• Published on Jun 7, 2018
  • Im sorry that i didn't upload yesterday. In today's video i explain why and also what is going on for the next month or so.
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  • Fionn Bradley Moore
    Fionn Bradley Moore 17 days ago


  • Raina iljaΕ‘enko
    Raina iljaΕ‘enko 23 days ago

    you are best robby

  • serene seng
    serene seng 26 days ago


  • georgi belchev
    georgi belchev 2 months ago +1

    Robby you are better then 5 minute craft

  • Hermoine Jean Granger
    Hermoine Jean Granger 3 months ago

    where is Tori

  • Keenan Ligeti
    Keenan Ligeti 3 months ago

    its tomatoes not pepperoni on the bed

  • Jennifer Shaffer 8888 123

    I found some in your Murch at my store a pizza pocket

  • Banana- -nana
    Banana- -nana 4 months ago


  • Kaitlin Osier
    Kaitlin Osier 4 months ago

    You inspired me to get a tattoo on my buttcheek lol

  • Fe4les
    Fe4les 4 months ago

    Stop saying fucking cool every tow seconds

  • Daryl The Epic Beast
    Daryl The Epic Beast 5 months ago

    My mom has a dollar and i need to find another so i can buy your stickers!

  • Carrie Stacey
    Carrie Stacey 5 months ago

    Get some pizza slippers so then you can blend into your bed

  • Rafael Villicana
    Rafael Villicana 6 months ago

    Go to vide con

  • Diana Mihaylova
    Diana Mihaylova 6 months ago

    Hey whatc your mouth

  • sasuke uchiha
    sasuke uchiha 6 months ago

    Me: hey Robby!
    Me: I HaVe PiZzA fOr yOu
    Robby: :o
    Robb: give me some :D
    Robby: yayayayay
    Robby: I love pizza

  • Jack Callard
    Jack Callard 6 months ago

    Why just why

  • William Procter
    William Procter 6 months ago

    Hi Robby hope you feel better soon

  • N L
    N L 6 months ago


  • N L
    N L 6 months ago

    I watch your video

  • K Hand
    K Hand 7 months ago


  • Shmellos key
    Shmellos key 7 months ago

    No really anything cheese's

  • Love life
    Love life 7 months ago


  • Wyatt and Layla S
    Wyatt and Layla S 7 months ago

    Immmmmmm fine

  • Wyatt and Layla S
    Wyatt and Layla S 7 months ago

    I can't see you

  • LittleYayToast / Gacha Toast

    Pizza pizza

  • Jessica King
    Jessica King 8 months ago

    Vidcon!!!!! πŸŽ₯

  • Ugly Rat
    Ugly Rat 8 months ago

    Why is u obsessed with pizza #pizzarollsarebetter

  • Kyas World
    Kyas World 8 months ago

    My parents think you are crazy

  • Morgan Judith
    Morgan Judith Year ago

    Robbie your amazing so if you need to have a day for your mental health I think we all will be okay with it. I love you Robbie!!!! (Tori don't kill me 🀞🏻😹) I love you two together and watching your videos make me feel better. But you need to be happy in order for us to be happy. ✌️ ❀️ and wifi (and pizzza) I'm so cringey 😹

  • rAnBowIe CrAzY
    rAnBowIe CrAzY Year ago +1

    Do you wear foundation it kinda looks like it

  • Morganisdead
    Morganisdead Year ago +1

    ily you but i don't really like social repose because well the thing that happened with his ex made me loss all of my respect for him

  • Ariel Nekola
    Ariel Nekola Year ago

    To be honest Robbie I think you would rather have sex with a pizza then your girlfriend Tori

  • danae stewart
    danae stewart Year ago

    please go to tanacon

  • Maggie Carlton
    Maggie Carlton Year ago

    He really like pizza
    Edit: I wanna go to vid con but my parents won’t let me to much money and to far away

  • Mrsilentboy XD
    Mrsilentboy XD Year ago

    I no this is weird but your cute

  • bby ari
    bby ari Year ago

    you're so cuteπŸ˜‚β€οΈ

  • bby ari
    bby ari Year ago

    i'm hungryπŸ˜‚

  • Meadow McGill
    Meadow McGill Year ago

    But the bedsheets,onesie,an underwear also match THE TATTOO

  • Mikayla Moran
    Mikayla Moran Year ago

    Video idea: put ticc tacs in a pill bottle and then dump them in your mouth acting like your trying to overdose in front of your gf

  • Toby_ Fied
    Toby_ Fied Year ago

    Die your hair with lipstick

  • angelhfaulkner
    angelhfaulkner Year ago

    Do a vid about your animal in the tank...

  • ave mua
    ave mua Year ago +10

    *_So i call ur therapist now or it's too late already?_*

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man Year ago +1

    Go to Forest lake, Minnesota

  • Katelyn Sweet
    Katelyn Sweet Year ago

    Make a cake without ur hands?

  • Iassic
    Iassic Year ago

    Make your friends into pizza. Do the pizza challenge.

