TRIP REPORT | Etihad Airways | Boeing 777-300ER | Bangkok - Abu Dhabi (BKK-AUH) | Economy Class

  • Published on Nov 24, 2018
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    ✈ Airline: Etihad Airways
    ✈ Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER (A6-ETF)
    ✈ Seat: 20K
    ✈ Route: Bangkok (BKK) - Abu Dhabi (AUH)
    ✈ Class: Economy Class
    ✈ Flight No.: EY407
    ✈ Price: 453€ for MUC - AUH-BKK - AUH - MUC
    ✈ Date: March 4th, 2018
    ✈ by Lakey Inspired:
    ✈ Title: Island
    ✈ Instagram: lakeyinspired
    ✈ Spotify:
    ✈ TVclip:
    ✈ Camera: Canon G7X Mark II
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  • jet tandan philippines


  • Stefen fitve fitve
    Stefen fitve fitve 3 months ago

    Aku tak paling suka dengan perenbangan pesawat terbang maskapai etihad airlines A 380 800 milik stefen fitve aku tapi masih nagak sepi sepi karena mau dapat mau peranghu adalah via Bandara internasional Raden intan Bandar lampung oke oke aku mau minta mohon kena pun pada stefen fitve aku minta ingin sekolah perenbangan pesawat terbang maskapai etihad airlines cuma bisa latihan simlautoran pilot oke oke tapi aku Belum bikang Bapak saudara kaca mata kumis asal via Bandar lampung dalam rumah warga oke oke

  • aroush and Zamin in wonderland fun

    7:49 wht hapned to u r leg but I love this channel

  • Alain Kurniawan
    Alain Kurniawan 3 months ago

    Planning to travel using Etihad soon. Thank you for the review.

  • Street Sights
    Street Sights 3 months ago

    I hate Emirates and Etihad 777 config it's too cramped in seat config Air India and Delta have the best 777s 333 seat config much spacious and more legroom.
    No wonder Etihad had to cancel it's SFO flight after air indias entry

  • Agi Agustus
    Agi Agustus 3 months ago

    When do you want to try the Garuda Indonesia airline ?

  • Chiru P
    Chiru P 4 months ago

    I like this video

    MONCHA TV 4 months ago

    When I could be studying for my exam, im out here watching a video about a plane that has no relation to my exam whatsoever. What has my life lead to?😹

  • homie beaglePG
    homie beaglePG 4 months ago

    I love GE engines they are so smooth and quite

  • Chiru P
    Chiru P 4 months ago

    I like this video

  • Jacqui 622
    Jacqui 622 5 months ago

    Why are you always traveling ?

    • FlightExperience
      FlightExperience  5 months ago

      We are not always travelling. Maybe 3-5 weeks in the year at the time we have holidays at university. And perhaps sometimes at the weekend. Furthermore this channel is run by two guys so what you see are the flights of two people.

  • gaming plays
    gaming plays 6 months ago +5

    Love your VID

  • Laurențiu Pătrașcu
    Laurențiu Pătrașcu 6 months ago

    Etihad airwayvs ia nu favorite airline from united arab emirates.

  • Laurențiu Pătrașcu
    Laurențiu Pătrașcu 6 months ago +2

    I am flight with Boeing 777 300 er
    Etihad airwayvs from abu dhabi to Chicago ,abu dhabi Manila.

  • Nevin Rochmond
    Nevin Rochmond 7 months ago

    I'm sure that all B777-300Ers have the headphone jack in the armrest

  • Turbo Konna
    Turbo Konna 7 months ago +1


  • sAlAh iBrAhIm
    sAlAh iBrAhIm 8 months ago

    Great review thanks for your work

  • Avionic7779x
    Avionic7779x 8 months ago +2

    6:14 GE90 power!!!
    Awesome video btw

  • Umair Tanvir
    Umair Tanvir 8 months ago +1

    I flew with Etihad last time in 2015 on their Airbus A380 from London to Abu Dhabi and at that time, they had menu cards, and aircraft was also spacious and good quality. Planning to fly with them again but hesitating as they do not provide menu cards anymore. The IFE on their A380 was quick and loads of movies and TV programmes.

