Jimmy Sax - Time

  • Published on Jul 25, 2018
  • Time composed and recorded in Jimmy Sax studio
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    Website : www.jimmy-sax.com
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  • Jimmy Sax
    Jimmy Sax  Month ago +88

    Hello !!! I have a great news ! Time is from now available on all download & Stream platforms ! I need your help and support to grab your copy on ITunes and like that we push together this track to the top ITunes Charts 💥❤️❤️🚀😘 Pura Vida Jimmy

  • Bianca Couvert
    Bianca Couvert 4 hours ago

    Moi se qu'on entent chez moi toute la journée ses cette musique Jimmy Sax!!!❤❤

  • valentino de angelis
    valentino de angelis 7 hours ago

    Molto bella.

  • lenny pembele
    lenny pembele 20 hours ago

    merci grand merci pour ce moment de douceur, ce moment merveilleux .. j adore ce que tu fais

  • eladio iglesias
    eladio iglesias Day ago


  • TheNeutral81
    TheNeutral81 Day ago

    Боже, я без ума!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lucie 2A
    Lucie 2A Day ago +2

    👏👏👏👏👏💋💖💋💖💋💖💋💖Wahou c'est dément 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞j'adoreeeee💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

    • Philippe Shoult
      Philippe Shoult Day ago +1

      J'admire profondément Jimmy sax c'est un artiste complet. Il chante, il joue de presque tout les instruments. Il sait tout faire bravo à lui 👏👍. Vive mon amour 💓vive le 🎷

  • Stefano Pellegrino
    Stefano Pellegrino 2 days ago

    Madonna che viaggio 🧳

  • angel murphy
    angel murphy 2 days ago

    this guy can play while i.m in bed with rose pedals all over and feed me strawberries and whipped cream 😉💋

  • Leandro Gazzola
    Leandro Gazzola 4 days ago

    El verdadero puto amo

  • Дарья Ворончихина

    Какой же он завораживающий 🤪😍😍😍

  • Arsalan Ghaznavi
    Arsalan Ghaznavi 5 days ago

    of all the music i have heard lately. this is probably the best in years after atb and adventure of a life time. keep it going. play happy

  • Arsalan Ghaznavi
    Arsalan Ghaznavi 5 days ago

    Jimmy sax youre great. please keep youre music happy and going. time and your tour da swiss is a perfect example of what a happy music should sound like. great job keep it going friend. would love listening to your amazing highs and keep the party moving

  • Woojtech1984
    Woojtech1984 5 days ago

    Recall any story from your life, close your eyes and turn it on... He will tell you this story.

  • Hugoo Claudie
    Hugoo Claudie 6 days ago


  • mickael couvert
    mickael couvert 7 days ago +1

    Ses vraiment magnifique se que tu fait ses vraiment incroyable moi aussi je fait du sax et t'entendre sa m'encourage a continue de plus en plus a m'entrainer tout les jours un grand merci tu as beaucoup de talent !!!

  • محمد ماهر
    محمد ماهر 7 days ago


  • Aziz Omuraliev
    Aziz Omuraliev 7 days ago +2

    Джимми вы талантливый музыкант ✌️

  • Radu Petrisor
    Radu Petrisor 7 days ago


  • Luna Azul
    Luna Azul 8 days ago

    Rommelito... ♡

  • vintage music
    vintage music 8 days ago

    Sei il migliore,grande !!💪

  • Jos sa
    Jos sa 8 days ago

    Yeah!!!! Una pasada..😁😁😁

  • Карлос
    Карлос 9 days ago


  • Maria Ines Pech Laguna


  • Carmine Cardillo
    Carmine Cardillo 10 days ago

    Sei eccezionale! 🤩

  • Algusto J2
    Algusto J2 10 days ago +1

    Muito bom esse som ... relax

  • Pamela Brooks
    Pamela Brooks 10 days ago


    DIMITRIS CH 10 days ago

    Mykonos summer 2020

  • Zdenka Havelkova
    Zdenka Havelkova 11 days ago


  • andrea seidita
    andrea seidita 11 days ago

    Grande, questo brano mi porta lontano

  • Marina Kretsu
    Marina Kretsu 12 days ago


  • Reinhard Pinter
    Reinhard Pinter 12 days ago

    Wow,echt saugeil,megatoll,einzigartig 👍❤

  • Avon River
    Avon River 12 days ago

    Hello I want to know your Audio systems, it’s very nice.

  • branislav hubený
    branislav hubený 12 days ago +1

    i llove your music keep going jimmy you are top bro good luck :)

  • Francy Spizzico
    Francy Spizzico 13 days ago

    Troppo bravoo

  • Giovanni B
    Giovanni B 13 days ago

    where i find the sheet music?

  • Santo Lo Verso
    Santo Lo Verso 13 days ago


  • Lenny Rey
    Lenny Rey 13 days ago

    You are a MYTH !!!

  • Noeman Noeman
    Noeman Noeman 14 days ago +2

    Creative and impressive i can't get enought of it.

  • Liliana Machado
    Liliana Machado 14 days ago

    Súper Maravilloso lo que haces y como lo haces !!!
    Muy bello.!!!
    Me encanta escucharte , amo el saxo.
    Gracias Gracias Gracias.

  • Liliana Machado
    Liliana Machado 14 days ago +1

    Súper Maravilloso lo que haces y como lo haces !!!
    Muy bello.!!!
    Gracias Gracias Gracias.

  • ケビンチョゲル
    ケビンチョゲル 14 days ago

    너무 좋다ㅠㅠ

  • Ben Ben Ben
    Ben Ben Ben 14 days ago

    I am musician I lovely Hate this song . You are wonderful

  • Cristian Chiriac
    Cristian Chiriac 14 days ago


  • Fin Star
    Fin Star 15 days ago

    Отлично , сам сок то что надо

  • Irene Di Noi
    Irene Di Noi 16 days ago

    Super bravo!

  • Nino Oteri
    Nino Oteri 17 days ago +1

    Mi è capitato di ascoltarlo in queste vacanze di fine 2019...Portentoso una forza della natura....non lo conoscevo il 2020 sarà alla sua insegna...grande Jimmy....

  • Scott Bill Fuchs Rojas

    The máximo! Alguien 01/01/2020?

  • Karina Medina
    Karina Medina 18 days ago

    🇦🇷 x 2..

  • Миша Ермилов

    ну молодец ну и это еще ничего не сказано

  • Julio Gonzalez
    Julio Gonzalez 18 days ago +2

    es musica maravillosa solo se necesita estetica para escuchar

  • Gustavo Fernández
    Gustavo Fernández 18 days ago +2

    Muy buen tema la verdad todo los días lo escucho

  • domingos da costa
    domingos da costa 18 days ago

    Magnifique, excellent, super....

  • shane mccarthy
    shane mccarthy 19 days ago


  • Larry SixString
    Larry SixString 19 days ago

    sounds like that song from Jewel . foolish games, Nicely done

  • Antonio Cutugno
    Antonio Cutugno 19 days ago

    Per tanti... Ma non per tutti. Un mito

  • Gigi miringi
    Gigi miringi 19 days ago

    The best of the best ❤️

  • L&F *Music*
    L&F *Music* 20 days ago

    Love this video!!! 👌👍👍👍

  • Gustavo Andrade
    Gustavo Andrade 20 days ago


  • Rainbow Vixxen
    Rainbow Vixxen 20 days ago

    Woooo hoooI!! Im glad I found you! Downloaded! Thank you!