DP/30: The Kid, Vincent D'Onofrio

  • Published on Mar 7, 2019
  • He is one of those actors who are fun to watch wherever he pops up, big movie or small. From Full Metal Jacket to Men in Black to his turn as Kingpin on Netflix's Daredevil series, he owns the screen. Now he has turned to directing with his first feature release, The Kid. He sat down for a chat with David Poland to discuss the film and his unexpected journey as an actor.
    Shot in Los Angeles, March 2019
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Comments • 16

  • Alicia Torres
    Alicia Torres 5 months ago

    I just love watching you talk! You’re so amazing! Thanks for letting us take pictures with you at the Queens Theater 🎭 in the Park. Love you, Leashie🤗

  • CannibalWHORE22
    CannibalWHORE22 6 months ago +1

    It’s really awesome that Kubrick was the reason he became a big actor.
    Imagine telling people the stories

  • Kathy Lynch
    Kathy Lynch 6 months ago

    I think Vincent D'onofrio has only one jacket. The blue one. Lol

  • etme1000
    etme1000 8 months ago +1

    Again, DP/30 is one of the very few platforms for meaningful conversations about cinema - the art and the craft, and not meaningless political claptrap, or pop culture etc. Keep doing what you are doing, please.

  • Celtic Jay
    Celtic Jay 8 months ago +1

    Private Pyle.. Why are you gray? Why are you old?

  • maliciouspoptart
    maliciouspoptart 8 months ago +1

    Nice interview - I've been a fan of Vincent's since seeing Men In Black as a kid. You get some really good stories when you let the actors talk at length, and you ask such thoughtful questions.

  • Lane Carter
    Lane Carter 8 months ago

    What an interesting guy.

  • Jake Dee
    Jake Dee 8 months ago +1

    D'onofrio killed in that movie HAPPY ACCIDENTS

  • watcher
    watcher 8 months ago

    Lengendary, thank you 🎬❤🎥

  • Herbie Howard
    Herbie Howard 8 months ago +15

    "I know that our time is up, but I'm enjoying this conversation". You have a wonderful ability to make interviewees comfortable and get a lot out of them. Thank you.

  • Daniel Victor
    Daniel Victor 8 months ago +5

    I'mma say this untill I die: his performance in Men in Black was worth an Oscar nom.

  • Henry G
    Henry G 8 months ago +2

    Great interview, but, you know, I just can't, you know? you know.

  • JaponicaGemini
    JaponicaGemini 8 months ago +2

    Love him - his authenticity. Plus I haven’t seen anyone blow so many raspberries 🤣 since Archie Bunker

  • Fredrick Kulatunga
    Fredrick Kulatunga 8 months ago +7

    This is a great interview, he was amazing as the kingpin

  • LeslieJ
    LeslieJ 8 months ago +3

    Wonderful conversation!