    • Umair Tanvir
      Umair Tanvir 7 months ago

      @dudeOmzeh I know. lets c.If i get a better price with them

    • dudeOmzeh
      dudeOmzeh 7 months ago

      Umair Tanvir Do it! It’s an amazing airline

  • Syed Noor Mohammed
    Syed Noor Mohammed 8 months ago +4

    When I travel with etihad this year 2018 , everything was perfect and menu cards were on economy class and amenity kit was also given to me on my route to Chicago USA 🇺🇸 from Abudhabi and everything was going well

    • FlightExperience
      FlightExperience  8 months ago

      Thanks for watching and sharing your experience with us!

  • IW
    IW 8 months ago

    Am I the only one who didn't see runway's edge lights during take off?

  • Gameplay Nations
    Gameplay Nations 8 months ago

    Smooth as fuckkk

  • Adnan Anwar
    Adnan Anwar 9 months ago

    Very heart breaking to hear and see , etihad is not like what it is used to be.

  • Jon Rice
    Jon Rice 9 months ago


  • Vanilla Planes
    Vanilla Planes 9 months ago

    what do you think of the etihad business class?

    • FlightExperience
      FlightExperience  9 months ago

      We didn't fly Etihad Business Class so far. But in the 777 it doesn't look so good but on the 787 it looks fantastic.

  • BJ McKay
    BJ McKay 9 months ago

    Great report it looks like a good Economy product but disappointing the IFE doesn't work when you need it on a long flight.

  • iTripReport
    iTripReport 9 months ago

    WHY ARE YOUR VIDEOS SO ADDICTING, great video as usual anyways

  • Farang Travels
    Farang Travels 9 months ago +1

    Nice trip report 😀✈️

  • EmiratesOnly
    EmiratesOnly 9 months ago

    the legroom is terrible.

    • EmiratesOnly
      EmiratesOnly 9 months ago

      and the chicken roll?how many years they serv it?very bad.very dry

  • Dilantha Rajapaksha
    Dilantha Rajapaksha 9 months ago

    Very old and outdated cabin..

  • Nim1us
    Nim1us 9 months ago

    What was the airlines he flew to Bangkok? I looked like airberlin 😀

  • Albany Airspace
    Albany Airspace 9 months ago

    What kind of editing software do you use for you’re vids?

    • FlightExperience
      FlightExperience  9 months ago

      This is a very common question. Please visit our website:

  • Yannis Moutafis
    Yannis Moutafis 9 months ago +1

    nice onboard video.

  • RT Travels
    RT Travels 9 months ago

    Nice video.

  • Alexander Dunn
    Alexander Dunn 9 months ago +1

    1:24 I agree

  • Rahmat Dhani
    Rahmat Dhani 9 months ago

    Nice Etihad review video. It's nice to hear that they have 3 choices of meal on economy class. Damn, that IFE seems so slow. Can't wait for your next video! Cheers and safe flight always!

    • FlightExperience
      FlightExperience  9 months ago

      Thank you very much! More videos to come! One new Trip Report every Saturday!

  • QFS Aviation
    QFS Aviation 9 months ago +3

    That chicken curry roll looked pretty good!

  • SoyLacuenta Privada de Mickey

    Try the new avianca’s route

    • Borussia 01
      Borussia 01 9 months ago

      SoyLacuenta Privada de Mickey Yes, good idea!

  • Kshitij Gokhale
    Kshitij Gokhale 9 months ago

    Amazing trip report as usual! 😊 can you make a jet airways or a vistara trip report?

  • Flyboy Fly
    Flyboy Fly 9 months ago +9

    You must fly one time with Finnair to Asia in their A350.I fly it 4 times with Finnair to Asia its so realx

  • przychodzkipl - aviation & travel

    Very interesting tripreport. Thanks. Liked and subbed. :)

  • Gopi Bhujel
    Gopi Bhujel 9 months ago

    Nice video.Also come to Nepal with Nepal Airlines a330.