  • Little Timmy
    Little Timmy Year ago

    you should have said, AND MY BUTT TATOO

  • The Elliot Monroe Official

    I think you should propose to sebastian for a prank. I`ve said this once before and I`m commenting it on every video until you do it! Love ya Robby, tell Sebastian and Tori I said hi

  • Samantha George
    Samantha George Year ago

    Vid con

  • chu Tohru
    chu Tohru Year ago

    Pizza boy ❀

  • Jessie :3
    Jessie :3 Year ago

    If I had those bedsheets I would be hungry 24/7

  • Linda Salter
    Linda Salter Year ago

    Make a slime out of monster, or make a giant pizza and see who can eat the most

  • eli4112
    eli4112 Year ago

    Can you come someday to Germany or Austria. Plzz you are amazing ❀️❀️ (sry if I make some English mistakes)

  • Featureman
    Featureman Year ago

    Do a video about what celebs male or female you would like to kiss.

  • Leo Wo
    Leo Wo Year ago

    Its ok, Robby, you arent a failure! Best youtuber❀

  • eva beke
    eva beke Year ago

    Can u please came in slovenia please

  • Ari Potatoe
    Ari Potatoe Year ago

    Vidcon has a lot of opportunities to meet people you should really go

  • Mike McTavish
    Mike McTavish Year ago

    sex tape

  • PARK U Ryn
    PARK U Ryn Year ago

    Beautiful boy!πŸ–€

  • Stancu Ana
    Stancu Ana Year ago

    Ugly :)

  • Micky Playz
    Micky Playz Year ago

    Boy Yasss

  • WeirdThing_ThatLivesOnEarth


  • Ashley Frederick
    Ashley Frederick Year ago

    Video idea: Have Tori do your makeup using only condiments (ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, etc.)

  • Taco Ross
    Taco Ross Year ago

    Robby i don't get post notifications from you

  • Puppygirl
    Puppygirl Year ago

    do something like Rock,Paper,Scissors, Eat off of some body part!

  • Year ago

    YUS my emo pizza brudah

  • Darknesseverdeen 900

    Why dont u an tori do a truth or dare thing in public

  • E Romo
    E Romo Year ago

    Why is he so adorable and so funny lmfao.

  • Good Vibes
    Good Vibes Year ago

    Take the bdsm test

  • Steph the person
    Steph the person Year ago

    What about a video where you do a laser maze race with a bunch of people? (If you don’t know what that is, you should look it up lol, it’s really fun)

  • Kendall and Jane
    Kendall and Jane Year ago

    Video idea- eat 100 pieces of pizza

  • Tiana Nelson
    Tiana Nelson Year ago

    Well I am officially jelly of my boyfriend now! He gets to perform with Social Repose (he is in Forget About Me) and possibly meet you!! nuuuu!! curse me for being busy on the same day he performs ;-;

    TEARA SARTOR Year ago

    what about Torri

  • lillian pierzinski

    Good luck have fun we support even if you dont post everyday i send love to you and tori😘

  • All_Night_With_R5

    Let The turtle bite ur dick😳

  • Purity Mi
    Purity Mi Year ago

    You should to Rock paper scissors with the people your going on tour with

  • Julie Ketchmark
    Julie Ketchmark Year ago

    love you don't stress make a video where you supprise tori with a puppy prank:)

  • Seth Tarpein
    Seth Tarpein Year ago

    Try the Invisible box challenge lol

    MEME KID CAYDEN Year ago

    Do a waterballoon prank on Tory please wifi

  • Teyanah Currie
    Teyanah Currie Year ago

    Who else wants pizza now...

  • Lizzaaayy 96
    Lizzaaayy 96 Year ago


  • Emily Sotello
    Emily Sotello Year ago


  • Maiar Just for fun

    Hi RobbyπŸ™‹that's all🐸

  • alex gacha
    alex gacha Year ago

    LOVE PIZZA!!!!!

  • Baylee Ray
    Baylee Ray Year ago

    Tanacon for sure! Vidcon sounds like a buncha bullshit. #supportyourfellowyoutuber

  • 100 fans with no videos challenge

    VIDEO IDEA ////rock paper scissors KISS

  • 100 fans with no videos challenge

    I wrote epicsause on the whiteboard on the last say of school

  • me me
    me me Year ago

    dont feel pressured to upload. We understand. love ya, keep being awesome!

  • Mark D'Agosta
    Mark D'Agosta Year ago

    tape tori to a wall

  • Ariel Evans
    Ariel Evans Year ago

    He said tanacon and I got spooked

  • Kayley Rebell
    Kayley Rebell Year ago

    You and sebastian should make out for 1 hour

  • Teacup Pigeon
    Teacup Pigeon Year ago

    Pour an entire jar of pickles down your pants.

    That'll make a great video.

  • Clairedyfied
    Clairedyfied Year ago

    Have a mukbang eating pizza, while wearing your ounsie, engulfed in your pizza beddingπŸ”₯πŸ•πŸ”₯
    (Of course have a special guest, ahem Tori babe wearing her pizza merch) πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ”₯πŸ•πŸ”₯

  • Rodanthe Souza
    Rodanthe Souza Year ago

    Did you get my letter? :(

  • 5SecondsOfAnime
    5SecondsOfAnime Year ago

    Girlfriend cuts my hair

  • XxKaila_LynnxX
    XxKaila_LynnxX Year ago

    Whoop whoop

  • daddy Ramen
    daddy Ramen Year ago

    Subscribe to ne

  • daddy Ramen
    daddy Ramen Year ago


  • daddy Ramen
    daddy Ramen Year ago


  • TurboThunderH0G
    TurboThunderH0G Year ago

    Make a β€œDraw my life” video or β€œThe Story of Robby you never knew” Something like those 🀣

  • dazaishuu _-uu
    dazaishuu _-uu Year ago

    Pizza Profile
    Pizza TVclip