What Every State in the US is Best and Worst At

  • Published on Aug 12, 2018
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  • RealLifeLore
    RealLifeLore  8 months ago +5746

    PSA guys. Being best or worst at something doesn’t mean it’s good or bad. That’s all

    • Intellecter 818
      Intellecter 818 3 days ago +1

      +ITSCS117 Cali destroys Oregon worst than they do in college football lol

    • ITSCS117
      ITSCS117 4 days ago +1

      Correction: Oregon is the Rainiest state on the west coast & Portland Is the capital of SJW and Hipster culture (I mean we're the Only city covered on CNN that legitimately riot over president trump (by riot I mean we trashed coffee shops, broke windows and flipped over ford focuses, while NY & atlanta just marched through Highways)).

      But hey, we have the McMenamins.

    • AlbatrossThe Smilodon
      AlbatrossThe Smilodon 20 days ago

      Kentucky is great at killing horses. It’s also the worst at having a sport that doesn’t kill a lot of animals

    • Intellecter 818
      Intellecter 818 Month ago

      dude oregon has more bums than any other state lol

    • Viktor Reznov
      Viktor Reznov Month ago

      How dare you not say anything about our maple syrup or our cheese? You made me sad. :(

  • Nick yeayea
    Nick yeayea 6 hours ago

    So basically the south is..........

  • Nick yeayea
    Nick yeayea 7 hours ago +1

    Shut up trump ad

  • Jordan Holland
    Jordan Holland 7 hours ago

    Funny how each best and worst thing are somewhat related. Kind of tells a story of what's going

  • inthetigerseyes x
    inthetigerseyes x 14 hours ago

    the best internet in CONNECTicut that makes sense to me

  • you Gay
    you Gay 16 hours ago

    You got it wrong, New Jersey is the state I'm from and I'm proud to say it's the shittiest to live in and the most diverse when it comes to drug use, there aren't really any good things, thanks for trying though.

  • Lance Skii
    Lance Skii 22 hours ago

    I live in Mississippi thats sad

  • PrairieBrewer
    PrairieBrewer Day ago

    I love North Dakota's - highest quality of life but worst alcohol problem. Um...ya, makes sense! My life is amaze balls because of wine, so...

  • Master187
    Master187 Day ago


  • Joshua Anderson
    Joshua Anderson Day ago

    Vermont has the lowest birth rate not Massachusetts.

  • Abraham
    Abraham Day ago

    Jeez Mississippi,it’s like a hood over there.

  • Heidi Pardue
    Heidi Pardue Day ago

    You are really wrong about Kansas because it’s berry

  • Hucu
    Hucu Day ago

    Mississippi sucks the most lmao

  • Alexa Evans
    Alexa Evans Day ago

    Lying about Alaska

  • Crafty Biz
    Crafty Biz 2 days ago +1

    All Republican States
    Good at: Picking a crummy president in 2016.
    Bad at: Picking a good president in 2016.

  • Max Britz
    Max Britz 2 days ago

    If Delaware the most boring state but the city Wilmington Delaware it has most murders the beaches has hella good surfers and and surf competitions and Christiana mall in Delaware is one of the most busy malls and every rapper that comes here loves it

  • Emrik5
    Emrik5 2 days ago


  • Coyote Man
    Coyote Man 2 days ago +1

    As a Missourian, you should have mentioned how much meth we have. Dont know if that's a positive or negative 🤔

  • alon rubin
    alon rubin 2 days ago

    So Tennessee has the lowest number of dentists per-capita and the most caves? must've counted a-l-l the cavities.
    I'll show myself out.

  • Shareya Beavin
    Shareya Beavin 2 days ago

    The Indiana "having the most meth labs" is so true. The town I used to live in a guy was arrested for standing on the side of the street with a sign saying "Meth for sale at back door"

  • Goldenrod Prime
    Goldenrod Prime 2 days ago

    PSA: Oregon is the Norway of the USA

  • Jarod Armstrong
    Jarod Armstrong 2 days ago

    4:36 Please make this section longer. I live to learn about the flaws of Mississippi.

  • Freddie Reynoso
    Freddie Reynoso 3 days ago

    Haha get rekt Oregon isn’t bad at anything well not really the allergies are bad over in Oregon

  • XCodes
    XCodes 3 days ago

    You say a Wyoming voter has over 3x the amount of voting power as a California voter, but we all know that anyone who tries to move there to claim that voting power isn't going to do anything to change the state's predisposition for voting for Republicans.

