• Published on Jun 7, 2018
  • Im sorry that i didn't upload yesterday. In today's video i explain why and also what is going on for the next month or so.
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  • Ellie Ivie
    Ellie Ivie Month ago

    I joined him on 400,000 subs

  • kingbabynoob333 roblox
    kingbabynoob333 roblox 4 months ago



    you are best robby

  • serene seng
    serene seng 4 months ago


  • georgi belchev
    georgi belchev 6 months ago +1

    Robby you are better then 5 minute craft

  • Skye Pie
    Skye Pie 6 months ago

    where is Tori

  • Keenan Ligeti
    Keenan Ligeti 6 months ago

    its tomatoes not pepperoni on the bed

  • Jennifer Shaffer 8888 123

    I found some in your Murch at my store a pizza pocket

  • bubben YT
    bubben YT 7 months ago


  • Kaitlin Osier
    Kaitlin Osier 8 months ago

    You inspired me to get a tattoo on my buttcheek lol

  • Fe4les
    Fe4les 8 months ago

    Stop saying fucking cool every tow seconds

  • AwesomeDarylVlogsandMore!

    My mom has a dollar and i need to find another so i can buy your stickers!

  • Carrie Stacey
    Carrie Stacey 9 months ago

    Get some pizza slippers so then you can blend into your bed

  • Rafael Villicana
    Rafael Villicana 9 months ago

    Go to vide con

  • Diana Mihaylova
    Diana Mihaylova 9 months ago

    Hey whatc your mouth

  • lil turkey
    lil turkey 10 months ago

    Me: hey Robby!
    Me: I HaVe PiZzA fOr yOu
    Robby: :o
    Robb: give me some :D
    Robby: yayayayay
    Robby: I love pizza

  • Jack Callard
    Jack Callard 10 months ago

    Why just why

  • William Procter
    William Procter 10 months ago

    Hi Robby hope you feel better soon

  • N L
    N L 10 months ago


  • N L
    N L 10 months ago

    I watch your video

  • K Hand
    K Hand 11 months ago


  • Shmellos key
    Shmellos key 11 months ago

    No really anything cheese's

  • Love life
    Love life 11 months ago


  • Wyatt and Layla S
    Wyatt and Layla S 11 months ago

    Immmmmmm fine

  • Wyatt and Layla S
    Wyatt and Layla S 11 months ago

    I can't see you

  • LittleYayToast / Gacha Toast

    Pizza pizza

  • Jessica King
    Jessica King 11 months ago

    Vidcon!!!!! 🎥

  • Squidwards lonely Cousin
    Squidwards lonely Cousin 11 months ago

    Why is u obsessed with pizza #pizzarollsarebetter

  • Kyas World
    Kyas World Year ago

    My parents think you are crazy

  • Morgan Judith
    Morgan Judith Year ago

    Robbie your amazing so if you need to have a day for your mental health I think we all will be okay with it. I love you Robbie!!!! (Tori don't kill me 🤞🏻😹) I love you two together and watching your videos make me feel better. But you need to be happy in order for us to be happy. ✌️ ❤️ and wifi (and pizzza) I'm so cringey 😹

  • rAnBowIe CrAzY
    rAnBowIe CrAzY Year ago +1

    Do you wear foundation it kinda looks like it

  • Morganisdead
    Morganisdead Year ago +1

    ily you but i don't really like social repose because well the thing that happened with his ex made me loss all of my respect for him

  • Ariel Nekola
    Ariel Nekola Year ago

    To be honest Robbie I think you would rather have sex with a pizza then your girlfriend Tori

  • danae stewart
    danae stewart Year ago

    please go to tanacon

  • Maggie Carlton
    Maggie Carlton Year ago

    He really like pizza
    Edit: I wanna go to vid con but my parents won’t let me to much money and to far away

  • Mrsilentboy XD
    Mrsilentboy XD Year ago

    I no this is weird but your cute

  • bby ari
    bby ari Year ago

    you're so cute😂❤️

  • bby ari
    bby ari Year ago

    i'm hungry😂

  • Meadow McGill
    Meadow McGill Year ago

    But the bedsheets,onesie,an underwear also match THE TATTOO

  • Mikayla Moran
    Mikayla Moran Year ago

    Video idea: put ticc tacs in a pill bottle and then dump them in your mouth acting like your trying to overdose in front of your gf

  • Toby_ Fied
    Toby_ Fied Year ago

    Die your hair with lipstick

  • angelhfaulkner
    angelhfaulkner Year ago

    Do a vid about your animal in the tank...

  • ave mua
    ave mua Year ago +10

    *_So i call ur therapist now or it's too late already?_*

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man Year ago +1

    Go to Forest lake, Minnesota

  • Katelyn Sweet
    Katelyn Sweet Year ago

    Make a cake without ur hands?

  • Iassic
    Iassic Year ago

    Make your friends into pizza. Do the pizza challenge.

  • pineappless 03
    pineappless 03 Year ago

    you should have said, AND MY BUTT TATOO

  • The Elliot Monroe Official

    I think you should propose to sebastian for a prank. I`ve said this once before and I`m commenting it on every video until you do it! Love ya Robby, tell Sebastian and Tori I said hi

  • Samantha George
    Samantha George Year ago

    Vid con

  • chu Tohru
    chu Tohru Year ago

    Pizza boy ❤

  • Jessie :3
    Jessie :3 Year ago

    If I had those bedsheets I would be hungry 24/7

  • Linda Salter
    Linda Salter Year ago

    Make a slime out of monster, or make a giant pizza and see who can eat the most

  • eli4112
    eli4112 Year ago

    Can you come someday to Germany or Austria. Plzz you are amazing ❤️❤️ (sry if I make some English mistakes)

  • Featureman
    Featureman Year ago

    Do a video about what celebs male or female you would like to kiss.

  • Leo Wo
    Leo Wo Year ago

    Its ok, Robby, you arent a failure! Best youtuber❤

  • eva beke
    eva beke Year ago

    Can u please came in slovenia please

  • Ari
    Ari Year ago

    Vidcon has a lot of opportunities to meet people you should really go

  • Mike McTavish
    Mike McTavish Year ago

    sex tape

  • PARK U Ryn
    PARK U Ryn Year ago

    Beautiful boy!🖤

  • Stancu Ana
    Stancu Ana Year ago

    Ugly :)