The Jasper and Alice interview (kiss)

  • Published on Dec 31, 2008
  • ok...the only reason i uploaded this video was because a bunch of people have been asking me for the link! I gave it to some of them...but it didn't work you go guys!!! I hope you like it! The kiss is at the end by the way...and be sure to watch the WHOLE thing!!! it is funny!

    oh and by the way...I have just been informed that Taylor Lautner is officially playing Jacob in New moon!!! (i promise it isn't a rumor...go check Stephenie Meyer's website!)
    I am so EXCITED!!! :-)
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  • Ori’s World!
    Ori’s World! 6 months ago

    I can't belive they Kissed they are so cute. I love them two. Just have a question are they married or they are dating or just friends ?

  • Jazzy Jonas
    Jazzy Jonas Year ago

    I wonder where rob and kristen were..


    me encanta que bonito que bonito
    lo dice mi hija brittany rivera

  • imass678
    imass678 4 years ago +4

    I love jaslice ~

  • Pia B
    Pia B 5 years ago +2

    ashley&jackson sooo sweety :*

  • charleneloveshimttm
    charleneloveshimttm 5 years ago +2

    you can see jashley getting closer to each other at 3:04 ^___^ too cute

  • Pia B
    Pia B 5 years ago

    sweety :*

  • warriorgirl126
    warriorgirl126 6 years ago

    Neither he's married to somebody else and has a baby boy

  • Bekah
    Bekah 6 years ago

    Wait are Ashly and Jackson dating or married!??

  • Krokodil1201
    Krokodil1201 6 years ago

    ASHLEY !♥♥

  • MyPop3
    MyPop3 6 years ago

    so he could mess things up and make bella be with jacob

  • 11Luvrocky
    11Luvrocky 7 years ago

    wow Taylor would be Edward...........that says something right there

  • Elouise Sheehan
    Elouise Sheehan 7 years ago +3


  • Sydney Bernstecker
    Sydney Bernstecker 7 years ago +1

    Ok, so Ashley and Jackson will kiss, but not Kristen and Rob. It's kind of like they are scared to. Love them all though. Love twilight wooooooooooooooooo :)

  • brendaluvsbunnies
    brendaluvsbunnies 7 years ago

    hell team jacob! ftw

  • runswithscissers13
    runswithscissers13 7 years ago

    woah its a twi-guy!!! haha

  • Rhonda Randall
    Rhonda Randall 7 years ago

    @WORLDxSTAR she doesnt move away from him she simply uncrosses her legs

  • MacKenzie Tisdale
    MacKenzie Tisdale 7 years ago

    "you want me to kiss her???" fans: scream

  • Aliya Rosli
    Aliya Rosli 7 years ago

    look! look! at 3:04,jasper and alice is SO SWEET....

  • abi marie
    abi marie 7 years ago


  • giraffesareinafrica
    giraffesareinafrica 7 years ago

    lol i love Edi's 'I'm a dark person'
    and of course Jasper and Alice forever^^

  • MissMercedes2
    MissMercedes2 7 years ago

    Wait...wife? It never said Alice and jazz were married in the books!

  • kforsstrom
    kforsstrom 7 years ago

    hahhaha i'm old

  • Andrea Rodriguez
    Andrea Rodriguez 7 years ago

    jasper + alice = Love
    So cute together!!!!! love them

  • Amskuli
    Amskuli 7 years ago


  • Marina Featherlin
    Marina Featherlin 7 years ago

    @alwaysandforever I love ur taste in guys cuz it's the same as mine!!!!!!;P

  • countrymx4171
    countrymx4171 7 years ago


  • allpurposeflour
    allpurposeflour 7 years ago

    They need to be together.

  • Danni Alcantara
    Danni Alcantara 7 years ago

    taylor seems kinda jealous :P

  • JojoLuvJasperHalex
    JojoLuvJasperHalex 8 years ago

    @WORLDxSTAR know she doesn't...she fist-pumps and says 'YES!'

  • Uli-ssi
    Uli-ssi 8 years ago

    he's twi-guy hahahah

  • Andy A
    Andy A 8 years ago

    aww he totally whispers in her ear after they kiss

  • Lieven98
    Lieven98 8 years ago +2

    i had to laugh sooo hard! between peter and taylor they could found a comedy club

  • mrsLautnerYEE
    mrsLautnerYEE 8 years ago

    at :37 sec does taylor say "...we dig them bitches???"
    or did he mean ditches

  • Rukia91554
    Rukia91554 8 years ago


  • SunMoonNeko
    SunMoonNeko 8 years ago

    OMG...Fangirl make me laugh hard core...but they all took it with such good humor, I loved it

  • Adricii
    Adricii 8 years ago

    Long live the twiguys!! xD And NO you dont have to be gay to be a Twiguy!!xD

  • Bianca Locke
    Bianca Locke 8 years ago

    i love her little fist pump at the end "Yes!"

