• Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • Car dealers strike again! You won't believe the massive markups on the new $50,000+ Mid Engine Corvette! They are unbelievable!
    This is the 495HP FIRST EVER Mid-Engine Chevrolet Corvette! With a new 6.2L LT2, producing 470 lb-ft of torque, this Corvette will hit 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds! The pricing will start under $60,000!
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  • j j 2021
    j j 2021 4 days ago

    Time to get rid of dealerships direct order and pick up from factory

  • SkylineToTheSeaAndMe
    SkylineToTheSeaAndMe 14 days ago

    Just wait until you get this thing out the door. I bet even at Tim Lally Chevy, you won't leave the dealership without shelling out close to $90K or more.

  • Mj jacks
    Mj jacks 15 days ago

    Just get a Tesla

  • DumbledoreMcCracken
    DumbledoreMcCracken 22 days ago

    @Chevy Dude
    There is only a markup if you pay for a markup

  • Racing Fox
    Racing Fox 24 days ago

    You want to talk about mark ups? I went to my dealership in Ottawa,ON and inquired about the GT500 and spoke with the sales manager and he told me that the new GT 500 will be marked up by $50,000 depending on options I was shocked so in a nutshell I asked him OK how much he looked at me and smile and told me in Canada the GT500 sells anywhere between $140-$180,000, He went on to say that he’s already sold three and that Ford motor company does not speculate on how much the dealerships sell their vehicles for and I’m sure the same thing goes with GM.

  • Eric Uglum
    Eric Uglum 25 days ago

    Ford fans are already making excuses.

  • HW2800
    HW2800 28 days ago

    Fully loaded is $97K!

  • ThatEVOguy
    ThatEVOguy 29 days ago

    I'm also in socal but I found a dealership to sell at MSRP thank God.

  • Tony January
    Tony January Month ago

    Everyone and there mother is going to have one of these ! Car isn’t going to be worth shit !

  • mike ornellas
    mike ornellas Month ago

    Here's the game. Dealer mark-up at release. OR Manufacture bumps up the price on the 2 and 3rd release. Either way the 60K car is bull shit.

  • Denys A
    Denys A Month ago

    Speed Phenom: I'm shocked that you're so shocked! This was SO predictable. I told myself that I was going to wait at least a year for the market to settle down. I bought a 2003 Terminator Mustang Cobra, with a $5,000 markup. I managed to buy a 2012 Mustang Shelby GT500 for right at MSRP . . . but when I went shopping for a new GT350, the markups were outrageous . . . $30,000 on top of MSRP. I opted out. People who buy the C8 right away are going to pay through the nose. And, yeah, it's a mass-produced car . . . but that has a positive angle as well as the negative one you are implying.

  • Youaintright
    Youaintright Month ago

    Add to the list of reasons not to live in California.

  • Stuart Moser
    Stuart Moser Month ago

    Dealerships are like a vulcher. They did the exactly the same thing when the new 2010 Camaro came out. They were charging 5k to 8k over list price so I told them I would wait and one month later they called me and sold me one at sticker price.

  • John Car
    John Car Month ago +2

    Wait a couple of years people and get the Vette at a 40% discount when used C8 show up at Carmax and the economy implodes. GM will be giving
    them away.

  • John Car
    John Car Month ago

    Wait a couple of years people and get the Vette at a 40% discount when used C8 show up at Carmax and the economy implodes. GM will be giving
    them away.

  • Michael Bacon
    Michael Bacon Month ago

    The new C8 Vette for MSRP? I don't see it happening! The law of supply and demand. They're holding the cards, so they make the rules! Compared to a Silverado, a Vette is not a volume vehicle. 50,000 units is a drop in the bucket compared to a Tahoe. Businesses will only be as courteous and accommodating to customers as they have to be. That's the real world. I don't think you'll find any exception anywhere. Keep that Snake! Screw the Vette!

    • RodsteinFL
      RodsteinFL Month ago

      They are not holding the cards, I am. I have the cash! Plenty of dealers will sell for MSRP, so as for the others, let them sell their overpriced car to some other sucker.

    METALFACEDOOM Month ago +1

    You wont believe the mark ups on the gt500. And its trash like all mustang's.

  • Altimgamr is a bitch

    I'll wait for the C6ZR1s to keep dropping in vettes ever made up to date that will smash any c7 c8 shitbox

  • ColdHamCohaagen
    ColdHamCohaagen Month ago

    Begging for a bailout and still pulling this shit. No way there isn’t some wink and nod from corporate expecting dealers to do this bullshit.

  • Doug Cohen
    Doug Cohen Month ago

    Chevy asking over sticker? I smell bullshit

  • micky dee
    micky dee Month ago

    This is what you get in California. The mark up in California is adjusted for cost of living and the cost of democratic leadership

  • edunpeal
    edunpeal Month ago

    That’s why I like Tesla, they don’t have that greedy middleman that you gotta deal with.

