Korean Girls Answer Questions/Stereotypes

  • Published on Jul 10, 2016
  • "This country's the size of a bean. Everyone wears the same shit."

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  • 나유
    나유 12 hours ago

    lol we have a kimchi fridge and theres no way (not that i want to) my moms ever gonna let me get platic surgery

  • MrAJEO
    MrAJEO 12 hours ago

    Questions based on stereotypes and have none about eating dog meat.
    Why do Korean girls put white western men on a pedestal?
    Why do Korean girls have such narrow hips? Do curvy Korean girls exist?
    Why do Korean girls voice always get so high and squeaky when happy or excited?
    Why do South Koreans try so hard to be American?

  • jessica ArmyBlink
    jessica ArmyBlink 13 hours ago

    Why are koreans so shy when it comes to sexual stuff

  • ge j
    ge j 14 hours ago

    했으면 의료사고래 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 저누나 겁나 매력적이네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Happy Begum
    Happy Begum 15 hours ago +2

    1:11 that was something a racist would say black girls can be beautiful too u know

  • {IU} mystic
    {IU} mystic Day ago +2

    me as a black person : *wait hold on a minute*

  • Ticci yx
    Ticci yx Day ago +1


  • •Amy•
    •Amy• Day ago

    what is Miyeon doing inside the white T-shirt girl,same voice.

  • CS.
    CS. Day ago +2

    "there's a difference between coral pink and pink coral" YES GIRLIE THERE IS, TELL THEM.

  • 두루마리
    두루마리 Day ago

    3:11 언니 아니에요!! 넘 이쁘신데 의료사고라뇨!! 진짜 완전 이쁘세욥ㅠㅜ

  • Diana Naddo
    Diana Naddo 2 days ago +2

    Why they're all cute especially the one talking about medical accident and Sueing the doctor 😁😀😂😂

  • Bryanna B
    Bryanna B 2 days ago

    The girl in the black and white striped shirt is my fav lol

  • Aylen Tejas
    Aylen Tejas 2 days ago

    The girl with a stripes shirt isn't the same one who was obssesed with her eyebrows?

  • regrettableusername
    regrettableusername 2 days ago

    Why are koreans so triggered lmao, there are stereotypes for every "ethnic" group, don't act like you are the only "victims" of stereotypes

  • uwutae_30
    uwutae_30 3 days ago +1

    The fact that the girl with stripe shirt is triggered XD

  • The Darkest
    The Darkest 3 days ago +1

    3:14 Total mood it's the same right here😂😂

  • Veronica S. Wang
    Veronica S. Wang 4 days ago +142

    The girl who went "there's a word for it : TREND" has all my respect

  • Roach in the Hood
    Roach in the Hood 9 days ago

    근데 왜 외국인한테 하고 싶은 말을 여기서 한국어로 하는겨ㅋㅋㅋ 영어로라도 쓰던가 외국인들 많이보는 비슷한 영상에 쓰던가 아무 의미없는짓을하고있누

  • Manalisha Thakuria
    Manalisha Thakuria 12 days ago

    That girl with black and white checkered top, I love you lol 😅😂

  • vitamin cee
    vitamin cee 12 days ago

    The girl with the striped shirt, her savage sincerity I love it

  • Zedd
    Zedd 13 days ago +1

    Plastic surgery is fine if you tell your spouse about it especially before having kids

  • Katherine Theint
    Katherine Theint 14 days ago

    These 3 minutes and 26 seconds were spent wisely!
    Our country is also the size of a bean so I can relate too😆 (it’s Myanmar in case you’re wondering)

  • Sudip Roy
    Sudip Roy 15 days ago

    I like that girl in the striped b&w t-shirt😂😂 she's really savage like her last answer had me laughing like crazy

  • Erum Khan
    Erum Khan 15 days ago +1

    “This country is the size of a bean. Everyone wears the same shit”

  • i'mveryloser
    i'mveryloser 15 days ago

    The subtitles are too funny

  • y /n
    y /n 15 days ago +416

    The most iconic line "This country is a size of a bean, everyone's wearing the same shirt" is in the desc box lmfao

  • boot Kake
    boot Kake 15 days ago

    으 제발 성형해서 그 얼굴일바에는 현실을 직시하고 못생긴 얼굴로 살아라

  • Fre sha Voca do
    Fre sha Voca do 15 days ago

    What’s wrong with individuality tho

  • chocokookie My luv
    chocokookie My luv 15 days ago

    gosh i luv tht girl in black stripped top...lol she is total savage nd so prettt too

  • Feelbo
    Feelbo 15 days ago

    아씨 영어 자막 내가 달아주고싶다..

