Legally Blonde and the History of the “Dumb Blonde”

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • A key mission of Legally Blonde's Elle Woods is fighting the bias against blondes -- in particular, the "dumb blonde" stereotype. But where does this stereotype come from? Let's all dig into the roots of the assumptions about blondes and find out what's really behind them. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel or support us on Patreon:
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  • The Take
    The Take  5 months ago +409

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    • JamesGallagher1990
      JamesGallagher1990 20 days ago

      I'd really love to see a video on the 'magic negro' trope - but maybe there isn't enough material to go on...but I can think of Ghost (Whoopi Goldberg's role) and of course The Green Mile...then there is also the oracle in The Matrix...there actually might be a lot to go on tbh...and maybe not just specifically magic but just how the black character helps the white character (usually white male character) succeed in some way. But is this ever really seen in reverse? A magic white person helping a black person and that is their sole function, no glory for that white person? I'm not sure tbh!

    • Jaybaby
      Jaybaby Month ago

      can you explain some male tropes? ive seen tones of female tropes, and how horrible they are for females, but so far ive never seen a real male one that dives as deep. im kinda disappointed.

    • E M.
      E M. Month ago

      The Take The masculinization of black women in media and the mammy trope. We are taught that we are less desirable than other groups of women.

    • Aqua Fractalyne
      Aqua Fractalyne Month ago

      I just started watching your videos, and you guys really make me want to rewatch these movies. Thank you for the great analyses

    • Lauren
      Lauren 4 months ago

      Except, Elle bleaches, so she is not an actual blonde LOL

  • Lenalee Walker
    Lenalee Walker 6 hours ago

    this killed marilyn

  • Jacobius Pineconalhotra
    Jacobius Pineconalhotra 9 hours ago +1

    Karen used to be blonde

  • Gringa Maluca
    Gringa Maluca 10 hours ago

    3:15 hit the nail on the head. That’s how I feel people perceive me most of the time. Less than human.
    I live in a place where there aren’t many blondes. I’m the only natural blonde round here. I’ve tried dying my hair but it looks a mess, and goes orange after a few days, plus isn’t fooling anyone.

  • Sab Ali
    Sab Ali 17 hours ago

    Do you realise that even men are subject to this dumb blonde situation? Blonde guys are usually shown as dumb pretty boys as well.

  • Kadesh Hendricksen

    I have tried all of the hair colors... people definitely treated me with less respect when I was blonde. It really seemed like everyone assumed I was dumb over the color of my hair. The day I colored my hair brown I noticed immediately that more people were smiling and making eye contact... they were even more friendly when I got a fake tan with the brown hair. I ended up giving up the blonde because I had been sloppy maintaining it so my hair was breaking but also because I realized that serial killers have a preference for blondes.

    • Kadesh Hendricksen
      Kadesh Hendricksen Day ago

      I have to add that people were the most friendly when I had pink hair. It seemed like everyone felt comfortable approaching me and I got compliments everywhere I went. Little girls would run up telling their parents I was a princess. It got uncomfortable because people would follow me around in stores trying to figure out the comment they wanted to make about my hair being pink.

  • Faith Foster
    Faith Foster Day ago

    This is just karma for all the racist bullshit they did to others people

  • bolix67
    bolix67 Day ago

    This video does not tell the full picture. The dumb blonde stereotype was motivated by Jewish ethnic animus against what was seen as a quintessentially European feature. The sexy blonde is motivated by their lust for the "shiksa". Both lust and animus informed how blondes were portrayed in this overwhelmingly Jewish medium

  • Jemima Betts
    Jemima Betts Day ago

    You don't have to be blonde to be dumb, I've met many dumb people that aren't blonde

  • FlyingSoul - Shots from Siberia!

    A blonde can always say: "I'm blonde, what's your excuse?"

  • K Vlogs
    K Vlogs 2 days ago

    Brunettes aren’t always smart

  • Mirri Argos
    Mirri Argos 2 days ago

    YOUTH???? Blondes age horribly. With some exceptions lol but that's if they have the money

  • cammeralea
    cammeralea 2 days ago

    For some reason people think blonds are dumb, brunettes are average, gingers(me) are ugly(true for me though) the frick, at least around me.

  • Cora Kowal
    Cora Kowal 2 days ago

    haha love how they put Avril Lavigne’s “Dumb Blonde” song in here!!

  • Катя Ятак
    Катя Ятак 3 days ago

    Same place where all stereotypes and propaganda come from; Hollywood.

  • Bella Blackmist
    Bella Blackmist 3 days ago

    I got a theater teacher with a blonde bias and it drives me nuts. None of the main characters are EVER anything other than blonde in my entire highschool career till this year when our drama club president (a blonde) got to independently run a one act and select her own leads and SHE selected a burnete who never even got a chance on the stage to take the female lead. Im so glad the new generation is learning to question all these assumptions cuz the older generation just keeps enforcing them, but my hope for the younger generation changing things? Glowing.

