Timothée Chalamet Fanboys Over Ryan Seacrest at Golden Globes | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows


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  • Nicole Partch
    Nicole Partch 3 days ago

    0:08 “you were beamed into my living room every Monday..”
    I like the way you say things Timmy

  • Ambivert Vibes
    Ambivert Vibes 13 days ago

    This boy 😍😍

  • Shelby V
    Shelby V Month ago +1

    Um hi timothee I’m in love with you!?

  • MissMiia
    MissMiia Month ago

    1:40 that long handshake 😂

  • Elio Loves Oliver
    Elio Loves Oliver Month ago

    Timmy is prefected his "blue steel " look at the beginning of the video. He's super adorable in this interview while Seacrest is just annoying.

  • Jorge Bravo
    Jorge Bravo Month ago

    Tim wanted a hug

  • Michael Streich
    Michael Streich Month ago +1

    Ryan Seacrest #MeToo movement

  • Leroy Pascal
    Leroy Pascal Month ago

    He's so adorably awkward and he has total BDE ;)

  • patricio rodriguez
    patricio rodriguez Month ago

    He has a crush on Ryan ❤️

  • Florencia Medina
    Florencia Medina Month ago

    0:00 I love Tim’s posee

  • sof
    sof Month ago +2

    The end...why is he so cute

  • sarah
    sarah Month ago

    He is so HOT

  • jadrianpaul rj
    jadrianpaul rj Month ago +2

    great he's still stutter when he gets awkward, he's still human 😏

  • Lore Castillo
    Lore Castillo Month ago


  • SuBhaYU BiSwaS
    SuBhaYU BiSwaS Month ago +3

    He is skinny but yet so so attractive. He looks like a real prince.

    ANKIT PANDEY Month ago

    Why does it look like he's anorexic???

    • Scattered Thoughts
      Scattered Thoughts 26 days ago +1

      ANKIT PANDEY He's naturally lanky.... 🙄 He looks fine the way he is.

    • 👿GiriGirl👿
      👿GiriGirl👿 Month ago +1

      Because they made him lose a ton of weight for his role in Beautiful Boy where he portrays a skinny drug addict. Timothee actually said "but I'm already skinny" and they still wanted him to get even skinnier. He will put the weight back on slowly and healthily.

  • da96103
    da96103 Month ago +8

    Bless him Timothee for being so gracious and sympathetic. (coz no one wanted to go near RC's area)

  • Ismy Partygirl
    Ismy Partygirl Month ago

    I think we've seen enough of this guy for a long time

    • Michael Dooley
      Michael Dooley Month ago

      Speak for yourself crazy person....America disagrees...

    • steph soppanish
      steph soppanish Month ago

      And yet you’re here in this video.......

    • Erika Rich
      Erika Rich Month ago +1

      +Abc Def 👏

    • Abc Def
      Abc Def Month ago +9

      No, we haven't. We've had enough of your bullshit, though.

  • Jesse Paul
    Jesse Paul Month ago +1

    Him looks cute and handsome man

  • Brin Q
    Brin Q Month ago +2


  • Melissa Ngai
    Melissa Ngai Month ago +10

    He literally cannot get more likeable because he's reached the max

  • Dali Fleure
    Dali Fleure Month ago +4

    Timothée is so beautiful , his place with Armie 💔, anyways I wish him all the best.

  • Hawa Keelson
    Hawa Keelson Month ago +13

    Nobody will change my mind abt this boy!! His fashion is off the chain he takes risk n every fit on him is amazing!!! ❤️❤️🍑

  • Whitney2022
    Whitney2022 Month ago +23

    Timothée is simply an once in a lifetime talent. So humble, freakishly talented and incredibly smart and well spoken. I love him so much and wish him all the best for his career 💖

  • Mariparis100
    Mariparis100 Month ago +5

    Timmy and his sexy look or I should say his BDSM look! 😏

    • Abc Def
      Abc Def Month ago

      +Ariadna Liane Yes, I did understand everything you said. Your English is perfect, except for using commas instead of having separate sentences. I agree that Timmy will not have a long-term relationship with Armie and Elizabeth. I know Armie is a happily married family man. However, Timmy himself said in an interview last year that he got into bed with the couple. He also admitted in a more recent interview that the three of them had a "weird relationship". (I'm sure he meant "weird" in a good way.) I disagree with you that the high point of Timmy and Armie's relationship was during the press tour after the release of CMBYN. It seems that way because that was the part of their relationship we were able to see! I think the high point was during the summer while they were shooting the film. (There are photos which show mote intimate wrestling between them.) Remember that Armie was encouraged to take this role by his wife (who said she was the book's #1 fan), so he would have taken that as a green light to really get into the role and develop his relationship with Timmy beyond the screen.

