Extreme Bedroom Transformation for James Charles // Lone Fox

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
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    Room transformations have been a huge hit on my channel and I knew when James moved into his new house that I wanted to transform one of the bedrooms! Today, I took on the challenge of designing his guest bedroom and I think it turned out pretty amazing!
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    Thanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed. Leave any future video ideas you would like to see in the comments below!

Comments • 510

  • Betty Crouch
    Betty Crouch 2 days ago

    I would have put the bed under the windows,

  • Romano Gitano
    Romano Gitano 4 days ago

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Needless to say, the room makeover turnout great. BTW, the lamp-shade you purchased & then found out that the ceiling cap was a sprinkler, which made me say WTF, I bought two of those and used them in my dining room............. Abrazos

  • Lydia Vallejo girl frieza


  • Jazz Johnson
    Jazz Johnson 5 days ago

    You could switch the mirror and clock if you wanted

  • Steph B
    Steph B 7 days ago

    Great aesthetic!! 💙

  • jorgehoty
    jorgehoty 8 days ago

    Subbed because I love your eyes

  • Katherine Clayton
    Katherine Clayton 8 days ago

    A little perturbed that the bedding wasn't washed before it was put on the bed.

  • J C
    J C 9 days ago

    This makeover is basic af. 2014 vibes

  • irlcara
    irlcara 9 days ago

    Can you imagine buying the couch that James slept on ?

  • Ashley842
    Ashley842 11 days ago

    It needs a headboard, take the sticker off the clear jar you can see it , is put the white box under where the brown basket is and swap them cuz you have 2 white things up top and all earth tones on bottom and its not all tied together and that basket is too big for the location and you dont need only hard wired lighting , you could have gotten a hanging pendant that plugs into an outlet.
    @Jamescharles , plz plz let me do a room for you !

  • Jessica Barko
    Jessica Barko 14 days ago +1

    Why is the American target better than everywhere else! 😡

  • Echa Kiut
    Echa Kiut 14 days ago

    12:37 basket there is really disturbing. Please dont

  • asena12345
    asena12345 15 days ago

    16:48 the way james looks at drew.. thats love right there

  • September Smith
    September Smith 16 days ago

    PLEASE do more home makeover videos!

  • official_lxcy
    official_lxcy 16 days ago

    the way james looked at him was so cute

  • Geek Dolan
    Geek Dolan 17 days ago +4

    James: omg I look so ugly today
    Drew: can't relate
    James: uh yeah you can
    Drew: Don't you EVER!

  • I'm already Tracer
    I'm already Tracer 17 days ago +1

    *tons of shades of gray*

    *fifty shades of gray is sister shook*

  • Grace Projection
    Grace Projection 18 days ago

    I LOVE that James is bringing in fellow TVcliprs to decorate his house and help their careers as well. Here, here James.

  • CC reacts
    CC reacts 20 days ago

    Piss I'm just now seeing this I'm soo fucking late

  • Skylar Summer
    Skylar Summer 21 day ago

    Can someone tell me the name or link the table thing he used in the room please!!!

  • Skylar Summer
    Skylar Summer 21 day ago

    I would of loved to see a hanging plant in the corner on the right said if the bed, that would be super cute!

  • Paula M
    Paula M 21 day ago

    I just discovered your channel and ohmygodiloveit! You have SUCH good taste!!!

  • Lisette Quintano
    Lisette Quintano 21 day ago

    Hi, I'm going to need you tell me every single paint color used in all your videos. So sorry. Many thx.

  • Melissa Liming
    Melissa Liming 21 day ago

    I'd shit if I saw James in Target. My kids would shit harder. CLEAN UP ON THE ISLE JAMES IS ON. So good and fresh.

  • Freya-Louise WILLIAMS


  • Isabel eva
    Isabel eva 22 days ago

    james is sooo fucking pretty without make-up (also with ofcoursee)
    love the make-overrr

  • Arancha Carrio
    Arancha Carrio 22 days ago

    Me gusto 💋💋😘España

  • Bogart E
    Bogart E 22 days ago +2

    Nice design. Wash your new linens before using it.

  • Alia W
    Alia W 22 days ago

    Love how you just broke into the Mr Kate song😂

  • jillian
    jillian 22 days ago

    So cute ! TVcliprs have graduated from all white with lights to white+palm frawns+ natural wood.

