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Dance Legends 2014 - Slavik Kryklyvyy & Karina Smirnoff - Rumba

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  • бальные танцы

    Класс!!!!!Они мои кумиры!!!!!!

  • James Tan
    James Tan 3 months ago

    The most beautiful dance of love of all time

  • Kristiina K
    Kristiina K 3 months ago

    Amazing! What a beautiful connection and huge talent making perfection!

  • joselle marcolino silva

    Sem palavras 😱

  • 강미숙
    강미숙 4 months ago

    감사합니다 👍

  • Sagisli
    Sagisli 5 months ago +4

    What a magical performance. It was poetry in motion. I got as emotional as Karina at the end. Simply beautiful

  • JC Jny ch 007 Game
    JC Jny ch 007 Game 6 months ago

    Jny JC

  • Phương Dung Trần
    Phương Dung Trần 6 months ago

    Love you dancen spot Latin

  • Melania Carbini
    Melania Carbini 7 months ago

    i love you.😍

  • Marika Novikova
    Marika Novikova 9 months ago

    Нет,лучше,чем Елена Хорова-не была у Славика партнерши!!!!

  • Olga Rebman
    Olga Rebman 9 months ago

    Карина иногда " забывает" о своих руках ... Славик - НИКОГДА!!!!

  • Fizzah Ranna
    Fizzah Ranna 10 months ago +1


  • Jufraida Salamero
    Jufraida Salamero 10 months ago +1

    My first time time to view this and I am all tears of joy and admiration for both dancers. Great and splendid.

  • Valeeyah Esquillo
    Valeeyah Esquillo 10 months ago

    What is the name of the background music?

  • Jennifer Nash
    Jennifer Nash 11 months ago

    Does anyone know what song they are dancing to?

  • Marika Novikova
    Marika Novikova 11 months ago +1

    НЕТ!Елена-лучшая для С!лавика

  • Никита Карацупа

    Аж мурашки по телу.... Фантастическая пара!

  • Anne Williams
    Anne Williams Year ago

    Thats hardly a Rhumba, !!

  • polyprinz
    polyprinz Year ago +4

    Slavik is AMAZING, Karina is FANTASTIC, they are my favorite dance couple.

  • Stephanie Ong
    Stephanie Ong Year ago +6

    3:01 - That really hit me *crying away*

  • nankakrk
    nankakrk Year ago +2

    Ech Mistrzostwo świata ....Ach....cudne

  • Medea Marie Gustilo
    Medea Marie Gustilo Year ago +3

    the first time they've dance this routine on this music, i can't even explain how it made me feel so in love. It was my favorite routine in rumba and all the dances i've seen in ballroom. They did it the second time around and it made me feel the same thing before. its just.. this two.... tsk.

    VALERIIA BIL Year ago

    great one!!!

    KIRKA Year ago +1

    Music ?

  • BellRain Chan
    BellRain Chan Year ago +11

    When dance partnerships end, it must be hard especially if they have been dancing together for awhile.

  • Xabiso Mpu
    Xabiso Mpu Year ago

    Anyone the name of the song?

    • primserrano
      primserrano Year ago

      +Xabiso Mpu "Cuando te beso" from Juan Luis Guerra

  • neema justin
    neema justin Year ago


  • Saffy kitten
    Saffy kitten Year ago

    Simply perfection.

  • nestor jimenez
    nestor jimenez 2 years ago

    una pareja fantastica si n duda alguna

  • Yana Marchenko
    Yana Marchenko 2 years ago

    Amaaazing performance <3 I was about to cry by the end of it, no wonder that Karina did. This performance evokes so many emotions, this is what I think of a real dance... <3
    BTW Desperately need to find the music, if someone has any clue of the name of the artist or the title of the piece, I would be really grateful !

    • sonya42ful
      sonya42ful Year ago +3

      Well young lady, you do know your class of great music!!. it is a nice song. Beautiful. I enjoyed it. Thanks.