    • Ariadna Liane
      Ariadna Liane Month ago

      +Abc Def I do not speak English, so I will use a translator, I hope you understand me.

      I do not think anything would have happened between them, until the promotion in Europe for CMBYN, it is there where I noticed the sexual tension very strong, so probably something happened between them in that period of time, they were not the same after that tour, his chemistry became more intense, after the oscar, his relationship was more discreet, there were some blurry pictures of them together in some events, the flirtation in the IG stories in TIFF and that beautiful unforgettable moment on the red carpet of the Governors, the wife was more and more possessive with him and tries to keep his family together, armie is more loving with his wife, to the point of becoming pathetic and Timmy went ahead with a girlfriend of RP, I feel that both are struggling not to fall into this bond that will not make them happy, there is a beautiful family involved and Timmy would be the most hurt of this alleged relationship, if at any time they really join, he will not stay foreverin a relationship of three, which will never be a normal relationship, I do not think he forgets the strong and beautiful connection that arose between them, but I think he will not stay in it, he will keep going, life just starts for him, so it will be interesting to know who he will join later or what kind of people he will meet or relate to.

    • Abc Def
      Abc Def Month ago

      +Ariadna Liane I don't know Spanish, sorry, so I had to use Google Translate. I see that you translated my last sentence to Spanish, and ended it with a question. "The rough wrestling scene in the hotel room and the foot-mangling scene indicate he probably did...???" He probably did what? Following on from the previous sentence, I meant that Armie probably went wild with Timmy, as he had the freedom to do it. There are many other clues in their interviews. For example, in their interview with the (openly gay) host Neil Patrick Harris, when Timmy denies that they did everything in real life that their characters do, notice how Armie looks sharply into the host's eyes and smiles (i.e. disagreeing with Timmy).
      I think Timmy would make a good slaveboy in that bondage gear, for men or for women. You could lead him along by those leather straps, or maybe use them to tie him to something. I wonder if the makers of the harness say there is an official function for those straps...

    • Ariadna Liane
      Ariadna Liane Month ago

      +Abc Def La escena de lucha libre en la habitación del hotel y la escena de los pies indican que probablemente lo hizo.

    • Abc Def
      Abc Def Month ago +1

      Thanks for subscribing. I don't know if that is somehow connected to sending direct messages. If you know how to send DMs here, I would love it if you could share.

  • Beboba Be bo
    Beboba Be bo Month ago +9

    Clicking at every 0:00 in the comment section cause of good luck and a clear day

  • iffat ajwad
    iffat ajwad Month ago +1

    he is just something!

  • Danielle Jackson
    Danielle Jackson Month ago +13

    It doesnt discriminate, however we just want to continue to tell the story from different perspectives of white people. Seems like when black addicts are shown its in a negative light but when white addicts are shown its with family, friends, community trying to save them, accomplishment, etc.

    • Scattered Thoughts
      Scattered Thoughts Month ago +2

      Abc Def 💯 agree. I have *not* seen a drug-related film with a white cast that was "positive" or with strong support systems. This is the first drug-related film I've ever seen that point blank period has created a perspective of inspiration and liveliness which overides any color boundaries.

    • luxusmode111
      luxusmode111 Month ago +3

      Do you just see these things and automatically make it about race? My god people these days.

    • Abc Def
      Abc Def Month ago +2

      +koko koko When Naomie Harris, the actress who plays the mother on drugs on Moonlight, was interviewed on the Graham Norton show, she said she was deeply reluctant to take that role at first and needed a great deal of persuasion. She had always wanted to play positive black role models. Similarly, most black actors would not want black families portrayed in this way, so casting the film well would be difficult. It's better for everyone that the Sheffs are a white family. Meanwhile, blacks are very well represented this year with other films in the awards conversation, such as BlacKkKlansman, Black Panther, Green Book, If Beale Street Could Talk, Widows and The Hate U Give.

