their past movies will not even matter because it is a compleatly diffrent xmen team and it is the marvel universe so all the fox stuff is now gone with their heros

  • Adrian Jorolan
    Adrian Jorolan 26 days ago +1

    9:10 she looks like hela.

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    Spider man is the best

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    Why so many ade

  • Oorja Farms
    Oorja Farms 26 days ago +1

    Yugio was also a character in Deadpool 2.....even though she only had a small parts she was an X-men she mostly had only one line- "Hi Wade"

    MINECRAFT FNAF PLAYER 26 days ago +1

    Avengers:INFINITY war after few months END game

  • Mr Cat
    Mr Cat 27 days ago +5

    RIP Stan lee we will all miss you for what you created 1922-2018

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    Chill Guy 27 days ago +1

  • Hellow favorite YouTuber it's me Acker kitty

    I knew that the iron man kid was spider-man

  • MikePlayz
    MikePlayz 27 days ago

    in Endgame what happend was,
    Tony got the tesseract (mind stone) to use the infinity gauntlet (by going to the past), means Loki never got the Tesseract, cuz it was gone at that time, It means Vision was never created (because the Avengers never got the mind stone) so that does mean Vision was all bullshit, and somehow Wanda remembers Vision, ive been mindfucked.

  • Angel Manquero
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    This is how much likes we need to get to bring back ironman

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      Why do they like it now its going to take more

    LANDON BOULANGER 28 days ago +14

    What sadly did not come true... Ant man
    going up thanos

    • Artistic Potato
      Artistic Potato 15 days ago

      As far as I’m concerned that’s not thanos’ ass

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    • Jebi Takahashi
      Jebi Takahashi 23 days ago +2

      Well Ant Man kinda was the reason why Thanos was defeated

  • Popcorn Randomness
    Popcorn Randomness 28 days ago

    Sometimes I feel like movie makers announce a new movie let people say theories then use some of those theories . Is this only me or.....

  • Ebadullah Muazam
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    4:26 why did i got a chris hemsworth ad

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    0:39 Rest in Peace Stan lee :( We will remember you

  • Just Panda
    Just Panda 29 days ago +1

    This is linked to Infinity War, but an ENDGAME SPOILER

    When half the universe (such as Spiderman) goes *POOF* they aren't dead! -_- GOD PEOPLE THEY AREN'T EVER DEAD! MY LORD GET IT RIGHT!!!!

  • Patrick Cappuccio
    Patrick Cappuccio 29 days ago

    I’ve got a 1 more Marvel theory: Is Danielle Cage actually Falcon’s Daughter?!

  • Patrick Cappuccio
    Patrick Cappuccio 29 days ago

    I got a Marvel theory: Is Falcon a super solider

  • Some Person On the Internet

    *t h i s t u r n e d o u t t o b e t r u e*

  • Silent Singer
    Silent Singer Month ago

    xmen were in spiderman?!

  • Crab Man
    Crab Man Month ago

    Theory: Since Disney has brought Fox, the X-Men have a high chance of being introduced in the "Secret Wars". This means that instead of Quicksilver being dead forever, he may actually return but does not understand what actually happened in Age of Ultron, making the reborn Avengers confused. But I really do not know what will happen after that.

  • A e s t h e t i c
    A e s t h e t i c Month ago

    I enjoyed it😊

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    5 adds on a 12 min video 🤣

  • Scott Craig
    Scott Craig Month ago

    theory 12 - fans thought the fantastic four was going to be bad... it was...... really stretching there screenrant

  • volclaire2
    volclaire2 Month ago

    Bargain, Come to I Have Dormammu

  • MrYeetus
    MrYeetus Month ago +1

    In endgame when Cap went back in time did you you far enough to keep redskull from going to that planet and keeping Thanos from getting the soul stone?Or was there another keeper before redskull?... and when Cap went back in time where was is past self breaking the laws of time travel? Or did he stay after the past Cap got Frozen in ice so that would mean their are 2 Captain America's the old one, and the one that was frozen in ice
    Don't forget about falcon


    omg what if stan dies!!!