    • Luthien Tinuviel
      Luthien Tinuviel Year ago +1

      +Yana Marchenko It's called 'Cuando Te Beso'. This is the piano version done by Raul diBlasio, but the song was originally sung by Juan Luis Guerra. :)

  • Voco I
    Voco I 2 years ago +12

    Karina was the best partner for Slavik. Both are natural dancers and great artists.

  • Linda Slone
    Linda Slone 2 years ago

    The most touching performance I have seen in ages.....unbelievable!

  • tehsiu wu
    tehsiu wu 2 years ago

    does anyone know that why she cried at the end?

    • faye hadden
      faye hadden Year ago

      they seem so perfect for each other but I heard they fought a lot during their previous partenersip

    • phazesix
      phazesix 2 years ago

      +tehsiu wu Plus, the music is very emotional...I was crying like a baby (but also happy too) because it was so beautiful!

    • phazesix
      phazesix 2 years ago +2

      +tehsiu wu Their history as a couple, as Danimie1 mentioned, is a big reason and also they had not danced together in at least 10-12 yrs. I was there and am so fortunate to have seen this live because they have always been my favorite and I had only started appreciating latin/ballroom dance in the last 5 yrs, so in my mind I was positive I would never see them perform together. When they announced they would be @ Dance Legends, I grabbed a ticket as soon as I could. It was the most magical night because of them. The other reason they were crying was because the whole crowd was rooting for them and was so emotionally involved with their performance. Even though all of the other performers were great that night...EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE was waiting for Slavik & Karina to come out. The whole place was cheering and so happy and appreciative....and Slavik & Karina could feel the love coming back to them. :) I can't wait to see them next year for Dance Legends 2016!

    • danimie1
      danimie1 2 years ago +1

      Search for the history of this partnership.

  • Dwightinho56
    Dwightinho56 2 years ago +2

    Very emotional; as are all Slavik's excellent performances. He puts his body, mind and soul into everything he does. Definetely my favorite male Latin dancer.

  • joroy123
    joroy123 2 years ago +3

    that was just so beautiful ....they are exquisite still my fav pros . karina i cried too ..just gorgeous .

  • DanceAffectionist
    DanceAffectionist 2 years ago +18

    Their emotions at the end when they are hugging each other nearly crying are so absolutely sincere. And if they somehow are not sincere, then this is the greatest artistry on the ballroom dance floor. This kind of emotional truthfulness in his dance partnerships is unique to Slavik and constitutes the biggest part of his charisma. His dance actually touches the viewer emotionally, not to mention technique, sense of taste in choreography, general aesthetics, etc. Well, I lost count of how many times I've seen this routine since 2003. In a way it's a pity they have ended their partnership. On the other hand, we wouldn't have witnessed those equally amazing partnerships with Elena and Anna if it had happened otherwise...

    • DanceAffectionist
      DanceAffectionist 2 years ago +2

      +Peter Chen In some sense I agree with you regarding Elena. However, it was a truly beautiful couple: a masculine handsome male dancer and a very pretty female dancer. For me their rumba "Les Feuilles Mortes" is on a par with "Cuando Te Besso" and "Always on my Mind". And, they produced perhaps the best cha cha ever - "Summertime".

    • Peter Chen
      Peter Chen 2 years ago +4

      +DanceAffectionist Personally I didn't feel the chemistry between him and Elena, but his partnership with Anna was a good one. Karina trumps everyone else tho.

  • Adrian CCM
    Adrian CCM 2 years ago

    very beautiful dance.. :)

  • Marie-Jeanne Pronovost

    Very Beautiful Thank You Scott

  • jimmbboe2
    jimmbboe2 2 years ago +10

    Beyond awesomeness!

  • danimie1
    danimie1 2 years ago +7

    WOW!The most fantastic dancers in the world!It's a privilege to watch them together.I'm thrilled.