Parents allow child to make life, death decision

  • Published on Nov 4, 2015
  • Is a five-year-old old enough to choose heaven over the hospital? CNN's Elizabeth Cohen has more.

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  • Dolores Shepherd
    Dolores Shepherd 16 hours ago

    So lets all argue over the existence of God (which to me there is no argument at all. Jesus is the truth 💜) while, we ignore the fact of this very precious little 4 year old beautiful girl's story. 🤦‍♀️

  • KitcatzX xX
    KitcatzX xX 2 days ago +1

    The 5k people who disliked this are heartless!! This poor child is dying and she has no choice, people who are born with this have to suffer until they are sent to heaven...

  • Ava Porter
    Ava Porter 2 days ago

    that is so sad

  • luis munguia69
    luis munguia69 3 days ago

    They are amazing parents it's something very dificult tto deal with as adults and something extremely scary that little girl has more strength than me God bless that little girl I don't know exactly what she's going through but I do have brain cancer and I imagine it's so much worse for that little girl

  • Felicia Gurule
    Felicia Gurule 3 days ago


  • Pa Houa Vang
    Pa Houa Vang 3 days ago

    Crying so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Kabira klamha lkbir
    Kabira klamha lkbir 3 days ago

    Death always win

  • Margaret emory
    Margaret emory 4 days ago


  • Gacha Yuni
    Gacha Yuni 4 days ago

    Did she die?

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 4 days ago

    This has got to be the hardest thing.

  • Dania Wendy
    Dania Wendy 5 days ago +6

    The parents chose wisely, imagine how hard this must have been for them. She would die anyways sadly. They asked her what she wanted and Juliana chose to die at home. Respect and much love and strength towards these parents. God bless Juliana rest in peace sweet angel.

  • Suji Janu
    Suji Janu 5 days ago

    Rip angel my dad is there in heaven he will play with you like he played with me when I was of your age

  • Vanessa Cullars
    Vanessa Cullars 6 days ago

    Good sad

  • Jake M
    Jake M 6 days ago

    God bless:(

  • seal the style
    seal the style 6 days ago

    She's so adorable.... I'm sad she is struggling ....☹️☹️☹️😞😞😞😞😞 I don't wanna see anyone is pain

  • seal the style
    seal the style 6 days ago


  • Katherine Nguyen
    Katherine Nguyen 7 days ago

    Just so sad . I still crying... May God bless her family to go through with tough times... she’s an angel now ... 🌹🌹🌹

  • sorakemimi
    sorakemimi 7 days ago

    A true princess. ❤️

  • Sun Dappled Photography

    This reminds me of a graphic novel I read. In fact, a lot of the same things happen. I want the parents to know that that little girl is watching them in heaven, cheering them on to raise Alex

  • Skippity Do Da
    Skippity Do Da 8 days ago

    None of you commenting will ever know the unrelenting pain the parents will feel until they draw their last breath. I unfortunately know. I don’t wish this pain on anyone, not even the most evil people on earth.

  • shanie Ardman
    shanie Ardman 8 days ago

    This just made me sob sooo bad no child should suffer like this

  • Cool wolf kid Garcia santana99

    Just kidding

  • Cool wolf kid Garcia santana99

    At least she knows she is going to die knowing he family hates her and doesn’t care for her

    • Shane Daniel
      Shane Daniel 6 days ago +1

      Let's see you have a child you love more than anything suffer like hell and tortured by clinging to the little bit of life she gets to experience. I understand it's a really tough decision but I couldn't see a child of mine go through hell to "stay alive" to live another day in suffering. Sometimes dead is better than suffering. They did the mature and right thing

  • A Human
    A Human 9 days ago +1

    The 4.9k people that disliked this are stupid

  • Greeneyesboricua Candelaria

    😭😭😭😭 I feel so bad for her 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 R.I.P we all miss you Julia :c

  • lps lyssse. aka lps fir ball.2

    Poor kid r.I.p in peac.

  • Shipper lover
    Shipper lover 10 days ago

    I just always hate the idea that we wnt to keep someone we love no matter what vs we dnt wanna see them suffering anymore, lil angel u r now in good place running nd breathing freely

  • Denise Elizabeth Noel
    Denise Elizabeth Noel 11 days ago


  • jooj the heretic
    jooj the heretic 12 days ago

    Even though I'm an atheist, I can't help but hope that she's in a better place. Best wishes to her family.

    • Lien Bijs
      Lien Bijs 8 days ago

      I understand what you mean, I am an atheist too I wish there was a thereafter but I also wish Santa Claus was really existing but I simply know both is not true.

  • RobloxAesthetic 111
    RobloxAesthetic 111 13 days ago

    Awee R.I.P Baby Girl ❤❤

  • Angela Burse
    Angela Burse 13 days ago


  • Paul Gonzalez
    Paul Gonzalez 14 days ago

    I love you baby I’ll be praying for you every day!!! God bless you!