  • Yassy Bennia
    Yassy Bennia Month ago +7

    Wait isn't that the spell in Harry Potter
    *"Alo Homora"*

    • Forever Marvel
      Forever Marvel 27 days ago


      *He’s trying to open something...*

  • Mary Nason
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    Let us NOT explore characters sexuality!

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    And teentians gotothe movie

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    I see cute iron man, I clicked, simple as that

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    why dident wolvernine just give jean the cure ..instead of killing her ?

  • Giles Osborne
    Giles Osborne Month ago

    I have had enough of the word theorise

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    Borko Blanko Month ago

    wolverine: im immortal
    also wolverine: *dies*

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    Goldberg Sam Month ago

    2:36 reminded me of Predator 2018

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    belinda hussein Month ago

    like if R.I.P Stan Lee

  • simonwest1977
    simonwest1977 Month ago

    25 theories that were bent to fit fan theories to make it look like it was planned.

  • Kaka Gz
    Kaka Gz Month ago

    Rip stay lee and iron man

  • Guillermo Garcia
    Guillermo Garcia Month ago

    some times its just producer likes the idea and then added it into the movie

  • lego geek
    lego geek Month ago

    I thought the Melty Stick was the soul stone.

  • WgamerVGT
    WgamerVGT Month ago

    the only thing not true... Ant man crawling up Thanos' Butt and becoming 60 feet inside

  • HetaliaRussiaFan 01

    Uhmmm isn't fantastic 4 part of DC?...not Marvel...Unless i'm mistaken.

  • Sir Godaime
    Sir Godaime Month ago

    well they needed to remake that bad fantastic 4 film back then because fantastic 4 is in the same universe as Avengers and in the first fantastic 4 films Chris Evans played the Human Torch ^^ and if Marvel ever makes a film with Avengers and fantastic 4 they can't do it with the old actors cause Chris Evans was Captain America and Human Torch

  • The Lost One
    The Lost One Month ago

    Rest in Peace, Stan Lee...

  • Cristian Sovar
    Cristian Sovar Month ago +1

    For those who saw Endgame, you'll realise that the kid from Iron Man movies is not the same one as Peter Parker.

  • Vincent Thao
    Vincent Thao Month ago

    What if fans speculate, and then the writers take note. Dun dun dun.

  • Platin Dragons
    Platin Dragons Month ago

    At 6:24 the hulk has just like Thor in endgame a hammer and an axe

  • Zaid
    Zaid Month ago

    No, that random kid at Tony’s funeral was the iron man two kid, the duffer brothers confirmed it

  • Mitch Burns
    Mitch Burns Month ago +1

    How is #8 a fan theory? What did you pause the movie halfway in and poll a bunch of people? There is no way to know people aren't knowing this would happen unless you were actually watching the movie with them and they said something to you.

  • Derick Pizana
    Derick Pizana Month ago

    Too many ads in this video

  • Erika Amanda
    Erika Amanda Month ago

    Take a shot anytime he says "this led fans to theorize.." or "fans theorized".

  • DragoonShadow91
    DragoonShadow91 Month ago

    um, the Rouge part, you are missing that Magneto has his powers in Days of Future Past too, the cure wasn't as permanent as was "hoped"

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    I like your video but 7 ads on an 12 minute video is not okay so:

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  • The Scorbunny
    The Scorbunny Month ago +2

    A non-MCU theory that was confirmed is Fortnite will live on for another 4 years at least. Well it was 2023 in Endgame

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    mike gerics Month ago

    What about the theory that Obi Wan knows Darth Plagueis's secrets and that he brought luke back from the dead in a new hope?

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    Amirul Iman Month ago

    The theory that captain america can actually lift Thor's hammer

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    i will be future captain america

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    I think iron man will die

    Oh wait

  • CGS Challenge Games Studios

    10:34 Doctor who?

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    whp is here after endgame

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    this is to fast for my brain, my brain can't followed what you says

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    rip stan lee

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    2:36 the drone looks like bastion