  • j. jonah jameson
    j. jonah jameson 4 days ago

    thought it came from, a ton of dumb blond girls

  • Amelie Skye Kelly
    Amelie Skye Kelly 4 days ago


  • Graciela Sosa Pulido

    Hi! I just wanted to say that your channel is AMAZING! Often in TVclip there are channels with great visuals and no brain, but, at least the videos I have seen, are well based, studied and edited, and all made by women who value the power of being femenine but grounded on a solid basis. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! Keep going!

  • monique carrot
    monique carrot 5 days ago

    Is salmon chicken or fish

  • Gal
    Gal 5 days ago

    But what if I’m a dumb brunette

  • Gracelyn Clark
    Gracelyn Clark 6 days ago

    I'm blonde and aced all of my standardized tests... Also legally blonde is my favorite movie EVER.

  • Gavin Rummel
    Gavin Rummel 6 days ago

    Well there are a lot of dumb blondes at my school. or at least airheads...

  • Gabriela Michalak
    Gabriela Michalak 6 days ago

    4:05 What's the name of the movie?

  • Ern Era
    Ern Era 7 days ago

    As a blonde myself, I’ve never been described as dumb. However, people are less likely to call you dumb if you’re not only smart, but a smart-ass.

  • Stick-It Productions.

    "cause I'm a blonde, don't you wish you were me?" Pffft. That Brunette was way better looking than you.

  • dulcimerrafi
    dulcimerrafi 8 days ago

    I'm surprised that you didn't talk more about Judy Holliday. She made a career of playing so-called "dumb blondes" (the role of Lina Lamont in "Singin' in the Rain" was even originally written with her in mind, but she had to pass on the role due to a conflict). Many of her characters, however, subverted the trope, often being dismissed and underestimated because of their blondeness. In a way, her characters could be seen as forerunners to Elle Woods. Like with some of the other actresses you mention, Judy Holliday was apparently quite brilliant in real life.

  • Pascale Vincent
    Pascale Vincent 8 days ago

    “Blonde more down to earth”
    Shows picture of Betty Cooper
    Me: “they Obviously haven’t seen season 3 of riverdale”

  • Geboinzki 28
    Geboinzki 28 8 days ago

    Take Karen Smith for examplem

  • TechnicolorBarf
    TechnicolorBarf 9 days ago

    The two genders: Jackie and Monroe.

  • cherry_icecream _vintage

    See. I have long blonde straight hair and blue eyes and I have a beauty spot in the same place as Marilyn’s. Everyone who I know except my friends think I’m dumb and stupid. But I’m not.....😏

  • Dany Boldra
    Dany Boldra 10 days ago


  • ellie o
    ellie o 11 days ago

    elle: blonde hair and red hair have been discriminated against
    *me, with strawberry blonde hair*

  • Sheila Wilson
    Sheila Wilson 11 days ago

    Shhh I dont fight over Men. !
    got more respect for myself

  • Sheila Wilson
    Sheila Wilson 11 days ago

    Amen " Im no longer Blonde" I do have Brain " & just cause Im simple" doesnt mean Im stupid

  • jelaninoel
    jelaninoel 12 days ago

    Pretty sure it comes from jealousy

  • Valno_Sonthatan 2536
    Valno_Sonthatan 2536 13 days ago +1

    I've had so many people "surprised" because I'm top in a lot of my classes, even though I'm female with naturally blonde hair. Sad thing is, some people call me an idiot when I use big words that they don't know. I see my friends get hurt because of this too, and I find it absolutely pathetic. Humans tend to only like looks and whatever appeals to them.

  • Mellow Dramatic
    Mellow Dramatic 13 days ago

    And when you're a redhead you're just labeled as crazy and obsessed with sex

  • Ane M
    Ane M 13 days ago

    The Danish title of Legally Blonde is actually "Revenge of the blonde"

  • Bogi Patay
    Bogi Patay 13 days ago

    Men who say women can’t be pretty and smart have never seen Blair Waldorf

  • KookieKat Gacha
    KookieKat Gacha 13 days ago +1

    I’m a valley girl with dark brown hair and straight As

  • DeadxDreadxPunk
    DeadxDreadxPunk 13 days ago

    You know... as a natural brunette, growing up I played into the blond v brunette trope when h came to us fighting over boys, but as i matured, I realized I had more attraction to the blond girls than towards the douchey guys who were pitting us against each other 😏😏😏😏 and that's whfn I realized I was bi

  • DeadxDreadxPunk
    DeadxDreadxPunk 13 days ago

    You know... as a natural brunette, growing up I played into the blond v brunette trope when h came to us fighting over boys, but as i matured, I realized I had more attraction to the blond girls than towards the douchey guys who were pitting us against each other 😏😏😏😏 and that's whfn I realized I was bi

  • Pepita ta
    Pepita ta 14 days ago

    Thats not accurate analysis its just like, your opinion man.