  • Symphony Olvera
    Symphony Olvera 14 days ago

    Her singing is so cute 🥺 I feel so bad for her 🥺🥺🥺

  • Symphony Olvera
    Symphony Olvera 14 days ago

    When she was reading the conversation, I was crying

  • Guwar Moiyallah
    Guwar Moiyallah 15 days ago

    pray to god and god will help you guy

  • Garrett Snyder
    Garrett Snyder 15 days ago +5

    No child should ever have to go through this, breaks my heart.

  • Misnomer Noter
    Misnomer Noter 15 days ago

    At age 4 I understood death. No-one would have asked me if I wanted to go the hospital, and stay home, and go to heaven. I wouldn't have known what the puck they were talking about. They would have asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital, or if I wanted to stay home, and die at home. And I would have understood THAT and made my decision. Hopefully they would have told me they don't know what happens when you die, and they doubt that anyone knows, because everyone who dies can no longer speak and tell people things.

  • Duki__
    Duki__ 15 days ago

    so why would 5k people dislike this?

  • bellatrix565
    bellatrix565 15 days ago

    Wise parents

  • tim Martin
    tim Martin 17 days ago +1

    🔥When I became a Christian almost 2 years ago 🔥Jesus 🔥healed🔥 me 🔥of all anxiety, depression, 🔥SUICIDE, and hopelessness/worthlessness ...When you’re SICK and TIRED of depression and feeling SUICIDAL-Turn to Jesus🔥, LET HIM🔥 HEAL YOU.

  • glenis thomas
    glenis thomas 17 days ago

    Who tf would dislike this

  • rajvinder kaur
    rajvinder kaur 17 days ago +1

    Why did god have to give her this, this is heart heartbreaking writing with tears on palms is imposssible as it is to cry, it's life, its hard but we all gotta get through it.

    • stalled carton4
      stalled carton4 15 days ago

      Well to me it isn’t God’s fault. It was just randomness. To me God’s a father who silently watches his kids. He gives them freedom and lets them decide. Still, I wished we could’ve saved her. She was so innocent. I hope she found her heaven.

  • How to win. Facts.
    How to win. Facts. 17 days ago

    Really really really stupid

  • Tracey Ellis
    Tracey Ellis 18 days ago +1

    No parent should ever have to make this decision. My heart breaks for her parents losing a child is the worst pain in the world .

  • Allison Alvarez-Corea
    Allison Alvarez-Corea 18 days ago

    Aww she is so cute🥰🥰

  • nevy channel
    nevy channel 19 days ago

    Poor little baby.

  • james 420
    james 420 19 days ago +1

    I don't remember before I was born,before i was born i was dead yet I didn't feel the billions of years that led up to our existence it was peaceful emptiness.this Is so sad man rest in peace little girl you are the bravest

  • Zaki Maqsood
    Zaki Maqsood 19 days ago +1

    Rip sweety

  • Mary Lepiten
    Mary Lepiten 19 days ago

    why would they let this happen ?? :( rest in peace julliana your in a happy place now :(

  • Julie Angel
    Julie Angel 20 days ago

    My name is giuliana aww such a cute baby

  • Lady love
    Lady love 20 days ago

    God will always be with you Julianna

  • Tia Beanie
    Tia Beanie 20 days ago +1

    Oh my gosh, poor baby angel god bless her ❤❤❤❤😭😭😭😭

  • Bean HH
    Bean HH 20 days ago

    I bet u she’s playing and running and jumping from one cloud ☁️ to another with her princess dress !!! Fly high princess !!!

  • So Lam
    So Lam 20 days ago

    So heartbreaking

  • Bubbaface
    Bubbaface 22 days ago

    Poor baby, may she be resting in peace.

  • mark night
    mark night 23 days ago

    Sigh.. what am i doing.. i have savant syndrome.. i could be inventing to save life like her but im allowing myself to be conquered by fear of failing.. should have went to MIT..

  • Bing Bong Bing Bong RapaDapaDingDong

    I would die if i had shitty life like her

  • Warren Hollis
    Warren Hollis 25 days ago

    I know you don't want to hear it but it has always been a sin to kill! Life is short in this body and Jesus would NEVER give up on you so you have no right to lose faith by killing your daughter. SORRY BUT ITS WRONG!

    • Warren Hollis
      Warren Hollis 15 days ago

      @twigx well you take it up with Dad he said it in his word we were made for him. I would say that I was really harsh how I came across and I appogise for that but to go through the pain of seeing my daughter suffer like that would be hard and it would test my faith in Dad but I would never give up on her. All I can say is Dad is forgiving

    • twigx
      twigx 16 days ago +2

      Well, it might as well be a sin to express your disgust here. This is about a child making her own choice, and she gave them permission to let her die. She just didn't want pain in her last days.

  • Mister Painful
    Mister Painful 25 days ago

    That father.. 💔

  • Dank69 Swag420
    Dank69 Swag420 25 days ago

    Play with my ol pal foofie the doggo just don’t scratch on the ears

    • twigx
      twigx 16 days ago

      Pretty sure she is, bud