Hard Candy Glamoflauge Foundation (Oily Skin Approved?!) Shade Honey & Olive

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • In this video I put the Hard Candy Glamouflage foundation to the test. Do you need a foundation that will work with your oily skin? The Glamouflage foundation is said to be oil free, long wearing, and has a 16 hour wear. I put it to the test under 8 hours of wear and the results really surprised me! Is this foundation oily skin approved? You'll have to watch and see! Let me know in the comment section if you guys will be trying this foundation after watching this wear test and review. I had to mix two shades both Honey and Olive shades however I think the Honey shade will be my summer shade for sure!
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    Products Mentioned:
    Hard Candy Glamouflage Foundation Shade Honey and Olive - go.magik.ly/ml/ljvn/
    Hard Candy Matte Spray - go.magik.ly/ml/ljvo/
    Hard Candy Plumping Lip Gloss - go.magik.ly/ml/ljvp/
    NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Setting Powder Medium - go.magik.ly/ml/ljvq/
    Loreal Infallible Matte Lock Primer - go.magik.ly/ml/a0k0/
    L'Oreal Full Wear Amber - go.magik.ly/ml/jdsi/
    realTechniques Brush Set go.magik.ly/ml/lxaj/

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Comments • 30

  • Dani Gurl
    Dani Gurl 2 months ago

    They are only $3 right now at Walmart.

    • Alex Rico
      Alex Rico  2 months ago

      what?! Thanks for telling me!

  • Nazareth Silva
    Nazareth Silva 3 months ago

    Thanks for the video! Can you link the real technique brush set please?

    • Alex Rico
      Alex Rico  3 months ago

      Awesome Nazareth! I hope you like them!

    • Nazareth Silva
      Nazareth Silva 3 months ago

      Thanks beautiful 😘 I’m going to buy them 😁

    • Alex Rico
      Alex Rico  3 months ago +1

      Thank you! Just linked it, if you refresh the page it should show up

  • Rejhane Banushi
    Rejhane Banushi 3 months ago +1

    So just came across your video and I'm absolutely loving your channel. I do have oily skin and I did also last month bought this foundation and I just can't put it down. I've struggled with a foundation for so LONG. Color too wrong. Can't find my shade. To shiny. And literally looks like cake on the face. And I've watched so many videos and finally gave in and went to my local Walmart and picked a color and came home. Washed my face and put this foundation on and on and literally screamed because of excitement that I finally found a foundation that looks good on me and matches my skin color and that I absolutely adored so much. What face primer would you recommend for us, oily skin ladies?

    • Rejhane Banushi
      Rejhane Banushi 3 months ago

      @Alex Rico I'm always on the hunt for a good matte primer. I love the Makeup Forever matte primer it's amazing but I want something a fraction of the cost lol.

    • Alex Rico
      Alex Rico  3 months ago +1

      MakeupWithRAE B the L’Oréal matte lick primer is not my favorite but I don’t hate it. I use it on colder days when I need lighter protection it does the job. I wouldn’t use it for events or hotter days though

    • Rejhane Banushi
      Rejhane Banushi 3 months ago

      @Alex Rico I've tried the Wet & Wild primer but it breaks me out and the Soap and Glory primer is amazing. BTW wanted to ask you what you thought about the Loreal primer if that's any good for us oily skin gals? It feels like I've won the lottery when I finally found my perfect shade and also how long it holds on my skin it's the best foundation ever. I don't think I'll like any other foundations or purchase any unless another good one comes along. Yes, I'm glad I've found your channel. :) thanks for replying back.

    • Alex Rico
      Alex Rico  3 months ago +1

      Doesn’t it feel good to find a perfect match and even more when the foundation actually hold up in our difficult skin! I’m glad you love it! I have been enjoying the wet and wild photo focus matte primer! I also love the soap and glory one heck of a blot primer which reminds me I need to replenish !!! Happy we found each other! 🥰💕

  • I am Sydney
    I am Sydney 5 months ago

    Very good match for you

  • I am Sydney
    I am Sydney 5 months ago

    Thanks for doing a review on this foundation! I was debating on buying this or not. 😏

  • Frida Martinez
    Frida Martinez 6 months ago +3

    this helped me out so much when trying to figure out which of the two shades to buy !! thank you (:

    • Alex Rico
      Alex Rico  6 months ago

      Awesome I'm so happy it helped you out!😃💕

  • Sorpy 69
    Sorpy 69 6 months ago +1

    Wet n wild photofocus stick did NOT settle in my smile lines. ALL foundations always settle except this one. I’m OBSESSED, unfortunately not a good one for summer/oily skin for sure 😔 but a good one for winter/spring

    • Alex Rico
      Alex Rico  6 months ago +1

      Awesome thanks for letting me know! 💕😃

    • Sorpy 69
      Sorpy 69 6 months ago

      Alex Rico NOT for me at least. I have oily T zone and normal all around. But I have very oily T zone.

    • Alex Rico
      Alex Rico  6 months ago +1

      Oh man i was hoping to see how it worked during the summer, you wouldn’t suggest this one then for summer?

  • Amber Nicole
    Amber Nicole 6 months ago +1

    I have never tried Hard Candy products before! I can’t believe that it’s only $6!!! It looked so good at the end! I am impressed!! Great review as always friend! 💜

    • Alex Rico
      Alex Rico  6 months ago

      Thank you! I honestly think this is the best foundation ever yet lol Its awesome!

  • Sonya
    Sonya 6 months ago

    what’s ur favorite drugstore foundation ?

    • Alex Rico
      Alex Rico  6 months ago +4

      So far this one is my favorite 😬 after this I would have to say the L’Oreal freshwear but I think the Hard Candy beats it because it wears longer.

  • Tanisha Patel
    Tanisha Patel 6 months ago

    I haven't actually received or used it yet, but I order the color Warm Beige, which is inbetween Olive and Honey, so it could be a perfect shade for you! You can also order it on Walmart.com and pick it up in store so you don't have to pay for shipping 😁

    • Alex Rico
      Alex Rico  6 months ago

      Thats awesome! Please let me know how it ends up working for you! I would love to see the results on IG if you have an account that be awesome because I love this foundation 💕

  • It's Angela
    It's Angela 6 months ago +1

    I like how the fundation looks on your face you don't have no dry patches at all.

    • Alex Rico
      Alex Rico  6 months ago

      Thank you Angela 😃 It has out performed some of my favorites!

    BECCA WATSON 6 months ago

    I have try to normal skin and it did not settle on my smile lines either, very skin like. Love it

    • Alex Rico
      Alex Rico  6 months ago

      That’s awesome! I’ve never used a foundation that hasn’t settled there so this was surprising to see. Thank you for commenting Becca 💕💕