  • MrGamer 225
    MrGamer 225 4 days ago +1

    Him : Oklahoma Has The Most Tornados
    Alabama: AM I A JOKE TO YOU

    • Sarah White
      Sarah White 3 days ago

      Seriously though, it’s constant here.
      (From Huntsville)

  • Star Craft Gaming
    Star Craft Gaming 4 days ago

    Yeet we gotta West Virginia boi right here

  • posmonti Richi
    posmonti Richi 4 days ago


  • Arjun Patil
    Arjun Patil 5 days ago +2

    Pornography hahaha 🤣

  • rad bad guy
    rad bad guy 6 days ago +1

    I love how ohio is so innocent and important 😂

  • Jonathan Gurrala
    Jonathan Gurrala 6 days ago

    Um i i i..... live in Mississippi 😬

  • Alexander Hamilton
    Alexander Hamilton 7 days ago

    Best quality of life
    North Dakota ftw

  • Daniel Stephens
    Daniel Stephens 7 days ago +1

    Fuck yeah Oregon!

  • Devonte Porter
    Devonte Porter 8 days ago +2

    North Dakota's stats make no sense at all. How you have the best quality of life while carrying an alcohol problem? Lmao

  • SandwichSlayer Official


  • WarriorCatFan.
    WarriorCatFan. 10 days ago +1

    I live in minnesota, i can say this years winter is the worse, THERES STILL FUCKING SNOW, ITS APRIL

  • Lon Brooklyn
    Lon Brooklyn 10 days ago +1

    Massachusetts goofin on Happy hour Ha!

  • Charlotte Jarvis
    Charlotte Jarvis 10 days ago +1

    There was nothing good about Mississippi

  • Jacob Kessler
    Jacob Kessler 10 days ago +1

    3:28 how is that a bad thing?

  • Sub to me idk why
    Sub to me idk why 11 days ago +2

    Yknow it’s frikin annoying when you live in the most educated state in the u.s. and you’re stupid as hell

  • Mikeyhouston1
    Mikeyhouston1 11 days ago +1

    What's the music? I like it quite alot

  • SenseiThaKidd d
    SenseiThaKidd d 11 days ago +1

    Wrong. Alabama: best at incest

  • Disco Productions
    Disco Productions 11 days ago +1

    Florida is the funnest state in the USA

  • lusteraliaszero
    lusteraliaszero 11 days ago +1

    utahs "best" is almost as bad as their worst.

  • Conner Johnson
    Conner Johnson 12 days ago +1


  • Transportation Channel
    Transportation Channel 12 days ago +1

    Minnesota: Worst winter weather......I only watched this because school is canceled today due to the snow.

  • Mason Dewey
    Mason Dewey 12 days ago +1

    Nice vid

    COOLSWAT295 13 days ago +1

    im surprised arkansas has most dogs cuz in colorado i see almost everyone with dogs

  • Obi J
    Obi J 13 days ago

    Yeah teachers here in Oklahoma went on strike last year

    HAILARIOUS 14 days ago +2

    I’m surprised that you couldn’t find anything that my state was the worst in.
    I’m surprised, and I know I said it twice.

  • Trent Beckman
    Trent Beckman 14 days ago +1

    I'm guessing that California will either be pissing people off or making money.

  • Artsy Hufflepuff
    Artsy Hufflepuff 14 days ago +1

    Oh great my state is known for the most fatal motorcycle accidents

  • String mcheese Soviet
    String mcheese Soviet 14 days ago +1

    Oregon highest rate of sex offenders per 100 thousand

  • claire 82
    claire 82 15 days ago

    Rhode Island sounds about right

  • Ridingskull 321
    Ridingskull 321 15 days ago

    “California has the worst air pollution”

    Well yeah we were on fire for like 1/4 of last year...
    I M N O T T O O S U R E T H O

  • Tim Byrd aka that one Bama fan and skins fan

    I live in Bridgeport

  • Josh L
    Josh L 15 days ago

    So maine being least diverse bad

  • Jerel March
    Jerel March 15 days ago +3

    Maine: low violent crime
    Now ill tell you its 94% white . Feels like something implied here , wonder what it could be

  • Original Alex
    Original Alex 16 days ago

    Didn't know my hometown was affected with air pollution

  • Big LunchBox
    Big LunchBox 16 days ago

    I'm in a hole, a bar is what I seek
    Also I have bad teeth

  • Polar BinO
    Polar BinO 16 days ago

    Anyone from MN?

  • Mazen Makhlouf
    Mazen Makhlouf 16 days ago +5

    Alabama = most siblings married

  • Mazen Makhlouf
    Mazen Makhlouf 16 days ago +1

    New York abortion rate REPRESENT!
    (its a joke so calm yourself)

    PUGS ANIMATIONS 16 days ago

    A lot of these aren't the states fault...

  • mocxing
    mocxing 16 days ago

    I live in the Mushroom State.. lol

  • 雪 Nøva
    雪 Nøva 16 days ago

    alabama: most incest

  • Roland Cole
    Roland Cole 16 days ago

    So even after all those teachers' strikes in Oklahoma that resulted in higher pay, they are STILL the worst paid in the country?