  • blah
    blah 14 days ago

    it's not just blondes, look at how people invalidate megan fox's opinion even though she is a very intelligent, well-spoken girl. people don't want to believe anyone beautiful/sexy can be smart

  • Umire
    Umire 14 days ago

    As a natural blonde I feel like I've been fetishized because of my hair a lot by foreign men (I live in a country where blonde hair is not unusual)… I've had a stranger man touching my hair and a guy who's used the word blonde with me like it's an award. Also when a guy that saw me often finally talked to me, he was like "I can't believe you talk this much and you are so smart..." Like... this dude wanted to date me while having the assumption that I'm dumb and not able to talk?? Also while in England, I got catcalled a lot with some dudes mentioning my blonde hair. I'm not sure if it was just because of the fact that I'm a blonde female or the jerks just do it to everyone, but I sure do know how it feels like being reduced to your hair or looks.

  • guy tremblay
    guy tremblay 14 days ago

    This movie has nothing to do with being a form of discimination what so ever it a form of comedy based on an old urban legend .jut because you want to see it as an intended or none intended discrimination has no value what so ever on what they writer gaol was originally . When have you ever saw a blond girl concider herself dummy becasue of this urban saying ? Never . if that was the case you must be the one who feel that way because you are blond and people teased you with that since you were young .a girl once told me you know its obvious that you are blond just becuse i said something that didn't please her .i replied well now i know why you feel unjustifyingly feel that you are more intelligent than others its becasue you neeed that faulse legend to exist so you can feel more intelligent than the blonds even if its totally not the case and that you are ctually dummer than a donkey

  • Veegzee
    Veegzee 15 days ago

    Was... mixing up scenes from Legally Blonde and Clueless intentional? The narrator was talking about Elle from Legally Blonde when they were showing clips of Cher from Clueless.

  • Lauren J
    Lauren J 16 days ago

    I think it’s because in order to maintain bright blonde hair, you have to spend a decent amount of time in the salon, thus you care a lot about your appearance and some think that that shows a lack intellect. Just a guess

  • knepri
    knepri 16 days ago

    Make up is fun, but I never wear it at work because I want to be taken seriously and people never really do when I look like that. I got an MD when I was 24, got my first peer reviewed article when I was 25 and had my first presentation in an international conference at 26. I never wear make up or skirts at work and always wear my hair up in a bun because otherwise people do not listen to what I have to say. Our society is fucked up with the ' if you are pretty, you aren't smart' and vice versa bullshit.

  • Tranitosaur
    Tranitosaur 18 days ago

    Most "dumb blondes" that I've met are brunettes with bleached hair. I've never met an actual "dumb blonde", they're always the smart ones :|

  • K W
    K W 19 days ago

    This might be my favourite video of yours so far. Thank you so much for your work to break down female tropes (the dumb blonde, the cool girl, mean girls, etc) and show just how rooted in nisogyny they are and how they're still being used to force women into boxes and manipulate the way we view ourselves and prevent us from uniting and working together. You ladies rock!

  • QueenLeo Bagpack
    QueenLeo Bagpack 19 days ago

    I, for a fact, had to downgrade my appearance throughout high school in order to be taken seriously and to stop bad rumours revolving around me because I liked to look my best but was also actively participating in school and well... I'm not dumb. I'd been the punching ball for 4 terrible years in an almost all-girls class. Glad that time is over. Oh, and I'm not even blond XD

  • Sheryl Z
    Sheryl Z 19 days ago

    I'd like to note that Jenny McCarthy is a science denier and indirectly responsible for the death of innocent children through her ill informed campaign against immunizations. So dumb - yes and worse.

  • Dawid Lijewski
    Dawid Lijewski 19 days ago

    I've never saw caucassian with blonde hairs, they have pretty dark complexity.

  • Thatgirlwiththefreckles -

    Beauty= Blonde is basically what this whole video is saying.

    • Dumfries Spearhead
      Dumfries Spearhead 16 days ago

      Well it's always the "Blonde Bombshell", not the Brunette one.

  • sirène
    sirène 20 days ago +1

    sometimes i really think about becoming a radical feminist lmao

  • The Okayed Boomer
    The Okayed Boomer 21 day ago

    I never saw the movie back in the day because it looked too girly for me, but now after watching this video, it sounds interesting.

  • Nala Seku
    Nala Seku 22 days ago

    Woooow all of this bulshit just because of a hair color

  • Chai Lee
    Chai Lee 23 days ago

    Why am I watching this???
    I'm a brunette.