    • koko koko
      koko koko Month ago +2

      I agree with you, but this is a true story and Nick is white! and I'd rather they at least told the story rather than no story at all. If a Black cast was to be put forward no one would have disagreed like in Moonlight (the mom being on drugs...). Drugs in black communities are a symptom of inequality and racism and that would have been a different story to tell. I hope someone would tell it though.

    • Abc Def
      Abc Def Month ago +5

      This is a true story, and the race of the characters is utterly irrelevant. Addiction is shown as a bad thing in every film, whether the characters are black or white. Breaking out of addiction would be an achievement for anyone, too.

  • Sol Rois
    Sol Rois Month ago +6

    Omg he is a babyyyyy

  • Steve Krause
    Steve Krause Month ago +33

    Tim seemed a bit flustered meeting Ryan, which makes him even more endearing than he already is.

    • lanethelame
      lanethelame Month ago

      Tbh he always seems flustered but atm it's totally part of his charm

  • Zainab
    Zainab Month ago +9

    he so freaking cute, love from london

  • Thomas Thompson
    Thomas Thompson Month ago +173

    Timothee Chalamet is probably the only male in America who could get away with wearing that outfit.

    • David
      David Month ago +1

      +Johnny thunder , I was a good looking guy but not his level lol. Plus I had zero charm or charisma which he has lol. He is a good person

    • Johnny thunder
      Johnny thunder Month ago

      +David u just wish u could pull of that style

    • David
      David Month ago

      +Hello Goodbye , He is the biggest pretty boy I have ever seen in my life lol

    • Scott Miller
      Scott Miller Month ago

      Adam Rippon kind of did that last year, but continue.

    • Hello Goodbye
      Hello Goodbye Month ago

      According to Louis Vuitton, it’s a custom embroidered bib. Haha Like who thinks “You know what Timothee would look good in. A freaking shiny bib.” Lol

  • Asoka Widyanto
    Asoka Widyanto Month ago +76

    i died at 0:00

  • Terry Hines
    Terry Hines Month ago +63

    I'm glad Timmy is still humble enough to 'fanboy' over celebs he'd never expected to meet. It's cute! 😍

  • Bibi Chahine
    Bibi Chahine Month ago +5

    Goodness me Timothée!

  • NecroAntics
    NecroAntics Month ago +7

    Oh my god that ending, he's so adorable 😭

  • Jiji M
    Jiji M Month ago +11

    It's really a good movie and Steve And timothée were brilliant .. he should have won ... It was a very moving experience watching it.

  • Jk Love
    Jk Love Month ago +135

    He can choke me with his curly hair.

    • immaterial SHOPIE
      immaterial SHOPIE Month ago +1

      sweetie he could choke me with every single part of his body if he wanted

    • Abc Def
      Abc Def Month ago +3

      That's one of the funniest comments I've seen on a Timothee Chalamet video. I hope you know that "curly hair" sometimes refers to hair in another part of the body.

    • Boxing Bro
      Boxing Bro Month ago +1


  • parkviewmo
    parkviewmo Month ago +63

    Timmy is a great actor. He really looks older and more mature now. I don't think he will ever not be self-depreciating and calm is not his thing. So fun to watch him, in films or in interviews. He is really a treasure!

    • Melissa
      Melissa Month ago +5

      Starting to look old enough for CMBYN 2!! :D

  • soha salah
    soha salah Month ago +183

    looking like that should be illegal

  • Farah Salem
    Farah Salem Month ago +15

    Oooff my bb I was so uncomfortable for him😫1:40 he’s so cute tho

  • Xxxxmoonlightbae X
    Xxxxmoonlightbae X Month ago +1

    🎆🎆🎆🎆TIMMY TIM😍😍😇😇

  • みやた みほ 宮田  三穂

    Love from Japan❤
    Please come and see us😉😍😘

  • CC CC
    CC CC Month ago +179

    Chalamet is the young male version of Meryl Streep. He's got real passion and is a tremendous talent.

    • Abc Def
      Abc Def Month ago +2

      I look forward to seeing them together in Little Women.

  • AyaaMaelVlogs
    AyaaMaelVlogs Month ago +19

    I love him

  • Macario Patrick
    Macario Patrick Month ago +223

    Go to 0:00 to see Timmy posing like the model he is.

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP Month ago +231

    Timothee is so adorable

    • Tash21
      Tash21 5 days ago

      I don't like his outfit.

    • sumi DIYS
      sumi DIYS Month ago +1

      I see ur comment in every single Timothee Chalamet video on TVclip! 🤪