  • DrBIeed
    DrBIeed Month ago

    I believe em. Thats why I didn’t get excited when they advertised the factory price point.

  • aha
    aha Month ago

    Not here in Florida I paid under MSRP aha. I would never believe any car salesman on its more money because. they are low lives. Im not a fool but anyway I ordered mine and have the money NOT A PAYMENT. I ordered Zeus Bronze dont mind waiting either im not a child

  • Charles Woodruff
    Charles Woodruff Month ago

    How many times do you need to say the same thing in a 10min video?

  • al
    al Month ago

    The ADM’s are typically around small towns far far away from major big cities. These cars are big deals for small population areas. For better prices, you need to be willing to drive the distance.

  • jrveloria
    jrveloria Month ago

    Thank you for this viral video, it already comes to show how U.S. dealerships are known to be called stealerships. By what you said it makes the G.M. CEOs and spoke people look like liars. Why would they announce the C8 to be under $60k and dealers doing $5k to $15K mark ups? Those dealerships (stealerships) are gaining more than 40% profit for every C8 they will be selling, what a bunch of crooks. This method of business will kill people's interest once the *Popularity of the C8 dies down * because of social media the craze to get one is so in demand that delearships / stealerships are taking advantage of it. After a year or so there be soo many C8's that it will no longer be the next biggest thing, what then will these stealerships plan to rob honest paying customers. If Chevy can do a affordable mid engine sports car, other car manufacturers will soon follow. All I say is stealerships stop making your CEOs look like liars. A $5k or even $15k commission is more of a sign of greediness. Telling a willing customer to go somewhere else just makes your stealership pathetic. I hope this video reaches most if not all potential buyers to play their cards right, once we make our deposits. And to be warned of your arrogance not to do business with your stealerships.😑🤔

  • happydays
    happydays Month ago

    I'm considering paying 5k over sticker for the, and I quote "red carpet" lol

  • A M
    A M Month ago

    you're full of crap kiddo

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    Anyone who buy the mark up your a douche

  • Individual-1 Prison Bound

    Greed is good “Gordon Geko”

  • joseph mass
    joseph mass Month ago

    Wait to the problems start on this big mistake by GM. I think this is a big mistake. I hope breaking tradition was not all about trying to make a dead means dream come true. I think GM may lose the Corvette enthusiast. I suppose in the end Ford will draw some new customers, and Camaro sales will rise.

  • cmscms123456
    cmscms123456 Month ago

    You know how you can tell a car salesman is lying? His lips are moving.
    Lets look at the facts, on Corvette Production numbers. Chevy has built as many as 50,000 Corvettes per year. That is 1,000 per week, 200 per day, 100 per shift.
    2. GM is in business to MAKE MONEY... GM will produce more than 50,000 Vettes for 2020 model year.
    3. Weeks ago, GM announced they were hiring 450 people at the Corvette plant... That would be the "SECOND SHIFT"
    GM is producing C8's now, in a slow, pre-production rate. To work out the bugs. Expect GM to his that 1,000 cars per week soon.
    As for the dealerships and "Allotment".. MEANINGLESS. by Dec 2019, there will be INVENTORY sitting on Chevy lots. I expect 15,000 C8's will be produced before the end of this year. 2019

  • Kevin Ike
    Kevin Ike Month ago

    Contact Chevy Dude, he is a salesman and a TVclipr. He said in his videos they will be selling at only msrp. Or contact Matt Beaver @ Whitmoyer Chevrolet in PA. Streetspeed717 uses Matt and is suppose to be selling at msrp. Both have more allocations than that one you mentioned in Cali.

  • Quinton Hall
    Quinton Hall Month ago

    Just when I was about to buy one, im boycotting it. Way to ruin a good thing

  • Russell
    Russell Month ago

    Laughs in poor person

  • Christopher Sway
    Christopher Sway Month ago

    Why does his voice go super nasally only on some words? Bugs the hell out of me

  • republicansrdumb
    republicansrdumb Month ago

    Pontiac Solstice Convertible came out same thing asked for mark up 5k plus because there are folks out there with more money then patients. Personally I got patients.

  • Johnny Perez
    Johnny Perez Month ago

    Come to El Paso Rudolph Chevrolet

  • Robert Martinez
    Robert Martinez Month ago

    Havnt seen it here...ur in cali fuckface

  • krachunis
    krachunis Month ago

    Pay the markup if you want to be a is what it is, buy it or keep walkin! If you want to be one of the first, you gotta pay!

  • Garrett Atz
    Garrett Atz Month ago

    My allocation was at msrp

  • Gee Kay
    Gee Kay Month ago

    Spoiled little rich kid that is not smart enough to shop outside of Californistan.

  • 438120
    438120 Month ago

    Call me in Chicagoland, selling all my orders at MSRP. Do not get screwed. 630-898-9630 Brian to schedule appointment.