  • NB Jamie Maldon
    NB Jamie Maldon 9 months ago

    Love your videos

  • K kumar
    K kumar 9 months ago +1

    Entered and Jet Airways are friends

  • Mimmo Denicolai
    Mimmo Denicolai 10 months ago

    Grande video.Complimenti ✈️

  • gary chopping
    gary chopping 10 months ago

    enjoyed the review :) ohh to to be able to sneak into business class while no one noticed :) . what was the other choice for breakfast ? Cathay is always egg sausage and hash brown ( lucky no mushrooms as you had ) or congee if only would replace the same old breakfast .

    • FlightExperience
      FlightExperience  9 months ago

      Thank you! I can't remember what the other choice was. That's the problem if you don't get a menu card.

  • LOLametro
    LOLametro 10 months ago

    Nice review as always!

  • Raymond Ringl
    Raymond Ringl 10 months ago

    This is a very Y-heavy configuration esp. 3-4-3. Wouldn’t be bearable if the flight was super long haul. Anyways, I enjoyed the video. Good job!

  • cardiff_flyer
    cardiff_flyer 10 months ago

    Nice video!

  • GJGBTL231
    GJGBTL231 10 months ago +8

    One remark regarding the cutlery. As you maybe heard plastic cutlery is forbidden from 2020 on within the European Union. It will be very intersting how the airlines will respond to that law. I think most of them will break it and pay the fines.

    • Tommy.Philip
      Tommy.Philip 7 months ago

      @GJGBTL231 what about Etihad ?

    • GJGBTL231
      GJGBTL231 7 months ago

      Tommy.Philip No I didn’t but it was really good! Emirates is really a great airline

    • Tommy.Philip
      Tommy.Philip 7 months ago

      @GJGBTL231 how was the trip did you make a video ?

    • GJGBTL231
      GJGBTL231 9 months ago

      DrZombPlant _101 I am looking forward to Emirates I will fly in 3 weeks with them

    • DrZombPlant _101
      DrZombPlant _101 9 months ago

      GJGBTL231 they also use it like Etihad, in economy also

  • joenation1000
    joenation1000 10 months ago +1

    On this particular route etihad aircraft always seem to be full especially this time of year , I believe Etihad will turn their financial situation around , may take some time though

  • SirToxicVapour
    SirToxicVapour 10 months ago

    Always interesting to see a review in economy on Middle Eastern airlines, instead of the wildly expensive business and first cabins. Nice work!

  • Ahsan Iqbal
    Ahsan Iqbal 10 months ago +2

    Amazing video great job boy

  • Paris Plane Spotting
    Paris Plane Spotting 10 months ago +1

    great video , like

  • TourBros TV
    TourBros TV 10 months ago +1

    Great! Great! Great video

  • Momof2
    Momof2 10 months ago +23

    Other Trip reports : 😒
    Flight Experience Trip reports : 😍
    Keep up the great work!

  • One World Flyer
    One World Flyer 10 months ago +11

    Fantastic review man! thanks for another video on this airline :)

  • jorge cunha
    jorge cunha 10 months ago

    Adoro seus vídeos, são bem explicativos.

  • Bennet Fan
    Bennet Fan 10 months ago +40

    Etihad definitely downgraded since their financial problems, no menu, no amenity kits, definitely not a 5 star airlines anymore

    • Etihad airways Al jendi
      Etihad airways Al jendi 9 months ago +6

      They still are a 5 star airline

    • Gergely Lázár
      Gergely Lázár 9 months ago +1

      When I flew with Etihad, they had menu card and amenity kits. It was in 2016... but I am sorry for their problems, they are fantastic.

  • ApocalypseKevsOfficial
    ApocalypseKevsOfficial 10 months ago +1

    do longest flight ever ? Newark To Singapore ?? xD if u can or not