  • Celeste Garcia
    Celeste Garcia 24 days ago

    I wish James was straight. He's SO FRIGGEN HOT 😭. He is friggen a gorgeous goddess 😍 uugghhh damnn he is daddy asf 😭😣❤💚 and I'm NOT saying this as if i would be on James level which I would NEVER but he's stunning ✨

  • Dee Byrd B
    Dee Byrd B 24 days ago

    Lol I loved it but I’m too superstitious to have my mirror face my bed

  • Yiga Lord Banette
    Yiga Lord Banette 24 days ago

    You boys are beautiful!!

  • Haileyen Santos
    Haileyen Santos 25 days ago

    I love your aesthetic!! So fab""

  • Patricia King
    Patricia King 25 days ago

    Drew reminds me of George Michaels. I loved and still love George Michaels. Beautiful room makeover too!

  • Gaby Echeverria
    Gaby Echeverria 27 days ago

    loved this ! but my ocd self couldn't get over the fact that he didn't take the sticker off the vase

  • bitter
    bitter 28 days ago

    *i am so ugly today..CANT RELATE* lolololol

  • norv angel
    norv angel 28 days ago

    i feel like i'm watching ads ONLY ADS

  • Chyanchyna J
    Chyanchyna J 28 days ago

    please please please do my room

    N.MUSIC 28 days ago


  • Terry Coleman
    Terry Coleman 29 days ago

    Love love😘

  • Elizabeth Pitsor
    Elizabeth Pitsor 29 days ago

    Great job on the room! It is unpretentious!

  • L J
    L J Month ago

    Sorry but the bedding looked like someone had spent all day rolling around on it. That's not what a "made bed" should look like, it's scruffy.

  • Melissa Dessi
    Melissa Dessi Month ago

    This is honestly amazing. Your friendship is so pure and good and fresh 😂❤️ that room looks bomb btw 🤯❣️

  • Grace Irby
    Grace Irby Month ago

    Why is James in the runway walk the complete version if me at 3 am

  • Nutella
    Nutella Month ago

    OMG It would look amazing if you put white Christmas lights on that wall.

  • comnade
    comnade Month ago


  • The Pink Unicorn
    The Pink Unicorn Month ago +1

    Ты педик что ли

  • Yvette Miedema
    Yvette Miedema Month ago

    James' lil ballet booty, sickening luv

  • Sidney Put
    Sidney Put Month ago

    I'm so sad because this is so my style, but I can't transform my room like that. It's not that my room is small, but I have 2 walls in my room, seperating it in 3 pieces and for some reason I can't seem to find a way to make it pretty.

  • miranda
    miranda Month ago


  • Elena Cantatore
    Elena Cantatore Month ago

    does anyone know where are the lights above the night stand from?

  • Ru M
    Ru M Month ago

    Love this!!! OMG

  • Itz Teaspring
    Itz Teaspring Month ago

    I have the same chair from the before part 2:45

  • mtatts08
    mtatts08 Month ago

    I would have put up a picture ledge above the bed.

  • Natasha Lee
    Natasha Lee Month ago

    James seems so appreciative and humble and down to earth. Love him. Great job drew!!!

  • Kiwikick238
    Kiwikick238 Month ago

    uuuggghhhh i wish target canada didnt flop i miss their home decor... but thats all they were good for lol

  • crystal bitch
    crystal bitch Month ago

    I’m currently planning to redecorate my room and I kinda have hope now😌💅🏻❤️❤️

  • Nancy H
    Nancy H Month ago

    Looks great! You can totally iron things while they are on the bed just not turned on super hot at 1st until you see the temperature that works.😉

  • eizhowa
    eizhowa Month ago +2

    Does bedding not have to be washed when you buy them in the US?

  • Iris Haggai
    Iris Haggai Month ago

    love your crew

  • Noah Janowicz
    Noah Janowicz Month ago

    Do you add a filter to your videos?? the color always looks so nice :)

  • Janelle Jo Ann
    Janelle Jo Ann Month ago

    Drew you killed it !!!

  • Amelia
    Amelia Month ago +2

    what's wrong with putting mirrors above beds?

  • Petra Mundy
    Petra Mundy Month ago

    I think if the mirror was bigger, the wall where the bed is would be so much cuter. Also I think the bed would be nice with a headboard, like the rattan one from ikea.
    Also - that pendant lamp can be easily adapted to be plugged into the wall, you can even find the parts from ikea. Just hang the cord on the ceiling and plug the light into a wall outlet.
    Finally, I really think some thin gauzy white curtains would be nice to add a breezy, relaxing vibe and tone down the harshness of the light without making it too dark in the room.