  • Robley Melton Jr
    Robley Melton Jr Month ago

    Update and correction for my original comment re: Acura NSX - (See following comment!):
    I INCORRECTLY stated that the NSX has "virtually zero storage." The NSX actually has enough room for 2 small suitcases or a golf bag in the storage area behind the engine compartment. I would also like to state that I would love to have an NSX, as well, but it is way beyond my wallet! Being a Honda, the NSX is an excellent well-built automobile!
    I still have a Y2K (2000) C5 Vette Cnv, (my 4th Corvette) which I purchased new, as well as, a 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid. The Clarity replaced a 2010 Honda Insight, which was my most trouble-free car I have ever owned!
    I again apologize for the incorrect statement regarding the new NSX!

  • White Rabbitt
    White Rabbitt Month ago

    Wait until a Democrat is elected President and the country falls into a deep recession and GM is forced into bankruptcy once agin. You then will be able to buy one at Employee discount price or less. jus saying

    • dlions20071
      dlions20071 Month ago

      White Rabbitt As they fill the streets like rats! Bragging, I told you we could ruin this country and fuck it up beyond Afghanistan!

  • Robley Melton Jr
    Robley Melton Jr Month ago

    While you are obviously "put-off" by the ADM (Additional Dealer Margin), this is the free enterprise system at work. For the most part, you can usually get a discount on most cars - the old demand & supply. From the dealer's point of view, they rarely have a product that can even command list price. As an example, check out Honda Civic Type-R - originally MSRP ~ $35k (ADM varied from $5k- $20k). Now you can probably purchase a "Type-R" at MSRP, or slightly less, if you shop around - demand and supply - capitalism at work! You - as the potential buyer - have the option to just walk away. Another example of great car sales "FLOP" is the new Acura NSX - an excellent engineered and styled car that is not selling and virtually dead. The last data I saw indicated that approximately 150 NSXs have been sold year-to-date (as of a month ago). Product reviews indicated the car at ~$175k-$195k and virtually zero storage space - apparently, there is not enough room for anything other than two people - (Note: this may have been an exaggeration by the reviewer - I have only seen one on the road in the Atlanta area). However, GM has designed the C8 to be built in volume, and supply ALWAYS catches up with demand. The C8 is truly a fantastic car, but in a year or two, the potential buyers will decrease - along with demand - resulting more supply and lower prices - the market at work.
    The real "scary scenario" is if we degrade to a socialistic controlled economy, cars, such as virtually all sports cars, will probably be declared "illegal" and not allowed to be manufactured, etc. because they are impractical and have no utilitarian value, based upon the decision of the regime in power. I will gladly take our capitalist system and pay where the market determines the price - demand and supply - as opposed to some useless government crony dictating what I am "allowed to purchase!!" This may come sooner than we can imagine.

  • Sten Plays
    Sten Plays Month ago

    probably 59.9k

  • Leo Valencia
    Leo Valencia Month ago

    Send me a msg, if you haven’t reserved one yet. I’ll do MSRP, we have 80 allocations.
    I’m in the bayarea NorCal.
    We only required a $2000 deposit check.

  • Eric Mulholland
    Eric Mulholland Month ago

    This surprises you!!? Nothing is affordable anymore!

  • Des
    Des Month ago

    wait for the hype to come down

  • Scorpius Oneness
    Scorpius Oneness Month ago

    I fking hate greedy dealerships.

  • The-Mike_D
    The-Mike_D Month ago

    This kid seems a bit young for having that sort of bank. Internet savant, trust fund, what?

  • blackandgold51
    blackandgold51 Month ago

    The C8 is not bad, however I would rather get the C7 Stingray since the price will drop on those.
    The C7 is still not bad looking.
    Especially since the C7 and backwards, are now historical classical vehicles due the being front engine corvettes.
    I wouldn't hop on the C8 yet especially being a vehicle in its first year production.
    Maybe later but not now, I would test drive one though or rent one

  • Michael Lyons
    Michael Lyons Month ago

    I remember when the Mazda was charging $2000 over list for the RX model. Where are they now all rusted and recycled so good luck with the corvette selling over list.

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones Month ago

    They keep that, 2021 around corner

  • Andrew H
    Andrew H Month ago

    If EVERY dealer in the So Cal area is marking up, it sounds like they are colluding.

  • Welcome to heaven
    Welcome to heaven Month ago +1

    The channel seems okay informational wise but his voice pisses me off 😂

  • Roger Garcia Jr.
    Roger Garcia Jr. Month ago +1

    You're going to bad dealers! California sucks! Texas doesn't play that shxt!
    Not all dealerships are honest!

  • Ray Seaman
    Ray Seaman Month ago

    Dealers did that to the 1964 Mustang and the 1970 Datsun 240Z... So I am not surprised Dealers are again doing this to the C8 Corvette. YOU will just have to shop around guys. As for me, I am very happy with my C5 Corvette, and see no reason what so ever to get rid of it! I think I'll get some pop corn, sit back, and enjoy the show! P.S. I LOVE the new C8 Corvette! I just will NOT participate with these Evil/Greedy Dealers. Good Luck, Guys!