  • Roland Cole
    Roland Cole 16 days ago +3

    Virginia: Proof that pollution makes our respiratory systems strong

  • Roland Cole
    Roland Cole 16 days ago

    Colorado has the most motorcycle accidents because they all get stoned before driving and wreck their vehicles

  • Layne McCall
    Layne McCall 16 days ago

    Yee yee Idaho

  • Intellectual Chicken
    Intellectual Chicken 16 days ago

    Lets go Oregon. I feel good living good living here now

  • Watery abyss 7768
    Watery abyss 7768 16 days ago

    I live in Alaska and I didn’t know it was this violent

  • King Grass
    King Grass 16 days ago

    4:17 there’s basically nothing good about Mississippi

  • Maddy La Fay
    Maddy La Fay 16 days ago

    i hope you know the statistics for alaska is only high because it has the smallest population. just saying. also its new york for highest crine rape

  • • ιтz lια •
    • ιтz lια • 16 days ago

    So ya'll just gonna forget about Boston?

  • Average Person Who Used To Be A Random Person

    Best at: having crazy people committing the weirdest crimes
    Worst at: being the SUNSHINE state.

  • I have to wait 90 days to change my name

    I didn’t hear anything positive about Florida or Mississippi

  • unicorn lover
    unicorn lover 17 days ago


  • CarCar360 Vlogs
    CarCar360 Vlogs 17 days ago

    Washington most invasive snail problem we should just be like Oregon

  • jordan
    jordan 17 days ago

    maine has the least diversity and the least crime hmm coincidence I think not

  • Marcus Ruud Guy
    Marcus Ruud Guy 17 days ago

    So where’s the best

  • Kyle McGoldrick
    Kyle McGoldrick 17 days ago

    Rhode Island has the worst roads. RHOAD Island

  • Puppy Sister
    Puppy Sister 17 days ago +1

    Well im disappointed in you West Virginia

  • NoMans Land
    NoMans Land 17 days ago +5

    Main: 94%white ppl (is considered a bad thing in this video) but least amount of crime. Read what u will from those numbers lol

  • Big Sus
    Big Sus 17 days ago +7

    >be Maine
    >lowest violent crime rate
    >also lowest diversity
    >94% white
    >mfw correlation might mean causation

  • Tyleride69
    Tyleride69 17 days ago +15

    Oregon has the worst human trafficking and abduction rates btw.

  • Jonas Brown
    Jonas Brown 18 days ago

    oregon is where it's at

  • steve mat
    steve mat 18 days ago +3

    Illinois: Healthiest Teeth
    Me: Wow I feel special......

  • Preston Lambert
    Preston Lambert 18 days ago

    Tennesse has dentist everywhere so what u talkin abt?

  • TFH Darkstorm
    TFH Darkstorm 18 days ago +4

    (Says advantage)
    Me: wow, maybe I should live there
    (Says disadvantage)
    Me: yeah I’m gonna need to cancel that flight I just made in 2 seconds.

      HAILARIOUS 13 days ago

      Then go to Oregon if you like drinking bear. He couldn’t find anything we were bad at.

    • Artsy Hufflepuff
      Artsy Hufflepuff 14 days ago

      Live in Colorado but don't ride your motorcycle

  • Pig Head
    Pig Head 18 days ago

    You got the shape if some States wrong...

  • thas1227
    thas1227 18 days ago

    You'll notice the areas with highest skin cancer rates are areas higher in latitude where vitamin D deficiency is more likely to occur, also where theres less UV-B rays. But I thought UV-B caused cancer? Apparently not

  • Rhys Davis
    Rhys Davis 18 days ago

    Ga has the best roads?! I call Bs. I hit a pothole in Atlanta and ended up in Toronto

  • Luke Price
    Luke Price 18 days ago

    Mississippi sounds like a great place to live...

  • AwesomeDude444
    AwesomeDude444 18 days ago

    Alabama: incest
    Florida: crimes
    California: rich people

  • Canadian Shinx Eh
    Canadian Shinx Eh 18 days ago

    Indiana is the best at basketball, but also has the most meth labs? I'm guessing that's not a coincidence

  • William Ohle
    William Ohle 18 days ago

    My state has literally nothing with it wrong with it. Fite me.

  • Daniel Alvarado
    Daniel Alvarado 18 days ago

    Ya boiii most meth labs

  • Cassidy Renae
    Cassidy Renae 18 days ago +1

    wisconsin is the best at cheese....give me something else thats not even a best thing :(

    • Kidd
      Kidd 13 days ago

      Cassidy Renae ChEEEEse!!

  • The 5th King
    The 5th King 19 days ago

    "Montana has worst access to the internet" Yeah..... I pay 100 a month for 20 down 3 up and that's normal here....

  • Matthew Walker
    Matthew Walker 19 days ago

    Best state for natural scenery and beauty, isolated from people, thinking wooden house on a creek with woods to explore away from the hustle of modern world??? Any ideas? It's my dream...maybe Montana? I duno.