  • dumb egg
    dumb egg 16 days ago +1

    Something I noticed in Korea, when something becomes trendy, it will be sold everywhere. It’s not uncommon to see girls wearing the same clothes or having the same haircut in Korea. If a cute style is trendy then you will see lots of people wearing cute clothes. Trends catch on quickly and change a lot.

  • Farabeast2000
    Farabeast2000 17 days ago

    I Can't hhhhh

  • Aiko Hikari
    Aiko Hikari 17 days ago

    Yup, yup.

  • awkturtletae
    awkturtletae 17 days ago

    I can't with the subtitles 😂😂😂

  • Lilqueen_
    Lilqueen_ 20 days ago +123

    Question: "Why are you OBSESSED with white skin?"
    Koreans: Yeah.

    • cupidtaes 겨울곰
      cupidtaes 겨울곰 11 hours ago

      i don’t understand

    • Sofia Martinez
      Sofia Martinez 13 hours ago +1

      that question is kinda confusing, tho. I mean, i don't think they're obssesed but that's literally their skin color, they are white

    • mariii resendes
      mariii resendes Day ago +3

      Elene Qaldani because this video was about koreans, not everyone else in the world

    • Elene Qaldani
      Elene Qaldani Day ago

      why just Koreans thought? That's pretty much everyone around the world.

  • 运基yunki
    运基yunki 20 days ago

    guys, they didn't say white skin is better, they said tan skin doesn't suit "them " not natural tan skin or black. i hope you won't get offended, because me same i actually want a lighter skin :)

  • dfgdfg dsads
    dfgdfg dsads 21 day ago

    mashallah alhumilldlah inshallah better
    mashallah tbark allah

  • nvmyoongi
    nvmyoongi 23 days ago +12

    “bruh i don’t even like kimchi”

  • JennaIsWeirdRChsgeu
    JennaIsWeirdRChsgeu 25 days ago +1

    All Koreans are Korean.

  • Emma Lucy
    Emma Lucy 25 days ago

    the girl in the striped top is so funny and charismatic😂😂 lowkey wanna be best friends with her

  • LiltingSun
    LiltingSun 25 days ago

    Your makeups the same.
    Yeh there's a word for that: Trend.
    I DIEDDDD ykxitxti

  • free2liv4evr
    free2liv4evr 26 days ago

    These Korean girls are hilarious

  • Morris Myles Ly
    Morris Myles Ly 26 days ago

    People out there think that all Korean girls are innocent cinnamon rolls who are pure and sweet and aegyo 24/7 when they actually can have blunt personalities and swear casually all the time. Your idols Twice are definitely like this too behind the cameras

  • seung eun
    seung eun 28 days ago

    깝치지 말그라 몇몇 외국 시발년놈들아~ㅋㅋ

  • idk
    idk 29 days ago

    Girl in the striped shirt please know that we all stan

  • Stan Jung Chanwoo if you have taste

    Please tell me seun has her ow youtube channel she's such a mood I love her

  • Keyser Soze
    Keyser Soze Month ago

    Are your C@$chies sideways?

  • Darth Nox
    Darth Nox Month ago

    *pretends to be a serious Korean comment about make-up*

  • нerв cooĸιe
    нerв cooĸιe Month ago +77

    "bruh, i don't even like kimchi"

  • disgrace to homo sapiens

    the girl in the white and black striped shirt is our entire collective mood. you can't deny it.

  • Møchi :P
    Møchi :P Month ago

    *”Bruh i dont even like kimchi”*

  • 38 4400km
    38 4400km Month ago

    백인우월주의 냄새가 여기까지나네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 박지홍
    박지홍 Month ago

    팔씨름 하는건줄

  • chloéé mou
    chloéé mou Month ago

    Makeup never make you beautiful baby

  • Sugafull 27
    Sugafull 27 Month ago

    Why do all westerners have same make up style? They all have arch shaped eye brow and bold eyeshadows and strong contour etc. Wdyt now?

  • Orion Noiro
    Orion Noiro Month ago +66

    "But you want individuality too? Ugh pls."
    I love this.

  • NYPD
    NYPD Month ago +1

    백인피부는 하얀게 아니라 핑크색이라고 ㅜㅜ전혀 동경하지 않아 니들방송이나 영화에서 필터넣어야지 좋아보이잖아 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 너사때에서 닉변오무지를 띤띤해

    저의 개인적인 생각인데
    아이유나 설리보시면 너무 예쁜데
    하얗잖아요....(외국인사람들한텐 다르려나?) 어쨌든
    그런사람들이 예쁘니 그사람들을 따라갈려고 하는것같기도해요..

  • 류효신
    류효신 Month ago

    걍 청문회에서 자기변론 하는 느낌인데

  • iii47 het
    iii47 het Month ago

    이것도 안좋은거긴 한데 백인안좋아해 거부감들어 ...