  • LiebeAlle
    LiebeAlle 8 years ago

    carlisle. peter. same thing. timeless ^^

  • Velveture
    Velveture 8 years ago

    awwww, so beautiful! haha

  • Alice Elizabeth
    Alice Elizabeth 8 years ago

    Aww soo cute together!

  • DAR
    DAR 8 years ago

    Jackson is definitely the sweetes boy i'd ever seen!

  • CharmedPrue77
    CharmedPrue77 8 years ago

    Ashley said "Yes!" at the end..Jackson & Ashley 4ever!

  • 1995Kajol
    1995Kajol 8 years ago

    that is sooooooooo sweet *-*
    i can't find words to describe it...
    i love jackson and ashley so much, they are so damn cute *-*
    you can see how they look at each other and they feel really comfortable together, that's so sweet

    and peter is so damn funny and hot ;D

  • allpurposeflour
    allpurposeflour 8 years ago

    They are so good for each other. The way there stare, and talk to each other is down right adorable! I wish she would stop playing hard to get and just go out with Jackson! He loves Ashley, and she loves him. So why not? Come on! ;)

  • Anahi Rivera
    Anahi Rivera 8 years ago

    are ashley greene and jackson rathbone actually dating?? cuz if they were it wud be soooo cute!! theyre soo meant 2 b

  • Mareike Bergen
    Mareike Bergen 8 years ago

    Jackson is super sexi

  • lovelyserena21
    lovelyserena21 8 years ago

    'Woah! It's a Twilight dude!' - lol!

  • Leepingu
    Leepingu 8 years ago


  • ashdxo
    ashdxo 8 years ago

    @Jalice96 hahaha i just realized their names and their characters names start with the same letters :)
    They're soooo cute together

  • Farina Miep
    Farina Miep 8 years ago

    Aww ♥
    Ashley Kackson *___* .. So sweet :)
    I love they !! ♥
    Ashley and Jackson are so cute together :D ♥♥

  • Andrie
    Andrie 8 years ago

    Jackson & Ashley, Jasper & Alice or......... JALICE!!!! JAHSLEY!!!!
    They are so so cute together!!! :P

  • Maria Stroe
    Maria Stroe 8 years ago

    They really are soul mates

  • Uzumaki_Dailyn
    Uzumaki_Dailyn 8 years ago

    @TheShake05 same here that was my fab part that movie was awesome!

  • Heddy Menendez
    Heddy Menendez 8 years ago


  • fleebub
    fleebub 8 years ago

    i love how ashley and jackson have their arms around each other the whole time!

  • Lauren Thom
    Lauren Thom 8 years ago

    Ahhhhh jasper and alice!!! Ashley greene and jackson rathbourne holy smokes they are hot togetherrr!!

  • Miranda Kiner
    Miranda Kiner 8 years ago

    edi-imma very dark person

  • InfiniteWalrus
    InfiniteWalrus 8 years ago

    "I'm a very dark person" XD We can see that.

  • HetalianHellian
    HetalianHellian 8 years ago

    @account0987 thats real nice

  • Shanna Vencer
    Shanna Vencer 8 years ago

    One of my fav. parts in ECLIPSE was when Alice & Jasper fight(practice for the upcoming war) & kiss afterwards. Yeey! Ashley & Jackson 4ever.!!!

  • Brie Drusbasky
    Brie Drusbasky 8 years ago

    they are cute together, but this video makes me mad! he's mine! back off Ashley(Alice)!!!!!

  • luvlybubbly53
    luvlybubbly53 8 years ago

    @Kaarlijnn2 thanksss :)

  • luvlybubbly53
    luvlybubbly53 8 years ago

    why are people standing up behind that man lol??