  • Dana *
    Dana * Month ago

    your friends are really into twerking.
    room =nice result!!!

  • C P
    C P Month ago

    James looks so in love

  • Amelia Meredith
    Amelia Meredith Month ago

    I’m living for this editing oh my goddd

  • Jennifer Easters
    Jennifer Easters Month ago

    Why do I feel like they should date. Lol...the way James looks at him
    Edit- I think they should have got the wood clock form tagert

  • Janeli Flores
    Janeli Flores Month ago

    You are so great sister

  • Taniah Flynn
    Taniah Flynn Month ago

    Can you link Tezza’s info please?

  • Pranav Choudhary
    Pranav Choudhary Month ago

    James should do a fashion show at his house for a real one 😂😂

  • butterification
    butterification Month ago

    LOVE IT!!!! Now remove the STICKER FROM YOUR VESSEL ;->

  • Robin Greenhow
    Robin Greenhow Month ago

    Hey sisters!!! So cool! 👍🏾😊

  • Lucy Mallory
    Lucy Mallory Month ago

    ok ok... but what if you made a faux antique mirror??? Those ones kinda like a vanity mirror except without the table, and they have a cool gold frame with little designs. That would be hecka neat

  • Rachel B
    Rachel B Month ago

    @2:26 That tile in that little bathroom is everything! Why didn't James show that area to the left of the stairs in his house tour? I mean I'm sure it's just that bathroom, that black door is just leading to a closet, & the other room is probably the laundry room but still sis. Also, Ian needs to do his room tour! Hopefully with you, Drew, or Mr. Kate helping him design it! I'm just in love with nice houses & interior design so that would be a great video idea!

  • SadieJamesMagdaline

    6:16 when I pretend something is more expensive than it is so that when I tell my mom the real price it won’t seem as bad 😂

  • Amaka Opara
    Amaka Opara Month ago +1

    James is so silly and normal.😂😂😂

  • Sophie
    Sophie Month ago

    What’s the name of the first song Jake played on the piano at the start?

  • Marina Mason
    Marina Mason Month ago

    Sorry not a lover of the mirror x

  • Nazirah Nasir
    Nazirah Nasir Month ago

    yay i have the same night stand from ikea !

  • Jaylee Cotter
    Jaylee Cotter Month ago +1

    Wait...is that what target is supposed to look like?!? I haven’t seen a real target in 4 years...😔😉😂
    love that.

  • heavymetallust
    heavymetallust Month ago

    12:30, anyone know where that basket is from?!

  • Jessica Pezzolla
    Jessica Pezzolla Month ago

    Did he link where to get those pic for the collage at??? Love them

  • Yvette Aguilar
    Yvette Aguilar Month ago

    Sooo cute 🖤

  • h e l l o
    h e l l o Month ago

    This is so good and fresh

  • h e l l o
    h e l l o Month ago


  • metha jensen
    metha jensen Month ago

    Scandinavian j is pronounced soft, more like the english y in e.g. yes. So selje; “selye”.

  • Myla Symone
    Myla Symone Month ago

    I just love the filter like quality on your videos

  • henners artty-smarties

    I always see this minimalist monotone style and I’m getting bored can someone actually use colour and do it well (not holding back) in your face bright colours and prints that would make a room funky and cool

  • Monica Ni
    Monica Ni Month ago

    beautiful and talented people:)

  • Shellany Diano
    Shellany Diano Month ago

    You're both gorgeous guyz!!! Beautiful room! Very well done!

  • Emily Mcclean
    Emily Mcclean Month ago

    Wow drew you are so talented

  • Austin Hitt
    Austin Hitt 2 months ago +1

    7:10 wait did he just say James’s house wasn’t in LA

  • Liv Opheim
    Liv Opheim 2 months ago

    how come you can't put a mirror above ur bed?

  • Liew Jue Yi
    Liew Jue Yi 2 months ago


  • Hannah Grace Diamond
    Hannah Grace Diamond 2 months ago

    Oh my god the “ew” at Jame’s runway walk killed me. I am deceased.

  • Momo Maldonado
    Momo Maldonado 2 months ago

    Where did you get that hand?

  • brittanydiane214
    brittanydiane214 2 months ago

    “Come on!!! Let me live my design fantasy!!!! “ this is so me with my rich friends!

  • Brianna Vonmagnus
    Brianna Vonmagnus 2 months ago +1

    If someone could be the James to my Drew... that'd be cool. I'll hella make you a quilt.