  • Leslie Kain
    Leslie Kain 8 years ago

    Ever since I saw Eclipse yesterday, I've had this HUGE crush on Jasper. This Video just made my day...LOL

  • Jinhee Park
    Jinhee Park 8 years ago

    ROFL Ashely's "Yes!" At The End lol

  • Jinhee Park
    Jinhee Park 8 years ago

    @PearlHayley That Is If You Wanna Listen To The World Cup If You Click It You Can Hear The World Cup Playing Soccer I Thought It Was Pretty Obvious For Everyone With The World Cup Goin On And All But Its Okay I Didnt Notice It Was Even A Soccer Ball Before ROFL

  • Trash Bags
    Trash Bags 8 years ago

    ha! :D

  • hid7034
    hid7034 8 years ago

    Taylor looks so tiny

  • kylafaye26
    kylafaye26 8 years ago

    oh yeah!! I really love JALICE!!.. wo0ohooh!!.. =DD

  • Andy A
    Andy A 8 years ago

    wow. i guess the stereotype of fat twilight true hahah

  • twentywanpirates
    twentywanpirates 8 years ago

    @aleahciMSutherland i know right i cracked up sooooo hard in that part hahaha

  • _ _Nicole
    _ _Nicole 8 years ago

    HEY A TWI DUDE!!!!!!!!! XD

  • Miss Kay
    Miss Kay 8 years ago

    This is soo cute.

  • Eoin H
    Eoin H 8 years ago

    we dig them bitches ;) :L

  • Dawn Boyer
    Dawn Boyer 8 years ago

    woah its a twilight dude! lol

  • Annette
    Annette 8 years ago

    I think he said ditches. As euhm... a hole in the grond ?

  • Ayla Ata
    Ayla Ata 8 years ago

    Aaaaahh, that's so cuteeee

  • Stacy McDonald Flores
    Stacy McDonald Flores 8 years ago

    Crap! dats not a real kiss kiss her better boy!

  • aNaC89
    aNaC89 8 years ago

    Well, the kiss makes sense... they weren´t any kissing scenes on twilight or new moon for these two... and when there´s so much chemestry...well you can´t help it, I hope there´s so much more of these on eclipse! =)

  • Lan1998
    Lan1998 8 years ago

    @kinkye They are not dating and are not together but they are in love with each other ^^

  • Aline P
    Aline P 8 years ago

    Ashley greene said Yes ! at the end. Very funny !

  • Cassie Morgan Beckett
    Cassie Morgan Beckett 8 years ago

    @SailorNature101413 i no 2 twiguys!

  • Kelsey Duncan
    Kelsey Duncan 8 years ago

    is jasper and alice daing in reality???

  • Louise Dahl
    Louise Dahl 8 years ago

    Taylor was so cute - back then ! I think all the fame has gone to his head !

  • Jestel Diona
    Jestel Diona 8 years ago

    did they kiss on the lips????

  • Jestel Diona
    Jestel Diona 8 years ago

    @ladygagar0xx yeah..xD

  • Tanja Ris
    Tanja Ris 8 years ago

    taylor keeps moving side 2 side wen his talking! its so weird! and omg! jasper and alice so cute 2geder(dnt no der names in real life)

  • EdwardCullenGirl2014
    EdwardCullenGirl2014 9 years ago

    Or I would have just been James and finshed the job!!! LOL!!! Love Taylor!!!

  • DsrtedGrl13
    DsrtedGrl13 9 years ago

    they make a really cute couple on and off screen. this video rocked my socks but taylor hogged the mic too much

  • kopa1997mheetu
    kopa1997mheetu 9 years ago

    That's not a kiss! just for fun, :(

  • kopa1997mheetu
    kopa1997mheetu 9 years ago

    That's not a kiss! just for fun, :(

  • kopa1997mheetu
    kopa1997mheetu 9 years ago

    I LOVE TATLOR LAUTNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jen Loves-Softball
    Jen Loves-Softball 9 years ago

    did jackson rawthbone kiss ashley greene?

  • k
    k 9 years ago

    @flapjack1234567 lol ur too funny

  • Amalia
    Amalia 9 years ago

    Woh, it's a Twilight dude! :P

  • Laura Clevinger
    Laura Clevinger 9 years ago

    WHOA ITS A TWILIGHT DUDE haha a lot of guys do get into the movies..My fiance can actually quote lines from the two so...haha

  • sykomousey
    sykomousey 9 years ago

    ..I wish james would have finished the job, pussy.

  • Tutai Jessie
    Tutai Jessie 9 years ago

    it's so kool how actors nowadays play a serious character and when they're themselves again, they're more let loosed and you notice that they're not all bad then what they portray onscreen. i'm always shocked and surprised when i see them as themselves on tv or TVclip.haha

  • Jetsbff
    Jetsbff 9 years ago

    my names taylor and i know how to rock like a rocking chair. YAY!!